Monday, December 7, 2009

One Random Sukima 18

Midnight at the Moriya Shrine. A thin human-shaped silhouette runs from the shrine's entrance, carrying two small cages. Behind the human, flying fast, are Budou and Phredia. Budou shouts "PAPA~! Give me back my papa!" Phredia starts shooting yellow petal danmaku at the shadow, generating light around it, revealing a thin Kyo, wearing a long lab coat and a pair of small round glasses, looking a bit worried and saying "I can't. We HAVE to research them." In the cages, he has a sleeping dog-Reimu in one and dog-Ail in the other. Ail sounds tired and uses all his will to shout "Budou, don't! Get Sanae!" S-Kyo gasps and exclaims "AMAZING! Even though you are a dog, you can speak like a human! Rikako is going to LOVE you guys!" Budou's eyes turn aquamarine by now, and releases a shrieking echo when she shouts "you give my papa BACK, you meanie!" S-Kyo covers his years for a moment, then says "oh, that's right, you're still here. Sorry little one, but I don't have time for this." He pulls a round metallic object from his pocket and says "bye. Won't be seeing you around." Phredia surrounds herself and Budou inside a barrier as S-Kyo tosses the round orb at them, but instead of an explosion, there is a blinding flash that makes Budou cry out "my eyes! Papa, my eyes hurt!" Ail doesn't answer, which makes Budou feel more nervous and cries "papa? Papa, where are you? Are you there!?" Phredia gently brushes Budou's cheeks with her hands, then blows gently on her eyes, soothing Budou's pain. Budou finally manages to open her eyes and discovers S-Kyo and the dogs are gone. She sobs and sniffles, but then stops and says "no crying. I have to get mama!" She flies straight back to the Moriya Shrine, shouting "mama, mama! The man in white took papa!" The lights in the shrine start turning on one by one, as Budou continues to shout and cry about her papa being taken away. Further away, just outside the Youkai forest, the shaggy shadow continues running as if his life depended on it. Ail looks to Reimu's cage as he starts feeling dizzy and sleepy. He asks "wha-... what did you do to us." In a cold, but calm tone of voice, S-Kyo replies "relax, it's just a tranquilizer. I need you alive." Ail manages to ask "wh-why?" S-Kyo replies "talking dogs that act just like humans? This is a scientific breakthrough. We're gonna experiment on you and see what makes you so special. Don't worry, though, we're not gonna kill you. Just need a few blood samples." Ail loses his strength and is unable to keep awake. Slowly, his eyes close shut and everything goes black.

In the Moriya Shrine, Chen rubs her sleepy eyes and asks "are you sure about it?" Budou angrily flaps her wings and says "yes, YES! He looked just like large brother Kyo!" Sanae sighs and says "calm down, Budou. Kogasa and I will get him back!" Sanae walks just outside the shrine and pulls out her gohei, gently swaying it around and making a very soothing sound. Almost immediately, Kogasa falls from the trees near the entrance and says "what is it now!?" In a strict tone, Sanae says "stop the complaining! We're going after Ail. He's been captured!" Kogasa gets close to the entrance, becoming more visible under the light from inside and says "ooh! We MUST save him now! Who's gonna get scared of me if he's gone!?" Sanae sweats and smiles. From behind Sanae, dressed and ready, are Budou and Chen, who bravely says "alright! Time to prove ourselves!" Budou adds "let's save papa!" Kanako says "oh no you don't." Suwako adds "Chen, if Ran finds out you got yourself in danger, she's going to get mad." Kanako continues "and Budou, you still have much to learn before you can even begin to defend yourself." Chen snaps back "hey, I am quite strong!" Budou adds "I got Phredia with me too. Together, we can do this!" Sanae says "no, you two stay here and let us handle this. Come on, Kogasa!" Without turning around, Sanae lifts to the air and flies away as quickly as possible. Kogasa looks at the two disappointed girls and silently shrugs, then goes flying after Sanae, opening her umbrella as she leaves the shrine. Both girls sigh, then Kanako and Suwako look at each other, wink, then Kanako says "well, let's go to bed. I'm sure Sanae will bring Ail back by sunrise." Suwako adds "that's right." She smiles at Chen and Budou and winks as she waves at them and heads to her room, saying "good night." Kanako yawns and replies "good night." The second the two doors close, Chen, Budou and Phredia look at each other with mischievous faces, and without saying another word, they fly away into the night.

Near the Nameless Hill, around a very rocky area, S-Kyo stops, panting heavily and saying "we-we're here!" Both dogs are sound asleep, so he doesn't get a reply. S-Kyo arranges his small round glasses and says "right... you're asleep." He steps on a small brown rock, opening up a small underground passageway, and quickly starts descending, but he stops cold when from behind him a woman says "well well, an underground passage. I never would have though of that." S-Kyo turns around and realizes Mima is an inch away from him. With clenched teeth and shaking in his shoes, S-Kyo quickly takes out another small metal orb from his pocket and blinds Mima for a moment as he runs inside. After recovering her sight, Mima says "what a sneaky shadow." From behind, Sanae calls "Mima!" She and Kogasa land next to the evil spirit, then Sanae quickly asks "so, you chasing that shadow too?" Mima nods and says "let's go, and keep your guard up. This all seems very familiar somehow, and that can only mean trouble for us!" Sanae nods, then all three head inside the hidden passage. Kogasa suddenly says "nee-san, I need to use the bathroom." Sanae replies "please, stop calling me that! You should have gone before we left, anyway... Ugh, whatever. Look, go over there." Kogasa cries "eww, no way!" Mima snaps "then hold it in!" Moments later, Budou, Phredia and Chen arrive and land just next to the open passageway. Chen says "there... I can smell them in there." Budou opens her mouth and squeaks for a moment, then stops and stares. She says "mama, Kogasa and mama number 2 are in there. They're not far... we should wait a bit." Chen sighs and says "alright. But let's get inside, at least." Budou nods along with Phredia, who quietly sits on her shoulder, then they go inside, and right after they do, the door closes shut once more.

Inside, the walls, floors and ceiling are made of a very advanced-looking light-blue metal that looks so clean and polished; it's like a mirror. Budou and Chen look all around as they walk down the single corridor. Phredia jumps from Budou's shoulder and excitedly pulls on her sleeve to the right. Budou asks "w-wah? Phredia, what is is?" Phredia excitedly points at the wall to the right, then Chen smirks and says "I smell something in there." Budou tries her sonar, but it just bounces against the wall. Chen says "stand back" and the moment Budou moves away, Chen expands her claws and in just a few swipes, she manages to break a small hole on the wall, causing a hidden door to beep and opens up right next to them. Chen smiles as her tails playfully swing around and says "hehe, Ran-sama would be so proud!" Budou smiles at Chen, then says "come on... I think I can smell papa over here." Chen walks besides Budou and says "I'm positive this is his smell... but the sent is spread all around. I can't tell where he is." Phredia rests on Budou's head as she uses her sonar, then says "hmm, he's not far. Let's go." Meanwhile, all the way down the corridor, where the walls and floors are covered with burn marks and grease, Mima, Sanae and Kogasa reach a very large and spacious room. At the very end of the large room, dog Reimu, still inside the small cage, lies on her belly, sleeping contently. Mima points and shouts "there she is. Reimu!" Sanae asks "but... wait, where's Ail!?" From besides Reimu, a woman hidden in shadow says "my assistant is taking good care if him, so don't worry about him." Sanae shouts "what? I swear, if you even harm a hair on his head, I'm so going to kill you!" Mima says to herself "hmm... I've heard that voice before." The woman replies "no need to get so aggressive, little green, armpit-maiden. We won't harm your pets." Sanae angrily shouts "hey, they are NOT PETS" Kogasa adds "they are our friends... and my food supply!" Sanae stares at Kogasa and says "I thought I told you to stop calling him that!" Kogasa replies "but he's the only sure-source of food for me~" Mima whispers "... and Reimu called her... Ugh, I know that person... but why can't I remember." Sanae and Kogasa both have a sweat-drop fall from the back of their heads, watching as Mima lightly punches her forehead. Sanae is about to ask something, but Mima suddenly shouts "A-HA! I remember you now! You're that human, Rikako Asakura, the heretic!" Rikako jumps from hiding and shouts "I'm NOT A HERETIC!!!" She wears a white lab coat with a yellow ribbon on her neck, a pair of small round glasses on her purple eyes, and a white ribbon on her long purple hair.

Budou and Chen arrive to a room full of screens with pictures of the outside, and many flashy buttons in many colors, some blinking with red lights around them under the screens. Budou's eyes expand and twinkle as she looks at the buttons and says "oooh, so sparkly and blinky and colorful." As if in a trance, Budou gets closer to one of the flashiest keyboards and gently passes her fingers through it. Chen asks "Budou? What's the matter?" Budou continues to look at the keyboard and says "it's so shiny and pretty~ I wonder what does it do?" Budou readies her little finger, and with great anticipation she launches it straight at one of the keys, but just before she touches it, S-Kyo says in a strict tone of voice "don't touch that, little one!" Budou stops and blushes, then backs away from the screen and keyboard, hiding her hands behind herself. Chen hisses and says "who do you think you are, telling us what to do?" S-Kyo says "you do realize you entered here without permission, and you were about to destroy a precious piece of equipment." Budou says "I wasn't going to break it. I just wanted to see what it does." S-Kyo arranges his glasses, moving his coat to one side, and momentarily revealing dog Ail, still sleeping inside his cage at the next room. Chen shouts "that's Ail!" Budou shouts "give my papa back, you bad man!" S-Kyo smiles and says "so... you want him back this badly." Mechanical spider legs spread from S-Kyo's back, and after he presses a button beside him, all the screens and keyboards on the room hide under the floor. Budou start to tremble, but Chen stands ready as S-Kyo says "tell you what. If you want him back so badly, defeat me in a friendly duel." Defiantly, Chen asks "and what if we lose?" S-Kyo thinks for a moment as the spider legs lift him from the ground and start moving him around the room, even on the walls, and says "I'll keep you as test subjects." Chen smirks and says "then I guess we can't lose. Right Budou?" When Chen turns around, she realizes Budou is trembling in a corner, while Phredia tries to calm her down. Chen sighs and says "fine, I'll just have to beat him for the both of us!" Back at the larger room, Rikako has entered a large machine with a small cockpit that lies against a large wall, full of guns and metallic tentacles and laughs as she says "I'll have to teach you a lesson now. You want that pet of yours back, you'll have to defeat me and my invincible machine!" Mima smirks and says "now you're talking!" Sanae shouts "you just got yourself into a whole lot of trouble, lady!" Kogasa only whimpers, then Sanae grabs her and flies with her to the air along with herself and Mima, who continues to smile mischievously.

The second they are in the air, Mima shouts "Twilight - Crescent Moonlight!" Mima summons her staff to her hand and as soon as she touches it, the tip of the crescent moon starts glowing yellow, then small yellow laser beams fly in 8 different directions and bounce off everything, but Rikako's machine. As she continues to shoot lasers, Mima uses her free hand to unleash a wave of medium orange orbs in groups of 5 arcs that violently explode on contact, and an extra-large yellow orb that trails straight at the machine's main cockpit. Rikako answers with a barrage of blue lasers and red orbs that although fast, they lack much power. Sanae grabs Kogasa's umbrella and uses it as a shield as she and Kogasa fly past Mima and the machine, and head straight to Reimu. A few stray beams and orbs hit the umbrella, successfully protecting Sanae and Kogasa, but Kogasa cries "oww~! That hurts! Nee-san give me back my umbrella!" Sanae shouts "just grab the cage!" Kogasa reaches for Reimu's cage and grabs it just as she and Sanae pass by. The second Mima notices they have Reimu, her spell intensifies, sending more and more medium orbs and small lasers as she grazes with ease through Rikako's attacks. Rikako shouts "no! My subject!" Sanae and Kogasa fly close to the machine, then Sanae says "game over!" She grabs Kogasa's umbrella and closes it, then holds it like a baseball bat. She swings the umbrella with great force, despite Kogasa's complaints, striking the cockpit and cracking the small window, making Rikako shout "oh no, my machine!" Both Kogasa and her umbrella have their eyes spinning around, and both see small stars fly around their heads, but Sanae grabs Kogasa and flies away fast, just as Mima's lasers and extra-large orb strike the cracked glass, creating a chain reaction of explosions that cause the machine to shut down and blow steam and thick black clouds of smoke from all over. Rikako ejects from the cockpit on her chair while coughing and shouting "not again! You are all monsters!" The second she hits the ground and unbuckles herself, Sanae grabs her by the lab coat and presses her face against Rikako's and in a dangerous, brave and demanding undertone she says "you better tell me where Ail is, or I swear I'm gonna..." Sanae whispers something in Rikako's ears, making her face turn blue, then green, then white. Mima and Kogasa wonder what is Sanae saying, but they can't hear a thing, and very suddenly Rikako cries "n-no~! You... you WOULDN'T!" Sanae stares back with a serious expression and says "all you have to do is tell me, and I won't. Hide him, and you are GOING to be very sorry." Sanae's eyes narrow and appear to glow as she finishes her sentence. Rikako sighs and says "my assistant has him. Come, I'll lead you to them." Kogasa looks at Mima and while trembling she says "nee-san seems a little agitated." When Rikako passes by them, Reimu, while still sleeping, barks lightly and whispers "hereti~c." Rikako shouts "I'm NOT a heretic!!!"

In the hidden room, Chen spins around, bouncing off the walls and hissing as she slashes her claws across S-Kyo's metallic spider legs. She stands firmly on her feet, staring at S-Kyo's eyes, then pulls out a spell card and shouts "Shikigami Sign - Pentagram Flight" Chen spins into a ball while flying around and draws a pentagram while in the air, then stops spinning when the star is finished. From each tip, dense danmaku circles with red and blue petal-shaped bullets spread around evenly. The second time she draws the star and the danmaku spreads, it start's moving counter-clockwise. S-Kyo uses the mechanical spider legs to avoid being struck, but some bullets manage to hit his abdomen, however, he continues his attack, and very suddenly, he points a finger at Chen and encases her inside a yellow bubble. Chen shouts "hey! What's this!? Get me out of here! Budou~! Budou, help!" Budou is curled up into a ball and hiding herself under her wings, trembling and looking at Chen with terror in her purple eyes. S-Kyo uses his spider legs to get closer to Budou, making her so afraid, she starts to cry and her nose starts dripping. Budou thinks "no! I'm too scared. Papa! Papa, where are you?" She suddenly stops shaking and just stares on as S-Kyo towers in front of her as she thinks "all I ever do is cry and hide. Why do I do that? I am strong! I can fight. I know it can!" Phredia flies right in front of S-Kyo and gets trapped inside the same yellow bubble. Budou stands firm and shouts "I'm not gonna cry! I am strong too. I can beat you!" S-Kyo smirks, then points his finger at her, but Budou expands her wings, making herself look bigger, and starts to scream, creating a powerful sonar that bursts the yellow bubbles, freeing Chen and Phredia, and the vibration of the sound causes all the machines, including S-Kyo's spider legs, to malfunction. Then, while he screams and calls for help, she points an open palm at him, arching her body a little and flapping her wings violently and fires a large light-lilac laser that strikes S-Kyo and sends him flying against the wall, breaking ever single gadget he has hidden inside his coat and knocking him out cold. When Budou stops, she realizes she single-handedly defeated the shadow, then smiles and jumps in place, shouting "I did it, I did it! Chen, Phredia, look, I beat the bad man!" Chen joins Budou by hugging her and jumping along with her and shouting "yeah, I knew you could do it! Now the others will have to respect us all!" Phredia smiles, then, after Budou and Chen stop bouncing, she gets close to the little bat's face and kisses her nose. Budou excitedly says "let's go and get papa now!" Chen nods, and Phredia smiles, then flies along as Budou and Chen run to get Ail's cage.

After entering the room again, all the screens, keyboards and buttons are again in place, and Budou's eyes expand and twirl as she says "shiny, sparkly and blinky~!" Chen shouts "hey, we have to get out of here before-!" The door to the corridor opens up, and standing on the open doorway is Sanae, who asks "before what, young lady?" Chen and Phredia both flinch after hearing Sanae's voice. Chen hides her tails between her legs and forces a nervous smile and says "err, miss Sanae, hi. We were just, er." Budou continues to look around, ignoring Sanae and Chen and asks "where's those buttons. I want the buttons... I want to see what they do~!" Sanae raises her voice and asks "young lady, are you ignoring me?" Realizing Sanae is there, Budou stops for a moment, then covers half of herself with her right wing, and looking through one eye over said wing she nervously says "hi... mama." Sanae is about to start scolding the two girls, but when she sees Ail in Budou's hands she gasps and asks "y-you three saved Ail?" From the other door, carrying the monitor and keyboard Budou is looking for, S-Kyo says "I'm sorry lady Rikako, but I lost to them, so I had to give our specimen up." From behind Sanae, Rikako sighs and says "that's fine... I lost too." Sanae smiles and calmly says "well then, I guess we'll be leaving then! Come one Chen, Budou. And don't think you're off the hook. You're both going to get punished for disobeying." Chen and Budou slump and say at the same time "aww~ That's so unfair!" as Sanae says "come on, let's get going." S-Kyo gets closer to Sanae and hands the heavy equipment and whispers in her ears. Sanae smiles and giggles, then says "I'm sure Ail will know how to make this work out there, so don't you worry." S-Kyo smiles, the pats Budou on the head, just as she passes by, then says "you're a good kid. Don't change." Budou giggles, then says "you seem nice for a bad man." S-Kyo sweats, but says nothing. Outside, the moon is just about to set, signaling morning is close. Chen, Budou, Phredia and Sanae, carrying the heavy equipment walk out the underground door. Mima and Kogasa turn around, Kogasa smiling and asking "nee-san, Budou, Chen. What kept you?" Sanae sighs and says "hold this." then hands Kogasa the monitor. Kogasa struggles to keep on her feet, saying "thi-... this is heavy!" Sanae gets closer to Mima, who points at the keyboard and asks "what's that?" Sanae smiles and whispers in Mima's ear, then Mima laughs and says "I guess heretics can be nice, huh?" S-Kyo arranges his small round glasses and says "that was uncalled for" but Rikako is clenching her teeth and grabs a few metal orbs and a gun and shouts "that's it, you are going to GET IT!" Mima laughs, saying "ha-ha~! You're so slow. Come and get me~!" while floating away from Rikako, who continues to shoot at Mima, shouting "come back here! Come BACK here and apologize!" Mima pulls her lower eyelid and sticks out her tongue, then flies away with Reimu in her hands, saying "no way. See you guys later~!" Sanae smiles at S-Kyo, then at the angry Rikako, then waves and says "well, we should be going back to the shrine now. Remember, if you try that again, I'll be using this gohei for more than just driving away spiri~ts." Rikako flinches and her face turns blue as she fakes a smile and says "err, sure. Won't happen again." Sanae smiles again, then lifts to the air, saying "Kogasa, Chen, Budou, let's go." Kogasa complains "nee-san... this is too heavy!" so Chen smiles and says "I'll help you." Kogasa smiles while sparkles surround her and Chen's face, then says "thank you~!" Budou flies after Sanae with Ail in her hands, then asks "mama? What's that?" Sanae giggles and smiles, then says "after you and Chen are done with your punishment, I'll tell you." Budou turns her eyes to her left, away from Sanae, pouts and says "aww~! Not even cuz I saved papa."

Morning at Entei. S-Reisen readies herself to leave the room, when she turns around and taps a large bump in the bed and says "the black rabbit's in the drawer. As promised, I left her for you." She turns around very suddenly, making her long hair swirl around her. She places both hands on the back of her hair and fluffs it, then unbuttons the top of her shirt, saying "I don't know how that girl does it, but these clothes are suffocating me." Before she leaves the room, she first sticks her head out and spots Eirin in the kitchen, peacefully eating a snack. S-Reisen's eyes glow aquamarine as she wickedly smirks, then suddenly hides just as Eirin turns to face the door and asks "is someone there?" S-Reisen thinks "this old gal is going to be tough, but even she will eventually succumb." Eirin continues her way to her clinic, calling "Udonge, I need your help! Please be at the clinic in 20 minutes, or I'll have to punish you!" Anger swells in S-Reisen's heart as she prepares herself, holding her left hand like a gun, then she jumps out of the room, rolls on the ground, then points at the living room, hoping to kill Eirin now, but she is already opening the door to the clinic. S-Reisen bares her teeth in anger and spits to her right, saying to herself "I'll get you yet, you hag. Better check on that stupid princess." Still holding her hand as if holding a gun, S-Reisen slowly walks down the long, dark corridor to Kaguya's room, and while she does, a strange brown hat with a pair or eyes scurries right through, ignoring S-Reisen. She stares at it for a bit, but shakes her head and says "I guess I used too much of my powers here. Gotta be more careful with that." She reaches Kaguya's room without further interruption, then slides the door open, finding Kaguya curling herself up in a corner of her room, trembling, yet saying "ahh~, so pretty. I wanna fly too~." S-Reisen smirks and says "pathetic princess." She walks closer to Kaguya as quickly as she can, points her finger, and then the sound of a blast and a gushing sound echoes outside the room. With her hand stained in a bit of blood, S-Reisen smiles as she closes the princess' room, saying "sweet dreams, nuisance." She looks with purpose toward the living room and says "two down, two more to go." As she walks back down the corridor to head outside, she thinks "this feels so satisfying. I'm sure as hell, killing that ancient hag will feel even better. Pheh! I hope that girl is having as much fun doing this.... Bah, what am I saying. She's dying for payback!"

Inside Reisen's room, the real Reisen gets up from the bed, wearing S-Reisen's brown shirt, though buttoned at the top, looking sadly toward the drawer and placing one hand on her face, sighing and saying "what have I done? I should have said no in the first place... but she's right. They deserve this. They should have treated me better!" She sits at the edge of the bed and whispers "no turning back." She gets up and slowly walks toward the drawer. Her heart starts racing, feeling anxiety as she places her hand on the drawer's handle. Again, she hesitates. Something inside her tells her to stop, but her shadow's words repeat themselves in her mind. "They don't respect you. They never have, and never will!" Reisen comes out of her thoughts and with determination, she opens the drawer and finds Tewi, tied up and gagged inside. She pulls the black rabbit out of the drawer by force, then unties the gag, and sounding relieved, Tewi says "oh, Reisen, it's really you! You have to help me! Your shadow did this to me. We have to finish her now and-!" Reisen points her finger on Tewi's forehead, whiles still holding her up. Tewi, concernedly asks "Reisen? Wha-what's going on?" Reisen's eyes are blank as she says "respect. Love. Friendship? Did you consider yourself my friend, or was I always your toy?" Reisen's fingers starts glowing red at the tip. Through Tewi's mind, many thoughts rush through at the speed of light. Nervously she asks "wh-what's the matter? Reisen, we have to stop that shadow. Who knows what she might-" Abruptly, Reisen says "I teamed up with my shadow to kill you all, because she is right. Not one of you respects me. I am just your punch-line; your little amusement for cheap laughs at the expense of my health and well-being." Tewi is now uncertain if Reisen is there to kill her, or to save her. She tries to look into Reisen's eyes, but she's hiding them under the shadow of her hair. Tewi starts to cry and says "Reisen, you are wrong. You know I like you! That's why I like playing tricks on you! I mean, how else am I going to get your attention!? You're stronger than me, and more mature, and cool and..." A tear drops from Reisen's left eye as she says "goodbye, Tewi. I'll miss your pranks." The tip of Reisen's finger glows brighter and brighter. Tewi closes her eyes tight and clenches her teeth, awaiting the worse, but nothing happens. She slowly opens her eyes, expecting a sudden attack by Reisen, but instead, she spots tears coursing down the white moon rabbit's cheeks. She desperately says "Reisen, please think about it! We are family; YOUR family!" Reisen lets go of Tewi, letting her fall to the floor, and very aggressively, she jumps on her and forces her finger on the black rabbit's forehead and while crying she says "I must. If I let you go, you'll only disrespect me more; make mas... that nurse punish me again so you can all laugh and laugh!" Reisen starts to tremble and shouts "I HATE YOU! I hate you all!" Tewi shouts back "how can you say that!? We are family! You know we all love you! Kyah!" A loud explosion catches S-Reisen's ear, and she smirks and says "one more to go."

At the clinic, Eirin hears the explosion and quickly gets up to investigate, but she suddenly feels as though her legs are bending and twisting and falls to the floor. She closes her eyes and feels as though her entire body is now twisting around, as if being molded like clay. She opens her eyes again to discover the entire floor waving around, the shelves grow wings and start to fly around the room, spilling all the vials and drugs all over the floor. Some vials break, while others bounce like balls, and others float in the air along with some magazines, newspapers and other small ornaments. Eirin closes her eyes again and rubs both sides of her head and says "Eirin, calm down. This is all in your mind. You have to fight it, Eirin!" The door to the clinic blows up and starts flying around her, then she looks up and sees Reisen's silhouette. In reality, S-Reisen has merely opened the door, and is smiling wickedly at Eirin. Eirin covers her eyes with her hand and says "U-Udonge, help me! Someone's cast a spell on me; I can't move!" S-Reisen's eyes glow aquamarine again as she snickers, then says "you stupid old fool. Age has certainly clouded your vision. HAHAHA You didn't even notice my hair is darker then the REAL Reisen... master... HAHAHA~" Eirin struggles to speak as her organs now feel as if they are being twisted against each other "tha-that can't be. I scoped you. Your genetic code matched. You even helped me deal with my shadow!" S-Reisen scoffs and says "well, I just wanted you to deal with her... or the other way around. It didn't matter to me in the least. Either way, I was gonna kill you; and now that you are defenseless, it's gonna be so easy. But... I want to savor this. The wise and powerful hag, Eirin Yagokoro, lying on the ground next to my feet and BEGGING for help." Eirin tries to reach for the shadow, but to her, S-Reisen is like a cloud in the shape of Reisen, and so, she can't feel when she brushes the shadow's legs. S-Reisen laughs hard and says "give it up, granny. My power has your brain turned to mush. Turning senile is a common age-related illness. Just stay there and accept your death." Eirin asks "how? Reisen's powers shouldn't affect me!" S-Reisen kicks Eirin on her abdomen, making her roll away and gasping for air. Clenching her teeth, balling both hands into a fist, and glaring dangerously at Eirin, S-Reisen shouts "don't you DARE demean me and Reisen! THIS is why we want you DEAD! You disrespect us and HUMILIATE us, punishing us for making silly mistakes, or because that pain in our side, Tewi, manages to mess us up!" Eirin catches a breath of air and says "Udongue... would NEVER... want to kill me!" S-Reisen grabs Eirin by her hair and pulls hard on her to see into her eyes, but Eirin only sees two aqua glints on front of her. S-Reisen says "how do you think I know so much about you, that princess, about this mansion, about your schedules, your daily LIVES!? Reisen has been on my side since the day she and I became two separate beings." Eirin opens her eyes and mouth wide, then S-Reisen lets her go, letting her face hit the floor. Eirin manages to ignore the throbbing pain and says "I don't believe you." S-Reisen chuckles and says "no? Well, why not ask her yourself, then?" The door to the clinic slowly opens up, and standing in the doorway is Reisen, looking sadly at Eirin. Eirin is able to see the bright silhouette of Reisen, but realizes there are two now, gasping with shock upon this realization. Reisen's voice cracks as she sniffles and says "m-master."

Eirin can't believe her eyes and ears. Reisen, in league with S-Reisen, plotting her death. She clenches her fists so hard her hands turn white and asks "why?" Reisen doesn't answer, but S-Reisen steps in and says "you, that princess and that rabbit made every single day for us a living hell! We just want revenge." Reisen quietly walks over to Eirin, then kneels down and with a very sad look in her eyes and in a gentle tone she says "master... you really hurt me. You really made me feel like I was worthless to you. All I did wasn't good enough, and that really hurt. More than anything." Eirin manages to grab Reisen by her shirt and asks "how can you say that?" She lets go of the moon rabbit, feeling dizzy, weak and just about ready to throw up, then says "you are my apprentice. You know I just want you to do your best. That is why I punish you; because you don't USE you full potential. I know it hurts, but that's the only way anyone can achieve their best. Like polishing a precious jewel, Reisen. You need to break the rough edges and polish it thoroughly to bring out it's shine and beauty." Before Eirin is able to continue, S-Reisen finds the whip Eirin constantly uses to punish Reisen, and with a small smirk and a quick chuckle, she walks to Eirin and starts beating her with the whip, shouting "do you like that? How does it feel, old hag!?" She start's mocking Eirin, mimicking her voice and saying "look at me, I'm polishing this old hag. Let's see if she still shines. Oops, it seems she's past her prime! We're gonna have to get RID of her! Hahahaha!" Reisen closes her eyes shut and tries to cover her ears while crawling away from Eirin as her shadow beats her with the whip. S-Reisen stops and looks at Reisen. Her eyes stop glowing and go back to red, then says "stand up, Reisen! You can't back down now. Only now, at the end, she respects you... respects US! I told you this would get messy, but it's only at first! After today, no one will ever disrespect you again!" Reisen continues to looks away, curled up into a ball while holding her ears down, then suddenly, she lets go of her ears and slowly uncurls herself with realization in her eyes. She stands up with her back to Eirin and S-Reisen, and whispers "I understand." She turns around with determination in her eyes and says "alright then, you give me that! I am going to finish this once and for all!" S-Reisen smiles and says "now you're talking, girlfriend! Here!" S-Reisen walks to Reisen, hands her the whip, then says "go wild." Reisen smiles wickedly and says "sure. Before I do, though..." Reisen walks past her shadow and kneels next to Eirin again. She pulls a long white cloth from her pocket and gently says "I'm sorry master... for all that's happened. But this all had to happen. It was just inevitable." She gently wraps the cloth around Eirin's eyes and tightens it so it doesn't fall off. Eirin asks "U-Udonge, what's going on? What are you doing?" Reisen finishes tying up the blindfold, raises Eirin's head and kisses her forehead, then whispers "goodbye, master." then gently lets go of Eirin's head and gets up. She raises the whip above her head and surrounds it with her energy as S-Reisen simply smiles and says "girl, you are a saint. If it had been me, I'd just let her see everything until the end. Ahh yeah, let her think she's senile, watching floors fly by, just as she dies." Reisen's face twists with rage as she readies herself to unleash her attack, and in a very sudden impulse, she flings the whip. Outside the clinic, a loud crack and a woman's shriek unsettles the seemingly peaceful surroundings.

Inside the clinic, Reisen holds the whip, staring on with fury at her target. Eirin lies on the floor, blindfolded and sweating, and S-Reisen stares with rage, clenching her teeth and holding the tip of the whip, using her own aquamarine energy to push back Reisen's red energy. S-Reisen pulls hard on the whip and angrily asks "what the hell are you doing, you fool!?" Reisen pulls back, trying to keep control of the weapon, and says "this woman... these people took me in when I first came in to this world. They gave me food, gave me a new life, they protected me, took care of me, gave me a new name. They are my family." S-Reisen smiles and says "we had a deal, Udonge!" Reisen replies "I don't care! But that doesn't mean I'm just gonna let you kill me!" From the floor, Eirin whispers "Udonge, what's happening?" S-Reisen continue to smile wickedly and says "that's too bad, little rabbit. Say hi to the black one for me when you see, her, ok?" She opens her eyes wide, making them glow aquamarine, making Reisen flinch and let go of the whip. Reisen tries to keep on her feet, but the floor, the walls, and even herself, feel as though have been turned into jelly. Her strength fails her and she falls on the ground, sitting against a wall. She opens her eyes wide as they glow red, but S-Reisen flicks the whip right across Reisen's eyes, making her cry out in pain, then the shadow quickly jumps with her knees on Reisen's stomach, making her cough out a bit of blood, then points her finger directly under Reisen's chest and smiling wickedly she says "your solar plexus. Enjoy your last moments in life... if you can." Reisen shouts as S-Reisen fires an aquamarine bullet directly on Reisen's skin, creating a hole on the brown shirt and a black burn mark on the skin. Reisen lies motionless against the wall, her eyes open and empty as her body twitches uncontrollably. Eirin shouts "Udongue!? Udonge answer me! ...Reisen!" S-Reisen sighs, casually gets off Reisen and stands back up, then scoffs and says "so, only after she dies you call her by her real name. Tsk tsk. What a pity. But this was going to happen eventually, you know." Eirin's face turns red with rage as she breathes through clenched teeth and asks "what do you mean?" S-Reisen says "well, once I fixed this pathetic excuse for a life this girl had, I was going to kill her too. After that, I'm going to marry that human, Ail. *Sigh* The only one that's been truly kind to us... well, me actually. That other one's dead now." Eirin feels her blood boiling all through her body as she angrily shouts "you selfish, evil little rabbit. I'm going to have to punish you!" S-Reisen smiles and says "ooh, a senior moment? You can't move, old lady; my powers of demency have rendered you as dangerous as a common cockroach. Now..." S-Reisen shapes her hand like a gun and points her finger at Eirin, then says "you've suffered enough, so I think it's time for you to die." She fires an aquamarine bullet the size of Eirin's body, and just before it hits, Eirin rolls away and pulls out her bow and arrows from under her desk. S-Reisen's face turns blue after realizing Eirin is moving about again. Eirin immediately aims and fires her arrow, but S-Reisen manages to duck in time. Eirin says "you are lucky I'm blindfolded!" S-Reisen desperately asks "how, how in the HELL? You shouldn't even be STANDING!" Eirin smirks and says "with this blind-fold on, I am no longer affected by your powers. Now, time for your special punishment!" Eirin fires another arrow that turns into a blue beam that spreads blue and black bullets along it's trail. S-Reisen runs to the exit, thinking "damn that girl. Even I didn't know this weakness! How did she know!? No matter. I have to get out of here if I want a fighting chance!"

S-Reisen manages to break through the door and escape the clinic, just as Eirin's attack strikes her back. Holding her back in pain, S-Reisen shouts "dammit, that old hag packs a punch!" Eirin, still blind-folded, comes out of the clinic and says "you'll find I pack more than just a punch!" Eirin fires an arrow to the sky that turns into a red laser that explodes into many more lasers that rain down on S-Reisen. The shadow manages to narrowly dodge the attack, then pulls out a black spell card and says "both your princess and ally are dead, and the REAL Reisen is out of my way. I won't lose now! "Visionary Wave - Mind Blowing!" S-Reisen expels a heavy concentration of bullets in a circle around her, then uses her demency eyes to cause an illusionary effect of more bullets. However, unlike Reisen, the extra bullets have no effect, and simply go through Eirin, causing no damage. Eirin smiles and says "first of all, young lady, Udonge's spells don't affect me as easily. Second, YOUR powers, unlike Udonge's, only make an illusion, so anything you may try will be as easy to dodge as a certain ice faerie's easy spell." After saying that, Eirin easily dodges S-Reisen's real bullets without need of her eyes, as the bullets are so spread apart, Eirin has room to walk at lest three feet between them. Eirin fires another arrow that misses the shadow by an inch, then shouts "it's just a matter of time. One more time, and you're dead!" S-Reisen thinks "this is not fair. I was so close. No choice. I'll got for a direct attack!" She starts screaming as she runs to Eirin with her eyes glowing aquamarine. Eirin feels she's close and dodges to her left, then S-Reisen says "GOT YOU!" and veers to her right, placing herself right on track to strike Eirin, but a washtub strikes the shadow right between the eyes, making her fall on her back next to Eirin and screaming "my eyes! Dammit, my eye~s! I can't see~!" Blood starts trailing down her right cheek from her eye, and from the mansion, Tewi shouts "princess, do it now!" From above Eirin, Kaguya shouts "End of Imperishable Night -Half Past 3-" From all around her, Kaguya expels blue shard danmaku bullets in straight lines at ridiculous speeds, changing the position of the danmaku lines with each attack by just a little. S-Reisen manages to open her left eye in time to dodge the first three barrages, but then Kaguya fires extra-large red orbs to her left and right, that home in on the shadow, confusing her and allowing Kaguya to strike her hard and blow her away from Eirin. Tewi says "Eirin, you can take that off now." S-Reisen is hurt very badly, but she still manages to stand up on her feet and shout "NO~! You are DEAD! you are supposed to be dead; I blasted your head off, princess!" Kaguya chuckles and says "I'm immortal you fool. And you're going to pay for that dress you stained." Tewi says "Reisen was never on your side! She loves her family more than you will ever understand!" Eirin takes off her blind-fold and stares at S-Reisen, then says "I don't know how you managed to fool me so easily, but it doesn't matter now. Today there will be one less shadow." S-Reisen flinches and bares her clenched teeth, ready to dodge Eirin's arrow, but from behind Eirin, Reisen stumbles out of the clinic, holding her abdomen in pain, and looks at S-Reisen, activating her lunatic eyes, then says "you're not dodging that one!" Eirin fires her arrow, turning it into a single blue beam that uses Reisen's powers and splits momentarily into 8 beams, then all beams coil together, forming a beam as large as Marisa's Final Spark, and just before the beam hits, S-Reisen shouts "curse you all to the depths of hell!" The beam strikes her hard, breaking her body into pieces and turning it into black dust that burns inside the beam, and before her head vanishes, she says "I die now, but you, Reisen, will always be a pathetic slave who will only be stepped on for as long as you live!" The shadow's head finally turns to dust, and then, silence.

Reisen manages to stumble right in front of Eirin, using the last bit of strength left in her, then she drops to her kneed and looks down to the floor. Everyone keeps quiet, then Reisen asks "you are going to kill me now, aren't you?" Nobody answers her, then she continues "I plotted against you, tried to kill you all, lost myself for some time, and almost succeeded in killing you, master. I accept responsibility for my action. I just ask that you kill me quickly." Eirin kneels next to Reisen, and staring with a strict and angry expression, she grabs Reisen's face and slaps the white rabbit on the cheek, then embraces her, saying "for now... that will be all." At first, Reisen thinks Eirin might stab her with an arrow, or blast her point-blank with one of her spells, but instead, she finds herself hugging her back and shedding some tears along with Eirin. Tewi and Kaguya join in, and quietly group-hug under the hot summer sun. At the Hakurei Shrine, dog-Reimu finally wakes up and looks around, finding Mima and Rika arguing about something. She lifts her ears and hears Mima saying "why would I abduct her when she's right there!? I already told you it was Kyo's shadow!" Rika replies "well you should have woken me up!" Mima replies "I'm not your nanny!" Rika sighs and says "fine, fine." She notices Reimu is awake and says "oh, my lady! Good afternoon. I'm so glad you're finally awake!" Reimu asks "what this about S-Kyo, and abducting me?" Mima and Rika look at each other, then Mima smiles and says "I'll tell you, but first you have to kiss my cheek!" Reimu violently punches Mima on the cheek, sending her flying in the air and down hard to the ground, then Rika nervously smiles and says "wow, my lady, you are so strong." Reimu exhales, but doesn't respond, staring at Rika with her small dark eyes. At the Moriya Shrine, Ran flies down and immediately spots Sanae, sitting on the porch with dog Ail on her lap. Ran smiles and says "good afternoon miss Sanae. I've come to pick up Chen." Sanae smiles and says "good afternoon, miss Ran. Chen? She's over there, washing some clothes with Budou." Ran asks "why. Did she misbehave?" Sanae smiles and says "no, no, she was a perfect little angel. Sadly, she was a little misguided by some naughty goddesses." Ran asks "what?" Sanae points inside the kitchen where Kanako and the hat-less Suwako are washing a mountain of dishes. Kanako complains "I'm so TIRED of this." Suwako adds "Sanae, you don't have to be so mean!" Sanae angrily replies "you put those two in danger, so that is what you get, you irresponsible goddesses." From outside, Budou shouts "oh no, look out!" and inside the house, an old silver washtub falls from the ceiling on Suwako's head, who stands stiff for a moment and says "I'm starting to hate these washtubs" then falls on the floor, while Kanako only stares casually.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Kyo, Budou and Phredia were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot 2010

DEC 7 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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