Friday, January 18, 2013

FINALLY!!! After so freaking long, I got my motivation to write, and updated Reset Sukima. Here's the 11th chapter, where Ail's spirit finally breaks (or does it?). Thankfully, some new allies promise to help, though, as grateful as he is, there's something about them that makes him fear their company greatly. Find out what it is in the 11th chapter of Reset Sukima.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

To whomever is interested, I've just posted the re-edit for the third chapter of Reset Sukima. I have edited the first chapter also, and rewrote a few things of the second one. I think they look better now. I'll be continuing these edits/rewrites BEFORE moving on to the next chapter (the 11th). Anyways, in case anyone gives a fork, here are the chapters' links

Alright, the rewrites/re-edits for Reset Sukima chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7 are up. Seeing as I'm getting some requests to continue, I guess I'll try to take less time on the rest of the rewrites/re-edits/re-whatevers. Here are the links in case anyone's interested:

And FINALLY, after such a long time (2 months), I have finished the re-edits/re-writes for reset Sukima, all the way to chapter 10. Now I can begin with the next chapter. By the way... why the **** didn't anyone tell me chapter 10 was such a horrible MESS!? I swear, I hadn't realized I made so many mistakes that just stopped the flow of the story repeatedly. Oh well, whatever. They are fixed now. By the way, these are chapters 8 through 10.