Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One Random Sukima 23 A Scarlet Shower 2

Morning at the Moriya Shrine. Sanae wakes up a little later than usual in her white sleeping robes, finding Budou and Phredia already eating their breakfast. With her mouth full, Budou excitedly says "mama! I made breakfast!" Phredia flies in front of Budou's face, waving her finger reprehensively at her, then Budou gulps and says "sorry." Sanae asks "where’s Ail? Is he on lady Yasaka's lap again?" Budou shakes her head and says "big sister and papa went swimming to the lake." Sanae gasps and shouts "THE LAKE!? He could drown!" Sanae runs outside, skidding as she takes a sharp turn and heads toward the lake. In her head, memories of Ail rush through, even memories in his dog form. A tear escapes her right eye and says "I'll save you Ail! I'll save you!" When she reaches the lake, she desperately jumps into the water, shouting "I'LL SAVE YOU~!" She jumps over Suwako and continues flying over the human Ail and she dives into the water, looking all over the water for dog Ail. After 2 minutes of searching, Sanae surfaces, sobbing and shouting "no~! He's dea~d! Ail~!" From behind her, Suwako asks "Sanae, what are you doing?" Sanae shouts "you killed Ail~! Why~?" Suwako asks "eeeh? What are you TALKING about?" Ail says "I'm right here!" Sanae turns around and sees Ail is human again, wearing deep-blue swim shorts, and Suwako wearing a one-piece purple swimsuit with a big frog face design. Sanae gasps with excitement and jumps straight at him, reaching the shore AND Ail in just one jump and hugs him tight by the neck, shouting "AIL~! You're alive!!! AND you're human again!" Ail laughs as he hugs Sanae back, then says "I'm sorry for scaring you. Seems I turned back to normal during the night." Sanae continues to hug him tightly around the neck for a little longer, then lets him go and looks into his eyes as she says "I'm sorry about yesterday. It was just so unfair, and-and…" Ail smiles and says "calm down, it's alright. Everything is alright now." Sanae finally lets go of Ail, then Suwako forces her hat on Ail's head, all the way down to his face, then shouts "SANAE! Have some decency! It's almost transparent!" Sanae realizes what Suwako says, then dunks herself into the water, leaving her blushing head outside of it and shouting "oops! Tha-that's my mistake there! Heh heh!" Suwako hands Sanae a towel, just as Ail manages to pull off Pyonta, Suwako's hats. Sanae runs back to the shrine, wrapped in the white towel, while Suwako takes back her hat from Ail and says "you pervert, tell me what you saw!" Ail shivers in place, his face blue and his eyes full of tears as he says "my old math teacher *sob*!" Suwako opens her eyes wide and looks inside her hat, then says "oops... had Pyonta-kun set on traumatic memories... err, sorry about that." Ail walks out of the water, still sobbing and trembling, then cries "I want my mommy~!"

At Alice's house in the Forest of Magic, Shanghai and Hourai finish preparing a good breakfast for Alice. Shanghai says "orange juice goes on the left, Hourai." Hourai replies "but what if she wants to use her RIGHT hand this time?" From behind, Alice says "well, good morning you two. Oh my, is all of this for me?" Hourai and Shanghai both fly straight toward Alice with smiles on their little faces, then Shanghai says "we are good to mommy Alice!" Shanghai's eyes hide under her hair as she blushes so much, her little head seems as though it's about to burst. Alice looks surprised and places her hand on her chest as she asks "wha-what did you call me?" Shanghai flies to the table and kneels down on it, placing her hands in front of herself and supporting her body with her arms and knees, looking a little sad as her long hair drops around her head. She trembles a bit more when Hourai says "*gasp* Shanghai, you didn't!" Shanghai stutters as she says "s-s-sorry m-m-miss A-Alice. I-it won't happen again!" Alice gently pats the little doll's head, making her raise her sight and see Alice with a motherly smile and some tears in her face. At first, Shanghai thinks she did something bad to Alice, but her fears immediately subside when Alice says "thank you." Both dolls looks very surprised toward Alice, who continues "I'm so glad, you see me like a mother to you. That makes me very happy." Like magic, Shanghai's feelings switch from uncertainty to happiness. She flies toward Alice and pulls out a white napkin the same size as her from under her skirt, then wipes Alice's tears off. Before she manages to hide the napkin again, Alice grabs both dolls and holds them against her chest, then says "please, continue to think of me as you mother. Nothing would make me happier." Shanghai smiles and hugs Alice back, saying "I'm so glad... You really are like a mom to us. Right Hourai?" Hourai hugs Alice tightly, and looking very happy, she says "*sigh* Mama's so soft and warm." Both Alice and Shanghai, with a large sweat-drop falling from the back of their heads, stare at Hourai as she continues to hug Alice and rub her face against Alice's chest so contently. Promptly after eating breakfast, Alice, Shanghai and Hourai head toward the door as Alice says "alright, girls. Let's go get some more materials. I'm starting to run low on strings." The moment she opens the door to head outside, she notices Shinki just about to knock on it with a smile on her face. Alice and the dolls blink a few times before Shinki says "Alice, sweetie, how are you? I came to see how you are doing!" Alice says "mom, hi. What a pleasant surprise." In the sky, Yuki flies by as fast as she can, crying "why are you still chasing me!?" A few snowflake bullets pass by, then Mai comes soon after, shouting "come back here and let me BLAST YOU!" After both Shinki and Alice finish staring dumbfounded at the two passing-by girls, Hourai flies in front of Shinki's face and stares at her for a while. Confused, Shinki points at Hourai, then the little doll says "you are mommy's mommy, so that makes you GRAMMA~!" Hourai hugs Shiki's face as Shinki giggles nervously and says "oh my. What just happened here?" Alice and Shanghai shrug, unable to come up with an explanation, then Shinki grabs the little doll with a smile and says "well of course I'm your gramma! Oh my, I must be the youngest looking gramma around here." At Mayohiga, Yukari suddenly sneezes, waking up from her sleep. She looks around her room with tired eyes, then mumbles "such a nice dream" then goes back to sleep.

Flying above the Forest of Magic, Elly says "come on, Kurumi. Those fiends went THIS way!" Kurumi looks annoyed as she replies "we'd have them already if you hadn't messed with that mouse." Sweating and smiling sheepishly, Elly replies "oh come on! Anyone can make mistakes." As they pass just above Alice's house, Elly hears Shinki says "Alice, make sure the door is locked." Elly exclaims "Ail!?" Alice replies to Shinki "mom, please. I can take care of myself." Elly shouts "AIL~!" getting Alice, Shinki and the doll's attention. As she heads toward them, Kurumi face palms and says "here we go again!" Elly lands right in front of Alice and next to Shinki, then with fire in her eyes, she points at Alice and says "I have found you, AIL! My name is Elly, and you are going to die by MY HAND!" Elly raises her scythe, ready to strike down Alice, who simply continues to stare back at the youkai quite calmly. Elly furiously swings her scythe and strikes down hard, only to realize she's not holding the scythe in her hands. She desperately looks around, then notices Shinki is holding it, looking quite angry. Shinki says "I don't know what's your problem, but anyone that threatens my Alice, OR Ail will face severe consequences!" Completely ignoring Shinki, who angrily shouts "HEY! Are you even listening!?", Elly inspects Alice. She gasps as she holds her head and says "wh-wh-what is this!? Cute, blonde, blue eyes, cute clothes AND she's SEXY~!" Alice blushes and angrily says "he-hey! What are you talk-" Elly starts to cry and shouts "I can't compete with this~!" Kurumi shouts "Elly, stop it already! Please, everyone, we're sorry. I'll be taking-" Elly suddenly grabs her scythe from Shinki and points at Alice as she says "if I can't compete with you, I'll take you out of the competition." Elly's cheeks turn pink as she looks up to the sky with sparkly eyes, placing her left hand on her left cheek and says "then, miss Yukarin will only have eyes for me!" Alice, in a very dangerous undertone, says "this girl is getting on my nerves." Shinki and Kurumi walk toward Elly to grab her, but Elly makes a very sudden swing with her scythe and points it at Alice. She startles both Kurumi and Shinki, who trips and falls on her back on the ground. Alice looks toward Shinki, shouting "MOM!" Shinki gets back up, saying "owie. Rocks hurt." Alice gives Elly a very dark look, along with Shanghai and Hourai, both having their tiny eyes glow red as they stare. The youkai lowers her scythe, and concerned, she asks "err, did I make you mad?" Alice holds a spell card and in a dark and dangerous undertone she says "Curse Sign - Hourai Doll" Hourai and Shanghai fly by Alice's left and right, then both dolls unleash three thick purple lasers just as Alice points her hand toward the youkai. Elly smiles horrorstruck as the lasers get closer to her, then shouts "shit! Not aga~in!" After the spell finishes, Alice looks at Kurumi, who is holding her head as she ducks on the ground while trembling and whimpering. Angry, Alice says "take your friend and LEAVE, before I give you some of the same!" Kurumi shrieks as she springs off the ground and says "r-right away, madam!" Kurumi finds Elly full of cuts and burns, lodged on a tree with her eyes spinning in place as she dizzily says "you win this round Ai-Alice." Kurumi grabs Elly by her feet, pulls her out of the tree, then angrily says "you idiot, you almost got us BOTH killed!" then flies away, holding Elly by her feet, letting her dangle in the air. As this happens, Alice heads toward Shinki and checks on her thoroughly, Shinki smiling and saying "I'm fine, my child. I'm fine."

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Rika prepares a meal, while Renko and Maribel sweep the shrine grounds and Mima watches them while lazily floating in mid-air. Aya is on the shrine’s roof, holding on to her paper delivery bag as she listens to Mystia sing a song. Reimu sits on the shrine's living room surrounded by small notepads, scrolls and books, all with records on the Scarlet Lake. Rika approaches Reimu and offers her mistress a cup of tea, saying "my lady, here's some tea. Breakfast will be ready soon." Reimu replies "Remilia's intuitions were right on. If that red water had touched me, I'd be in trouble." Puzzled, Rika asks "my lady, is everything alright?" Reimu looks up to Rika with a serious face and says "Rika, do me a favor and bring my breakfast over here. I need to research some more." Rika looks concerned, but simply bows and says "as you wish, my lady." Rika turns around, but before she leaves Reimu says "oh, and could you do something about that noisy bird? It's hard to concentrate with all that noise." Rika thinks "aww~ And she was singing so beautifully too" but says "right away my lady." Mystia continues her song "Deaf to All But The Song", making Aya smile widely. Mima is also listening to the song, looking very entertained. Rika flies to the roof and loudly says "please, my lady needs silence, as she is researching some VERY important matter. Please take your singing elsewhere, miss Lorelei." Mima complains "hey~, I was having fun here. Go tell miss Reimu to research somewhere else." Rika's smile turns dark as she stares straight at Mima, then says "miss Mima, would you be so kind as to come over here for a minute?" Mima floats next to Rika, looking casual and asking "yeah, what is it?" Rika grabs Mima's shoulder with one hand, then her wrist with her other hand, then bends the spirit's arm all the way to her back, then lifts her forearm all the way up to the back of her neck. Mima screams in pain, shouting "ok, ok, I give! UNCLE! AAAH!" Rika wraps her arms around Mima's neck, then bends her backward as far as possible, and as Mima screams in pain, and in a dangerous undertone, Rika says "the mistress' word is law. Fail to comply and pain will be promptly served." Mima's eyes fill with tears as Rika wraps her legs around the spirit's waist, then grabs both her arms and pulls them back as hard as she can, making many unsettling cracking sounds that scare both Aya and Mystia right out of their skirts as they fly away as fast as they can. Mima screams "ACK! Ok! I GIVE!" Rika's natural angelic smile returns to her face as she lets Mima fall to the ground and says "glad you understand." Rika floats back down, dusting her hands as she happily lands and heads straight to the kitchen to finish breakfast. Outside on the ground, Mima's eyes look round and white over a blue shadow, and as her body twitches, she scratches the letters "Rik-" on the stone tiles, but is unable to finish before finally collapsing. Maribel and Renko hold each other tight, trembling and whimpering as the words "BAD END" write themselves in gold, just above Mima's body.

At Entei, one of Ail's gaps opens up just in front of the gates, and as he passes through, he complains "but I don't see why we have to come here? I'm cured. And what about Budou and Chen?" Sanae walks through the gap just before it closes, then angrily says "I want to make sure you are fully recovered. Besides, Ran is taking GOOD care of the girls." Ail sighs and slumps as he walks toward the clinic with Sanae right behind him, smiling quite contently. Before they can knock on the door, Eirin peeks her head from the mansion's living room and says "oh, mister Ail, miss Sanae. Udonge and I will be over in a minute. Please what a little bit." Ail replies "don't mind us. Take all~ the time you want." Sanae pokes Ail's rib with her elbow, and while still smiling she says "you're not getting away." Both are startled, when from behind, Kaguya says "well, what do we have here? The couple are back to Entei, yet everything seems to be in place, and no set of tails, ears or fur." Ail gets shocked and can't reply to Kaguya, but Sanae places her hand on her chest and after taking a small breath she says "oh, miss Kaguya. We're here to make sure there's no side-effects on him." Kaguya smiles and says "oh, how nice." Sanae turns around again, clinging to Ail's arm, and Kaguya's smile turns to a mischievous stare, and with jagged teeth, she thinks "I think I'll tease this fool for a bit." Kaguya walks closer to Ail and says "mister Ail, could you get me a glass of water?" Ail replies "oh, sure." Kaguya continues "do it in 5 sec-" Before she finishes her sentence, Ail hands her a glass of water, saying "here you go." Kaguya is completely awestruck. She drinks the water while thinking "what? Idiot's trying to make me look bad!" She throws the empty glass away, then says "still thirsty. Get me another glass in 4 sec-" Ail hands the glass, which Kaguya angrily accepts, then says "I meant 3 sec-" Ail hands yet another glass of water, now looking a bit annoyed. Kaguya drinks it and shouts "in one second!" Ail already has the glass in front of her, which she angrily drinks, then she rapidly shouts "BEFORE I THINK-" and another glass already in her hands. Annoyed, Ail asks "is that ENOUGH?" Kaguya drops the last glass of water as she thinks "he... he completed my impossible requests! Ho-how can this be? Oh no, what have I DONE? Now I have to marry this idiot!" She takes a good look at him and sees a light shining from behind him, then more calm, she thinks "this shouldn't be too bad." She grabs and clings on Ail's right arm, annoying him to no ends. Trying to keep his cool, Ail trembles, holding back his rage and disgust as he asks "what do you think you are doing, princess?" Kaguya bluntly replies "you and me are going to get married!" Fire lights up all around Sanae, while Ail turns as white as a ghost. Sanae pulls hard on Ail's left arm, freeing him from Kaguya's grasp, then shouts "what the HELL is wrong with you? You can't just marry someone just because you command it!" Kaguya stares a bit annoyed toward Sanae, then says "he completed all 5 impossible request. He HAS to marry me. His success has bounded us for eternity." Sanae turns to face Ail as he asks "impossible requests? I didn't do such thi-" Kaguya interrupts him and says "hey, you got the glass of water in my hand long before I stopped talking back there. You didn't even let me think about it." Again, Ail turns as white as a ghost as Sanae stares at him enraged, with steam blowing from her ears and nose. From behind him, Eirin, also looking slightly annoyed, says "so you got ANOTHER one of my girls falling head-over-heels for you? *Sigh* Well, I'll tell you now, you're NOT my type." Ail desperately grabs Eirin by her shoulders and shakes her violently, shouting "ARE YOU TRYING TO PISS ME OFF!? Be-besides, she's NOT in love... NONE of you are!" Eirin points at Kaguya, who's already clinging on his arm again, rubbing her cheek on his shoulder. Sanae growls "Ail, you have some explaining to do!" Again, Ail turns pale as Eirin says "well it just so happens Udonge's shadow blabbed something about wanting to marry you. Something about being kind to my Udonge. Which means there's a little flame in her heart for you." Sanae shouts "WHAT!? Ail, what's the meaning of this!?" Ail trembles as Sanae slowly gets closer to him, and ask "why are you angry at me!? Besides, they MUST be joking. Yeah, you guys are just joking... right!?"

Sanae makes an enraged grab for Ail, but he manages to jump up just in time and while hovering high in the air, he angrily asks "Sanae, what's the matter!?" Sanae glares straight at him, making Ail feel a cold chill run through his spine. He says to himself "now why is she so angry? Ugh, that princess. Asking me to marry her, and then Eirin with that joke. Oh... maybe that's what has Sanae so angry. These aren't her kind of jokes." Clinging on his back and gently rubbing his chest with her hands, in a teasing tone of voice, Kaguya says "my, you are dense, aren't you? When we're married, we'll have to work on that." Ail panics and shouts "how the heck did you get back there!!?" Sanae flies up, looking even more angry and quickly reaches Ail and Kaguya. Without saying another word she pulls out her gohei and strikes hard, Aiming for Ail's head, but Ail manages to duck and fly away quickly enough, letting Kaguya take the hit. From below, Eirin shouts "HEY!" she shoots various arrows at Ail, who dodges them and ends up looking hieroglyphically. Eirin finishes shouting "take better care of your wife! And she's a princess, so I expect you be twice as nice to her!" Ail shouts back "Eirin, stop this joke already!!!" Sanae hovers right behind him, holding a pink charm on her left hand and her gohei on her right. Ail feels the steam from her nose on his neck, then opens and enters a gap just as Sanae tries to place the charm on him. When she realizes she missed him, she shouts "Ail, come BACK here and TAKE IT like a man!" Ail's gap opens inside Reisen's room, where he thinks he's safe, however, Reisen starts to scream "kyaaah! There's a man in my room!" Ail looks behind him and finds Reisen hiding behind her bed. He panics and stutters "w-w-wa-wait! It's not what you think!" but Reisen uses her lunatic eyes on him, then blasts him all the way outside the room, where Kaguya is waiting for him. She grabs him by the arms and drags him down the hall, happily saying "come on, let's have some fun before the wedding." Ail asks "fun? You mean like ga- WAIT A MINUTE! There's going to be NO wedding, because I am NOT going to marry you!" Kaguya smiles and says "it's too late. You already performed the first part of the ritual, now all we have to do is finish it." Sanae beaks through a wall, startling both Ail and Kaguya, and with red eyes, jagged teeth and breathing fire, she shouts "Ail, I'm going to KILL YOU!" Ail says "Kaguya, look! It's Ail!!" Kaguya lets go of Ail and looks around, saying "Ail? Where!?" Ail jumps to his feet and runs outside the Entei Mansion, with Sanae stomping furiously behind him; each stomp causing a small tremor in the house. Ail reaches the outside and rushes straight toward the gates of Entei, saying if I can get far enough from here, I can manage a gap to reach miss Kanako! She knows how to calm Sanae down" He's just one step away from reaching freedom, when the ground under him collapses, making him yelp out pathetically as he falls down one of Tewi's pitfalls.

Ail coughs and spits out some dirt as he looks up toward the top of the hole, when Tewi looks down and angrily says "hey you jerk! That was for the Udonge! Get your own holes!" Ail jumps out of the hole, grabs Tewi by her shoulders, and shakes the black rabbit while desperately saying "Tewi, you GOTTA HELP ME!" Tewi manages to free herself from Ail and a bit annoyed, she asks "what's the matter with YOU?" Ail desperately says "well, Kaguya wants to marry me, Eirin says Reisen wants to marry me, and Sanae wants to KILL me for some reason! What should I DO!?" Tewi smirks and says "I don't know about you, but I'm gonna watch all of this while drinking some of my nice brand of tea." She grabs a mug of beer from under her skirt and flies up to the roof, casually saying "don't die too soon." Ail whimpers as Sanae comes out of the mansion, shouting "Ail, get BACK HERE!" Ail tries to fly away, but he quickly realizes Kaguya is clinging on to his legs, making it impossible for him to get away. Kaguya shouts "wait, STOP! Why don't you want to MARRY me? I'm pretty~!" Ail pushes Kaguya from his legs while shouting "I DON'T like you like that! Besides, don't you know about soul mates!?" Ail manages to release himself, then flies away as Kaguya shouts "you won't FIND her if you continue being so THICK-headed!" Just as Ail reaches a high enough altitude, Sanae's gohei flies fast and strikes him hard on the back of his head, knocking him out to the ground head-first, but long before crashing Sanae grabs him by his shirt. She pulls him closer to her face, blowing steam from her nose and ears, while staring with fiery eyes. Ail nervously asks "Sa-Sanae? Wh-what's the matter? Why are you so m-mad?" Sanae smiles with jagged teeth as she raises her gohei, which miraculously appears on her right hand, and quickly swings to strike the whimpering Ail on the forehead, but Eirin shoots an arrow that breaks Ail's shirt, freeing him from Sanae's grasps, then shouts "come down, wind priestess. Let's talk!" The lunarian grabs the collapsed Ail on the ground by his feet, then slowly pulls him back to her clinic. Sanae blows a cloud puff from her mouth, but calms down and follows Eirin, but not before generating a small whirlwind that lifts Kaguya's skirt, making the princess stop and fight against her own skirt, keeping it from showing her underwear. Once inside the clinic, Eirin sits Ail behind her, then says "alright, listen carefully to what I say. Sanae, this idiot is too dense to even know what’s going on." On the background, Ail says "hey, I can hear you" but Eirin ignores him and continues. "Yes, Udonge seems to like him, but I don't believe it's to that point, but even if she did... Well, you get the idea." Sanae sighs and says "I... guess you're right." From the background Ail asks "what are you guys talking about? What's going on?" Eirin turns to Kaguya and says "princess, I want you to think hard about this. If you think about it, Ail has failed you final impossible request." Kaguya thinks for a moment, then gasps and covers her mouth with her sleeves as she says "oh my, you are so right. I asked him to marry me immediately, but all he did was run away." She smirks as she lowers her sleeves and points at Ail with her left hand and says "you FAIL, just like all the others! HA! I KNEW you couldn't do it. Humans are so stupid." then walks away from the clinic. Again, Ail looks dumbfounded, black question marks popping all around his head. Eirin looks at Sanae as the priestess places her hand on her chest and breathes deeply. Eirin asks "you really like him that much?" Sanae blushes and looks away while saying "err, umm- So-sorry for all the trouble. I don't know what got into me." Eirin smiles and says "it's alright. Now, why exactly did you come here for?" Sanae raises her head and says "Oh, that's right! I wanted you to make sure there's no side effects to the dog drug." Sanae looks to Ail and smiles with a quick giggle, then Eirin looks at him and says "I see." Ail stares back even more confused, then asks himself "first she wants to murder me, now she smiles at me. What's going ON!?"

At the scarlet depths of the Misty Lake, Kimi and Kali, both in their human forms, have a small conversation while inside an energy bubble. Inside the bubble, Kali kneels on one knee, while staring back toward Kimi, who has her arms crossed over her chest and stands tall staring angrily toward Kimi. Kimi asks "but wouldn't it be easier to just get rid of the maiden?" Kimi swings both arms in a cross and shouts "NO!" She grabs Kali by her neck and snarls, then says "you do NOT kill the maiden, or any of her friends!" Kali manages to hide her fear as she says "well you do know that as long as they are alive, you cannot restore this lake to what it used to be!" Kimi lets Kali drop as she looks away around the lake and says "we can. We just need to speed things up. As long as I keep channeling my powers to you, it should present no problem, however...!!!" Kimi paces for a bit while keeping her eyes on Kali, then continues "if you try to kill the maiden, or one of her friends again, I will swallow you whole. Did I make myself clear!?" Kali winces as Kimi finishes her sentence with a dangerous roar, and while trying her best to keep away from Kimi and using her arm to feel a little more safe, she says "y-y-yes. N-n-no one will die." Calmly, Kimi says "good" then looks toward the surface. Something gets her attention, but she keeps quiet and just stares. Kali takes a deep breath just as Kimi growls "dammit" and turns into a dragon, bursting the protective bubble they were just in. On the surface to the lake, a very stubborn ice fairy says "red water isn't so scary. I'm the strongest ever. This should be nothing to me." Daiyousei gabs Cirno's arm and says "Cirno-chan, please! I have a very bad feeling about this. It's dangerous! Don't go!" Cirno points at herself with her thumb, looking confident as she says "hah! I am the strongest. Not even this icky red water can-" Cirno hovers just above the red water, and immediately feels all her strength fail her. Daiyousei tries to grab her friend, but she quickly succumbs to the lake's effect as well and falls toward the water, but before either fairy touches the water, a colossal black blur rises from the underneath and takes the two fairies away. Both Cirno and Daiyousei lie unconscious on Kimi's snake-like back as the dragon says "you two fairies must be stupid or something, geez! I can't have you dying here yet, or that maiden might come and check. Hmm... There's a nice spot for two idiots like yourselves." Kimi flies past the island in the lake, reaching the farther shores, then turns around, flying upside-down, letting the two fairies fall on a tree, managing to drop them so well, they land as if they were sleeping on the branches. Cirno even accommodates her hands and places them on her abdomen, then quietly snores. Daiyousei falls as though sleeping sideways on a comfortable bed, using both hands as a pillow, a little farther from Cirno. Kimi smirks and says "if I had planned that, it wouldn't have worked."

Night falls, and at the Hakurei Shrine, a party is being held to celebrate the return of Reimu and Ail to their human forms. Kyo and Luna stand under some trees to the right of the shrine, talking to Aya and Momiji, laughing and enjoying themselves. On the back, Medicine sits next to Ran and Shinki as they watch over Budou, Phredia and Chen as they play danmaku with Suwako and fly all over the shrine. Ran smiles at Medicine and asks "don't you want to join them?" Medicine blushes and looks away as she pouts and says "I-I don't play kid's games. I'm a grownup!" Ran smiles and playfully says "oh, I see." Marisa, Mima, Suika, Renko and Kanako sit in a circle next to the living room's table, all with cups and plates filled with sake, all of them laughing and having a very loud conversation. Close by are Reimu, Ail, Sanae, Alice, Shanghai, Hourai, Maribel with her magical cat ears exposed and Rika, all enjoying tea instead of sake, though it's only a matter of time before Reimu switches drinks. Everyone continue to enjoy themselves until Kyo spots Yuka and Ayalina walking up the shrine's stairs and exclaims "Yuka? Miss Ayalina!?" Luna and Aya both ask "Ail's mother?" as Yuka raises her closed parasol, waving it in a friendly way toward Kyo, Luna and the tengu. Ayalina smiles and lightly bows, then says "well Kyo, what a surprise to find you here! Where's Ail?" By now, many curious faces quietly look straight toward the two flower youkai as they continue smile and wave, and head toward the shrine. Once in view from inside, Ail exclaims "mom? Miss Yuka?" Reimu says "well, this is a surprise." Sanae says "oh my, miss Ayalina and the flower youkai. Welcome." Yuka smiles at Sanae and says "it's Yuka. Yuka Kazami! Honestly, learn my name." Alice, Shanghai and Hourai stare outside, then Alice asks "wow, are you sure she's your mom? She looks way too young!" Shanghai nods as Ail sweats and whispers "you're gonna be sorry you said that." Ayalina blushes and laughs, then says "my, what a smart and well-behaved young lady you are!" She rushes to Alice and wraps her arm around Alice's neck and says "come, sit next to me!" Sanae asks "so, to what do we owe the honor of your visit?" Ayalina says "after I heard of the accident..." Ayalina stares daggers toward Kanako, who hides her eyes under a dark-blue shadow and hides her mouth with her sake plate. Ayalina continues "...I wanted to come and visit, but I just couldn’t. I was so glad to hear miss Reimu and my son returned to normal." Marisa turns her head toward Ayalina and bluntly asks "wait a minute! How do you even know all this?" Rika and Maribel looks curiously at Ayalina, who answers with a smirk "the flowers tell me all, miss magician." By now, Yuka sits beside Reimu and says "they say he looked cute like a dog. Last time he did look cuter. Maybe he should stay a dog." Ayalina smirks again, then pulls out a thick brown book and says "you won't say that after you've seen these!" Ail sweats as his eyes hide under a blue shadow, then asks "th-those wouldn’t be... my..?" Ayalina turns to Ail with a big, evil smirk and says "your baby pictures." Ail's mouth opens wide as he sweats and turns as pale as a sheet of paper. Budou enters the shrine alongside Chen and Suwako, then looks at Ayalina and asks "papa, is this your mama?" Still in shock, Ail manages to nod, then Budou politely bows after Ayalina walks to her. Ayalina excitedly asks "are you Budou?" Budou blushes as she nods, then looks away. Ayalina grabs her and gives her a hug and shouts "what a perfectly ADORABLE little girl!" then grabs Chen with her other arm and while hugging both, she says "oh my, and your friend is just so perfectly ADORABLE TOO!!!" While this happens, Rika can't help but stare at her mistress and Yuka. Reimu gets a bit annoyed and asks "what is it!?" Rika bows and says "my apologies, my lady, but you two look so much alike!" Yuka and Reimu blush at the same time, turn their faces away from each other, then say at the same time "I don't look like her at ALL!"

Ayalina is surrounded by the girls as they all look through Ail's baby pictures. Ail is lying on the ground, trying his best to hide under his own arms, hoping to be swallowed by the ground at any time. Ayalina points at one picture of young Ail looking infinitely angry toward the camera while in a bunny suit, then says "oh~ and this is his 4th Halloween. I made him wear the cutest little disguise." Mima grins while facing Ail and says "well now, how would you look like in a bunny suit now?" Ail opens his eyes wide while shouting "don't you DARE!!!" After that, Ayalina points at another photo of young Ail wearing his father's clothes, which were way too big for him, and even though the shirt was short-sleeved, it still covered most of his little arms. Sanae stares at this picture and says "aww~ he looks so cute~! I wonder what happened?" Ail hides in a corner, hugging his knees and with a dark aura surrounding him as he mumbles incoherently. Reimu exclaims "a-HA! I knew it. A naked butt picture!" Ayalina looks stranged toward Reimu and says "well, doesn't every mother have one?" Reimu giggles and says "possibly." Aya starts taking pictures of the album, making Ail snap and shout "alright, ALRIGHT, that's it! I want retribution! Reimu, where are YOUR baby pictures?" Reimu chuckles and says "I don't have any." Ail rushes to Aya and says "you! You have her baby pictures, don't you?" Aya looks away and says "ayaya~ I did, but since they weren't news, I threw them all away." Ail whines for a moment, then says "but wait a minute, wouldn’t someone pick those up?" Reimu says "if they did, it would probably be some heretic or something." At the hidden laboratory, Rikako sneezes on an important-looking piece of paper. S-Kyo casually says "cold medicine's in lab 6-B." Rikako's skin crawls as she sniffles, then says "I don't know why, but I THINK someone is talking about me." S-Kyo quietly arranges his small round glasses, then ignores Rikako and continues looking through a small microscope. Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Ayalina shows the very last picture of young Ail, eating rice with chop-sticks for the first time and making a mess, then says "oh, when I offered him a spoon he says to me 'mom, I'm a big boy now.' I was so proud of him." Alice smiles and says "what a messy boy he is." Ayalina smiles at Alice and says "yeah, he's quite messy." Sanae adds in secret "and a bit dense." Ayalina stares dangerously at Sanae for a moment, then sighs and says "I guess you're right." Outside, in the shrine's storage house, Rika enters and finds Ail rummaging through everything. Curious, she asks "what are you doing?" Ail furiously continues looking around without looking behind him as he says "I'm looking for ANYTHING to get back at Reimu. Baby pictures, a badly made gohei, a kiddy charm... anything." Rika smiles dangerously at Ail as she asks "why not do that to someone else. Alice? Sanae? Mima?" Ail casually replies "Alice's dolls already gave me the eye, Sanae says miss Kanako has HER baby pictures, but she's too drunk right now, and Mima... Well, she's already a mess, and her past is a mystery, even to herself." Rika continues to smile dangerously and says "well, maybe you should consider Marisa." Ail replies "she didn't make much fun of me back there... in fact, she seems distracted. But why not Rei-" Ail finally turns around and sees Rika staring at him with a murderous smile. His face turns blue and he starts to sweat as he says "you're so going to kill me now." Rika quietly nods with a smile on her face as she reaches for him. Kyo and Luna are having a small chat with Suwako when they hear a loud scream and see Ail flying in the night sky, looking like a tossed rag-doll, full of cuts and bruises and shouting "he~lp me~~!!!" Kyo laughs and says "now there's someone who knows how to party!"

Rika returns to the shrine and is caught by the drunk Marisa and Mima, each holding Rika by an arm. Marisa says "come on, little miss maid! Even that stock-up maid of Remilia's knows how to party, ze." Rika asks "but aren't I partying now?" Mima mischievously says "well now, if you think you're having fun now, wait 'till you try THIS!" Mima presents a tiny cup filled with sake to Rika. Innocently, Rika grabs the cup and sniffs the liquid, then asks "is this sake?" Mima and Marisa both nod and flip their thumbs up. Rika tries to return to tiny cup, saying "err, no thanks. I think I better not." Mima and Marisa both look disappointed at Rika, then Marisa says "so you bluntly refuse our gracious offer like that?" Mima adds "that's very... umm... rude. Very rude of you." Rika sweats and says "no... I guess you're right. I am being a little rude. Oh well..." Rika raises the cup above her head and says "...bottoms up!" Rika quickly drinks the sake while Mima and Marisa stare at her with mischievous smiles and unable to keep their right eyes fully open. Rika finishes drinking the contents of her cup and smiles while staring back at Mima and Marisa. She stands still for a moment, then Marisa waves her hand in front of the maid's eyes and asks "oy, Rika? Are you ok?" Rika's face progressively turns red, then something in her head explodes, making Mima and Marisa wince. Mima recovers and stares at the smiling Rika and asks "Rika... can you hear me?" Rika replies "miss Mima... miss.. *giggle* Marisa... You... are ladies, and sho-should behave as su-such." Rika is unable to keep steady as she stands there with her left eye slightly open, then a heart pops from her head as she says "I am such a good maid, I a~lways do what my lady says to me. Ahh, my lady!" As she says this, she blushes and places both hands clapped together against her right cheek. Mima and Marisa looks at each other, and with mischievous smiles on their faces, they place a hand on their mouths as they try to suppress their laughter. Meanwhile, at the shrine’s front, next to the hot spring's entrance, Reimu and Ayalina are having a conversation while Kyo stands under a tree close by. Reimu asks "so, aren't you going to tell me how you've been coming in and out of Gensokyo, even with the barrier in place?" Ayalina giggles and says "so you see more than you let on, miss maiden. I'm quite impressed." Reimu lets out a half-smile and continues to stare at Ayalina, who says "I'm afraid that's my own little secret, and it's a secret that will probably die with me, though... it's best that way." Reimu continues to smile at Ayalina, then says "I guess you're right." Ayalina smiles back, then says "I wish to speak to miss Yuka before I leave again, so, if you'll excuse me." Reimu and Ayalina lightly bow to each other, then part ways. Reimu approaches Kyo and asks "hey, Kyo, can I ask you something?" Kyo quietly nods, looking curiously at Reimu. She gets a bit closer and asks "what are your thoughts about Ail and Sanae?" Kyo laughs hard for a moment, then stops, looks seriously at Reimu, then says "he's quite dense." Reimu laughs and says "so we agree on something! Think there's any way to help him understand?" Kyo lightly shakes his head and says "the way I see it, it's only a matter of time before he figures it out, but it might just be too late by the time he realizes it." Reimu asks "think you can help, cupid?" Kyo glares at Reimu, then says "you leave that to me." Reimu chuckles, then ask "and what about Maribel and Renko's house? You ARE working on that, right?" Kyo growls and says "I am! I'm not as lazy as a certain maiden I know." Reimu smirks wickedly at Kyo and asks "are you sure you want to be saying that?" Kyo shouts "you wanna go at it? I'll kick your butt, red and white!" Reimu smiles even more wickedly and says "oh, you're going to regret saying that." Reimu lets her cup fall on the ground, letting is shatter in pieces, then starts sobbing and cries out loud "you mean, ugly man, how could you SAY such a thing to a lady as DELICATE as me~!" Kyo panics and says "I-I... I'm NOT falling for that, you FAKER!" Beside Kyo, the drunk Rika stands staring at him with a dark shadow over her eyes as she says, in a very dangerous undertone "you made my lady cry. Die, swine!"

At Eirin's clinic, Ail lies on one bed with curtains surrounding him. He has bandages around his head, legs and left arm. He hears Eirin and Reisen handle an emergency, Eirin shouting "no, NO, that arm goes HERE!" Reisen replies "sorry Master!" Eirin shouts "ok, ok, this is going to HURT!" Ail hears a loud cracking sound, then Kyo's voice echoing as he screams in pain. Ail asks "Kyo?" Eirin shouts "Ail, not now! This is SERIOUS!" Ail looks at the ceiling and thinks "whoa... what could have happened?" After some time passes and everything quiets down, Eirin says "phew, that was tough, but we solved that puzzle." Reisen says "all in a day's work, eh Master?" The door to the clinic shuts close, then Ail quickly opens the right side of the curtains, then sees Kyo bandaged from head to toes, with a hole for his left eye and his mouth in order to eat. Ail asks "WHOA!! Kyo, you too?" Kyo turns his good eye to Ail and manages to say "it's worse dude... MUCH worse." Ail gulps and shivers, thinking what could have happened to mess Kyo up so badly. Early morning. At the Hakurei Shrine, Mima and Marisa lie on the ground, covered in charms and some yin-yang orbs lie on the ground next to them. Sanae, Budou and Phredia, Alice and the dolls, Shinki, Ran, Chen, Maribel and Renko sleep close to each other inside individual futons in the shrine’s living room and Medicine sleeps with her back against Luna's abdomen, using her as a pillow. On the roof of the shrine, Suika, Aya and Momiji sleep soundly, spreading their arms widely while lightly snoring. Yuka and Ayalina have already left, and Reimu looks sleepy and annoyed, sitting with her back against the wall, and having her arm used as a pillow by Rika, who mumbles incoherently while blushing and lightly rubbing her face on Reimu's arm. Reimu manages to escape Rika, getting up and heading straight to the back of the shrine, where Remilia and Sakuya land just as she exits the shrine. Remilia looks seriously at Reimu and says "Reimu, I don't know how it happened, but the lake is almost entirely scarlet." Reimu face palms and says "no... I thought I had more time." Sakuya coughs a little, then says "we-we tried to look into this, but-" Reimu gasps and says "Remilia, how could you?" Remilia snaps back "she tried taking matter into her own hands an almost ended up dead, if it weren't for a certain... shadow." Reimu stares back at Remilia, who continues "so what are you going to do about it?" Reimu says "the records at the shrine say the lake healed by itself. They also state that while the waters are scarlet, no life can be sustained in there." Sakuya gasps for air, then begins to cough as she kneels on the ground, holding her neck. Remilia says "she's one stubborn maid, isn't she?" Reimu kneels down next to Sakuya and while placing an amulet around her neck, she says "Sakuya, don't forget you are human. Whether you like it or not, we have limits." Sakuya stops coughing the moment Reimu places the amulet on her, then stands up and says "I still wish to help, miss Reimu." Reimu looks to Remilia as she looks down a bit embarrassed and says "me too. I wish to help out too." Reimu sighs and says "Rika's going to be sore about this, but I'll have to leave her behind." Reimu pulls her gohei from under her sleeve and smiles as she lifts to the sky and says "well, better deal with this now before the damage is irreversible." Remilia turns to Sakuya and says "no matter what happens, Sakuya Izayoi, I want you to GET to the mansion if things get too out of hand, you understand?" Sakuya looks away, making Remilia angrily grab her chin and pull her face toward her and growls "that is an ORDER!" Sakuya sighs and says "as you with... my lady."

To be continued...

Characters, scenario and spell cards belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Kyo, Luna, Budou, Phredia, Ayalina, Kimi & Kali were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot2010

DEC 27 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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