Friday, January 8, 2010

One Random Sukima 24 A Scarlet Shower 3

Early morning at the Moriya Shrine. Suwako flies to the back of the lake, carrying an unconscious Kanako by the back of her shirt. Suwako remembers the night of the party. {FLASHBACK} Kanako sits on the shrine’s porch next to Mima and Marisa, watching Rika pace around from left to right, saying “...because my lady is the BEST there is, and there is no one better, because she is MY mistress.. and nobody else’s... is that clear?” The three laugh hard and Kanako says “she’s a really fun drunk, don’t you think?” Mima and Marisa nod, then Kanako asks “so how many she have?” Marisa’s mouth wriggle as she prepares to talk, but Mima beats her to it, saying “she only had a tiny cup... nothing more.” Kanako laughs hard and says “what a light-weight.” Suwako flies by, headed toward the shrine’s lake, but stops when she sees Rika pacing around and talking incoherently and decides to land next to the three drunkards. Suwako asks “who got her drunk?” Mima and Marisa proudly lift their sake cups and shout at the same time “AI~!” Suwako angrily places both hands on her hips, and in a reprehensive tone of voice she says “you two should be ashamed. Stop picking on that girl.” Kanako chuckles as she looks to Marisa and Mima, then says “better listen to her. She’s already a WOMAN!” All 3 start to laugh hard, but Suwako only gets mad and says “hey, Kanako. Keep it down, you idiot!” Mima, Marisa and Kanako say “ooh~!” At the same time, then Kanako says “lighten up, miss woman!” Sanae walks by just as Kanako says that, then curiously asks “miss Yasaka, what are you talking about?” Suwako panics and says “nothing! It’s nothing, Sanae. Just go enjoy yourself somewhere-“ Kanako bluntly says “we’re talking about how this frog’s already a full grown woman!” Sanae blushes and asks “Lady Moriya, is this true? Have you..?” Suwako quickly says “no, no. She’s drunk. Don’t listen to her!” Sanae stares curiously, then smiles and says “ah, I see.” Kanako angrily says “what are you talking about, you toad.” Kanako takes another gulp of sake and continues “you should be PROUD and tell the world you are Sanae’s...” Before Kanako manages to finish her sentence, Suwako, hiding her eyes under her hat, rushes to her, grabs a sake bottle, then strikes Kanako hard on the head, breaking it in the process. Sanae curiously asks “she’s my what!?” Suwako forces a fake smile as she says “Sanae’s favorite goddess!” Sanae gasps when Suwako grabs the unconscious Kanako by the back of her shirt, quickly saying “on my, look at this; she passed out! Well, I best be taking her back home. See you later Sanae!” Sanae looks toward the two goddesses quite confused, then Mima asks “hey, green maiden. Do you have any sake one you?” Sanae smiles angrily and says “I wear blue and white, not green!” {FLASHBACK END} Suwako’s eyes fill with tears as she reaches the lake; clenching her teeth and growling, she flings Kanako to the water, making a loud and messy splash. Some bubbles rise from where Kanako is, then the goddess pops her head from under the water, spluttering and shouting “god overboard! Someone get the line!” Suwako shouts “WAKE UP you lousy drunk!” Kanako realizes where she is, then confused, she looks at the angry Suwako, then angrily shouts “hey, what’s your problem!?” Suwako shouts “SHUT UP! You idiot, you almost told Sanae EVERYTHING!” Kanako, looking confused asks “what are you talking about!?” Suwako shouts “you promised you’d keep quiet about Sanae and me.” Still looking confused, Kanako stares back at Suwako and asks “so... did you tell her?” A washtub falls from the sky straight toward Suwako as her eyes turn white and her face turns bright red. She grabs the silver washtub just before it touches her, then throws it hard toward Kanako, landing it’s edge on the goddess’ forehead, then angrily flies away, shouting “and don’t even think I’ll help you anymore with Ail! Leave the idiot alone already!”

Meanwhile, at Eirin’s clinic, Ail is fully recovered and opens a gap to the Hakurei Shrine, holding the still bandaged Kyo next to the gap and saying “wow, he’s heavy. Eirin, are you sure I can take him back?” Eirin smiles and says “of course you can. Just make sure he stays in that cast for at least 3 more days.” Ail smiles and nods, then says “got it. I’ll let Luna know. Take care, and thanks for ending those marriage jokes.” Kyo asks a muffled “marriage jokes?” As they enter the gap Ail says “I’ll tell you later.” At the Hakurei Shrine, Ail’s gap opens right in front of the shrine’s entrance, saying “...and after all that, Eirin finally explained, calmed Sanae down, got Kaguya to stop following me, and just like that...” Ail manages to pull Kyo from the gap, then closes it, takes a breath, then finishes says “...she’s smiling at me again. I still don’t get what happened there.” Kyo thinks “how dense can you get?” but before he can say anything to his friend, Luna comes from the front of the shrine and asks “and where have you two been? And what did you do to my Kyo, you brute!?” Luna smacks Ail on the head before he can explain, then Kyo speaks through the cast, saying “Rika beat us both up.” Luna stops strangling Ail and looks curiously at Kyo, then says “oh” looks at Ail, lets him go, then smiles and says “sorry about that.” As Ail rubs his neck, saying “it’s alright *cough*” Budou wakes up along with Chen and Phredia, looks at Ail and with a smile says “good morning Papa, Luna, large brother.” Kyo growls softly under the cast, but says nothing. A while later, Ail stands at the shrine’s gate with Budou and Sanae, Budou giving Ail a light hug and saying “I’ll fly home later. I want to play with Chen a little more.” Ail smiles and as he hugs her back he says “I’ll be waiting for your safe return, then.” Budou giggles, then as soon as Ail sets her back on the ground, she runs back to Chen and Ran, who waves at Ail and promptly follows the two girls. Sanae chuckles and says “she’s becoming more independent.” Ail adds “they grow up so fast *sniffle*” Sanae smiles, then says “I better head to my shrine. Lady Yasaka and lady Moriya left in an unusual manner.” Ail chuckles and says “those two are a hoot.” The two stand there looking at each other for a moment, then Ail suddenly starts to fly and says “see you later, Sanae.” Sanae slowly waves back and softly says “see you later.”

Ail lands just next to the door of his house, and before opening it, he says “*sigh* when was the last time I was here?” He opens the door and looks inside before entering, saying “I don’t even recognize this place. Hmm, maybe I should keep a low profile. Stay inside a few days, and just enjoy some peace and quiet.” From the corridor leading to his room, red and blue danmaku orbs shower on him, exploding lightly as they contact on the floors and furniture. Ail jumps behind his couch and shouts “who’s there!?” Another shower or red and blue orbs comes from the corridor, so Ail wastes no time, and the second the shower stops, he springs out of hiding and runs straight to his room and tackles a very familiar-looking fairy, wearing black clothes with red designs. Ail grabs the struggling fairy by her shoulders and after getting a better look, he asks “Lily White?” The fairy wears the white mask with the uncovered left eye Ail had tossed away before at the outside world’s mountain. The mask falls off, revealing Lily Black glaring back at Ail and shouting “let me GO, you nosy human!” Ail stares at the mask and says “I crushed that thing and threw it away. Tell me, little fairy, where did you get this?” Lily Black snaps back “figure it out!” Ail holds the little fairy in a headlock and asks “who are you?” Struggling to break free, the little fairy replies “I’m Lily black. ACK! Let me go!” Ail asks “so, Lily White’s sister, I see. Tell me, how did you get this mask? And more importantly, what’s your problem with me?” Giving up and relaxing a little, while still in a head-lock, Lily Black says “yes, I’m her sister; that mask flew right into my hands, but lady Shikieiki took it away. You wouldn’t believe the troubles I went through to get it back and restore this.” Ail releases the fairy, letting her fall to the ground, then says “I see. Well, that still doesn’t explain why you are attacking me.” Lily Black rubs her neck while saying “well, you are the nosy idiot that ratted my location out.” Ail looks confused, then Lily says “The Nameless Hill? A crystal-colored armor? Ring any bells, genius?” Ail smacks the fairy’s head and says “ahh, so YOU were the one wearing that thing.” Lily angrily rubs her head and replies “yeah! And I was having FUN until you came along. But... I guess it was for the better.” Ail looks at the fairy a little confused as she walks outside. Before leaving, she turns halfway and says “that armor was alive. It came here to avenge the death of its brother. Some sort of gigantic crystal slug.” Ail says to himself “the slug Flandre destroyed, back when I was a dog the first time.” Lily shrugs and says “maybe. It did go berserk when we saw a blonde vampire in a red dress.” Ail stands next to the door to his room, thinking about something, when Lily Black says “well, whatever, half-human. I’m going home before that yama finds out I’m gone. Smell ya later.” then flies away. Ail waves at her and says “yeah... Later.” Then continues to stare at the white mast, asking himself “this thing returns to me, but why?”

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, inside the library, Reimu and Patchouli are inside a large magical circle, sitting with their legs crossed under their clothes and with their eyes closed. Reimu says “Patchouli, this isn’t working. I still can’t spot the source of the contamination.” Patchouli replies “then let’s look for someone, instead of something.” Reimu tightens her eyes, concentrating hard, then says “I see... I see two silhouettes. But I can’t make them out.” Patchouli says “then just concentrate on their location.” Remilia comes into the library and walks straight to where Reimu and Patchouli are, then stares curiously at them. Reimu says “they seem to be hiding in the deepest parts of the lake... How do we get them out?” Patchouli breaks her concentration, opening her eyes and looking behind her, then says “Koa, be a dear and get me a book for luring and capture spells.” Koakuma salutes and says “right away, lady Patchouli.” Remilia continues to stare curiously, then grabs a chair and places it backward, sitting on it as it is and using the back-rest to place her hands and rest her head, then asks “you think this will work?” Patchouli smiles and says “whether it works or not, it’s the only thing we can do without risking ourselves.” Reimu adds “if we go inside those waters, we are dead.” Remilia lightly flaps her wings and says “wonder what fool would want to poison the lake like that?” In an instant, Sakuya pops right next to Remilia and quietly places a cup of tea on the desk next to her mistress, and says “you tea, my lady.” Remilia grabs the cup, saying “thanks, Sakuya” while Koakuma returns with a thick black book, handing it to Patchouli. Remilia takes a sip from her cup, then smiles and says “the idiot is doing something.” Sakuya and Reimu both look at Remilia, then Sakuya asks “pardon me, my lady?” Remilia continues to smile and says “you and Patchy will have to handle her, while Reimu and I take care of the culprits. Understood?” Patchouli quickly nods and says “we should be able to handle her.” Sakuya bows and says “as you with, my lady.” Outside the mansion, Meiling curiously approaches the shore of the lake as it slowly turns scarlet. She looks at the water with wonderment and says “that’s odd. And I don’t see any of the fairies around here. Hmm... maybe they are on vacation...” A feint scent from the scarlet waters reach Meiling’s nostrils, then something inside her head pulsates. Her eyes open wide as she stares around with a blank expression. She somberly walks back to her post at the gate of the mansion, then stands there, silently staring with her blank aquamarine eyes wide open.

Meanwhile, Marisa arrives to her home at the Forest of Magic, and finds two girls knocked out on the ground full of burn marks and frostbites. Mai lies on her back with her arms, legs and demon wings spread open, while Yuki lies on her belly next to the door to the house with her eyes spinning in circles. Marisa stares at the scene for a while with a shocked and disappointed look and says “this is something you don’t get to see every day, ze.” Yuki smiles and says “hey, heh heh, Marisa. Ca-came to help.” Mai groans and says “I need some food and a shower.” Marisa grins, laughs, then says “alright, let’s get you inside. I’ll prepare a bath, some food, and I think I may have some robes you could wear while we clean and dry those dirty clothes of yours.” Mai manages to sit and rub her head, then looks at Marisa and asks “what’s the catch?” Marisa smiles and says “join me and Yuki as we dig a nice little basement for my house.” Mai groans and says “I think I rather have Yumeko scolding me again.” Marisa smiles and shrugs, then says “suit yourself, da-ze.” Mai’s wings shine for a moment, then return to their normal, small angel-like size and shape. She manages to stand up, then says “alright, I’ll help... for a bit.” Marisa lightly claps her hands in front of her chest while smiling, then says “great! You won’t be sorry. I’ll whip up something good while you take that bath, then we can get to work here, ze.” Yuki continues to lie on the ground, then says “he he he~ This is going to be fun.” Meanwhile, above the Garden of The Sun, Kurumi and Elly fly around aimlessly. Elly, looking sad and about ready to cry says “I got beat hard twice, got lost on the way back home, and now, there’s a blonde vampire following me.” Annoyed, Kurumi says “hey~ I can hear you loud and clear from here. And it’s your own fault we are lost in this forsaken field! Ugh! Sunflowers as far as I can see. *Sigh* I wanna go home~!” Yuka floats behind them, but neither notice her. She surprises both girls when she says “well, hello there. Glad you came to visit.” Kurumi smiles and exclaims “miss Yuka~!” Elly gasps, dusts herself, combs her hair with her hands, and with a light-pink blush on her cheeks she looks at Yuka and says “lady Yukarin, what a pleasant surprise!” Yuka looks at both casually and asks “so, what are you two doing here, leaving Mugekan completely unprotected?” Elly gasps and breaks like glass after realizing she’s left the mansion alone and unprotected. She sniffles” I-I’m sorry, miss Yuka, but... we got lost and, and *sniffle*” Yuka extends her arm around Elly, placing her hand on her shoulder, then does the same for Kurumi and calmly says “hey, hey, calm down. We can fix all this.” Elly smiles widely and asks “really? We can?” Yuka tenderly says “of course, of course. Come now, and let us fix this little problem down there in my house.” Kurumi excitedly says “yay! Miss Yuka’s house!” As they slowly descend, Elly looks at the small house they are heading toward and says “wow, it’s smaller than Mugekan. Maybe miss Yukarin will return to the old mansion with us now?” Yuka smirks with jagged teeth and says “oh no, no, I can’t do that now.” Kurumi curiously asks “eeh? Then how are we going to ‘fix’ this problem.” Yuka’s jagged smirk widens, her eyes narrow and glow red, and she tightens her grip on the girls, then says “some old-fashioned punishment.” Kurumi starts to tremble, but Elly starts to smile and drool and asks “o-old-fashioned?” Yuka simply smiles and Elly excitedly shouts “miss Yukarin is the BEST!” while Kurumi quietly shivers and sobs.

It’s almost noon, and at the Hakurei Shrine’s dining table, Rika and Mima are having a discussion on the proper ways to clean the shrine’s ceiling, while Budou and Chen have an actual training battle at the back of the shrine, supervised by Ran and Phredia. Chen fires various circles of petal danmaku bullets in groups of red and blue, while Budou fires blue zigzagging lasers and orbs that fan out as they fly toward Chen. Both girls continue to shoot at each other, creating a dense concentration of danmaku, and forget to dodge the attacks headed their way. Ran shouts “Chen, Budou, remember to dodge, remember to- Look out!” Ran and Phredia cover their eyes with their hands as a barrage of explosions come accompanied by the two girls’ screams. When they uncover their eyes again, they find a lot of smoke in front of them. Concernedly, Ran shouts “Chen! Budou! Are you alright?” Nobody answers. Phredia and Ran look at each other, then both quickly enter the thick smoke curtain, finding the two dazed girls on the ground with their eyes spinning in place. Ran sighs and says “your attacks are impressive, but that means nothing if you forget to look after yourself.” From behind the clearing smoke curtain, Sanae says “that’s right. If you shoot and shoot and don’t dodge, you’ll end up hurt.” Chen sits up, smiling sheepishly and saying “heh heh, sorry Ran-shama. I forgot.” Budou rubs her head while Phredia inspects her thoroughly, and says “mama Sanny and lady Nine-tails are right. I should be more careful too.” Sanae comes to view as soon as the smoke clears. She smiles and giggles then says “why don’t me and miss Ran show you how it’s done?” Ran sweats and asks “eh? Are you sure?” Sanae continues to smile and flaps her hand in the air, saying “come on, it’s just a friendly match. No spell cards even. Just to show the girls how to defend themselves properly.” Still looking at bit concerned, Ran says “well, ok. Just don’ take it too seriously.” Budou, Chen and Phredia sit on the shrine’s porch to watch Sanae and Ran’s friendly match, hoping to learn from a pair of pros. Chen shouts “you can do it, Ran-sama~!” Budou flaps her wings and shouts “show us how it’s done, mama~!” Sanae and Ran both smile at the girls, wink, and flip their thumbs up as they lift to the sky. Sanae prepares blue and red orbs in shape of stars, then fires arcs of small white orbs that mix with the others as they fan out toward Ran. Ran fires purple kunai knives and green petals that twist around each other as they home in on Sanae. As they fire at each other, they cautiously graze through the bullets, some missing by mere inches. Both Ran and Sanae look at each other, then smirk, increasing the concentration of danmaku they fire. Ready to intercept the bullet showers, Ran and Sanae begin to cautiously dodge through bullets, when a pair of golden washtubs fall straight on to their heads, knocking them out and causing them to crash against the bullets as they fall. Budou shouts “mama~!” as Chen shouts “Ran-sama~!” They try to run to them, but another thick smoke curtain is in their way, and they get too afraid to enter it. From behind, Rika says “let me help you.” Looking a little concerned, Rika places her open hands in front of her chest, pointing them at the smoke curtain, and a soft gust of wind blows it away, revealing the two girls sitting on the floor with their backs against each other and their eyes spinning. Budou and Chen look at them curiously, scratching their heads in wonderment. Mima approaches the scene, smiles and says “that, ladies, is called a handicap.” then cackles hard.

At the Misty Lake, Kimi and Kali are trapped inside a magical circle each. Kimi knows it’s Reimu, and she knows if Reimu finds out she’s the cause of the lake’s state, she’s going to get sealed. In despair, she turns into a dragon and abandons Kali, saying “stall the maiden while I figure something out!” Kali growls and shouts “how am I supposed to do that!?” Turning back to human and hiding behind some thick bushes at the back of the mansion Kimi shouts “I’ll channel some power, but DON’T KILL HER!” Shortly after, Reimu and Remilia with her umbrella in hand fly out the clock tower, heading to the back of the mansion, while Patchouli and Sakuya fly from the front entrance and intercept Meiling high in the air, who stares back at them with her aquamarine eyes wide open, yet gazing blankly and emotionless. Sakuya shouts “Meiling, stand down!” Meiling calmly replies “you shouldn’t be here. Now, I must kill you.” Patchouli surrounds herself in a water bubble, then says “we’re gonna have to take her out.” Sakuya replies “I was hoping she would listen, but, oh well!” Meanwhile, Reimu and Remilia reach Kali, who breaks free from the magical circle and immediately shoots massive dark orbs straight at them. Reimu shouts “give up now, or you’re going to be sorry!” Kali replies with a barrage of smaller black orbs that home in on Reimu, who uses a few charm and turns all the orbs into dust. She pulls out her gohei from under her sleeve and says “have it your way.” Remilia rushes straight to Kali and tries to cut her with her bare claws, but Kali turns to her shadow form and laughs, then shoots various massive black orbs, making Remilia zigzag in the air. Reimu shoots a pack of at least 50 homing amulets that cling on the shadow, causing her skin to burn, even in shadow form. Kali’s scream of pain and frustration echoes all over the lake, then pulls out a spell card from her jacket, just as Remilia rejoins Reimu, then shouts “Shadow Morph!” Immediately she takes the shape of a large snake dragon with small white wings. Reimu smirks along with Remilia, then says “and now we know who the real culprit is.” Remilia adds “what a naughty girl she is, right Reimu?” Reimu says “good thing I brought the large spanking board.” Meanwhile, Sakuya is dumbfounded as Meiling’s speed and power increase with every second. She stops time and sets daggers all around the gate guard, but the moment she releases time again Meiling speeds through the small gaps between the blades with great agility, not even getting grazed as the daggers fly toward their targeted area. Sakuya gasps and says “she avoided my daggers like they weren’t even there!” From behind her, Patchouli shouts “Five Elements Sign ? Philosopher Stone!” Sakuya immediately rushes upward as Patchouli unleashes a fast curtain of elemental shard danmaku at Meiling, who continues to stare with her eyes wide open. The dragon youkai looks closely at the danmaku shower and spots a small gap between the fire and water shards, then speeds through it, getting closer to Patchouli. Meiling lunges herself with a kick toward the magician, breaking her bubble shield and kicking her hard on the stomach, sending her to the ground by force, along with the 5 elemental stones. Sakuya quickly flies in front of Meiling before she gives chase, then says “I guess it’s time to teach you again why I am your boss”.

Meanwhile, for the third time in a row, Remilia and Reimu dodge the giant shadow snake dragon, who continues to try and ram them with its colossal body. Remilia shouts “same spell, over and over. This is getting OLD!” Reimu laughs and says “alright already, the fun’s over. Do it!” Remilia smiles and raises her hand to her face, unleashes her claws, then surround her hand in scarlet fire. Kali, in her dragon from, notices Remilia and thinks “that looks powerful. Better take care of the twerp first!” She lunges straight at Remilia, unwisely ignoring Reimu, and opens her mouth, ready to bite down on the vampire, but at the very last second, Remilia sways to the right and lets her claw graze the shadow’s body, opening a large scarlet wound from the neck to the tail, making Kali roar in agony as she writes in mid-air. Kali’s spell cancels out, turning her back to normal as she falls to the island below. Kali screams “dammit, this hurts! I was too carless!” Before she manages to control the pain and get up, Reimu come from behind with a spell card on her hand and a smile on her face and says “let me take care of that curse for you. Divine Arts ? Demon Binding Circle.” An orange pillar surrounds both Reimu and Kali, making the shadow scream as the orange energy burns her. The curse Remilia placed on her vanishes, but the divine punishment still drives Kali mad with pain, screaming “make it stop! Make it stop already!” Kimi watches from under the bushes she’s hiding and says “hmph... not bad, miss maiden. Let me channel just a bit more for you, Kali. You can thank me later.” Kimi points her hands at Kali and closes her eyes, concentrating as she channels more of her own power toward Kali. As the spell continues, Reimu looks toward Kimi’s direction, but doesn’t see her. She thinks “there’s power being channeled over here... but I can’t see her?” Kali stops screaming and starts laughing, surprising Reimu as her spell finally finishes. Kali smiles wickedly at Reimu, pulls out a spell card, then says “now it’s my turn, miss maiden. Shadow Sign ? Binding Darkness!!” Everything turns dark, and both Reimu and Remilia are left blind in that moment. Just like that, light comes through and Remilia confidently says “heh, what a waste of a spell card, don’t you think, Reimu? ... Reimu?” When Remilia looks to Reimu, all she sees are about 8 massive black orbs constricting Reimu, rendering her helpless in the air. Remilia growls and shouts “I’ll get you out of-“ Before she is able to finish her sentence, Kali rushes straight to the vampire and tackles her to the ground, knocking her umbrella from her hands, then laughs and says “keep your eyes on the enemy, little twerp.” Remilia growls as she gets up from the ground, but before she can react, she has a shower of black lightning striking her hard and pinning her down, coming from Kali’s fingertips as she cackles.

Above the mansion’s gates Sakuya glares at Meiling while holding her Luna Dial and a spell card in her right hand, and a few daggers on her left. Meiling stares curiously at the hand watch and the daggers, then calmly asks “what kind of game do you think we are playing?” Sakuya silently smirks, then Meiling continues “you have entered the lake. I must kill you. If you believe this to be a mere game, it’s the same to me. I will kill you.” Sakuya calmly says “Sakuya’s World” Time freezes and Sakuya moves quickly, setting daggers as close as possible to the gate guard, then spreading farther and setting even more daggers, making sure the gaps between them are minimum. When Meiling is fully surrounded and after making sure all gaps between the knives are covered, Sakuya unfreezes time with a smirk on her face. In a fraction of a second, Meiling looks t her surroundings and manages to grab two of the closest daggers, getting a cut on both hands while doing so. After that, she uses the acquired daggers and her shoes to deflect all the daggers, moving so unbelievably fast Sakuya is not even sure if what’s happening, until she notices most of her daggers flying straight back to her. She gasps and flinches, and just like that, she is struck by her own daggers, quickly falling to the ground below. Meiling continues to stare emotionless as her opponent falls, then tries to follow the maid to finish the job, but from behind comes Flandre, flying her red U.F.O. with Koishi sitting beside her with a smile, and Nue lying on the back seat. She crashes on Meiling’s head, then Koishi asks with a smile “did you hit something just now?” Flandre confidently says “no way. I got my eyes on the sky!” She looks down and sees Remilia getting beat by Kali, then says “oh, you don’t mess with onee-sama and get away with it while I’M around.” Nue casually asks “so you’re going to try the guns?” Flandre doesn’t answer and simply pushes a big red button which a wicked, jagged toothed smile on her face. From directly below Meiling, Patchouli shouts “Moon Sign ? Silent Selene!” Blue beams and oval blue bullets strike Meiling, however she does not even flinch, and even though she has a bump on her head and Patchouli attacking her from below, she continues to stare straight at the knocked out Sakuya on the ground, with intent to finish the job. Patchouli’s spell stops and immediately, the magician grabs another spell card and shouts “Sun Sign ? Royal Flare~!” Somehow, she manages to concentrate the small sun on Meiling, whom at first simply stops and covers her face, but shortly after, she starts to scream, then falls to the ground. Patchouli breathes heavily as she says “finally. *gasp* We did it. *wheeze* Mukyu!” Patchouli falls on the ground with a book to her left, and further ahead, Sakuya lies on her back, slowly and painfully removing her daggers from her body, and behind the gates of the mansion, on top of one of the flowerbeds, Meiling struggles to pull her head from under the ground, and after managing to free herself, she stumbles left and right, trying to keep herself balanced, but despite her stubborn efforts to stay on her feet, she falls with her back against the mansion’s wall, sitting on top of a few more flowers.

Meanwhile, Reimu wiggles an arm free from the black orbs and desperately tries to find a way to break away from the binding dark orbs, while Remilia is still being pinned down by Kali’s dark electric bolts. Remilia struggles against the shocking pain and manages to place one of her wings like a shield, escaping the dark electricity’s shock, however she’s unable to move from that spot on the ground. She clenches her teeth in anger and thinks “shit! There’s nothing I can do now, but wait. Reimu, I hope you’re preparing something good in there.” Kali continues her assault, however she is distracted by a red, round flying object that hovers close by. From it, a ball of light comes down and gets close to her, and in a flash, it turns into a cockroach that lands right on the tip of the shadow’s nose. Kali stops shooting her bolts and starts to sweat, her eyes open wide, her pupils shrink, then she suddenly starts screaming “WAAH~~! Disgusting! Get it off me~!” From Flandre’s vehicle, two large thick orange beams fly fast toward the ground. One strikes some of the orbs holding Reimu and freeing the maiden, while the other strikes Kali as soon as the little cockroach flies off the shadow’s nose, sending her down hard toward the scarlet waters. Reimu flies down to Remilia, then says “go with your sister and take care of your family.” Remilia angrily asks “WHAT!? After all this!?” Reimu flashes her spell card to Remilia while saying “you can stay if you want, but I rather not seal you today.” Remilia looks at the card and sees it’s Fantasy Heaven. She gasps and flies straight to Flandre’s flying saucer and shouts “give her one for me!” As soon as she’s on the flying saucer, Koishi says “ah, welcome aboard.” and places a new umbrella over the vampire’s head. Remilia quickly says “Flan, she’s using that spell!” Immediately after Nue turns to youkai in a flash and sits next to Remilia, Flandre worriedly says “evasive maneuvers! Hang on tight!” The red saucer speeds away just as Kali flies out of the waters, screaming enraged and preparing two large scarlet water pillars on each side. Reimu tosses various yellow amulets that pass under Kali, then Reimu shouts “come on, girl!” Kali points her left arm toward Reimu, making the left water pillar bend and move like a snake toward the maiden, and points the right one toward Flandre’s flying vehicle, but the yellow amulets Reimu had tossed earlier make an u-turn and stick to Kali’s back, making both water pillars vanish in an instant as soon as they touch the shadow, and making Kali fall on the shore. Reimu continues to hold her spell card in her hand as she walks to Kali, then says “I’m sorry, but you give me no choice. I am going to seal you for good.” Reimu closes her eyes and wind from out of nowhere starts blowing all around her, making her hair and clothes wave around violently. Reimu opens her eyes again as she begins to hover three feet above the ground and then shouts “Fantasy Heaven!” From behind some bushes close to where Kali is, Kimi watches as Reimu prepare her spell, thinking “that’s a lot of power... But it’s nothing my own power can’t handle, so Kali’s safe.” 7 white yin-yang orbs form around Reimu, all spinning around her progressively faster with each second. Kimi gasps, then says “thi-this power! NO! This is incredible! Even using all my power...” Kimi unconsciously runs between Reimu and Kali, kneeling on the ground and bowing so low her head touches the ground. Kimi says “miss maiden! This one is under my care and I promised she would be safe. Please, spare her!” As if not even listening, Reimu continues her spell while staring into Kimi’s eyes. Kimi stares back with both respect and fear, then Reimu smiles and says “alright, real culprit. I’ll spare her.” She cancels her spell and extends her hand to Kimi’ who gladly accepts, though staring back at Reimu completely awestruck.

After a bit of time passes, Kali manages to recover, but quickly finds herself kneeling beside Kimi, as they bow their heads to Reimu, who paces for a moment, then stops and looks at the two shadows. She smiles, then playfully says “alright, I decided I will definitely NOT seal you, BUT, you have to heal this lake, AND answer some questions.” Without waiting for another second, Kimi stands up and turns into her large snake-dragon self, then dives into the water, making a loud splash and a large wave that gets Kali completely wet again, even though she’s at least 14 feet away from the shore. The water misses Reimu completely, and after Kali spits out some scarlet water, she looks at Reimu a little annoyed and says “after this, I’m going to a desert.” Underwater, Kimi roars, creating an sound wave that seems to shift many rocks from the bottom of the lake, making it smooth and clean. From top-side, the lake rapidly heals and it’s waters quickly change from bloody scarlet, to crystal blue. Reimu sighs with relief and says “finally. Those pesky fairies can come back home.” There is another splash as Kimi darts out of the water, quickly turning back to her human form and lands kneeling on her left knee, elegantly placing her left hand on her right knee, then says “the lake is healed, although it will take a few days for its complete recovery.” Reimu smiles and says “thank you.” Somehow, Reimu’s thanks cause Kimi to blush and look away. Meanwhile, at the mansion grounds, Meiling wakes up and looks around asking “wah? What happened? Why am I sitting?” She looks around herself and slowly realizes many flowers have been destroyed. She springs on her feet and shouts “what the hell happened here!? What happened to the flowers!?” She looks at her feet and realizes she’s standing on some dead flowers and jumps away while shouting “no~! I stepped on the flowers!” Remilia, Sakuya and Patchouli come walking toward Meiling. Patchouli has a bandage around her head, while Sakuya looks like a mummy, being covered by bandages all over her arms, legs and face. When Meiling turns to face them, she gasps and shouts “oh my goodness! Miss Sakuya, lady Patchouli! What happened to you two!?” Sakuya and Patchouli casually look at each other, then look at Remilia, who says “just like Reimu said. She doesn’t remember a thing.” All three giggle while Meiling continues to stare confused. Remilia approaches the gate guard and with a smirk on her face she says “don’t mind the small details. Patchy, please treat her wounds. After that, miss gate guard, I want you to tend to the garden.” She turns around, almost striking the back of Sakuya’s head with her umbrella and as she walks back inside her mansion she says “come on Sakuya. It’s tea time.” Sakuya bows her head and says “right away, my lady.” Meiling continues to stare confused at Patchouli and asks “lady Patchouli, what in the world happened here today?” Patchouli chuckles while above them in the sky, a black blob flies aimlessly, saying “is that so- kyah!“ A red round flying object smacks the black blob and knocks it out of the sky, and quickly Flandre says “oh, I think I hit something.” Nue laughs hard and says “you need glasses!” Koishi giggles and says “I think you’d look cute.” Flandre smiles and replies “someone wants to fall down to the lake, it seems.”

Back with Reimu, she bends down to meet Kimi face to face, then says “stand up already, or it’s going to be hard to ask you anything.” Kimi gulps and blushes, having Reimu’s face merely inches away from hers. She clears her throat and stands up while saying “right. Sorry about that. Now please, ask away.” Reimu places her hands on her waist and asks “first, I’d like to know... How did you manage to damage this lake so much?” Kimi and Kali look at each other for a moment, then Kimi nods and says “we broke the bottom and released some scarlet fumes.” Reimu asks “why? What were you hoping to accomplish?” Kimi immediately replies “there’s this... memory. It’s something in my head. An image of this lake in red. I wanted that. It makes me feel very comfortable.” On the background, Kali says “not me.” Ignoring Kali, Reimu says “well I am sorry to have to tell you, but you’ll have to look for some other way to feel comfortable. Bringing something as dangerous as the scarlet lake back is something I cannot allow.” Kimi turns her eyes away to hide her disappointment and frustration from Reimu, who notices and says “I’m sorry, Kimi, but this lake is home to many youkai, and humans from the village will come here sometimes.” She notices Kimi trembling and clenching her teeth, so Reimu gets closer and pats Kimi on the head and says “it won’t be easy, but you’ll manage. You just need to find your place.” Reimu backs away while Kimi stares at her with surprise, then Reimu points at the yellow star in the sky and asks “I wanted to ask you about that as well.” Kimi stares at the star, then back at Reimu, then asks “what do you wish to know about that?” Reimu finds a rock beside a tree and sits there, looking away from Kimi as she says “before meeting you, we met the shadow of a goddess. This shadow... she was different from the others. She told us shadows want to kill their original selves in order to gain a life of their own. A friend of mine was going to be murdered that night by his shadow, however, she took the blow for him and turned into that star. Same happened in Makai with another shadow the inhabitants of Pandemonium befriended there.” Kimi continues to stare at Reimu, who suddenly stares back and asks “we had dealt with a few shadows before, and those turned to black dust when dead. Why did those two turn into yellow stars?” Kimi and Kali look at each other, then Kali says “miss Kimi. They got a soul!” Kimi immediately says “if I were to die now, I’d probably become one of those stars, miss Reimu.” Reimu stares back at Kimi as she continues “you see, shadows that can find their own souls without killing their original selves, after dying, they become stars in the sky, however, this yellow one is a mystery even to me.” Reimu asks “so what you are saying is, those two shadows found their souls and became stars when killed.” Kimi nods, then says “but that doesn’t explain why the yellow stars. I mean, it’s daytime and we can see them clearly.” Reimu smiles and gets up from the rock, then says “well then, thank you for your help. I’ll be going now, however, if I find you doing some misdeed again, I will not hesitate to seal you both, you got that?” Both Kimi and Kali nod and salute Reimu. Farther ahead, above the lake, inside the red flying saucer, Flandre shouts “that’s IT!” Nue is thrown off the vehicle down to the lake, however, she laughs and says “I can turn into a fish, fool, ha ha ha~!” Flandre growls and follows after the shape shifter, leaving Koishi on the runaway saucer. Koishi happily says “oh, I can drive now.” The saucer flips, twists, turns, spins and finally crashes against the mansion’s clock tower. From inside the mansion Remilia shouts “FLANDRE~~!.” Flandre, who is now holding fish-Nue in the water calmly says “good thing I bought that kappa insurance.” Reimu face palms and says “just some peace. Is that too much to ask?” Kali and Kimi simply stare on without saying a word.

3 days later, at Ail’s house. Budou plays on her computer, calmly saying “trying to hack me? You don’t know who you’re messing with, noob. Oh, and so you don’t try it again, I’ll send the Yuyuko virus and let it eat you latest acquired data.” Ail sits next to Sanae on the couch behind Budou and says “Budou, don’t be a bully.” Budou says “he said you looked like a girl.” Ail quickly replies “crash his computer.” Budou chuckles and says “then I’ll send the Yuka virus.” Sanae looks at Ail disappointed, then says “don’t teach her to be mean. Budou, don’t listen to your father. Two wrongs never make a right.” Budou giggles and says “alright mama. I’ll be nice and send big sis Suwako virus instead.” Ail curiously asks “what does that one do?” Budou looks back to the couch and says “every time he opens a program, it’ll fail and close on him, erase his high scores in all his videogames, and offer him some virtual coffee that spills on the monitor and blocks his visibility.” Ail sweats and says to Sanae “she’s like a cute little monster.” Sanae giggles and says “well at least it’s not Chen’s virus.” Ail asks “what does that one do?” Sanae surprises Ail by grabbing his shoulders and forcing him to rest his head on her lap, and while playing with his hair with a grin on her face, she says “a large image of Chen covers the entire screen and blushes while looking up at you with sad, glassy eyes. Guaranteed to either give you a nosebleed or make you faint from cuteness overload.” Ail blushes as he looks at Sanae, who continues to play with his hair, then says “that... That’s just dangerous. How many of those has she sent?” Budou twists her body to look at the couch with an evil smile on her face and bright glints on her eyes. Meanwhile, at the Yakumo’s residence, Ran lies on the floor while on her chair in front of a small computer in the living room. Her nose is covered in blood as she smiles and stares contently at the ceiling. Yukari walks next to Ran and stares at her, then looks at the computer monitor and looks at the large image of Chen, holding her hat in her hands and looking up with sad and glassy eyes. Yukari chuckles and says “technology is so dangerous.” Meanwhile, at the Moriya Shrine, inside Kanako’s room. The room is dark as Kanako has closed all the windows as best as she can and tinkers with her mirror. At first, from the mirror itself, Ail’s voice sounds very normal as he says “so you knew? Then why didn't you help me back there?" followed by Sakuya’s voice as she says “well, it's not every day I get to tease someone like YOU that way. And also..." Kanako growls, then says “no way... this won’t... wait.” From the mirror Sakuya is heard kissing Ail, then suddenly some moaning follows after. Kanako smiles and says “yes! It’s working. It’s really working! THIS will sever that bond. Sanae, your lady Kanako will save you!” At the Human Village, Kyo bursts out of his house and stretches on the porch, saying “ah~, it feels GREAT! No more casts or bandages! I’m CURED!” He looks at the sky to his left and sees Mima flying and crying. She shoots a few small orbs behind her and shouts “I told you, it was just FUN! Nobody got hurt!” From behind comes Rika who shouts back “taking your skirt off at a school, just to show off your ghost tail ISN’T fun, it’s obscene, and you must PAY for that!” Mima stops crying and pulls down on her lower eye lid, then sticks out her tongue at Rika, then says “what do you know? You’re boring!” Rika shouts back “in the name of my lady Reimu, I have no choice! Oath Keeper!!” Rika enters the golden gate and emerges with two swords on her back. She grabs both and pulls them out at the same time so quickly, it gives Kyo some trouble to keep up with her. Two magical blades, one fire and the other water, form an ‘X’ that strikes Mima hard, making her fall fast and hard straight at Kyo. At Eirin’s clinic, Eirin sighs and says “these will take five days. Four if you rests properly.” Kyo lies on a bed fully covered in bandages with only three holes on the face. One for his mouth and the others for his eyes. Mima stands next to him with only a bandaged arm, and a small bandage around her head. She smirks, pats Kyo’s leg and says “cheer up. She apologized this time.” Kyo simply glares through the holes on the cast and softly growls.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Kyo, Luna, Budou, Phredia, Kimi and Kali were created by Willie G.R.
Agava/Kali’s spell cards were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot 2010

JAN 3 2010
written by
Willie G.R.

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