Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One Random Sukima 20

Morning in Gensokyo. The sun is just about to rise by the time two girls fly high above the field on the eastern side of the Misty Lake. A familiar voice says "hurry up, girl." Another familiar voice replies "ugh! Just tell me where are we going!?" Both girls descend near a small extension of the lake, east-north-east of the Misty Lake itself. The first one to land is Maribel, wearing a black zipper jacket that is closed on top of a white shirt with short puffy sleeves, a red ribbon around the neck, a black mini-skirt, a pair of black knee-high boots, and ties her hair in a pony-tail with another red ribbon. The second one to land is Renko, wearing a light-blue dress, a white belt around her waist, a pair of white slippers, adorns her head with a large light-blue ribbon, but doesn't wear her glasses. Maribel angrily says "you and that dress! It's a MIRACLE they haven't spotted us yet!" Renko, smiling but looking very serious, says "watch that mouth, missy, or I'll have to teach you some manners." S-Maribel flinches, then says "s-sorry. I'm just scared. Until we find that power source, we are VULNERABLE!" S-Renko's eyes glow red as she says "don't worry about it. As long as we don't get any attention to ourselves, we'll be fine." Flying above the water to their right, is a girl with long blond hair held with a white ribbon, yellow eyes, a large pair of purple wings she same size of her own body and wearing a white shirt with red suspenders, a long red skirt and a red ribbon on her chest. The girl says "well, it's been a while since anyone visited. I was starting to get lonely." The shadows quietly stare at the vampire as she says "my name is Kurumi, and I deal with anyone that enters my lake." The shadows stand to face the vampire, then S-Maribel gestures S-Renko to take the front, and she does, smiling ever so wickedly. Kurumi continues "not very talkative, are you? No matter. Now to deal with the tress-" Standing close to Kurumi, S-Renko lifts her arms at chest height and opens her hands, unleashing a quick and thick barrage of blue orbs that blow up hard on Kurumi, knocking her out almost immediately. S-Renko grabs Kurumi by her ribbon, and with a wicked smile, she asks "we were told of a very special mansion around here. Tell me, do you know where it is?" Kurumi rubs her head as she says "ugh. Ma-mansion? No, I don't know of Mugekan, sorry!" The shadows look at each other and smirk, then Kurumi continues "you certainly won't find anything important in there either. Well, that is unless death is important to you." S-Maribel says "oh, is that so? Well--" A sudden rustling of leaves and grass startle the three girls, but after some time, they ignore it and S-Maribel continues "well, that's too bad. We WERE looking for a place that has a certain power source that COULD help us, but, if you say there is no mansion..." Kurumi smiles and says "that's right. You will certainly NOT find that power in there, so you might as well just leave and not come back." The shadows smirk again, then S-Renko asks "well, out of curiosity, if that placed DID exist, where would it be?" Kurumi confidently crosses her arms around her chest as she hovers above the ground and says "just a little up ahead. But there's nothing there, so..." Both shadows have already left, following Kurumi's directions. The little vampire thinks for a moment, then upon the realization of what had just happened, she growls and smacks her own head, saying "gah! Idiot! Geez, Elly's gonna kill me."

At the Hakurei Shrine, Mima holds dog Reimu against her chest as she floats out the door. With a tear in her left eye, Rika sniffles. Reimu says "Mima, wait a sec." Mima stops and turns around, revealing a bit of blood on her nose, just above her wide smile. Reimu puffs air out of her mouth and says "Rika, you know what you did. This is your punishment. Take responsibility for your actions and stop crying." Chocking back her tears, but still with wide glassy eyes, Rika salutes Reimu and says "as you wish, m-my lady *sniffle*" Reimu sighs and says "ok Mima, let's go." Mima says "you're so cute" as she turns around and flies away. Rika continues to stare with wide glassy eyes, and when she turns away, Mima and Reimu get caught inside one of Yukari's gaps. By the time she turns around again, they are gone and the gap closed. Rika sniffles, then sighs and says "better start with the floors." Reimu and Mima find themselves beside dog Ail and Sanae inside of Kourindou at the Forest of Magic. Yukari stands next to her violet yin-yang orb with that game system of hers already plugged in, and Budou holding the first controller in her hand. Reimu asks "ok, who am I supposed to help now?" Yukari opens her fan in front of her face and says "fu fu fu fu. You won't be playing today. Today, our players will be little Budou here, and a very special challenger." Rinnosuke comes from hiding, holding the shoulders of a small youkai. She has white hair with blue in front and on the side-burns, two small blue horns, a small red wing with pink feathers on the back of her head, and wearing a black dress with a blue trim, and has small red wings with pink feathers on her back. The moment she spots Reimu and Reimu spots her, they both point and shout at each other at the same time. Reimu shouts "the cocky weakling!" Tokiko shouts "the thieving maiden!" Both stay quiet for a moment and just glare from across the room, sending sparks that crash and almost set the place on fire, if not for Ail and Sanae's quick reactions. Ail asks "so who is this?" Yukari chuckles and says "she's and unnamed book-reading youkai who we like to call 'Tokiko' as a term of endearment." Tokiko defiantly says "hey, I have a name! It's..." Yukari glares over her fan, her eyes glowing with malice toward the small bird-like youkai. Tokiko lowers her head, and in a defeated tone, she says "it's Tokiko." Ail and Sanae both sweat, then Ail asks "umm... so why did you call Reimu a thieving maiden?" Before Tokiko even opens her mouth, Reimu says "she ripped my dress, so I had to PUNISH her for being such a naughty youkai, and as punishment, I took her books. But I'm no thief! She can read them over here whenever she wants!" Tokiko shouts "you're still a THIEF!" Both Ail and Sanae duck to the ground, just as the sparks from their eyes fly across the room and crash just where they stood. Yukari closes her fan, getting everyone's attention, then says "Tokiko, if you'd be so kind?" Tokiko grumbles "don't even know why *grumble grumble* Don't even play these things *grumble grumble*" Budou smiles at Tokiko as she sits down, making her smile back, then says "hello. I'm Budou. Nice to meet you, miss Tokiko." Tokiko can't help but feel at ease, and smiles back at Budou and happily says "hello, miss Budou." then both giggle as Tokiko grabs her controller. Budou leans closer and whispers "so what's your real name?" Tokiko's wings flap as she happily smiles, then leans closer to Budou and whispers in her ear. Wile Mima looks around the store, Reimu, sounding annoyed, asks "so why did you bring us here, Yukari?" Yukari glances over to Reimu, and smiles as she says "you will cheer for these two as they 'help' out two girls solve today's little shadow incident." Reimu stares back with her arms crossed, then Ail, calmly asks "lady Yukari? Who needs help?" Yukari opens her fan, covering her smirk and staring over to where Mima and Rinnosuke are, both having a discussion about the difference between shop-lifting and borrowing.

At the Human Village, Kyo is holding a large portrait of fruits against a wall, while standing still on a ladder. Luna says "a little more to the right... no, you're right." Kyo angrily asks "come on, is this thing centered yet, or not!?" The hat-less Renko stands beside Luna and while holding her chin, she nods and says "perfect." Luna giggles and says "you heard her. Now, hold still while we place the nails." Kyo sweats and says "hurry... this thing's heavy." With a smile on her face, Maribel flies to the top with a small hammer and some nails, then quickly hammers away. She floats back and says "go ahead, mister Kyo." Kyo sweats and his face turns red as he holds the portrait. He places the frame on the wall and manages to place the portrait in place, feeling great relief as he lets it go. He dusts his hands, comes down the small ladder, and smiles as he looks back. The portrait isn't that good, but it's there to stay... or so he thinks. Maribel stares at it for a moment, then says "I don't know... I think it would look much better in the kitchen." Kyo sweats, then quickly heads to the door, but to his luck, Luna is already outside, smiling dangerously, asking "and where are you going? We promised to help these two girls today." Kyo stutters for a moment, and is saved when Renko exclaims "hey, look over there!" She points next to the portrait, where a small gap opens up, and out comes a letter addressed to Maribel and Renko. Quickly picking it up, Maribel gets closer to Renko as she opens the letter and reads "dear Maribel and Renko. I have a mission for you today. I need you to visit that flower youkai's mansion and take care of a little incident for me. Yours truly, Yukari Yakumo." Maribel and Renko look at each other, then at Kyo and Luna, then Renko asks "that flower youkai would be the one in the Field of the Sun, right?" Luna nods, then Maribel adds with a smile "I didn't know she had a mansion!" Kyo adds "neither did I. Luna, maybe we should go with them, just in case." Maribel giggles and says "no way! I'm sure miss Yukari wants us to train or something." Renko adds "besides, we can take good care of ourselves, so don't you worry. Just, if you're so kind... please move the portrait to the kitchen." Luna smiles and says "I'll make sure he does." Kyo sweats, feeling anger rise to his head, but his heart tells him that if he dares explode now, he'll only end up hurt, so he manages to calm himself down. Renko grabs her hat, places it on, and says "let's go Mary!" Maribel replies "right behind you!" Maribel and Renko lift to the air, then wave at Kyo and Luna, quickly leaving toward the Garden of the Sun, with two small violet yin-yang orbs that follow them unnoticed. Going back inside the house, Kyo and Luna spot the letter from Yukari on the floor. Kyo opens it up and Luna reads "this note will explode in a beautiful arrange of flowers in a few minutes, so I suggest you back away." Luna scratches her head and asks "huh... I wonder what she means?" Kyo's face turns pale as he gasps and shouts "hit the floor!" but before he or Luna can escape, the letter explodes into pink and green petal bullets that make the shapes or many flowers before falling on the floor, exploding as they make contact. After the smoke clears, Kyo and Luna's stand in shock with their faces black and both tremble as the smoke vanishes. Luna coughs up some smoke and asks "why?" Kyo's left eye twitches as he replies "she's... Yukari." Both fall on the ground just as Medicine enters through the door, smiling and shouting "who wants cake!? ...EEH~!?" with both eyes open wide and her pupils disappearing as she looks to the floor at the knocked-out couple.

At Kourindou, Budou and Tokiko have begun their game. Their screen is split in two as Budou plays Maribel, and Tokiko plays Renko. Both have a big number of fairies and strange magical beings in their screen, firing many bullets at them as they fly near the outskirts of the village. Renko shoots 3 energy stakes that widen a bit as they reach farther, and Maribel fires a wide barrage of pink hearts that covers a good range, but lack power. While Ail and Reimu watch the girls play, Sanae, Mima, Yukari and Rinnosuke are playing cards. Mima asks "got any sevens?" Sanae replies "go fish." Yukari opens a gap with a smile, and Mima takes a small pole with a short string, and starts fishing in the gap. Rinnosuke sweats and arranges his glasses, then asks "isn't that taking things too literal?" Meanwhile, Maribel and Renko fly side-by-side, both shooting at all the fairies that come their way. Crying, Maribel asks "Renko?" Renko replies "yes, Mary?" Maribel asks "can you stop yourself from shooting those?" Renko replies "no. Can you?" Crying again, Maribel says "I can't even move on my own~! I don't want to hurt those cute little fairies! Do something!" Renko shouts "well, they ARE shooting at us, Mary! We do need to defend ourselves." Maribel cries "but they're so cute!" All the fairies go away, and all the bullets disappear from the screen. Maribel asks "what happened?" In front of them, Agava and Rumia fly along with them. Maribel smiles and says "oh, miss Agava, miss Rumia, how are you?" Both wave back, smiling along with Maribel, when both she and Renko start shooting their bullets at the unsuspecting youkai, making them blow up before they can even attack back. Maribel shouts "I'm so sorry~! I didn't mean to!" Hanging limp on a tree branch, Agava asks "Ru-Rumia, what the heck just happen?" Rumia dizzily replies "pink flying, pain-inducing hearts." Back at Kourindou, on the yin-yang's screen, written in red are the words "Subjective Objectivity Win! Try stage 2!" Budou stares at the letter and says "hmm... Our team shoudl be called 'Two of a Kind', don't you agree, Tokiko?" Tokiko nods and says "you're right... but isn't this a bit too easy?" Budou smirks wickedly, then asks "wanna up the challenge?" Tokiko smirks wickedly and says "you read my mind!" Before pressing the button to go to the next level, Budou hacks into the game menu by entering a combination code on her game controller, then sets the game difficulty to hard mode, then she and Tokiko smile at each other as Stage two, The Sunflower Field, begins. At the Garden of the Sun, just as Maribel and Renko enter the Sunflower Fields, Yuka intercepts them and smiles as she says "welcome, little humans. You want to play?" Maribel exclaims "oh, miss Yuka! We nee to talk to-- HEY!" Both Maribel and Renko start shooting their bullets at Yuka, Renko crying "oh, NOW we've done it!" Maribel replies, crying "but I didn't even think of shooting!" Yuka dodges easily, then smiles wide and says "THAT'S what I like! Cut STRAIGHT to the chase. Let's begin girls!"

Yuka's smile widens as she continues to dodge Maribel and Renko's attacks, then shouts "Dual Spark!" A spell card floats on the tip of her parasol, spinning and shining, then Yuka closes the parasol and points at Maribel, then opens the palm of her free hand and points it at Renko, and from the tip of each, a thick yellow beam quickly fires straight at the human girls. Somehow, they manage to avoid being blasted and continue their assault. Yuka's smile widens even more, now looking malevolent as she unleashes a shower of flowers in random formations at the girls. As they continue to shoot and dodge, Renko shouts "Maribel, do you have a clue how we are doing this??" Maribel shouts back "no, but this is starting to get fun~!" At Kourindou, both Budou and Tokiko look at the screen, seemingly bored as they dodge the shower of danmaku bullets on their screens. Budou asks "is this really hard?" Tokiko shrugs, then says "at least this one's harder than that last two." Reimu and Ail look at the screen, both with their tails between their legs, awestruck that both girls are playing in that difficulty, and so calmly. From the store front, Mima shouts "BINGO~!!!" Yukari angrily says "it's Mahjong, not bingo, you idiot." Sanae casually says "ah, I win again." All around her quietly growl, then Rinnosuke says under his own breath "that's the 8th time in a row." Back above the Sunflower Field, Yuka intensifies her danmaku, covering the skies with flowers and small yellow and white bullets and petals. Renko and Maribel are having a very hard time dodging these, and now their clothes are singed and torn on some areas, but they continue to attack. Another spell card floats just above Yuka's parasol and sounding annoyed, Renko shouts "hey, cut it out! We still don't have spell cards of our own!" Ignoring Renko, Yuka shouts "Phantasm - Beauty of Nature!" Yuka fires from all around her yellow crystal danmaku shards that from a giant flower, then move in a circular pattern against each other while she quickly moves and fires orange and yellow orbs in two circular patterns that move in a circle against each other, then positions herself in front and center of the two girls and fires a fast barrage or large yellow orbs that move in an arc along with her. Renko almost bites a blast, but manages to dodge just in time, while Maribel finds a clear spot and continues to attack. Tired, Maribel asks "Renko? Should we run away?" Renko, sounding winded, shouts back "just a little more, Mary. Remember, this is our first mission!" Both Renko and Maribel are on edge. There are bullets all around them, and to them, it seems impossible to dodge, yet they somehow manage to survive each and every barrage. Renko furiously says "what the hell is wrong with you! Stop this already!" Yuka happily replies "but I'm having so much FUN! You girls are much stronger than I though!" Maribel takes a deep breath, and while Yuka focuses on Renko, she manages to summon enough energy to herself and fires a dense, and heavy barrage of red, pink and blue hearts that home in on Yuka, plus her regular wide shot of hearts, all striking hard and making Yuka blow up. Maribel gasps in horror and covers her mouth with her hands, then shouts with concern and fear "miss Yuka, are you alright!? Oh~ I'm so sorry!" Renko sweats and says "that lunatic almost kills us and she's sorry for beating her?"

Regaining control of themselves, Renko and Maribel follow after Yuka, finding her complaining about her back after falling on the ground next to a bed of sunflowers. A little worried, Renko asks "why didn't you try and fall on the sunflowers?" Yuka recovers miraculously and spring to her feet with bloodshot eyes and angrily says "don't be unreasonable!" Maribel waves her hand at Renko, who nervously smiles at Yuka while getting closer to Maribel, then asks her "what is it?" With a smile on her face, Maribel whispers "she's a FLOWER youkai. Careful with what you say." Renko quietly nods, then heads back to Yuka with a nervous smile, then says "I'm sorry about that. Now, miss Yuka. We were told we needed to go to your mansion. Could you tell us where it is?" Yuka looks confused, then she places her index finger next to her lip as she looks to the sky and says "mansion? That sounds familiar..." Again, Renko and Maribel get close to each other, then Maribel whispers "Renko, I think she doesn't know." Renko replies "maybe miss Yukari was playing us all along after all." Yuka suddenly gasps, snapping her finger and happily saying "I remember now. To the east of the Misty lake. I had a mansion. Umm... Mugekan! Yeah, I used it to connect Gensokyo with the Land of Dreams." With a bright smile on her face, Yuka turns to Maribel and Renko, then says "let me go with you! I want to see it again!" Without a second though, Maribel happily replies "sure! We'd LOVE it if you come with us! Right Renko?" Sweating and giving Maribel an evil look, Renko hesitantly says "err, sure... right." Yuka claps both hands softly and says "alright then, I'll just changed from these dirty clothes and we can be off!" Yuka runs to her small house, which is close by, then humming, she enters and quickly shuts the door. Renko grabs Maribel by her shirt and furiously asks "Mary, what the HELL is wrong with you? What is she tries to kill us again!?" Maribel smiles and pats Renko's hands gently, making her let go, then says "aww, come on. Miss Yuka is not evil. She's just strong spirited." With those words, Maribel breaks a sunflower she was just touching with the tip of her fingers. Right after that one falls, 6 more break in a domino effect. Both Renko and Maribel's faces turns pale, then blue, then Renko rapidly says "to the lake!" Maribel quickly replies "right behind you!" They moment they are out of sight, Yuka comes out of her house, wearing clothes similar to the ones she just had on, except she changed her skirt for a long red plaid pants. She looks around, asking "girls? Where are you?" She immediately notices the sunflowers on the ground, and with a big smile and a glint on her narrowly opened left eye, she says "oh, you naughty, hasty, bad girls. I'm going to have to punish you." Yuka springs to the air and heads toward the Misty Lake without delay. Meanwhile, at Kourindou, dogs Reimu and Ail are trembling, their faces are blue, their eyes are round and white, and they and hug each other tight as Budou and Tokiko hack the game menu through control combination and set the game on Lunatic mode with wide smiles on their faces and glints in the eyes.

Maribel and Renko are flying on the eastern shore of the Misty lake, heading to some suspicious mountain formations. Again, they feel they have no control over their actions as they doge, sway, swerve, and even loop around the thick concentration of bullets headed their way, fired by the countless fairies that seem to pop out of nowhere. Maribel cries "no~~! I don't wanna shoot at the fairies!!!" Renko angrily shouts "have you noticed they are firing at us with GREAT INTENSITY!?" Maribel cries back "but they're just playing!" Maribel continues to shoot, even though she wants to stop, then watches in horror as three more fairies explode right next to her. She bawls "those poor fairie~s!" Renko simply sighs and continues to dodge and shoot, though she still wonders how she is managing to do so. The girls arrive at a small extension to the lake itself, and before Renko is able to comment about the scene, the small blond vampire, Kurumi, flies in front of the two girls, making all the fairies around run away, then says "I though I told you two there was nothing over there!" Maribel and Renko look at each other, wondering what she is talking about. Maribel asks "I'm sorry, have we met before, miss?" Kurumi flaps her wings rapidly with rage and says "I already told you, my name is Kurumi! Don't you DARE forget my name again!" Renko, sounding uninterested, says "whatever you say. Look, this is the first time we've met, but we have business elsewhere, so please, step aside!" Kurumi flaps her wings furiously again, then shouts "you won't get away from the THAT easy!" Maribel wipes some blood off her nose and says "it's like looking at a blond Budou with a cute temper." Renko sighs and says "FOCUS! This is going to turn ugly!" The moment Renko finishes her sentence, Kurumi expands her energy around the humans, then starts by firing two lasers to the sides that explode into fast flying white orbs the second they touch anything. Renko and Maribel can't even follow the bullets, but somehow dodge every single shot as they shoot back at the little vampire. Kurumi continues her attack by quickly moving left and right and firing small white orbs in a straight line at the same time as she fires more of those lasers. Renko's leg gets grazed, making her yelp in pain. Maribel concernedly shouts "Renko, are you ok!?" Renko takes a few deep breaths and keeping her right eye tightly closed, she says "it's not bad. Just return fire!" Kurumi smirks and her attack gets faster and more intense, but all her bullets disappear, then she changes her attack, firing small white orbs and thin blue twin lasers at high speeds. Renko and Maribel continue their attack, even though they are constantly being grazed by the lasers. From behind, Yuka shouts "Dual~!" Renko panics and shouts "MARY LOOK OUT!!" Renko and Maribel split up as far away as possible as Yuka finishes "Spa~rk!!" and two yellow beams fly from behind them, straight to Kurumi, blasting the little vampire out of the sky. Regaining control of her action, Maribel shouts "oh no! Save her!" then flies straight to the falling Kurumi, catching her in mid-air before she plunges into the water. Minutes later, Kurumi wakes up on Maribel's lap, with Renko and Yuka standing to their right. Kurumi mumbles "oh... miss Yuka. I must be dreaming again." She goes back to sleep, but Yuka says "hey, wake up already!" Kurumi springs up and shouts "miss YUKA~! You're back!" She flies to Yuka and clings on her, giving her a hug and nibbling on her shoulder. Yuka grabs the small vampire and tosses her away, then Maribel reprehensibly says "miss Yuka! She's recovering!" Yuka only scoffs as Kurumi gets back up and says "I didn't know these two humans were serving you! Why didn't you two say anything sooner?" Renko looks away, while Maribel checks on Kurumi's face, wiping off some dirt from her cheek, then Yuka asks "wait... why did I come all the way here?" Renko nervously says "er, you, umm, wanted to see Mugekan again!" Yuka nods and smiles then says "then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Kurumi smiles and flaps her wings contently while chasing after the hasty Yuka and saying "yay! Miss Yuka's back." leaving the two humans behind.

Renko and Maribel watch as the two youkai leave, then Renko takes a deep breath and sighs, then says "come on, Mary, let's follow them." Maribel continues to watch the sky seemingly absentminded, then says "but they're already gone, Renko." Renko looks to the sky and in a shock she shouts "wah!? Wait a minute! They were just there!" Maribel smiles and says "don't worry. Let's just go." Again, unable to control themselves, the two humans take to the sky. Back at Kourindou, while playing Old Maid, Mima hides three cards under the floor. Yukari notices, but says nothing about the matter. From the back of the store, Ail shouts "How the heck did you guys do that!?" Reimu, sounding a bit angry, adds "that's just impossible! You two must be cheating!" Sanae drops her cards face-down on the floor and sweating with a forced smile she says "I'll go see what's happening." then leaves to the back. Mima grabs Sanae's cards checks them, then smirks. Rinnosuke says "wipe that smirk off, you cheater. I saw what you did." Mima smiles nervously, then says "I'll go check on the kids." then floats to the back in a hurry, leaving hre own cards scattered on the floor. Yukari and Rinnosuke look at each other, looking rather seriously, then Yukari says "sounds like they're having fun over there." Rinnosuke smirks and says "I know you have the old maid." Yukari sweats and hides her blushing face under her cards, but Rinnosuke simply rests his head on his hands behind his neck, then says "but it's a void game, so it doesn't count." Yukari places her cards face-down on the floor, then asks "Shall we?" Rinnosuke nods and says "though you'd never ask." He gets up from the floor, leaving his cards face-up, then goes to the door and changes his open sign, to closed, then locks the door. Yukari hooks her arm around his, just as he turns around, then playfully says "come on sweetie, let's go watch the kids play." Rinnosuke blushes, but decides to keep quiet. Upon entering the room where the two girls are playing, both Rinnosuke and Yukari open their eyes wide and leave their mouths wide open, along with Mima, Sanae, and the dogs Reimu and Ail. Yukari manages to recover, but stutters for a moment before finally asking "you little twerps!? How did you change the difficulty like that!? You're gonna kills those two girls!!!" On the screen, both player's screen are so full of bullets, their characters are barely visible, but Budou and Tokiko, looking quite bored, dodging through them like it is nothing at all. Budou yawns, then says "we hacked the menu system and upped the difficultly." Tokiko calmly adds "it's still too easy, though." Budou nods and continues playing. Yukari sweats and sounding scared, she says "Reimu, I'm checking on them!" Reimu, with her mouth and eyes still wide open, nods and continues to watch. Yukari opens a gap and immediately sets off, while the rest stay in the room, staring dumbfounded toward the game.

Meanwhile, Maribel and Renko dodge the curtain of bullets headed their way, though unable to control their own actions, and blasting away many youkai of different shapes and sizes, along with a few fairies. Maribel cries "I don't mind defending myself, but the poor youkai and fairies~!" Renko sweats and thinks "this girl is incredible." Maribel gasps after they clears the last of the bullets. When Renko looks ahead, she sees a girl with blond hair curled at the tips, empty yellow eyes on her pale expressionless face, wearing a pink hat with a red ribbon on it, and a dark-red dress with thin pink designs on the bottom borders of the skirt, carrying a large scythe with her. At first, she only floats silent and unmoving, but she throws her large scythe in a quick spin, then starts firing small white bullets in arcs with very little room between them. Somehow, Maribel and Renko dodge the attacks and start shooting back. The woman's scythe returns to her hands like a boomerang, then she throws it once more, this time accompanied by crystal tiles that shoot a few small white bullets as they fly by, and her own medium sized blue orbs and small yellow laser trios. Maribel's left arm is grazed, making her scream in pain, but before Renko even asks, Maribel shouts "I'm ok! Just startled me!" They continue their assault, defeating the crystal tiles, but now have to face insanely fast arcs of small bullets with small gaps between them, and lines of medium white orbs accompanied by blue medium orbs, all coming fast toward the humans. Dodging, Renko finds a safe spot and stops shooting for a moment, concentrating her energy on one spot around her hands, and just before Maribel is struck by a stray white orb, Renko unleashes her attack, making large stake-like bullets that fly in a straight line along with her normal bullets, but explode very violently once they impact the woman, making her drop to the floor. The woman flies back up, her eyes now filled with life and fury as she shouts "What the HECK is going on here!? Who the HELL are you!?" Maribel and Renko stop shooting for a moment, then look at each other confused. Maribel asks "so you don't remember? You started attacking us just now." The woman scratches her head with her left hand while resting her right hand on her scythe, which rests on her shoulder. She smiles and points at the human girls, then says "well, you are still trespassing, so I'll have to beat you away from here." Renko tips her hat, covering her eyes and sighs as she says "so much for her." The woman brandishes her scythe and says "by the way, my name is Elly, and I'll be forcefully getting you out of our mansion. Please, don't make yourselves at home, and... well, goodbye humans." Renko and Maribel resume their assault as Elly starts firing many quick small white orbs from all around her along with her scythe, which she continues to throw like a boomerang. Both Maribel and Renko concentrate their attacks, and in a sudden burst, both unleash their attacks at the same time, surprising Elly as she grabs her scythe once more, knocking her out after the barrage strikes her hard. Unable to go down to check on her, Maribel says "sorry miss Elly~! Seems we can't help you out. Please, don't take it personal." Renko adds "Yuka's around here too, so you should look for her." Like magic, hearing Yuka's name makes Elly recover entirely. Even her clothes return to normal. She jumps on her feet with a smile and shouting "Yuka!? Miss Yukarin is here!?" She flies fast, getting ahead of Maribel and Renko, shouting "miss Yuka~~! Miss Yuka, where are you~!?" Renko looks at Maribel, who looks back as confused as her friend, then both shrug as they continue on their way inside Mugekan.

Going through another shower of bullets that miss them by mere inches, Maribel and Renko blast their way through strange creatures, flying mirrors, black orbs surrounded by electricity, and flying washtubs that fire blue lasers. Sounding tired, Maribel says "Renko... I cant keep this up. I'm getting very tired and hungry~!" Equally tired, Renko replies "just hang in there, Mary. We can finish this!" Up ahead, S-Maribel floats just above the floor on the stairs, smiling wickedly and saying "so you broke the spell on the gate guard. Welcome to Mugekan, your final resting place, little humans." Renko whispers with surprise "Mary, look.... it's your shadow!" Maribel slowly falls to the ground, worrying Renko, who follows after her, asking "Mary, what is it? Come on, Mary! Talk to me!" Maribel says "I'm... so.. hungry~!" S-Maribel laughs and says "oh my, this is going to be easier than I-" purple colored kunai fly around S-Maribel's back, scaring her and making her fly further inside the mansion, shouting "no~ that's not fair! I'll get you two yet!" then two large apples fall next to Maribel and Renko. Without questioning, Maribel desperately grabs one of the apples and eats it in a hurry. Renko looks around, wondering where the apples came from, then asks "Mary, are you alright?" Maribel says "*munch munch* this apple is DELICIOUS! *munch munch*" Renko grabs her apple, then says "doesn't seem poisonous after all." Renko takes a bite off the apple and contently eats alongside Maribel. After they are done eating and resting, Renko places a hand on Maribel's shoulder, and looking seriously at her friend, she says "Mary... be more careful next time. Those apples came from nowhere; they could have been poisonous." Maribel smiles and says "it was miss Yukari who gave them to us, so there's really no need to worry." Renko looks shocked and confused, but decides not to think about it too much, then offers Maribel her hand as she gets up and says "I believe our shadows are up ahead, Mary. Are you ready?" Maribel smiles and says "of course. I'm full, rested and ready to go again!" Meanwhile, in the deeper areas of Mugekan, Yuka and Kurumi enter Yuka's old room. It's dusty, and seems only spiders live there now. Yuka blows on her old bed, lifting an unusual amount of dust, then, without thinking about it much, she grabs the entire bed and flicks it, making a thick cloud of dust cover the entire room, causing Kurumi to cough and say "tha-that's our *cough* miss Yukari. So neat and clean *cough cough*" When the thick cloud of smoke clears, Yuka's lying on the bed, completely asleep. Kurumi looks curiously and jumps on Yuka's abdomen and shakes her shoulders lightly, making Yuka's head tilt slightly to the left. Kurumi keeps staring curiously, when Elly enters the room and upon seeing the scene, thinks Kurumi is trying to bite Yuka's neck. Elly shouts "Kurumi, you evil little vampire, GET OFF MY YUKARIN!!!" Kurumi shrieks as Elly pounces her, knocking her off Yuka and to the floor, where Kurumi struggles and says "no, it's not what you think, you idiot!" Elly shouts back "you're not taking my Yuka's blood away! That's MINE!" Yuka moans in her sleep, causing Elly and Kurumi to stop fighting and stand up, staring curiously at Yuka, who chuckles in her sleep, then mumbles "Ail~" Elly turns to stone, while Kurumi ponders and says "I've heard that name somewhere." Elly recovers and clenching her teeth and with fire in her eyes, she shouts "I'm gonna kill that Ail~! Whoever he, or she is!"

Maribel and Renko fly through some fast-firing bullet portals, avoiding being hit, yet not knowing how, and even though there is nothing in their way, they continue to shoot their bullets. Maribel shouts "Renko, look!" Renko replies "I see them, I see them!" S-Renko flips her hair and says with a smile "you've got guts if you managed to scare THIS blond freak." S-Maribel growls, but keeps quiet. S-Renko continues "you should know the rules by now, I assume. We try to kill you, you defend yourselves. Easy, right?" Renko growls and whispers "I look awful in those girlie clothes, dammit." Maribel smiles sheepishly and says "now, don't say that." S-Renko smiles and says "hey, we're not here to talk about fashion." She raises her hand, then in a wicked undertone, she says "we're here to kill each other, right?" S-Renko fires a heavy barrage of light-blue large orbs at insane speeds at Renko, while S-Maribel giggles and says "time to take off that pretty little head of yours, darling!" then fires axe-shaped gray danmaku that look like halves of broken hearts. Maribel ducks just in time, as some of the blades fly straight at her neck, then responds with a barrage of hearts of her own. S-Renko and S-Maribel combine their danmaku, and start firing in arcs, mixing their attacks in a thick curtain of bullets, while Renko and Maribel are forced to separate in order to avoid being hit. Renko finds a safe spot to focus her power, making her shadow stare expectantly, but when Renko simply unleashes concentrated danmaku, she scoffs, dodges the attack, then angrily says "hey, use your spell cards, you fools!" Maribel innocently says "but we don't have spell cards." while Renko shouts "Mary no!" Maribel looks at Renko, then asks "what? We can't use them, right?" Renko runs her hand across her face, then S-Renko shouts "how WORTHLESS! I am going to kill you both here and NOW!" Renko observes how her shadow stares unblinking at her and Maribel, and while firing and dodging, Renko laughs and says "so your power is copying others spell cards? What a leech!" S-Maribel says "tell me about it." S-Renko shouts "you shut up and fight!" Their bullets intensify in speed, quantity and size. Renko and Maribel are being grazed all over, both groaning in pain as some of the bullets hit them in already damaged spots. Maribel cries "Renko, we can't beat them like this!" Renko shouts "then I'll do THIS!" Renko drops to the ground and before springing up to her feet, she places both hands on the floor and two large rock pillars pop from the ground, one in front of Renko and the other beside Maribel, then Renko shouts "use the cover!" Maribel quickly hides behind the pillar, then charges her attack, sending a heavy barrage of hearts to her shadow, managing to harm both shadows. Renko feels she loses control of herself and says "here we go again." then starts firing and moving without control. Finally, S-Renko shouts "FINE! If this is how you're going to play!" She grabs S-Maribel's hand, then pulls her closer, embracing her tightly and spinning in the air above a pentagram circle, causing a blinding light to emanates from their bodies. When the spinning stops and the light dims, instead of two shadows, only one floats in front of the humans. She looked just like Renko, only with blond hair and blue eyes. S-Renko smiles and says "that fool... I now have complete control of both our powers. Oh well, let's end this quick, I'm getting bored of you two."

Renko shouts "Mary, get behind the pillar!" Maribel shouts "it's no use!" In a quick energy blast, S-Renko turns the two pillars to dust, then Renko sweats and frightened, she says "Ma-Mary~. I... I don't think we can do this after all." Maribel notices Renko's fear. With determination in her eyes, Maribel says "oh yes we can! Just concentrate, Renko!" S-Renko starts moving around very fast and unleashes large orbs along small blue lasers and smaller white orbs in arcs. Maribel and Renko dodge while firing their danmaku without missing once, however, S-Renko starts firing red daggers along with the blue orbs, then teleports from one point to another in an instant, then resumes firing her bullets. Renko almost gets hit, but Maribel manages to blast that bullet away, saving Renko form a painful blast. S-Renko growl and then shouts "that's IT!" She teleports to the middle of the large room, then starts firing fast red lasers and extra large white orbs along narrow arcs of small white orbs. Maribel manages to fly above the small orbs and avoid the laser, while Renko finds a blind spot. Both concentrate their attacks, and at the same time, they unleash concentrated blasts that explode heavily on Renko's shadow, making her scream in agony as her body separates from S-Maribel's, then both shatter and turns to black dust, finally ending their lives. S-Renko's bullets all turn to dust, and Renko and Maribel, exhausted, slowly land on the floor next to each other, then drop on the floor, turning on their backs, smiling an laughing. Panting, Maribel says "we... we did it." Renko, panting as well, replies "we... we sure did... Mary." then both girls fall asleep on their backs, looking toward each other as they drift into slumber. Shortly after, Yuka arrives to the large room and points at the girls, then says "make sure they are safe, is that clear?" Elly and Kurumi walk beside Yuka and salute her, saying "yes ma'am." Yuka looks sternly at Kurumi and says "don't you dare bite them, or I'll have your head." Kurumi slumps and says "aww~" then asks "not even a nibble?" Yuka glares at Kurumi, who salutes again and nervously says "right away my lady! Safe and sound! Safe and sound!!"

Back at Kourindou, it's late noon, and everyone is astonished at the score from the two girls. Both ended with a score of 2,345,689,900. Yukari covers her face with her fan and says "it's a tie. You girls sure are something else, aren't you?" Budou and Tokiko look a bit bored, but smile and Tokiko says "well, even without bombs it was a little easy, but still..." Budou continues "playing with a friend sure was fun!" Both Budou and Tokiko shake hands with a smile, then Sanae, sweating a little, says "you two sure are amazing at those games, aren't you?" Mima adds "I used to play those with my eyes closed." Rinnosuke says "you're such a liar." Mima smiles and says "come on. I was a PRO, I tell you!" Rinnosuke hums suspiciously, then asks "Reimu, what do YOU think of this?" Reimu doesn't answer, then Sanae asks "wait, where are they? She and Ail were right here just now!" Yukari giggles, covering her smile behind her fan, then points at the store front where both Ail and Reimu hide under the old gaming scoreboard, shaking and peeking their heads from under the large piece of paper. Sanae sweats with a forced smile and says "wow, they took it quite badly." Mima has hearts floating from her head and popping just above her hat as she says "who cares. They look so ADORABLE!" then rushes to grab and hug the dogs. Yukari chuckles, then says "well, at least next time, I have better subjects to test my games." Budou and Tokiko stare straight at Yukari, who blushes and pulls out a camera from her gap, then starts recording them, saying "it's just for the memory, darlings." At the Moriya shrine, Kanako lies on the floor beside some empty sake bottles, and Suwako, who scratches her belly and complains "it's so~ hot" Phredia lands on Suwako's chest and nods. Kanako asks "did you guys feel that power earlier?" Suwako lazily replies "yeah... but it's too hot to care." Again, Phredia nods while sitting on Suwako's chest, then drops on her side, staring to the outside. Kanako lazily lifts another bottle and says "ah... empty. Maybe we should go to the lake." Suwako says "Sanae would kill us if we went without her." Again, Phredia nods, then Kanako sighs and says "it's hot." then a yellow washtub falls right on her face, knocking her out cold. Suwako lazily asks "was that another washtub?"

To be continued...

Characters, scenario and spell cards belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Kyo, Luna and Phredia were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot2010

DEC 15 2009
written by
Willie G.R

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