Friday, December 4, 2009

One Random Sukima 17

Morning at Byakuren's temple. Shou comes out of her room looking dreadfully tired. Her eyes look dark, puffy and red, her hair is unkempt, and her usual smile is replaced by a tired and angry expression. She somberly walks to the altar to pray, as she always has, and where Nazrin happens to be at the moment. Without saying a word, Shou drops to her knees on a cushion and somberly stares around. Nazrin gets closer with a smile on her face and says "good morning, miss Shou how are you to- WHOA!!!" The moment Nazrin lays eyes on Shou, she jumps back, shrieking with surprise. Concerned, Nazrin asks "Shou, whats wrong with you!? You look terrible! A-are you sick?" For a moment, Shou stares somberly back at Nazrin, then lightly lifts her shoulders, seemingly shrugging. Nazrin gets closer and pats Shou on the head, gently saying "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scream in your face like that. It's just that, I've never seen you like this." Shou replies "uhh... Yeah... well..." Shou's eyes start to close as Nazrin says "was that even a sentence? Well, anyway, lady Hijiri wanted me to tell you that they haven't found her shadow yet, but she's getting tired, so she might come back so that she and the captain can take a rest." Shou springs to her feet, roaring and flexing her arms, stomps hard on the ground, and stares at Nazrin with angry white eyes. She grabs the mouse by her shoulders and says "WHAAAAAAT!!? When did you find out about this!? Where is Byakuren and that Minamitsu!?" Nazrin lets Shou hold her in the air like that, letting her limbs and tail hang limp in the air. She turns her face away and softly says "geez, what a recovery." Shou drops Nazrin, who falls kneeling on the ground as if it was nothing, then says "hahahaha, this is PERFECT! When they come back, I'll impress miss Byakuren and show her what a mistake she made! Shou Toramaru is a much better choice!" Nazrin lies on her stomach as she rest her elbow on the floor and her head on her hand, staring at Shou with a naughty face while swaying her tail around and saying "wow, you're really jealous, aren't you?" Shou screams "I'M NOT JEALOUS!" A green washtub falls from the ceiling and falls right on Shou's head. Shou stands like a statue for a moment while Nazrin gets up and stares back with concern. Nazrin waves her hand in front of Shou's face and asks "hey~. Shou~! Are you ok? Shou~?" Shou composes herself and crosses her arms in front of her chest and puttinger her hands under her sleeves. She kneels back down on the cushion and calmly says "that kinda hurt." then falls unconscious on the floor, still holding her arms crossed under her sleeves and her legs in the kneeled position. Nazrin raises her arm in the air to help Shou out, but stops and says "no, I think I better let her rest." A mouse comes and climbs up to her shoulder with a large piece of cheese. She grabs it and gives the mouse a small piece, taking a large bite of the chunk herself and with her mouth full she says "maybe I should help them find that shadow.... *smacks lips* Nah." From outside the temple, watching through a window, Parsee Mizuhashi chuckles, holding her hand to her mouth as she says "boy, with this much jealousy, I could become as powerful as that shrine maiden in a matter of days!" From behind her, Yuugi stands staring at her quietly, then suddenly asks "what 'cha doing?" Parsee's hair and clothes stand stiff as she clenches her teeth and opens her eyes wide in surprise shouting a pathetic "meep!"

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Mima sneaks around the backyard, aiming to reach the shrine undetected. Her goal is to grab, hug and snuggle the dogs Ail and Reimu. Budou, Phredia, Ran and Chen play in the hot springs, even though it's summer. Mima knows this is her only chance, as Rika and Suika still haven't returned from the funeral. She clenches her fists and whispers "no fear, Mima. Reach for the goal." She's about to open the sliding doors, when Budou, Chen and Phredia fly by fast, Budou shouting "you can't catch me~!" Chen shouts back "oh yeah? Just watch!" Mima turns transparent and jumps inside the shrine through the door, and waits for the girls to fly away. Giggling, the three fly straight to the lake, while Ran runs after them, shouting "Chen, Budou! Don't go too far! Phredia, don't encourage them!" After they all pass by, Mima whispers "how am I supposed to get inside with these many guards around here?" She jumps back outside the shrine, snaps her fingers and says "the roof!" Mima places a wooden ladder against the roof of the shrine, then floats just besides it, getting on to the roof, and pulling out a gray bag from her pocket. From inside, she pulls out a pair of night-vision goggles, a rope with a three pronged hook attached, a stethoscope, and a book titled "Spying for Spirits". She grabs the stethoscope, puts it on, then concentrates on hearing what's going on inside. She hears soft snoring and thinks "good. Both targets are still sleeping." She takes off the stethoscope, places the goggles on, turns translucent, then looks inside, turning them on as she does. Inside, right in the middle of the room, Ail sleeps curled up, while Reimu piles up on him, letting her head hang in the air, almost reaching the floor. Mima looks around and thinks "they're just so darn CUTE! I GOTTA find a way inside." She looks around and spots a slightly opened window near the kitchen on the right side of the shrine. She whispers "bingo~!" then pulls herself back up. She discards the goggles, grabs the rope with the hook, secures the hook, then swings herself through the window, turning transparent and going through the wall, as she misses the open window by a foot and a half. Once inside, she quietly sneaks around, then hears Chen, Ran and Budou coming back from the lake. She thinks "crap, I'm running out of time." She tip-toes straight to the dogs and starts sweating as she reaches them and opens her arms up, waving her fingers as she smiles with great expectation. She quickly grabs both dogs and hugs them, then shouts out lout "OHH, you two are so CUTE AND SOFT AND CUDDLY!" The sliding doors burst open, revealing Rika, who looks as angry as a raging bull, blowing steam from her nose, and ears. Behind Rika, Suika, Ran, Chen, Budou and Phredia stare on. Everything around Mima turns black and white, and the words "Mission Failed!" write themselves in white in the air across the room.

A little while later, Alice and Marisa fly from the gate to Makai, followed by Sara, who waves at them as she heads back to her post. They fly above the Hakurei Shrine, then Marisa says "hey Alice. Let's go and tell Reimu about those shadows in Makai, ze." Alice nods and says "good idea." Shanghai adds "ooh! Miss Reimu sounds important!" Hourai says "of course she is. She's the Hakurei maiden." Shanghai asks "how do you even know that?" Hourai replies "miss Shinki said so." Shanghai nods while saying "oooohh~!" then follows Alice, Marisa and Hourai to the shrine. The first thing Marisa notices as she enters the shrine, is Mima, hog-tied to the ceiling, crying twin waterfalls and saying "it's not fair!" When Mima spots Marisa, she cries "Marisa~! Tell these monsters to let me go!" Marisa gets closer and notices the ropes have charms all over them. Marisa flicks it and says "you really made her mad this time, ze. What did you do?" Mima cries "I just wanted to hug them, pet them, cuddle them, but they didn't let me~!" Alice asks "them?" Reimu's room door slides open with a violent bang and out comes Rika, looking quite content, with dog-Reimu on her hands pressed against her chest. Marisa and Alice both open their eyes so wide, they look like large white disks with thick black outlines. Marisa stutters for a while until she finally asks "dog? Reimu, you're a dog!?" Shanghai and Hourai come out of hiding and Shanghai points at Reimu and says "wow, I didn't know someone so important was actually a small dogie!" Hourai says "size matter not, my young grasshopper." Alice grabs both dolls by their mouths and asks "Reimu, what happened to you!?" Reimu's eyes are wide open and asks "me? What happened to YOU two? We haven't seen your around for a while, and now you dolls even talk!?" After having calmed down and having set Mima free, Marisa, Alice and Reimu on Mima's lap, sit around the table, all looking at each other in surprise. Reimu breaks the silent moment as she rubs her chin and says "so Yuki's and Shinki's shadows have been dealt with... And from what you just told me, Shinki's shadow died the same way as Suwako's shadow over here." Shanghai adds "that shadow was sweet!" Alice smiles as she pats the doll's head and chuckles. Rika serves everyone tea, giving Reimu a small cup. Reimu immediately takes a gulp of tea, then asks "do any of you know why those yellow stars appeared in the sky?" Alice looks down to the table and sadly says "no clue. S-Yuki did die differently. She turns to black dust and just vanished." Hourai adds "that made no sense to miss Shinki either." Marisa quietly pats Reimu on the head, then quickly puts on her hat to cover her eyes and says "I'm sorry, but I can't stay longer. There's something I have to do back home." Without waiting for the others to speak, Marisa grabs her broom, heads outside, waves her hand without turning her face from the sky and says "see you later, ze." then flies away, almost as fast as Aya. Reimu looks up to Mima, who nods and says "something's bothering her." Alice rubs her chin and says "yes, she seems a bit off."

At the Moriya Shrine, Ran, Chen and Budou land in front of the shrine. Budou immediately turns around and smiles, Phredia flying from behind Budou's hair. Chen hands over dog Ail, saying "thanks for letting me hold him!" Budou replies "thanks for coming with me." Ran smiles and says "well, you three take care. Come on, Chen. Lady Yukari must be steaming in this heat by now." Ran lifts to the air, followed by Chen, who turns around to wave at Budou, then turns around again and says "wait for me, Ran-sama!" Budou turns around and she, Phredia and Ail notice Suwako lying on the porch of the shrine with some steam coming from her body, Sanae sweeping leaves by the large gate, and Kanako sitting under the shade of the roof next to their donation box. Budou smiles at the sight, while Ail starts to wag his tail. Budou runs straight to Sanae and shouts "mama, gramma, big sis! We're here~!" Suwako sits up and smiles, Sanae turns to them and waves, shouting "Budou, Phredia, Ail! Welcome!" Kanako silently smiles where she sits, watching as Sanae hugs Budou, then grabs dog Ail, lifts him in the air and rubs her cheek against his, making his tail wag furiously. Sanae places Ail on the ground, then he runs to Kanako on all four legs, then jumps on her, licks her cheek and says "lady Yasaka, very nice to see you!" Kanako wipes her cheek with her sleeve and says "Ail... You shouldn't lick people like that." Ail wags his tail and blushes as he says "sorry, I just can't help it. It's a dog thing, you know." Kanako sighs and with a forced smile, she pats his head and says "ok, ok, I understand." From one of the bushes behind Sanae, Ayalina glares at Kanako, making the goddess sweat, making her pet Ail more and more out of nervousness, then hides back into the bushes just before Sanae turns around, asking "is there something there, miss Yasaka?" Ail continues to wag his tail and says "the heat does make us all see things that aren't there, right?" and turns to face Kanako. She smiles nervously and says "err, sure... that's it. The heat."

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, a big commotion unsettles the peaceful day. Aya tries to take a picture of dog Reimu, shouting "just stand still, you cute little puppy! This will make a GREAT story!" Reimu growls and says "Aya, don't you DARE!" Alice sweats, looks at Shanghai and Hourai and says "you two better not get in the way, ok?" Hourai quietly nods, and Shanghai salutes, saying "as you wish, miss Alice!" Alice sighs, and before Shanghai, who flies closer to her with a concerned look is able to ask what was wrong, Aya's camera clicks and Reimu shouts "I WARNED you!" then start barking and runs after Aya. Rika chases after the two, shouting "miss Reimu, please calm down!" Aya shouts "Ayayaya~!!! Wait, Reimu no, I'm sorry!" Rika shouts "miss Aya, please stop running!" Reimu shouts "yes, so I can BITE YOU, you bony bird!" Aya shouts back "in you DREAMS! And I'm NOT bony!" Reimu makes a very sudden sprint and manages to bite down on Aya's butt, making Aya's right eye pupil shrink, while her left turns to a bright star, making some tears of pain fall down her cheek. Aya screams at the top of her lungs, running around in circles and shouting "get it off, get it off, get it OFF!" Rika shouts "mi-miss Reimu, that's no way to behave! You don't even know where she's been sitting!" Inside the shrine, looking on in disbelief, are Alice, Shanghai, Hourai and Momiji, who breaks the silence in the shrine, saying "miss Aya needs to mature a little more." All agree and nod silently, as they chase Aya and Rika with their eyes while they run after each other, Reimu growling and making Aya cry out in pain. Meanwhile, at Marisa's house, Marisa grabs the book she had shown Reimu before and looks through the pages, finding the information on that "paradise" she wishes to see. She looks at the mountainous mess in her house and says "I think I can make a basement, ze. Just need to borrow some tools from Kourin."

During the rest of the day, everyone was looking for way to cool themselves up in the hot summer day. Some getting into bodies of water, while others simply stayed in-door, doing nothing and lying on the floor, or just going about their daily lives. At the Misty Lake, under the water, Kimi is in her dragon form, eating some fishes that pass by her. After swallowing, she stares around under the water for some time. A sudden flash passes by her mind, and she sees a red lake with no life in it. Only the color of scarlet as far as she can see. Just like that, the image leaves her. She shakes her head and turns back into her human form, flying above the lake and looking down to it, then says "Scarlet.... The Scarlet Lake. That was your name before, wasn't it?" Kimi smirks and says "hmph! I better work this slowly... if I do it too quickly, I might attract unwanted attention." She glares at Cirno, Daiyousei, and three more fairies, that unknown to her, are known as the three mischievous fairies. Kimi looks to the other side of the lake. It's much more quite and more deserted. She smiles and thinks "that's where I'll start. Yeah. The Scarlet Lake will return to it's full glory, and all will be thanks to me." She flies to that deserted area and says to herself "better get started."

Night at Enetei. Eirin gets out of her bed and notices Kaguya and Tewi are both sleeping by now. She smiles and rushes to the kitchen, grabs some leftover food, bites down hard on the peach-filled rice ball, then smirks as she chews contently. After eating, she walks outside to look at the moon and the stars. As if analyzing them, she stares on and on, and lightly bumps her right fist onto her left open palm under her chest, then enters the mansion once more. Meanwhile, at the Moriya Shrine, Kanako sits on top of one of her logs on the lake, lost in deep thought. She looks back to the shrine, just as Sanae turns off the light in her room, then looks to the entrance and notices Suwako, sitting like a frog on the porch, singing "auuu auuu~!" Kanako smiles, then flies back down. She walks next to Suwako and asks "Having fun there?" Suwako smiles and says "just blessing the night before bed. Auuuu~" Kanako enters the living room, and the second she sits next to the table, dog Ail gets up from beside Budou, who is coloring in one of Sanae's old coloring books, then heads straight to Kanako, wagging his tail at her as he gets closer. Kanako smiles back, grabs him by the back of his neck, then places him on her lap. He yawns widely and immediately falls asleep. Kanako continues to pet him in the ears as Suwako enters the shrine and says "Budou, Phredia? Ready to go to sleep?" Phredia flies to Suwako and nods, but Budou yawns and asks "aww, do I have to?" Suwako chuckles and says "come on, you'll sleep in my room tonight." Budou smiles with a sleepy expression, barely able to keep her eyes open as she somberly gets up on her feet and stumbles after Suwako, yawning and saying "good night, papa. Good night, gramma Kanako." Kanako happily replies "good night. Have sweet dreams." After everyone leaves, and Kanako is sure nobody is coming out of their rooms, she waves her hands, making a small gust of wind enter the shrine and turn off all the lamps in the room. She grabs her mirror, making it glow light-blue, mouths a few words, then the light shrinks to the size of a small marble, then floats around Ail, and enters his chest, hiding inside his heart. Kanako whispers "I'm doing this for you and Sanae. You'll thank me when all this is over." She grabs him and gives him a light hug, then places him on top of the table, where he curls up and continues to sleep. With a serious look on her face, Kanako returns to her room, but before entering the door, doubt festers her thoughts, and for a moment, she thinks of getting her mirror back, but she wills herself to enter that room and shut the door tight behind her.

Morning at Entei. Tewi wakes up after the rays of the sun hit her straight in the eye. She moment she opens her still sleepy eyes, she notices Kaguya next to her and the many rabbits she usually sleeps with. At first she thinks nothing of it, but slowly, questions as to "why" pop in her head. She yawns and stretches as she says "probably bored again." She looks around and slowly she realizes the roof is not there. She lets out a low "huh?" as she continues to look around, and slowly, she realizes she is outside the mansion. Finally, the realization hits her, then she rapidly crawls to Kaguya and shakes up to wake her up, sweating and saying "Kaguya! Princess, wake up!" Kaguya mumbles "uuh~ Not now. I gotta get that extra life!" Tewi stands up and smirks wickedly. She jumps in the air and lands straight on to Kaguya's back, making her wake up by force, and with a sore back as a bonus. Glaring at Tewi and rubbing her back as best to her abilities, Kaguya says "you better have a good excuse to pull something like that on me or I'll-" Tewi grabs Kaguya's head, then makes her turn to face the mansion. Steel plates cover the windows and the door. Mounds of dead leaves, surrounding a few large round patches of unsettled dirt, and two mean-looking robot rabbits with flamethrowers inside their jagged teethed mouths. Kaguya stares at all of that and says "this is the last time I'm letting you and Eirin remodel the mansion!" Tewi scoffs and says "you idiot, we've been kicked out!" Kaguya continues to smiles at Tewi, as if she didn't hear anything. Slowly, the realization of Tewi's words reach her. Her pupils start spinning, her smile twists, and her hair stands on end as she spring up and shouts "KICKED OUT!? NO, that's IMPOSSIBLE!" Kaguya storms to the house, shouting "Eirin! Eirin, you come out here THIS INSTANT! Eirin!" Tewi grabs Kaguya and pulls her back hard just as three bamboo spikes rise fast and hard from under one of the dead leave piles. Both Kaguya and Tewi stare awestruck, their eyes wide open and their pupils so small, they are barely visible. They sweat and continue to stare a the bamboo spikes as they slowly retract back underground. Tewi gulps and says "something tells me Eirin doesn't want us in there..." Kaguya, in a blank state, asks "what just happened?" From inside, Eirin opens a window and stares back outside. Kaguya shouts "EIRIN! What the meaning of this!?" Tewi says "look at that woman... that's not our Eirin." Kaguya notices the shoulder-length hair and gasps in horror after realizing the woman inside the house, is none other than Shadow Eirin. Tewi looks seriously at Kaguya and says "we've been tricked." The black rabbit stares back at S-Eirin and says "I hate getting tricked like that. I should have seen this coming!" To their surprise, one of the white rabbis jumps by the traps and go straight to the steel door, then starts tackling it, but is unsuccessful. Tewi stares at the rabbit as it hops back to her and says "fun fun, let's have some fun!" Tewi smirks with a wicked sense of accomplishment as she says to Kaguya "hey, princess. I think I know how we can do this." Various small violet yin-yang orbs hover unnoticed around Tewi and Kaguya as they get behind some make-shift covers made with some bamboo shoots.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Yukari is, once again, installing her game system to the large violet yin-yang, and as soon as she turns it on, the images of a beautiful young woman, and a small girl appear on the hologram screen. The moment it turns on, Budou free herself from Sanae along with dog Ail on her hands and runs straight to the image, then starts watching the screen in awe. Sanae playfully says "well, that sure got her attention." Ail replies "don't blame her. I LOVED video games back in the outside world." Dog Reimu suspiciously says "Yukari. Who are we helping this time?" Yukari covers her face with her fan and says "fu fu fu~ Perceptive. We'll be helping out Entei today." Sanae asks "Entei? Are they ok?" Ail asks "can I play?" Yukari smiles and says "wouldn't have it any other way, deary." Ail picks the second controller, then Budou grabs him and sits him on her lap, asking "what's all of this, papa?" Ail replies "this is a video game. Although, this time I have my doubts. Anyway, we use these controllers to help the characters in the screen move and defend themselves, thus, winning the game." Budou and Phredia look at each other quite surprised, then Budou says "and papa's going to win!" Reimu laughs and says "he's only beaten me once in these things. He doesn't stand a chance!" Ail sweats, but says nothing. Yukari says "well, the game's about to begin." Both Ail and Reimu wag their tails rapidly, but just before the game starts, Rika grabs Reimu and sits her on her lap, saying "the tea and snacks are ready, so if it's ok, I want to watch too." Reimu wags her tail very fast and says "sure. Watch me beat Ail all you want!" Sanae gets closer to watch the game, and as she grabs her teacup she says "now, now. Keep it clean and friendly." Reimu puffs her cheeks and says "I don't cheat!" Reimu selects the young woman, who has lots of intelligence and clever points, but lacks speed and power points. Ail is forced to choose the little girl, who has excessive amounts of clever and speed points, but lacks some intelligence and has little power points. Ail smirks and says "that's Tewi, alright."

At Entei, Tewi finishes saying to the rabbits "and remember, the unsettled dirt patches are holes. Only ONE rabbit may pass at a time. Don't forget those piles of leaves, as those spikes can be quite painful. When you get to the door, don't forget two of you are needed to deactivate those metal rabbits, and you'll need at least 10 to tackle that door down. Did I make myself clear!?" All the rabbits are wearing a green cap on their heads, all saluting Tewi, who wears a larger green cap, and a star on the left side of her chest. Kaguya smiles and says "now remember. If one of you dies, we'll have to eat you." Tewi's eyes cast in shadow and sweats, and all the rabbits just stare at Kaguya, who giggles, winks and sticks out her tongue, saying "just kiddi~ng." Everyone's in position. Tewi and Kaguya both have a small platoon of 20 white rabbits each. The rabbits excitedly say "yes, let's bring down the house!" "Dibs on the last carrot!" "I'll~ be back!" Inside the mansion, S-Eirin stares on with wonderment in her eyes, but the moment she notices Tewi and Kaguya staring at her, she smiles and waves her fingers at them. Tewi says "let's do this! Front line, 1 through 5, GO!" Kaguya says "front and middle line, 1 through 8, go and win!" Tewi looks at Kaguya's bamboo cover and looking a bit annoyed, she asks "why are you sending so many?" Kaguya says "I'm a princess. I know what I'm doing." At the Hakurei Shrine, in the game screen says "Reimu is being a smarty-pants!" Budou pats Ail's ears and asks "papa, what does that mean?" Annoyed, Ail answers "it means Reimu is cheating!" Reimu and Rika stick their tongues out at Ail, then Reimu says "don't mind him, Budou. He's just being a sore loser right from the start." Budou stares at Yukari for a moment and says "lady gramma? What does sore loser mean?" Yukari sweats while forcing a smile and says "lucky for you, Ail, she's so cute. And that means he doesn't like losing, and will probably throw a tantrum after doing just that." Budou smiles and says "ooh~! Papa, you're not gonna do that, right?" Ail sweats and says "they're just trying to get to me." Reimu's eyes are covered in shadow as she silently smirks. Again, Budou's face fills with wonderment, but Sanae pats her head and says "just watch the screen, sweetie."

At Entei, Tewi's rabbits get too close to one of the pile of leaves and activate the spikes, but thankfully it only startles them. Kaguya's rabbits split into two groups of 4, and slowly progress through the traps. Once close to the holes, Tewi and Kaguya's rabbits pass 1 by 1, and immediately after two of them reach the porch, they quickly stomp hard on the mechanical rabbits, shutting them down just before they start spitting fire. Shortly after, 4 more rabbits arrive at the door and start tackling it hard. Tewi raises her fist in victory and says "alright, we're in! 6 through 8 go, go, go!" 3 more rabbits from Tewi's platoon start to go through the many traps, however, none of the pile of leaves activate. S-Eirin, from inside the house, looks to the door as it is being tackled. She blows a puff of air, puffing her cheeks in the process, then grabs a simple remote with a blue button on it, then presses the button. From the inactive leaf piles come black rabbits with red eyes that grab the white rabbits that haven't made it through the hole by their ears, spin them in the air, then fling them away to the forest. As they pass above their leader's heads, they shout "weee~" "I can see my house from here!" "But I don't have wings yet!" The last one shouts some obscene words that make even Tewi blush. A total of 6 rabbits, 3 from each platoon, are sent flying back to the forest by the overpowered black rabbits. Tewi bites down hard on her thumb-nail with jagged teeth and says "darn! I didn't see THIS coming!" Kaguya shouts back "What now? Only 4 of them made it to the door, while the other two are on the mecha-rabbits." Tewi shouts back "I'm thinking, I'm thinking!" She turns to face S-Eirin at the window and shouts "hey you! Get out of our mansion!" S-Eirin smiles, then lifts her right arm up with her hand balled into a fist, then flips her middle finger and thumb open, smiling even wider. She looks at her arm with curiosity, but then smiles again the moment she turns to face Tewi. Tewi's face turns red and steam comes out her ears as she stomps on the ground, furiously shouting "that is IT! No more games!" She grabs a glass mug with beer from under her dress, gulps it down while holding her arms on her waist, then throws the empty mug away as soon as it's done. She stares at Kaguya and says "Let's send 5 each. Spread them out and have at least two of them distract the black rabbits!" Kaguya nods with a serious face, turns to her platoon and says "you heard her! 9 through 13, move and spread out! Number 12, try to get the black rabbits' attention!" Tewi orders her platoon "spread around, and you, number 9, make sure the black rabbits don't get any others! MOVE OUT!"

At the Hakurei Shrine, Ail finishes saying "so we work together, kick her out, then we go for sudden death, alright?" Reimu nods and says "but I swear, if you start crying after losing, I'm biting your tail!" Ail nods and says "agreed." Budou sniffles and asks "wh-what? Su-sudden death? No! Papa, Hakurei sis. Don't fight!" Ail looks at Budou, who's nose is a bit runny and her eyes are filled with tears. Ail chuckles and says "it's ok, Budou. In a game, sudden death means the first one to score immediately wins." Rika, in a soothing tone of voice, adds "don't worry little child. Miss Reimu and mister Ail are really good friends. They would never fight. Right?" Budou smiles, while everyone else, but Yukari, seem to be blushing, entranced by Rika's sudden soothing voice. Yukari, in a teasing tone says "hey~ The game's starting again~! *giggle*" Ail and Reimu are both shocked at the sight of the field. It's been expanded, with a small maze added right before the traps. Yukari chuckles and says "well, it seems Eirin's shadow has some surprises of her own."

At Entei, Tewi and Kaguya both stare with their eyes cast in shadow as they realize the field has expanded, adding a small maze in front of the traps, and some more of those black rabbits for good measure. Awestruck, Tewi says "K-Ka... Kaguya, did you see that!?" Kaguya covers her mouth with her sleeve as she looks on very serious and says "it appears she has some of Eirin's powers!" Tewi shouts "send in two more!!! 14, 15, go and assist!" Kaguya points to the mansion and says "14 and 15, make your princess proud!" From an overhead view, the white rabbits seem lost inside the maze, while the black rabbits actively hunt down the white rabbits, grabbing two of them already and flinging them back to the forest, both saying "hey, what's up?" "Can't we all just get along?" just as they pass over their commanders. Tewi growls, but quickly notices one of the white rabbits has grabbed one of the back rabbits by the ears, and is striking it against the ground, swinging it above it's head just to strike it down hard on the other side. The black rabbit breaks to pieces, revealing mechanical parts inside. Tewi's eyes glint along with Kaguya's as they both grin wickedly and shout "PLATOON! DESTROY THOSE ROBOTS!" Soon, the maze becomes a battlefield, and both black and white rabbits fly around all over the field until there are only three white rabbits and two black rabbits left. Excited, Tewi shouts "15 through 20, GO AND PLOW THAT FIELD FLAT!!!!" Kaguya calmly says "go my brave little soldiers, and claim victory!" The last 10 rabbits march toward the small maze, eating it up rapidly, shouting "on to victory~!" "Fun for all!" "Can someone lend me a fiver?" "This maze tastes like mochi." The other three rabbits destroy the remaining black rabbits, then join the other 10, leveling the maze and going through all the traps with ease, all passing 1 by 1 through the holes again, then, as soon as enough of them make it through, they go to the door and with their combined strength, they knock down the steel door. From outside, Tewi and Kaguya watch as S-Eirin stares surprised and scared toward the door as the white rabbits knock it down and immediately rush to her, knocking her to the ground. Tewi jumps with her fist in the air shouts "YE-HEH-HEA! Teach her never to mess with US!" Kaguya smiles and covers her mouth with her sleeve while saying "finally we get to go inside. This sun is killing me!" Their celebration stops when Tewi realizes something, then asks "wait, why aren't they coming out?" Tewi flies high enough to see inside through the window, where the rabbits surround S-Eirin as she pets them all, while sitting on the ground with them. Tewi clenches her fist and says "why you little traitors!" Kaguya says "Inaba, why not just fly over there and set them straight?" Tewi realizes she can fly and smacks her own face hard with her left hand. She quickly recovers and rushes to the front entrance, saying "I'm gonna get that shadow and those little traitors and--" Before she can finish her sentence, a bucket of oil falls on her the second she flies inside the mansion. She takes off the bucket from her head and stares angrily at S-Eirin, saying "you're gonna have to do better than THAT if you want to stop--" From the floor below, a set of flame-throwers activate and send fire straight at Tewi, who desperately flies back outside, screaming in pain, shouting "the fire! It bu~rns!" Tewi lands right beside Kaguya, who shouts "drop on the ground!" As soon as Tewi drops on the ground and starts rolling, Kaguya fires a blast of energy that lifts a lot of dirt that lands on top of Tewi, successfully turning off the fire.

After coming out of the mound of dirt burned and covered in dirt, Tewi whispers "thanks. I owe you one." Kaguya sighs and says "she's just too smart. How are we going to beat her now?" Tewi rubs her chin and says "I'll think of something!" The sound of footsteps make Tewi and Kaguya look back at the Mansion's gate and gasp with a smile on their faces. Tewi exclaims "Reisen and Eirin!" Kaguya adds "the REAL Eirin!" Eirin and Reisen smile, then Eirin launches and arrow that splits into many red beams, destroying all the bamboo spike traps at once. Reisen shouts "here comes the cavalry!" as she shoots a large red bullet that explodes next to the mechanical rabbits, blasting both out of the way, but creating a thick smoke that blocks the view from the entrance. Eirin shouts "behind me!" A red and blue beam that twist around each other flies straight at Eirin, who deflects to with her bow, then takes three arrows from her quiver and points at the mansion's entrance. Eirin says "Udonge, you blocked out our field of vision!" Reisen snaps back "I'm just trying to help, geez!" The smoke clears and Eirin sights her shadow, who looks exactly like her, only with shorter hair. Eirin asks "what is it you want?" S-Eirin points at the mansion without turning away from Eirin, then gets an arrow from her quiver, pointing at Eirin immediately. Eirin smirks and chuckles, then says "well then, you are gutsy. Alright... on 3." S-Eirin nods and continues to point at Eirin. The wind blows hard past them, making a few leaves pass right in front of them, and the moment they pass by, Eirin shouts "THREE!" S-Eirin unleashes her arrow that turns into a red and blue beam that twist around each other as they fly straight to Eirin. Eirin fires all three arrows at the same time, unleashing five red and blue beams that twist around each other. The one in the center intercepts S-Eirin's attack, while the two below intercepts a second beam hidden under the first, while the two top beams combine and strike S-Eirin in the head, shattering her body and turning her into black dust almost immediately, the wind blowing her away to nothing. Eirin turns around, takes a deep breath and with a smile in her face, she says "So glad to be home." Kaguya and Tewi smile back, then Kaguya runs to give Eirin a light hug, then walks toward Reisen, and says "I'm glad to see you're back, Inaba. We all missed you." Reisen smiles back, but doesn't respond at all. Tewi stares suspiciously at Reisen, but then smiles and says "you must be so tired. Come, let's go inside, so you can rest." Kaguya is the first to enter the mansion, followed closely by Eirin, while Tewi leads Reisen through the hole S-Eirin had dug. The moment her right foot touches the trap, she uses her left foot to impulse herself back while grabbing Tewi by the back of her shirt and pulling her into the hole instead. From inside the hole, Tewi shouts "oww, oww~! What the-!?" She looks up to Reisen, who is smirking at her with her left eyes half open, giving Tewi a very bad feeling. She rubs her eyes and looks at Reisen again, and instead, she smiles back a Tewi very naturally and chuckles, then says "you're gonna have to find new tricks." Tewi jumps out of the hole, but sits on the edge, looking at Reisen with wonder as she enters the mansion.

At the Hakurei Shrine, both Ail and Reimu look glum and annoyed toward the screen as it says "The End. Winner: Eirin Yagokoro" With shadows covering their eyes, the two dogs stare at the screen, when Ail suddenly asks "what the hell was that?" Reimu adds "Yukari, what was the point of this!? Eirin isn't even here!" Yukari smiles tenderly and says "seems Eirin returned home just as you two messed up." Reimu starts growling while Ail, in an annoyed tone of voice asks "then why did we even play this in the first place? Look, even our score is tied! I demand a do-over!" Budou stares at Reimu, then back at Ail, then asks "lady gramma? Is that what a sore loser looks like?" Yukari opens her fan and thinks "that's so unfairly cute" but says "why, yes dear. Those two are a good example of sore losers." Reimu says "ok, that's the last straw!" then starts barking and trying to break free form Rika's grasp, who says "my lady! Please, calm down! My lady!" Somehow, Reimu manages to summon the strength to drag Rika along with her while chasing Yukari, who simply floats away, smiling and saying "aww, don't be like that. I promise, next game will be much better." Back inside, Ail stares at Budou for a moment, then says "you know, I wanna try that too." He starts growling, then barking, and runs after Yukari who shouts "oh, not you too. Such adorable little puppies!" Inside the shrine, Sanae pats Budou on the head and says "seems your papa's having fun." Budou raises her head to look at Sanae and smiles as she says "yeah! Hakurei sis seems to be having fun also!" Phredia flies in front of Budou's face, then points her finger at the little bat's nose. Budou, sounding disappointed, says "Aww~ Ok, I'll stay here with mama, and mama 2" Somehow, Mima has knocked Sanae to the side, while she grabs Budou and sits her on her lap, and with a smile on her face, Mima shouts "GO~ Reimu. Bite that ankle! Ail, go for the butt! Woo~" Outside, Yukari floats in circles around the shrine while smiling and saying "come and get me. Aww~ is that all you got, little pups?" Ail continues to chase Yukari as best he can, running on all four legs and barking like crazy, while Reimu continues to bark and uses her two front legs as Rika continues to hold her back legs, being dragged all over the grounds and shouting "miss Reimu, you have to calm down!" Finally, Reimu manages to free herself from Rika and sprints very suddenly, catching Yukari's ankle, making her scream in pain and floating around in circles a lot faster, while Ail continues to give chase, and Rika running behind them, shouting "miss Reimu, please, calm down!"

Night falls, and after Ran and Chen arrive at the Shrine, they manage to calm Reimu down. While everyone else it in the shrine, Ail is outside, rolling on the ground next to some bushes. A rustling sound close by unsettles Ail, making him sniff around, trying to catch any foreign sent in the air, but nothing. He resumes his rolling around, wagging his tail as he does, then stops again, lifting his left ear and sniffing around again. He sits on the ground, calms down, then scratches behind his ear with his back legs and says "uuu~, this feels so good. Guess being a dog isn't that bad." From behind him a girl shouts "BOO~!" Ail runs back to the shrine as fast as he can, yelping and whining with his tail between his legs. Kogasa sits on the ground, right where Ail was before, laughing and patting her belly, saying "he's even more of a chicken when he's a dog! HAHAHAHAHA!" An arm with a white and blue sleeve grabs Kogasa by the back of her neck, then drags her against her will to the shrine, saying "you REALLY should stop picking on him." Kogasa exclaims "m-miss Sanae! I-I'm sorry~!" Sanae keeps dragging her and angrily replies too late little karakasa! You're going to have to take responsibility now!" Inside the shrine, Reimu sits on the table with a large piece of paper and a feather almost as tall as she is on her little hands. She looks at Sanae, who says to her "she will be my temporary partner from now on. This way, I can keep and eye on her!" Reimu replies "good. Now, let's see, what should we call you?" Kogasa complains "now WAIT a minute! Don't I get a say in this!?" Sanae smiles in a wicked manner and says "well, I can always hunt you." Kogasa sweats and grabs her umbrella, hugs it tightly, and while trembling she says "p-p-p-partner... s-s-sounds g-go-good." Reimu then says "how about 'Windy Surprise'?" Sanae smiles and says "that sounds AMAZING! Thanks Reimu." Kogasa is about to complain again, but a glint in Sanae's left eye convinces her to keep quiet. Reimu writes down the name on the list, then says "ok, good. Now, Rika if you please-" Rika comes from the kitchen when Budou says "wait, what about us!" Chen and Budou stand in front of the table, smiling at Reimu. Reimu asks "you? What about you?" Budou cries "we are a team! Chen and I!" Chen adds "don't you dare think any less from us!" Reimu smiles and a small pink heart floats from her head, however, she keeps her cool look and says "alright. How about I call your team 'Batty Cat'?" Budou flaps her wings, asking "really~!" Chen adds "that sounds... weird." Reimu already writes down the name, when Ran, who is holding Ail, says "no, that won't do!" Ail adds "call them-" Ran and Ail at the same time say "Impossibly Adorable!" Without questioning, Reimu adds the name next to "Batty Cat" and both Budou and Chen complain "hey, that's not fair!" Mima grabs both from behind and snuggles them on her cheeks as she whispers "don't worry girls. Just show them what you're made of, and they'll give you whatever name you want." Both Budou and Chen smile, then hug Mima's neck, both saying "thank you miss Mima." Hearts float all over Mima's head and a little bit of blood runs from her nose. Phredia stares at the trailing blood as she hovers just in front of Mima's face, then covers her mouth as she silently giggles, then flies behind Budou's hair, hiding in it as she always does.

At Entei, Reisen bends on her window, letting half of her torso outside and whispers "don't be a fool. Wait until I have them all in my grasp. THEN you can make your move." A knock on the door startles her,making her spring up and back inside the room. Eirin enters her room and asks "is something wrong? Who are you talking to?" Eirin notices Reisen has taken off her tie and unbuttoned the top of her shirt. Reisen stares back at Eirin suspiciously and says "you must be hearing things. I'm just silently watching the stars." Eirin keeps quiet for a moment, then says "alright. Well, you have a good night. I'll see you in the morning." then smiles as she slides the door close. Reisen smirks in a most wicked manner and her eyes start glowing aqua as she replies in a sinister undertone "yes. I'll certainly see YOU in the morning, you old hag." The sliding doors burst open and Eirin smiles with a dangerous aura around her and asks "did you say something?" S-Reisen acts just like the real Reisen now, and shivers as she says "n-no, of course not. You're just tired, so you better go to sleep. Heh-heh" Eirin stops smiling, and the aura around her seems to lighten up as she says "hmm *yawn* I guess I do need a good night's sleep. Good night, Udonge." S-Reisen replies "good night, m-master." After Eirin leaves, S-Reisen takes a deep breath of relief and thinks "that was close. I need to be more careful." She walks to her drawer and looks into the mirror and thinks "those two idiots were easy to fool... even though my hair looks slightly different! ...But this one." She opens the large drawer and inside is Tewi, stuffed inside on the tight drawer, trembling, tied up tightly, and mumbling through the thick black cloth covering her mouth. S-Reisen stares with an annoyed face and grabs Tewi by her neck, squeezing it tightly, making her cry some tears as she whispers "you weren't so easy to fool... but I promised her I'd give HER the pleasure of dealing with you, so you just sleep tight, little rabbit, and enjoy you last moments alive." She lets go of Tewi and closes the drawer again, staring wickedly with her right eye narrowly opened as both eyes glow aqua in the darkening room.

To be continued...

Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia and Ayalina were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot2010
Some assistance by Snapshot2010

DEC 4 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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