Friday, December 11, 2009

One Random Sukima 19

Morning at the Moriya Shrine. Dog Ail wags his tail as he finishes plugging in the keyboard to the monitor S-Kyo gave to Budou. Ail says "I am very impressed with this. The computer itself is in the keyboard and doesn't even need cooling equipment." Sanae sweats and says "you know what you are saying." Ail replies "heh, to put it simply, this is VERY advanced stuff. Now, all we have to do is place this stone here, and..." Ail grabs a translucent piece of quartz crystal from the floor and places it inside the power supply of the computer, carefully placing two cables on precise points of the crystal, then closing the compartment tight, the computer is switched on and the keyboard shines with blue lights, just as Budou enters the room, rubbing her sleepy eyes along with Phredia, who somberly flies to the table and grabs a piece of bread to eat. Budou somberly says "good morning mama. Good morning papa. What are you...?" Sanae smiles and says "good morning Budou." Ail adds "we just finished installing that nice shadow's gift for you. You should be able to-" Budou wakes up with a jolt and while flapping her wings with excitement she screams "EEEEEEE! The shiny buttons!!!" She runs so fast toward it, even Ail can't follow her. Both he and Sanae watch as Budou slowly lowers her trembling hand, eager to press that small key and see what it does. As she does, Sanae asks "Budou, what do you say when someone does something nice for you?" Budou sits on the floor and taps the keyboard incredibly fast, then turns aside and reveals an image of herself inside the monitor, waving and smiling while saying "thank you very much, mama and papa" Ail and Sanae look at each other with surprise, then Ail asks "how did you..?" Budou calmly says "I used the animation program, and while making the animation, I made a digital copy of my voice, then added some more colors while animating the eyes and hands." Both Ail and Sanae are awestruck and unable to say another word, but then Ail gasps and says "oh no, this computer has access to the internet from outside. They could track us..." Budou calmly says "I entered the modem's program and blocked them from ever tracking us. I bet they won't even notice us anymore. Furthermore, I went and hacked miss Rikako's network and did the same. The fool could have had us discovered!" Again, Ail is left speechless, his eyes open wide, his pupil gone, and large outlines surround his eyes. Sanae sweats and asks "ooh, what is that?" She points to an icon on the monitor and Ail says "ooh look at that. It's a shooting game. A really good one too. It's danmaku based." Budou points her finger in front of the monitor, making the pointer move along, then Ail says "wow, this is better than touch-screen technology. Look at that!" Sanae adds "wow, those two have such advanced technology. The Kappas would be ashamed." From a outside, through a window, Nitori watches with glints in her eyes, smiling widely as she quietly stares on. The game begins and Ail says "oh, this is a new one. Budou, maybe you want to play on easy mode at first..." Ignoring Ail, Budou immediately picks Lunatic mode and starts playing. Worried, Ail says "now Budou, that's the hardest difficulty. Don't cry if you lose too quickly." To Ail's surprise, Budou manages her character through a curtain of bullets without getting hit once. Both Ail and Sanae watch with awe as Budou quickly goes through stages with ease. By now, she's at the final boss of the game, who fills the screen with so many bullets, her character can't be seen, yet Budou manages through the curtain of bullets without getting hit, then beats the game, beating S-Kyo's score of 2,345,687,900, with her own score of 3,989,456,003. Sanae, Aya and Nitori watch awestruck at the score as Budou calmly says "that was easy." Sanae says "she's amazing, isn't she, Ail? Ail?" Sanae and Aya look around for Ail, then spot him in a corner with his tail between his legs and whimpering. Phredia pats his head and tries to offer him a piece of bread. Sanae stares on, then says "I think he lost more than just his pride there." Aya closes her eyes and silently nods.

Near the Human Village, Agava, Rumia and Flandre, apparently out of work, stalk three young humans, two men and a woman, that have just left the village with large empty sacks and buckets on their hands, complaining about having to do chores. They follow the humans all the way to the Misty Lake and wait, while the girl collects herbs and grains, and the men collect water. Flandre giggles, unsettling the humans and signaling Rumia and Agava to take their positions. The human girl says "err... I think we better get going now." From the trees, Rumia's voice echoes "is that so~!?" Agava adds "well, please, don't mind us." Flandre adds "we just want to play~ with you. *giggle*" The three humans press their backs against each other, looking all around them and whimpering. One of the men asks "who-who are you!? Show yourself!" Agava's voice echoes as she says "my, oh my, what a brave young man we-- hey, what' the hell? Wait, what, the-? *cough cough* No, let me go!" The three humans looks confused toward the source of the voice, and very suddenly, Agava falls from the tree on her back, making Flandre giggle and says "what's the matter, Agava? Can't keep your balance!?" Agava gets lifted to the air and shouts "guys, help! I can't move!" Rumia says "but I can see you moving there." Flandre chuckles and says "cut the act. You already ruined the prank anyway." Agava now floats upside-down and shouts "guys, help! Something's manipulating me!" Agava spins in the air with her hands and legs spread widely, then suddenly stops, revealing her eyes spinning in place and dizzily saying "whoa.... I think I might hurl." Flandre starts laughing as she slowly descends from the tree and sits with her back to it, holding her belly as her laugh progresses. Rumia descends slowly to the ground and says "wow, you're acrobatic, aren't you?" Agava now spins counter-clockwise, curled up into a ball, then stops, and bends down, facing away from the humans. Agava asks "w-what's going on?" and very suddenly, her shorts drop down, revealing a teddy bear print pair of panties. Agava screams "Kyaaah! No, no, don't LOOK! Ahh, why is this happening!?" Flandre continues to laugh hard, holding her abdomen with both hands and dropping to the floor. The two men stare straight at Agava, so the girl grabs their noses, getting their attention, then slaps them across the face, saying "perverts!" Agava finally drops to the ground and manages to pull her shorts back up as she manages to get back on her feet, and glaring at the laughing blond vampire, she shouts "you little imp! Why didn't you help me!?" Flandre laughs and says "this is- hahahaha! This is payback, hahahahaha!" Agava raises her fist, ready to strike Flandre, but she suddenly stops, then breaks apart. Her legs fall on one side, her arms on another, her torso falls next to Rumia, then her head starts bouncing on the ground as she shouts "go-o-o-o-o-nna hu-u-u-url!" Flandre laughs so hard, tears fall from her eyes like large waterfalls as she says "no more, hahahaha! I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die, HAHA~ HAHAHA!" Finally, everything stops, and Agava's head rolls to a tree, stopping by it's roots. Her torso manages to catch up and places her head back, but when she realizes it, her head is on her left leg, while her right hand is on her head, and her left hand is on her left leg, and both legs are on her arms. Agava sighs and asks "what did I do to deserve this?" By now, Flandre is joined in laughter by the three humans, all rolling on the ground as Agava re-accommodates her entire body, looking sadly and saying "that's not funny!"

After finally arranging herself, Agava's face turns bright red when she realizes the humans have left, laughing as they head back to the village and commenting on her underwear. She turns to face Flandre, Rumia and Koishi, who happens to be standing there, causally smiling and waving back at Agava, making the shadow youkai blush even more, then shouts "you didn't see anything!!!" Koishi winks and sticks out her tongue, saying "oh yes I di~d." Flandre trembles as she tries to stop herself from laughing, but seeing Agava's face makes her laugh hard again, saying "sto-stop looking at me. You're gonna kill me, hahahaha!" Agava opens her mouth wide, ready to spill out some well-earned curses at Flandre, but she stops, looking surprised as a laugh echoes from behind her; a laugh very similar to her own, only more malevolent. She turns around and sees a pale skinned teen-aged girl with long wavy white hair and red eyes, wearing a gold necklace, and an open dark-blue vest with silver borders over a purple sleeveless shirt and a long black skirt that covers her legs. The girl laughs some more and says "so this is the mighty Agava? The once powerful evil entity bent on destroying mankind? What a disappointment!" Agava clenches her fists and bears her clenched teeth, saying "why you-! Who the HELL are you!?" Flandre casually says "oh please, stop acting dumb. That's your shadow!" Agava stares at the girl dumbfounded for a moment, then says "wait... you're the shadow of a shadow? Does that even make sense?" Rumia smiles as she says "ma~y~be!" S-Agava laughs, then says "pathetic! I'm so glad I changed my name. But even so, I still have to get rid of you!" Before Agava responds, S-Agava shouts "Shadow Morph!" When she goes into shadow form, her hair stays white, her eyes glow blood-red without pupils, her gold necklace stays with her, just as it was in her human form, and her vest turns black with gold borders. She morphs into a shadow snake with a white line on it's back, then coils itself around Agava's shadow, lifting her to the air and squeezing her hard, braking her into three parts. Head, torso, and legs. Agava's head looks around, then looks at Rumia, who is the only one watching, and shouts "could you help me already!?" Rumia only stares with a wicked smile on her face, and doesn't respond. S-Agava shouts "argh! I can't kill you? What the hell are you!?" Agava is about to reply, but Rumia interrupts, saying "hey, you! Shadow of the shadow!" S-Agava's eyes glow, then hisses, takes human-like shape and says "call me Kali!" Rumia's eyes glow red for a moment, and a dark aura spins around her, looking like small saws on the ground. In a demanding tone, Rumia says "you are no different. The deal I made with her..." she furiously points at Agava , then back at Kali as she says "...applies to YOU!" Confidently, Kali waves her arms in front of Rumia's face and says "kid, just keep quiet, or I might have to hurt you." Rumia stands quiet, staring back with narrow eyes at Kali. She grabs the small ribbon on her head and quickly pulls it off, and immediately, she opens her eyes as they glow bright red, and darkness surrounds her and only the glow from her eyes pass through; and just like that, everything stops. Rumia's hair grows longer, her fangs are sharper, her body grown to that of a teenager and she grows a large pair of black wings. She smirks at Kali as a small bit of darkness to her right releases a dark long broad sword from below the ground, and as soon as she grabs it and holds it across her own face with one hand, she smiles and asks "is that so?"

Kali stares with surprise, but hides it by casually saying "so you transformed. Big deal." Her spell card times out, yet she remains in her shadow form and says "if this is what you want, I won't hold back, kid!" She pulls a spell card from under her white hair and shouts "Shadow Morph." Kali takes the shape of a giant bird with a white beak and quickly thrusts it straight to Rumia's face. Rumia smirks and surrounds herself in a small dark blob that quickly spreads around, covering an entire block with it, and by doing so, Kali's shape turns to nothing, and she screams "crap! My powers!" Rumia's eyes glow bright red, then she jumps high in the air and lunges the tip of her sword straight at Kali's deformed face, but Kali reacts in time and turns back to human, rolling away to safety just before Rumia reaches her, and striking the ground instead. Rumia slowly straightens herself out and says "as you can see..." She pulls out the sword from the ground and lifts it, and rests it's broad side on her shoulder. "...your powers become nothing in my darkness. I mean, what a pathetic ability. Can't create a shadow if there's no light!" She brandishes her sword, then finishes by standing offensively, holding the sword with it's tip behind her, with it's broadside underneath her forearm and smiling wickedly. Koishi quietly smiles and thinks "ahh, if there was just some birdie around." Flandre says "whoa... Rumia, is that you?" Agava holds her chest and sounding nervous she says "I am SO glad I'm on her good side." Kali panics; cold sweat runs through her cheeks as Rumia smiles wickedly at her. She thinks "dammit... I can't fight her like this, but I can't escape either. What should I do?" Rumia starts her run, bending her dark wings back as she gets closer, and just as she's about to swing her blade, Kali drops on her back and falls inside a hole hidden under leaves, revealing a dark ghostly tail instead of legs under her black skirt. Rumia clenches her teeth and furiously says "dammit, she escaped!" Flandre asks "how can you tell?" Rumia pulls back her darkness and looks toward the lake, saying "she's hiding in the lake. Ugh, we can't go there!" Flandre asks "Why is that?" Rumia's ribbon places itself back on her hair, turning her back to normal, as she says "there's someone even more powerful than you." Agava asks "more powerful than that crazy blond?" Flandre smiles as she grabs Agava in a headlock, and with a vein pulsating to the left of her forehead she says "this crazy blond will have to teach you some manners." then starts rubbing her head with her fist. Rumia smiles, then says "we'll get her next time. Let's go, Scarlet Darkness!" Flandre and Agava stop, then Flandre asks "Scarlet Darkness?" Rumia says "that's our team name. Scarlet Darkness." Agava complains, saying "hey~! Who gave you the right?" Rumia smiles and says "if you want, we can fight." Agava sweats and nervously smiles and says "Scarlet Darkness it is, boss." Flandre let's go of Agava, then looks around and asks "did anybody see where that Koishi girl went?"

Meanwhile, at Byakuren's temple, Byakuren walks tired and hungry straight to the temple, saying in a wishful tone "a temple. Ohh~, I hope they have food!" She's hurt, covered in bruises and dirt all over, and her cape is also missing. When she's close to the temple, from the distance she hears "LADY HIJIRI~~~!" Byakuren flinches and crouches on the ground, holding her head with her arms as Shou runs from the temple and straight at her, looking like a maniac and hearts floating around her. There is a sliding noise, and Byakuren feels something holding her left leg, and rubbing it. Trembling, she peeks over her knees to see Shou holding her leg and contently rubbing her face against it. Nervously, Byakuren asks "e-excuse me, what are you doing, miss? Is this some sort of temple thing?" Shou gasps and immediately lets go of Byakuren's leg, then grabs her shoulders, and looking straight into her maple-red eyes she asks "lady Hijiri, did that idiot, Minamitsu let you fall off the ship again!?" Byakuren stares back at Shou dumbfounded and mumbles "Mina-- who?" Shou cries "poor Hijiri~!" She grabs Byakuren's hands and desperately says "come, I'll get you some nice warm tea and-" Byakuren pulls her hand back and stands in place, staring at Shou from head to toes. Shou asks "lady Hijiri, is everything ok?" Byakuren's eyes hide under shadow as her face turns blue, then she trembles as she points at Shou and asks "you? You-you-you're a youkai, aren't you?" Confused and concerned, Shou places her left hand on her chest and forces a smile as she says "well of course I am. I'm also a g-" but before Shou can finish, Byakuren shouts "YOUKAI~!!!" then runs away toward the Human Village. Shou stands in place, still placing her left hand on her chest as her eyes turn to two white disks, her right eyes twitching as she asks "lady Hijiri?" From the distance, Byakuren shouts "I HATE youkai! Get away, you MONSTER!" Shou's body turns to stone, then cracks and shatters into dust. Nazrin walks by, walking with her eyes closed and with both hands behind her head and asking "Shou, what's with all the... WHOA!!! Shou! Shou, answer me!" Shou now sits on the ground with her legs crossed under her dress, her eyes still round white disks and sniffling as tears flow like streams down her cheeks. She looks at Nazrin in this state, then bawls, making her eyes wiggle in place and crying twin waterfalls "WAAAHHH!! Hijiri hates me~!" Nazrin, while holding Shou's face on her abdomen, asks "Hijiri?" She looks toward the running figure of Byakuren, then says "you dummy, that's not our lady Hi-" but Shou runs to the temple, hiding her face with her hands and crying "she hates me~!" Nazrin sigh then says "idiot. She's so distraught she didn't even notice the shadow aura around that shadow..." She raises her tail, raising the mouse in the basket hanging from it, placing it in front of her face, and says "we better follow her before she does something stupid." The little mouse in the basket nods and squeaks.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Ail and Budou are visiting, Budou playing with her computer inside the shrine along with Phredia, while the dogs, Ail and Reimu, lie on the ground where the sunlight is, sleeping next to each other, curled up into two little balls. Rika finishes sweeping the front yard, then says "my lady, I'm done with- Oh my, she's asleep." She smiles angelically, hugging her broom, then quietly walks to the shrine to store the broom, tripping on the wooden porch and falling on her face. Rubbing her nose as she lifts up, she looks to the dogs, who continue to sleep, then at Budou, who seems to be entranced by the computer, and playing another shooter game she downloaded a few minutes before. Rika gets back up and says "I gotta be more careful." After storing the broom, she thinks "well, I've done all possible chores, and cooking lunch now would be a waste... I know. I'll train some more today!" Smiling, Rika walks to the back of the shrine, away from Ail and Reimu, and while thinking of the colors red and blue, she grabs her spell card and shouts "Oath Keeper!" While still thinking of the colors of red and blue, she enters the golden gate formed in the air by the spinning card, and upon exiting through the other side, she realizes she has no sword on her. Confused, she frisks herself and whispers "huh? Wait, where are my swords?" She turns around, not realizing there are two swords in a crossed sheath on her back. She sighs and places both hands on her hips, then asks herself "maybe I wasn't concentrating hard enough?" She's just about to enter the gate again, when Suika casually passes by and seemingly uninterested, says "on your back." then continues on her way. Rika touches her back and finally realizes she has two swords on her back. She gasps and smile, then excitedly says "no way!" She tries to pull hard on the sword to the left, but only manages to make herself spin in the air and land sitting on the ground with a loud thud. Shocked, Rika asks "what the hell?" Still sitting, she pulls on both swords at the same time, ripping off the crossed sheaths from her back, along with her shirt, letting out a quick shriek. To her luck, Aya jumps in front of her, shouting "ayayayaya~~!" covering her as she pulls her shirt off, then quickly puts it back on, looking embarrassed as she does, then Aya flies away again. She grabs one of the swords by the hilt again, then pulls, but it seems both blades are stuck in the crossed sheathes. Rika sweats and asks "how am I supposed to train with these?"

Back at Byakuren's temple, Ichirin and Nazrin stand in front of Shou's room door, Ichirin shouting "Shou~, come out! That was not Byakuren nee-sama!". Unzan floats next to Ichirin, and occasionally knocks hard on the door with his fists. Nazrin shouts "Shou, if you don't come out, I'm giving those pictures to the tengu!" From inside the room. Shou shouts "why is everyone being so mean to me!? Go away already!" Nazrin sighs, then looks at Ichirin, who nods, then says "alright, Unzan. Knock it down." Unzan winds up his fist, but stops when all three hear Minamitsu's voice by the altar, saying "...maybe you are so pure you didn't get a shadow." They stand quietly, wondering if they are hearing things, but the two girls gasp and Unzan smiles when they hear Byakuren say "I'd love to believe that, but even I have my dark side." Ichirin and Nazrin say at the same time "it's lady Hijiri~!" Like lightning, Shou's door opens and strikes the two girls hard on the face as Shou comes out, desperately saying "Hijiri! Lady Hijiri!? Where? Where!?" She hears Byakuren saying "one time, I instinctively splatted a butterfly that was flying around my face. Though I didn't meant to." Minamitsu is heard replying in a disappointed undertone "that doesn't count as a bad deed." Byakuren replies "Mini-chan, how could you say that?" Hearts fly above Shou's head, and one pops from her tongue, as she says "Hijiri~" and runs to the altar as fast as she can. The door slowly shuts itself, revealing Ichirin and Nazrin's faces red and flattened, both staring seemingly angry toward Shou, then both fall face-first to the floor, while Unzan stares for a moment, then shrugs and flies to the altar, following Shou. At the altar, Hijiri is saying "...and every creature, no matter how small, is precious to this world!" Looking bored, Minamitsu says "ok, ok, I'm sorry." Knocking a few ornaments, Shou arrives to the altar, her feet skidding on the floor as she stops, smiling and crying as she asks "lady Hijiri, is that you?" Byakuren looks concerned at Shou and gasps upon seeing Shou's eyes puffed and red, her clothes a little messy, and her hair so unkempt. She walks closer and says "Shou, what happened to you? Oh my, you poor thing, who DID this to you!?" Shou runs to Byakuren and hugs her tightly, placing her face on Byakuren's abdomen and bawling "Hijiri~! you're finally ba~~ck! I missed you so much!" At first, Byakuren is a bit surprised, but then she smiles motherly and brushes Shou's hair with her left hand and says "there, there, it's alright. I'm back. No more crying now, ok?" With tears in her eyes, Shou looks up at Byakuren's face, looking into her kind hazel eyes, then smiles back and says "it's really you! It's Hijiri." From the corridor, Unzan, followed by Nazrin and Ichirin arrive, to the altar, both looking enraged and blowing steam from their noses. Hijiri, while still holding Shou, waves at them and says "I'm back." Both relax and smile, and when they start to head toward Byakuren, an extra-large silver washtub falls from the ceiling and on their heads, knocking them both out at the same time. Minamitsu starts laughing, but stops when Byakuren shrieks. A small moth flies very close to Byakuren's ear, startling her and making her react by smacking it with her hands while in mid-air. Byakuren gasps and cries "oh no, I did it again. Poor little moth!" The moth flies erratically to the ground, then glows brightly, expanding in size. When it stops glowing, it reveals Nue lying on the ground on her stomach with her eyes spinning in place and mumbling incoherently. Minamitsu holds her abdomen as she starts laughing again, much harder than before, then sounding a bit disappointed, Byakuren says "Mini-chan! Don't be so mean!"

At the Hakurei Shrine, Rika holds the swords by their hilts, then places on foot on the sheath, and using all her might, she pulls hard on them, hoping to break them free, however, her grip fails and she drops the swords and sheath and stumbles backward, falling on the ground on her back. Rika sits up in a sudden impulse and lightly growls, then says "what is UP with those two swords!?" She looks at the shrine's storage house and gasps with a smile, then runs to it. After some time, she comes out of the storage house with a hammer, a chisel, and a wide triumphant smile. In just a second, she runs to the swords, leaving a trail of dust behind her, and with a wicked smile, she places the chisel on the center of the sheath, raises the hammer high in the air, then strikes down as hard as she can. The hammer's head breaks away, flying back to the storage house, but falling on the ground before it reaches it. The chisel cracks, and although made of metal, it crumbles into pieces. Rika's eyes open widely, almost popping out of their socket upon seeing this happen. She relaxes, sighs, then says "great... I broke two of my lady's possessions. Gonna have to buy replacements later." Rika gasps, and with a smile she whispers "the Saboten Stock" as she taps her left palm with her right fist. She pulls out her small cube, presses the button on it and out come a small drill, and a large metal mask. She smiles and giggles, places the mask on, then activates the drill. She approaches the sheath and swords, then slowly places the drill's tip on the center of the sheath, causing sparks to fly all over, making a very annoying racket. She continues to drill some more until she notices her drill has caught fire. She yelps and lets it go, and somehow, the drill continues to work, seemingly running away from the area, heading to the shrine stairs and down to the village. Rika stares on, awestruck and unable to say another word. She remembers the sheath and swords, then looks at them, hoping to have made some progress, but the sheathe looked as new as the moment the took it out of the gate. Rika's face turns a bit red with rage as she growls and says "what IS it with these?" From the stairs comes Nitori with a strange gun-like item on her hand, smiling and saying "I got the solution for your problem RIGHT here! A high-powered atomic lasers with strawberry scented air freshener." She runs to Rika and wraps her arms around her neck, placing the laser close to Rika's face, and with a suspicious smile she says "since it's a prototype, I'll let you use it for two cucumbers." As if in a shady deal, Rika slips two cucumbers to Nitori, looking around suspiciously, while equally suspicious, Nitori hands Rika the gun. Without wasting another second, Rika runs to the sheath and swords and fires at the center, but the laser misfires and blasts Rika's face instead. Nitori says "uuu~" then waves her finger at Rika and continues "no refunds." then runs away. Rika is furious. She grabs the sheathed swords by the hilt and tosses the whole thing at Nitori as she runs away, but to her dismay, the sheath and swords act like a boomerang and return to her, striking her on the head and knocking her down.

She springs up, growling and looking even angrier. She grabs the swords and looks as though she's going to try and rip them apart whit her bare hands, when suddenly, she stops and looks at the dogs Reimu and Ail, still sleeping. She smiles tenderly, walks closer to them while holding the swords, then whistles and says "come on, get the stick, come on! Get the stick! *whistle whistle*" Both Ail and Reimu raise one ear, then suddenly are barking contently and wagging their tails, and immediately chase after Rika's swords the moment she tosses them. Reimu jumps in the air and grabs them on one side, while Ail grabs the other side when in range, then both start growling as they start a tug-of-war. For a few minutes, Ail and Reimu continue to pull, when Ail suddenly asks "Heimu, hat ae we oing? (Reimu, what are we doing?)" Reimu stares back, unamused, and replies "efe ust een ricke. (we've just been tricked.)" Both let go of the swords at the same time, then Reimu, seemingly calm, walks to Rika, looks at her, then asks "why did you do that?" Rika smiles nervously and replies "well, you see, I can't seem to separate those swords, so I though-- EEK!" Reimu bites down on Rika's calf, making Rika tremble with a forced smile and tears on her eyes, repeating "it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt!" After a while, Ail says "give her a break, Reimu." Reimu lets go of Rika's calf, then says "fine, but don't do that again!" Rika nods, and while Reimu and Ail walk to the shrine, Reimu says "you know, she tasted like cinnamon." Frustrated, Rika walks to the swords and picks them from the ground. She stares at them for a moment, then takes a deep enraged breath and shouts "stupid swords!" and throws them hard against the ground. When the swords hit the ground, they both come out of the sheath just slightly. Rika bends down to take a closer look, and then, she pulls on the sword form the right, revealing a glowing blue band on the un-sharpened side. Rika gasps with a smile on her face and shout "YES! I did it! This is water... and this..." She grabs the other sword, which has a glowing red band on its un-sharpened side and excitedly says "water... and fire! Yes. Two steps closer to being just like my lady Reimu!" She grabs each of the japanese swords on each hand, looks on with excitement, then says "oh yeah, I HAVE to practice with these now!" Before she can even begin, Reimu shouts from the shrine "Rika~ I'm hungry~! Could you fix lunch, please?" Rika drops to the ground and whimpers "I wanted to practice~!" She gets up, and as she slumps, she grabs both swords, sheathes them again, then tosses them inside the gate, closing it and getting her spell card back. She pockets it and looking at bit sad, she says to herself "it's my lady's request, so I mustn't delay. I can practice later." On the shrine's roof, Hina spins on the tip of her feet and sings "gathering misfortune to lessen yours~ Don't jump out the window and just use the door~"

Night covers Gensokyo, and the moon is half-full, shining down on three girls, flying as fast as they can toward the human village. Rumia has already taken off her ribbon and is leading the other two, flapping her dark wings every once in a while and rests her long broadsword on her shoulder as she flies. Agava asks "hey boss, why are we going to the village?" Flandre answers for her "the three humans from before went missing. The teacher there wants to give us some information." Rumia, sounding serious, says "we need to move quickly. I feel something is not right here." Arriving at the school, the people in the village get frightened at the sight of the three youkai, but manage to stay calm and not show their fear, although pointless in doing so, as all three can feel what the humans are feeling. Keine approaches Rumia and says "I told you not to come here looking like that!" Anxiously, Rumia says "just get on with it, teach!" Keine stares reprehensibly at Rumia, but sighs and calms down, then says "right. The lost humans were supposed to pick some herbs and water from the lake to trade with Entei, but they returned empty-handed. Said three crazed youkai attacked them." Rumia sweats while Agava and Flandre stare at each other quietly. Keine continues "when we sent them out again, they had just left the village and were suddenly caught in this black orb and pulled underground." Rumia looks at Agava and says "sound like your shadow has some of your higher level powers." Agava nods and says "she's entering the shadow realm at will. But how? Right now, I can't do that. Not with this little power anyway." Flandre says "perhaps that she being your shadow... the shadow of a shadow, I mean, she possesses the natural ability to do as such without the need of any extra boost of power, like you and your amplifier." Agava, Rumia and Keine stare at Flandre with great surprise, which makes her feel a bit uneasy and says "what? It's just something obvious!" Keine smiles and says "w-well, umm... About the three humans. You guys took too long to find, and took even longer getting here, so we fear the worse for them by now." Rumia smirks and says "miss Keine, I am surprised. You and I know perfectly well where they are, and that they are still alive." Keine smiles, then desperately says "go! Save those humans, please." Agava salutes Keine, Rumia just smirks, and Flandre lifts to the air, saying "I'll expect the promised pay~!" Quickly, Agava and Rumia follow Flandre, then Rumia says "oy, blondie? What's the matter?" Flandre smiles when she looks back and says "I used to be mayor bad news for everyone before big brother and bis sister Meiling helped me." Rumia and Agava get closer, forming a triangle formation, with Rumia leading, Flandre to the left and Rumia to the right, then Flandre finishes saying "I find it ironic that I am helping save someone... instead of being the cause of the problem." Rumia smiles and flips her thumb up as they enter an area full of trees near the Misty Lake.

From above, their triangle formation looks perfect as they shoot spread danmaku at many fairies and youkai that come out of the trees to bother them. Rumia fires yellow orbs that oddly enough look like moons, while Agava fires small black dagger-like bullets and Flandre fires scattered fireballs and lasers when she feels like it, since most of the time she's just giggling. Rumia angrily swings her sword in front of her and asks "what the hell is it with these stupid fairies and youkai!?" Agava casually asks "should we use our bomb?" Rumia smirks and shouts "Flan, do your thing!" Flandre takes the lead and giggles as she pulls a spell card and shouts "Forbidden Barrage - Starbow Break!" The entire area gets covered in a dense shower of danmaku orbs that scatter randomly, successfully scaring all the small fairies and youkai away. Flandre giggles and takes her position again, then says "that was fun!" Reaching the lake, all three stop as Kali floats right in front of the human, who are still inside the dark translucent bubble and floating above the lake. Kali extends her arms and says "welcome. I was expecting you a lot sooner, but oh well. Here you are." Agava asks "what do you want?" Kali replies "very simple. I want to get rid of you, and that swordswoman over there." Rumia smirks and positions her sword across her face, holding it with one hand, and in an instant, she is already face-to-face of Kali and asks "is that so?" She swings her sword, cutting off Kali's head and popping the dark bubble, making the humans fall to the lake, but Flandre and Agava catch all three, then Rumia says "take them back home, then come back here!" Flandre says "don't get all high and mighty." Rumia's eyes glow red and her wings grow as she shouts "do it NOW!" Agava panics and says "let's go." Flandre looks worried and says "ok... we'll be back soon." Preventing Kali from reaching the others, Rumia stances with her sword pointing behind her and with it's broad side under her arm. Kali smirks as she places her head back on and asks "you're not placing that darkness around?" Rumia smirks and says "not needed. Besides, you just want to escape again." Kali smiles and says "you play dumb, but you're pretty sharp." Rumia moves so fast, Kali can't even see when she positions herself behind, placing her sword on her neck. Rumia says "maybe I should keep you around so I can take off this ribbon for good. Too bad I can't allow that. I already gave my word. Agava gave me hers, and regardless of your name, you ARE her, and the deal applies to you. Goodbye, shadow of a shadow." Rumia slides her blade, hoping to finish Kali off quick, but she turns to shadow form and escapes just in time, then shouts "Shadow Sign - Binding Darkness!" The area turns dark for a moment, and the second the light comes through again, massive black orbs surround Rumia, and try to constrict her, but she cuts them all to small pieces before that, however, doing so causes the pieces to violently explode, releasing smaller, faster orbs that scatter at random. Rumia looks at each bullet and moves with precision, avoiding the attack, but before she is able to respond, Kali floats above her and shouts "Shadow Morph" and takes the shape of a small dragon with a white spiked torso that quickly moves around Rumia, giving her a few cuts around her arms and legs, however Rumia doesn't even flinch and just moves accordingly to avoid a direct hit. When 15 seconds pass and the spell times out, Rumia flies around in zig-zag, confusing Kali and kicking her so hard, she lands all the way behind the SDM. Rumia quickly follows, pointing her sword forward for a quick end, but once she passes over the SDM, she sees a red spot on the lake behind the mansion. She gasps with horror, but spots Kali close by. She says "gotta finish this NOW!" She lunges at Kali, but Kimi gets in her way, asking "what are you doing here?"

Rumia looks into Kimi's eyes, noticing her left eye, then says "if you are allied to Reimu Hakurei, you will let me through!" Kimi asks "why?" Rumia's wings grow in size again as she furiously points at Kali and says "that being violated the deal and threatened to take a life. I must finish her off." By now, Agava and Flandre arrive to help Rumia. Kimi smirks wickedly at them and says "seems your friends are here." When her eyes meet Flandre's, they both stare at each other without blinking once. Flandre even clenches her fists in front of her chest as she continues staring. Rumia gets Kimi's attention again when she says in a demanding tone "let me pass so I may finish my job!" Kimi gets startled for a moment, but then smirks and says "please, allow me to take care of her." Rumia glares at the dragon and says "you do realize what you are saying." Kimi bows, hiding a wicked smirk in her face, and says "I understand perfectly. I will keep my word to Reimu, you can count on that." Rumia continues to stare seriously at Kimi, then lifts her sword as it turns into darkness and disappears. Flandre asks "what are you doing?" Rumia says "if you can't trust a dragon's word, who can you trust?" She turns to face Kimi, then says "I don't care how powerful you are, if you break your word to Reimu, I will hunt you down. You and that shadow." Kimi bows elegantly, extending her right arm as she does. Rumia's ribbon magically wraps itself around Rumia's head, turning her back to her child-like self, then she turns to her friends and says "well, we're done here. Let's go have a bite." As they slowly fly away from Kimi, Agava asks "are you sure?" Flandre adds "don't worry... I'm sure she knows what she's doing." After they leave, Kimi descends like lightning next to Kali, grabbing her by the neck and pinning her against a tree. She smiles as her right eye seems to glow with the moonlight, scaring Kali in the process. Kimi smirks and says "you will listen to me, little shadow. From now on, you work for ME, you got that!?" Chocking, Kali asks "why... should I?" Kimi says "your silly shadow tricks are mere child's play for me. I am a thousand times stronger than you and possibly even more than that. You either become my slave, or die right here and now. Besides, with your lack of power... you couldn't last a DAY in here." Kali stares back at Kimi, and for a moment, she thinks of attacking, but looking at Kimi's eyes make her realize she's out of her league. Feeling defeated, she sadly says "I accept."

Flying above Byakuren's temple, Rumia says "hurry, hurry. We must inform that tasty-looking maiden!" Agava asks "about what? About how you chickened out back there?" With a childish smile on her face, Rumia strikes Agava on the head and says "no~. We have to tell her about that red thing in the lake!" Flandre says "it was scarlet. Not red." Agava, holding a bump on her head with both hands, and Rumia, looking curious, both stare at Flandre as she says "something wasn't right about that girl either. Come on, slowpokes! We better tell red and white sis about this!" Flandre takes the lead as she thinks "that girl looked so much like Meiling... I want... to play with her." Down at Byakuren's temple, Shou has fixed herself up, looking like her old self again. She, Byakuren, Minamitsu, Ichirin, Unzan, Nue and Nazrin all sit at the dinning table, happily eating their meal, when Byakuren says "I see. So she went to the village." Shou nods and looking a bit sad, asks "so does that mean you are leaving again?" Byakuren gets up from her chair and walks to Shou, gives her a hug, then says "Shou, I need you to continue to take care of the temple while I'm gone." Shou keeps quiet as Byakuren lets her go. Byakuren smiles at Shou and says "I know you are powerful, but if both you and I leave to hunt for that shadow, who's going to stay and watch over the temple?" A tear escapes Shou, and feeling a bit ashamed, she lowers her head and says "I... I see. Lady Hijiri, please... forgive my behavior before, I... I mean... I." Byakuren shushes her, then says "there's nothing to forgive. Just do your best while I'm gone, alright?" With pink spots on her cheeks, Shou looks at Byakuren, then nods as another tear escapes her. Minamitsu smiles and flips her thumb up to Shou, while Ichirin and Nue just smile, looking dreamily at Byakuren and Shou. Nazrin looks disgusted at the scene, while Unzan just eyes her cake. She gets up from the table and grumbles "it's like a damned novel in here." Unzan grabs the cake and eats it in one bite, just as Nazrin leaves, looking content and with a smile on his face. At the Hakurei Shrine, Agava and Flandre stand awestruck at the mess of fire and icicles all over the shrine, dog Ail and dog Reimu flying around with small buckets filled with water, Mima and Rika desperately run all over the place, hitting the small fires with large wet blankets, and Budou using her sonar to blow off some other flames at the storage house. Rumia stands with a smile, extending her arms in the air, and asks "is that so~?"

To be continued

Characters and Scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia, Kimi & Kali were created by Willie G.R.
Agava and Kali's spell cards (Shadow Morph and Shadow Sign - Binding Darkness) were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot2010
Major assistance by Snapshot2010 (Kali's name by Snapshot2010)

DEC 11 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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