Friday, August 31, 2012

Finally, the 7th chapter of Reset Sukima is done and posted. Why am I sucking so much at writing-speeds lately? Anyways, things get a little more confusing inside the alternate Gensokyo when... no, let's not spoil the fun. Just know the three-tailed nekomata reveals himself to Flandre, along with his plan... and something else ;). Enjoy this lovely chapter!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When was the last time I posted a chapter? Well, thanks to my computer dying on me so unexpectedly, the delay was a big one. Thank you paranoia, for making me copy backups f my backups for these fictions.
This chapter is purely plot related (though unintentionally). Ail faces off against the angry dwellers of the underground, who want nothing more than to see him dead. Thanks to unexpected help, he reaches Chireiden in one piece, but that's as far as his good luck goes. Feces flies after it hits the hurricane-wind fan.