Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One Random Sukima 16

Night at the Misty Lake. Remilia and Patchouli fly low, heading straight to the Human Village, guessing that's where S-Remilia is headed. Remilia shouts "FORTH, Magical Scarlet!" Patchouli looks a little confused at Remilia and asks "Ma-Magical Scarlet? What are you talking about!?" Remilia smirks back and says "well, we need to have a cool name for our team, don't you think?" Patchouli pouts, and under her breath, she says "trying to compensate for something..." Remilia glares at Patchouli and in a demanding tone she asks "what was that!?" Patchouli smiles and says "oh, it's nothing at all." Remilia continues to stare at Patchouli as they fly forward to the village and after some time, Remilia calms down and says "keep your guard up Patchy. That UGLY fake could be anywhere!" Patchouli smirks again, then says "don't worry. I can sense she's still up ahead." From the dark sky, a gold washtub falls straight on Patchouli's head, making her shout "mukyu!" and fall to the ground. Remilia shouts "dammit, Patchy! I told you to keep your guard up!" Following Patchouli down, Remilia finds the witch with her face buried under the ground and trying to pull herself free. Remilia grabs her by the back of her robe and lightly pulls on her, freeing her immediately. Patchouli asks "was... was that a washtub?" Remilia finds the washtub and stares at it, seemingly calm. She unleashes her claws and strikes it over and over, shredding the golden washtub into bits, then lifts to the air, contently sighing and saying "that felt good. Come on Patchy." Patchouli finishes dusting off her hat, and as soon as she puts it back on, she lifts to the air and follows after Remilia, glancing back at the shredded washtub for a moment, then quickly turning around. From one of the thin shreds, Agava wiggles away in her shadow form, then manages to turn back to her human from, sitting on the ground and holding her head as her eyes spin in place. Rumia comes out of hiding from one of the trees with a smile on her face and says "I wa~rned you~!" Agava replies "ah, shut up. All 5 of you!" All 5 Rumias extend their arms in the air and asks "Is that so~?"

Meanwhile, at Makai, in the Palace of Pandemonium. Alice finally wakes up on her old bed, in her old bedroom, and somehow, she still fits in that old bed, however, it's a little tight. She looks around for a moment, slowly remembering everything that happened, then her stomach rumbles so loud, the sound bounces off the walls, creating a surrounding rumble all over. Shinki enters the room along with Shanghai and Hourai and immediately smiles and says "Alice, you had me so worried." Alice asks "mom... What happened? Is everyone alright? What happened to Yuki's shadow!?" Shinki pats Alice on the head while Shanghai says "that shadow got what she deserved with a pow, and a pichiun, and then a bat on the face!" Hourai adds "miss Yuki seemed very pleased with herself after that." Alice faces Shinki and says "I'm so sorry, mom. I was useless after all." She lowers her head and says "I'm so sorry!" Shinki smiles and pats the back of Alice's head and says "you've been helping us non-stop since the moment we left your house. You hadn't eaten in days." Yumeko enters with a tray full of plates, a pitcher, two teacups, some cakes, and some flowers for adornment. Shinki says "come, eat. Yumeko and I prepared this just for you!" Alice continues to look down to her feet as she sits next to Shinki on the edge of the bed, then Yumeko smiles and says "lady Shinki and I worked so hard on this meal for you. If you don't eat it, we'll get offended!" Alice raises her head, looks at Yumeko, then back at Shinki, smiles, and with tears in her eyes she says "just like old times. Alright then." Shanghai twirls in the air next to Alice and says "see Hourai, I told you miss Alice would be alright!" Hourai crosses her arms across her chest, nods and says "yes, I do remember telling you that earlier." Shanghai quickly flies around Hourai and says "nah-ah! You said miss Alice would never wake up!" Alice giggles, getting the attention of the dolls, smiles at them, then says "that doesn't matter, right? The important thing is that I am ok." Just after saying that, Alice takes a bite of the rice with red sauce, opens her eyes wide, then says "wow, this is even better than I remember!" Shinki and Yumeko smile, then think at the same time "good, she didn't notice the volcano sauce and water." Meanwhile, just outside the palace's gates, Yuki, wearing her usual clothes and her hair as messy as ever, sits next to a bonfire, where she has eels, potatoes and meats on sticks cooking beside the fire, while she holds another stick with many branches, all filled with marshmallows. Marisa walks to her and casually says "ah, you changed back to your old clothes I see, ze." Yuki nods with a most wicked smile on her face. Marisa then says "oy, umm, I was wondering if you'd still help me with something back home." Yuki turns to Marisa and with a smile, she says "sure thing. You helped us out a lot, so it's only natural I help you as well!" Marisa smiles back for some time until she realizes something, then asks "and what did you do with that pink dress?" Yuki's smiles turns twisted, her neck twists until she's facing the fire, and in a wicked undertone she says "it burns in the hottest fires of the deepest hell, right where it belongs!" Marisa sweats and backs away from the seemingly possessed Yuki, then asks "but wait. Isn't that dress too pink for that?" Just as she finishes her question, the bonfire suddenly bursts, pushing Yuki and Marisa to the ground as it turns pink, turning the meats, the eels and even the marshmallows and the sticks to pink. Marisa and Yuki get up from the floor and watch the pink fire turning everything near it to pink. Yuki covers her eyes as she cries waterfalls and runs back into the palace, crying "pink, pink PI~NK! It's just too PI~NK!!!" Marisa smirks, grabs one of the eels, takes a bite, then says "heh, that girl's gonna be traumatized from a while, ze. Ooh, this is really good... Tastes sweet."

Back at Gensokyo, Remilia stops abruptly just outside the Human Village. She signals Patchouli to stop, then both look around, searching for an unsettling slurping sound. Remilia gasps and whispers "Patchouli, bubble-shield, now!" Patchouli whispers "Water Sign - Jellyfish Princess" and surrounds herself with a watery bubble, then Follows Remilia as she descends. On a tree right in front of them, S-Remilia smacks her blood-covered lips and sighs with satisfaction as she lets go of the dried up body of one of the villagers, letting it hit the ground with a loud thud. Remilia glares back at her shadow as she cleans the blood off her face with her forearm and says "ahh, that was satisfying... but I'm still a little thirsty." Remilia stares at the villager's corpse, then growls and says "how DARE you brake the pact with Reimu!" Angrily, S-Remilia shouts back "I made NO PACT with no stinking human!" Remilia shouts back "you are a COPY OF ME! You are BOUND by the pact I made that night." Remilia stretches her wings, bares her claws, and like a flash, she cuts the tree in which S-Remilia is on, takes the villager's corpse away from the falling tree, then fires a scarlet aura bat toward the air, striking S-Remilia as she tries to attack Patchouli. S-Remilia yelps as she is blown back and to the ground by Remilia's simple attack. Remilia smirks and says "it takes more than a sexy BODY to make a true princess of the night!" Panting, S-Remilia stands up with her face blazing red with rage, breathing heavily and trying to keep herself calm. Remilia snickers and says "what's the matter? Scared of the real Remilia? That's so good to know." S-Remilia calms down and flips her long black hair away from her face, saying "humph! I just need a little more sustenance." She smiles, points at her breasts again, and says "besides, I still got THESE you little brat! You can only DREAM of a body like this!" Remilia fires small red aura bats, red daggers, dirt, rocks, and one large boulder straight at S-Remilia, who laughs as she flies away to the village, avoiding being hit and making Remilia even madder as she shouts "come back here and say that to my FACE, you hot and sexy..." Remilia stops talking for a moment, then realizes what she is saying. Her face turns red, her eyes burn with fire, and she grabs her hat, rips it in half, then shouts "Patchouli, let's GET that thing, NOW!" Remilia flies ahead as fast as she can, while Patchouli covers her mouth in order to avoid being heard as she laughs at Remilia as she follows. From behind them, hiding behind the trees, Parsee watches as her eyes glow green. She bites down on her thumb's finger-nail and says "so much JEALOUSY! What a treat! I can't let this pass!" then follows after Remilia and Patchouli, as quietly as she can.

At the village, Maribel and Renko sit on their living room, each reading a book on magic, enjoying some snacks and tea, when a sudden cry for help unsettles them, ruining their peaceful moment. Maribel looks at Renko and says "that was mister Kirochi!" Renko nods and quickly gets up before Maribel and says "let's investigate!" They quietly leave the house, Renko holding on to an oil lamp as they cautiously looking around for any signs of danger. A loud thud to their right gets their attention and Renko points her oil lamp straight toward the source to find a dried up body lying on the ground. Maribel and Renko shriek at the sight. Maribel softly asks "mi-mister Kirochi?" They get no reply, and Maribel starts hyperventilating, trying to hold herself from crying, but Renko points her lamp just above them and spots S-Remilia, who hisses at them, showing them her blood-covered mouth and fangs. Maribel asks in a demanding tone "YOU~! Did you kill that poor man!?" S-Remilia cackles and says "oh, will you look at that. Little humans demanding ME to speak!" She hisses at them, bearing claws and fangs and shouts "you can both go to hell!" then swoops down on them, making Maribel and Renko jump out of the way just in time. Renko gets a cut from one of the shadow's claws, and Maribel immediately worried, but Renko tells her "it's just a scratch, Mary!" Maribel grabs Renko, and in an intuition impulse, she pulls herself and Renko away, just as S-Remilia swoops down again, miraculously missing them. They land on their backs on the ground and Maribel shouts "Renko, use magic!" At first, Renko looks around, feeling confused and her mind in a blank, but she closes her eyes and almost immediately she is surrounded by 8 sharp stakes made of rocks, tree roots and earth. 3 of those stakes fly straight toward the shadow vampire, who confidently hovers in the air with a smug smile on her face and spreading her arms, welcoming the attack. One of the stakes flies just above her head, while another goes just underneath her feet. She starts to laugh as the third stake passes right through her wing, but the moment it does, she stops laughing and stares silently at the two girls as they stand up from the ground, Renko immediately grabbing her lantern and pointing it at the shadow. S-Remilia grabs hold of her wing and falls to the ground, blowing at it and constantly patting it. Even though there's no fire, steam flows from the hole made by that third stake, the hole expanding as well. Maribel says "look! Your stake harmed it!" Renko looks at the stakes floating all around her with awe, then fires tree more straight at the shadow's head. S-Remilia opens her eye wide and hisses again, spitting blood as she does, then says "more... I need more!" then flies away in time to avoid the stakes. Maribel exclaims "we have to stop her! She's going to kill more people!" Renko says "first, let's get Kyo and Luna to help, and then...!" Remilia and Patchouli fly by, Remilia shouting "come BACK here you FAKE!" Maribel and Renko look at each other, then immediately run on the ground, chasing after Remilia and Patchouli. Closely behind is Parsee, giggling and saying "so much jealousy~! This is GOOD!"

It's close to midnight now, and Patchouli and Remilia arrive at Keine's school, following S-Remilia all through the village. Remilia points to the school and says "that useless history teacher lives there. She could help us." Patchouli nods, then says "seems my apprentice and her friend are also following us." Remilia casually says "let them. They could prove useful." Patchouli smiles casually, then follows as Remilia swoops down and enters the school as soon as she lands on the ground. Maribel and Renko arrive just as Patchouli enters the building, glancing at Renko just before she goes in. Renko says "come on, Mary. They want us to follow." Maribel asks "how do you know?" Renko smiles as she looks at Maribel and says "let's just go." As they enter the school, Parsee peeks inside through one of the windows and says "whoa... that teacher's got issues." Inside the building, Maribel and Renko dodge a red laser that flies just past them. Inside, Remilia and Patchouli duck on the floor, covering themselves with whatever they can. Remilia shouts "you two get out of here! She's under the shadow's spell!" Maribel and Renko drop to the ground the moment the lasers go through the walls and almost strike them. Renko shouts "Mary! You've dealt with this before! It's Pseudo-History The Legend of Gensokyo, right?" Maribel nods and says "but last time it wasn't THIS intense!" Renko shouts "you know what your powers do to her. GO!" Maribel looks back at Renko with a serious expression, then nods and gets up. Immediately she is grazed by red lasers and petals, but manages to keep on her feet. She positions herself between the lasers and petals, raises her right arm and rapidly fires pink and red heart-shaped bullets straight at Keine. The history teacher turns her attention to Maribel the moment the first heart hits her, and Maribel sees her eyes glowing red and an expression of anger fills the normally peaceful teacher. Maribel shakes off the sudden shock and continues to fire her hearts, now dodging as best as she can, since Keine is firing quicker and is changing her pattern, although only slightly. Patchouli raises her head and shouts "shoot her in the forehead!" Maribel nods while still facing Keine and concentrates her fire on Keine's head. Finally, after the first set of hearts hit, Keine starts acting funny, her eyes closing shut and her body starts wobbling. Soon after, Keine's spell cancels out and the history teacher falls on the floor with a smile on her face, her right thumb in her mouth and whispering "peach" then giggles.

Quietly, Remilia, Patchouli, Renko and Maribel walk outside, quietly closing the door behind them. Remilia looks to the stars and says "this is dangerous. She can hypnotize others to do her bidding. Somehow... that really irritates me." From beside the school wall, Parsee's eyes glow green as she stares at Remilia with a smile on her face. Patchouli walks to Renko and asks "may I see those two stakes you're carrying?" Renko, looking a little surprised, pulls the rocky stakes. Patchouli grabs one, smiles and says "not bad at all. You are getting better at this." Renko blushes and says "thanks. I-I've been practicing." Remilia shouts "everyone get ready!" Upon looking around they realize they are now surrounded by hypnotized male villagers with glowing red eyes. Renko shouts "sorry guys, not interested!" Maribel whispers to Renko "I don't think they are looking for a date." Just above them, holding an unconscious girl with short curvy black hair, S-Remilia cackles and says "and now I recover my full strength!" She violently bites down hard on the girl's neck, spilling some blood all around her, as well as making a mess around her mouth. Maribel cries "no~!" Renko shouts "that's Mirida!" Maribel gasps in horror and fires various pink hearts straight at the shadow, but all her attacks seem to go right through her. Remilia, looking angry and ready to strike, her eyes and lips trembling, looks at Maribel and says "it's too late. She's gone." Mirida's body prunes and dries up, then S-Remilia take a content deep breath as the veins in her body and her eyes glow bright orange. She lets go of the body as she slowly turns to face Maribel with a smile on her face, then says "if you want to be next, you should just ask, little girl!" S-Remilia flies straight to Maribel. Renko calls for Maribel and grabs one of her stakes and throws it to the shadow, missing miserably. The shadow looks like a blur now, but Remilia intercepts the shadow just as she reaches Maribel, glaring straight into the shadows eyes with rage building up inside her. Remilia looks back at Patchouli for a second and shouts "SOLAR FLARE!!!", then both vampires start moving so fast, they look like blurs in the night skies. Patchouli opens a book with a spell card in it and starts chanting. Maribel kneels on the ground, looking at Mirida's body and letting tears escape her eyes. Renko kneels in front of Maribel and grabs her shoulders, shaking her lightly and saying "Mary, now is not the time! We have to protect Patchouli while she casts her spell!" Maribel looks away, letting out a small whimper, then Renko shakes her a little more violently and shouts "Mary! Come on, I need your help!" Maribel snaps out of her trance, looks at Renko in the eyes and asks "what should we do?" Renko smiles and says "let's use what Reimu taught us." Maribel smiles and gets up alongside Renko, both staring at the hypnotized villagers, ready to attack.

Parsee continues to hide behind the school, staring at Remilia and S-Remilia as they battle, smiling widely as her eyes glow intensely and saying "I-I've never felt this much jealousy coming from one single entity before. It's just so amazing!" Remilia and S-Remilia match each others moves perfectly, to the point that Remilia thinks "this... is impossible! How can she be as fast as me. I am the strongest and fastest being in this world! How DARE she mock me. I will make her pay for this!" Suddenly, Remilia notices S-Remilia's chest bouncing around with each strike. Remilia's face turns red, then she shouts "DIE you cheap mockery of a vampire!" S-Remilia notices Remilia's jealousy and with a naughty tone of voice, while matching Remilia's attacks she says "oh, I see. You are jealous of my perfection and my well-shaped body, aren't you? Don't worry. I'm sure there's some sick bastard out there who'd want someone that looks like such a brat like yourself!" Remilia's eyes glow green for a second as she growls and grabs S-Remilia's wings, and in a second, she pulls them both off, making the shadow vampire scream in pain and falling straight to the ground. S-Remilia stands up, her face twisted as the pain from her broken wings courses through her. She looks around and sees Renko and Maribel beating up her hypnotized men with martial arts, Parsee with her glowing green eyes up in the roof staring at Remilia, and Patchouli chanting as a sun-like light generates itself right in front of her book. S-Remilia manages to suppress the pain and says "oh~ boys~! That witch is trying to burn me. Be good little servants and do something about it." Renko and Maribel stop for a moment to stare at the shadow, but that single moment is enough for the hypnotized men to grab their arms and throw them away, then they all walk slowly to Patchouli. Remilia shouts "Patchy, get OUT of there!" then flies straight to her, but S-Remilia manages to jump high enough to kick Remilia straight to Parsee, knocking the jealousy youkai off the roof and Remilia back inside the school through the roof. Patchouli loses her concentration, ending her spell-casting, then looks around herself to realize she is completely surrounded by the hypnotized men. She starts to hyperventilate as she looks around, feeling trapped. Flashes of her calling for help as she's surrounded by many villagers fly by her mind, making her tremble violently and crouch on the ground, holding her book on her head, hoping it'll protect her, clenching her eyes shut. After some time she realizes nothing happens, so she slightly opens her right eye, then sees a flower right in front of her. All the males have gifts and flowers, all pointed at her, then one of them says in a zombified voice "marry me~!" Another says "no~, marry me~!" Another shouts "for~get them~! Marry me instea~d!" Patchouli looks around again, blushing beet red, as some of the men start fighting over her. She tries to calm them down saying "wait, no.... you don't understand, I don't want any- Wait, no, stop!"

Maribel and Renko feel a little reluctant to approach the zombie lovers and save Patchouli, but Renko looks to Maribel, who looks back with a determined look, then both nod at the same time. They run to the crowd and grab one of the men, then Patchouli shouts "no, it's ok! They won't harm me! Go help Remilia! She's inside the school!" Renko asks "are you sure!?" Patchouli shouts "GO! I'll be fine!" Renko looks back at Maribel, then both shrug and head straight to the school. Patchouli says "alright boys. Let me cast this rain spell, alright? EHH?" The men lift her up, shaping their arms as if they were chairs and armrests. Patchouli smiles and says "well, this should make it easier." From her left, a teacup reaches her hand just as she flips the page on her book and says "ah, here it is." then starts chanting. Inside the school, Remilia and S-Remilia lock hands and push against each other, clenching their teeth and glaring at each other straight in the eyes. Maribel asks "Renko, what should we do?" Renko grabs her last stake and says "we have to finish this now, before that other vampire escapes!" Renko tries to enter the classroom where the vampires fight, but a sudden release of energy from both vampires sends her back to the guest room. Maribel checks on Renko and asks "are you ok?" Renko rubs her head and asks "what was that!?" Outside, a sudden downpour traps the shadow vampire inside the school, and rain is falling into the classroom from the hole on the roof made by Remilia's body. Remilia smiles and says "I have to remember to thank Patchy later!" S-Remilia looks out the window and notices all her hypnotized men holding Patchouli on a man-made throne, while others hold umbrellas above her head. Patchouli smiles and waves back at the shadow, who growls and says "I'm gonna kill that witch after I'm done with you!" Remilia smirks and says "first you have to try and defeat me, you faker!" Remilia lifts S-Remilia by her hands, surprising the shadow as she is unable to break free at all, then Remilia throws her straight to where the rain is entering through. The moment the water touches her skin, S-Remilia feels as if acid is eating through her skin. Remilia holds her in place, smiling and saying "a weakling like you doesn't deserve to claim to be a princess of the night. BOW to your princess, you FAKE!" Remilia pushes hard against the shadow, forcing her to bow down as the water from the rain melts her body, but S-Remilia smirks and says "you will never be my princess!" She summons an unusual amount of energy and blasts Remilia with a black aura spell at point-blank range, sending half of her flying back against a wall. She stands under the rain, and even though the water still burns her, her skin recomposes itself, healing faster than the rain can melt her. She cackles and expands her arms, her wings slowly growing back as she shouts "watch as I become the one and only TRUE princess of the night!" S-Remilia's face freezes as it is, smiling wickedly, taking the water head on as Remilia manages to stand up, even though she is missing half of her torso, and stares back at the shadow. Remilia's frown quickly turns to a smile and says "see, something like that would NEVER have happened to me!" S-Remilia screams as Renko's stake pushes right through her her chest. She looks behind her with horror-struck eyes and sees Renko behind her, then says "you-you wicked little hu-human!" She tries to strike Renko with her claws, but does so with no strength on her and only manages to tap Renko on her shoulder. Soon after, her body shatters and turns to black sand that gets washed away as the water continues to pour down from the skies.

Outside the school, Patchouli looks down at the men and says "look, it's not that I don't appreciate your help, but really, I'm not interested. Put me down already." The men stare at her for a moment, then turn their attention to the tip of the school's roof, where Shou Toramaru lands and shouts "lady Hijiri~! Where are you!?" She slumps and says "oh, ever since she teamed up with Minamitsu, she doesn't even say hi to me anymore! That's not FAIR!" She twirls in place and shouts "I will NOT allow this! I will find them and JOIN them, even if they don't want me to!" Without realizing it, her skirt gets caught on a small roof ornament and gets ripped off, exposing her underwear for all to see. The men drop Patchouli to to the ground and all but a few get nosebleeds. By now, Shou notices her skirt is off and on the roof. She blushes and quickly grabs the skirt and tries to put it back on, then says "eep! Toramaru, you fool! You need to be more careful!" The men talk to each other and asks "did she say Toramaru?" "That's what she said." "Yes, I heard her call herself Toramaru." Patchouli gets up from the ground, angrily asking "oww, what was that fo-" All men, at the same time exclaim "TORAMARU~~! Tora!!! Tora-chan~! Tora-Tora~!" Shou notices the men and still blushing and sweating she shouts "wait, no! Look away, LOOK AWAY!!" The men continue to stare, pulling flowers and gift boxes out of nowhere, then start walking toward her. Shou cries "GET AWAY FROM ME~! WAAAHHH! Please save me Hijiri~!" then quickly flies to the temple, the men running after her. Patchouli stands in place with her eyes cast in shadow and her mouth slightly open in the shape of a small triangle as she says "mukyu~! She's not even CLOSE to my level!" From behind some bushes, Parsee gets up from the ground, rubbing her head and crying "ow~ What happened to me... oh?" She stares at Patchouli and snickers as she says "ooh~ I sense even more jealousy~!"

The doors of the school burst open, startling everyone and causing the village men to stop on their tracks. Furiously, Maribel shouts "this ISN'T the time for stupidity! We have two dead people here. HAVE SOME SHAME!!!" Remilia looks casually away from Maribel and says "make that three... She got someone else. I left the body just outside the village." The men look to the girl's corpse and one shouts "that's Mirida!" another exclaims "the shoemaker's daughter!?" Renko then says "close to our house you'll find the body of Mr.Kirochi" One of the men asks "the baker?" Patchouli joins Remilia and the others, just as Keine comes out from the school holding her head and asking "whe-where did you leave the other?" Patchouli calmly says "just outside the village, to the east." Keine, holding back her tears and rage as her face slowly turns red, says "p-please inform miss Reimu. All 4 of you. I-" A tear escapes Keine as she says "I'll take care of this *sob*" Maribel places her hand on Keine's shoulder and says "please, miss Keine. Don't blame yourself. She caught you off-guard. There was nothing-" Keine sniffles and wipes the tears off her cheek and says "I should have been able to sense her. Now go! Tell Reimu!" She pushes Maribel's hand away, then flies away to the east. Maribel turns to face Remilia and gets shocked when she realizes Remilia's torso is completely restored, and she's using her wing to cover herself up as Patchouli places her robe on her. Remilia says "thanks Patchy. Don't look so surprised, girl. I'm a vampire after all." Patchouli smiles and says "let's just go and tell Reimu." Renko pats Maribel's shoulder and says "come on, Mary. The night's not over yet." Maribel nods and sighs, then gasps and says "wait! We should get Luna and Kyo too!" Patchouli and Remilia look at each other and at the same time ask "what for?" Before Maribel answers, Kyo's voice from a few feet away asks "yes. What for, huh?" Kyo, Luna and Medicine stand in front of them, Kyo carrying the baker's body wrapped in a white sheet, staring back at the four girls, expecting an explanation.

While flying to the shrine, Remilia explains everything to everyone. Kyo, who is carrying Renko on his arms, looks back at Remilia and asks "well, couldn't you have killed it BEFORE it got dark?" Renko strikes Kyo on the head and angrily says "if she COULD she WOULD have, you insensitive jerk!" Kyo asks "you wanna fall down?" Patchouli adds "Renko, I told you to ALWAYS carry at least one of your charmed items." Renko replies "well forgive me for not... oh wait, I still got that other thing." She drops from Kyo's hands and flies along-side Maribel and smiles. Kyo looks annoyed and says "that's the last time I carry them around." Luna smiles dangerously as she gets closer to Kyo and asks "were you saying something?" then throws herself at him, making him carry her all the way to the shrine after he replies "n-no... it's nothing!"

Arriving at the shrine, Renko looks to the skies at the stars and says "Reimu's gonna get mad at us. It's 3 in the morning." Remilia hides her eyes under a shadow as she seriously says "this is important. She'll understand." Remilia quickly walks to the shrine's entrance, and when Patchouli follows, she says "no! Let me do this. It's... my responsibility." Remilia walks straight to the doors and without thinking for another second, she bangs hard on the door and calls "Reimu~! Reimu, wake up! This is important! Reimu Hakurei!" From inside, Rika's sleepy voice says "*yawn* coming... I'm coming." Rika slowly opens her door, revealing a bear design sleeping dress. She rubs her eyes and asks "y-yes, what is it?" She looks down and wakes up as she exclaims "miss Remilia!" She looks around and sees Kyo, Renko, Maribel and Medicine looking back at her, and Patchouli and Luna looking at the stars, lost in thought. Rika asks "whoa... what happened?" Remilia says in a demanding tone "I need to see Reimu, now!" Rika, sounding a bit confused, says "we-what? Umm, look, miss Reimu can't see you now, miss Remilia. You'll have to come ba-" Remilia pushes Rika away and shouts "Reimu! I need to speak to you!" Rika gets mad, and again gets in Remilia's way, just before she opens Reimu's room door and says "look, I told you, miss Reimu can't see you right now!" From besides the table, Budou gets up from the ground along with Phredia, both rubbing their eyes and Budou asking "wh-what is it... is it morning?" From beside her, in a squeaky voice, dog-Ail says "it's alright Budou, Phredia. Go back to sleep." Budou yawns again, then quickly falls asleep while Phredia encases herself and Budou inside a sound-proof barrier. Dog-Ail reveals himself and says "Rika... I think you better get Reimu. Remilia... calm down. She'll go get Reimu." Remilia stares back at Ail, then her eyes expand widely along with her mouth, then she asks "you're... a dog again?" From outside, Kyo can be heard laughing hard and saying "no way! He's a dog again!?" Luna asks "again? He's been a dog before?" Patchouli smiles and says "he does look better as a dog." Renko just sweats and Medicine stares quietly. Maribel squeals and says "wow, you look so cute!" then rushes to Ail and grabs him, giving him a big hug, making him puff his cheeks and expel some air, saying "here we go again!" From Reimu's room, a squeaky high-pitched voice says "it HAS to be serious if you even though you had to come here, and at these hours, no less!" Remilia flinches and slowly turns her trembling head to see Reimu, only a foot tall, big black eyes, a pair of ears and a tail on her. Remilia trembles, her eyes expanding even more, then asks "like him? A dog, just like him?" Dog-Reimu sighs and says "Ail was right, this is going to be hell." From Reimu's room comes Suika, sleepily saying "could someone shut that hyena up?" Rika asks "hyena?" Outside, Kyo laughs so hard, he's rolling on the ground and crying as he rolls around, shouting "hahahaha, dogs! The-they're dogs! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Dogs, oh my~! HAHAHAHA I'm gonna have FUN here!"

Inside the shrine, after Luna forcefully calms Kyo down with a punch to the head, Remilia bows her head as she kneels in front of dog-Reimu and says "Reimu, I failed you. My shadow... she... she killed three villagers and there was nothing I could do about it!" Reimu gasps, then asks "Remilia, this isn't funny! 3 villagers? Are you positive!?" Maribel cries "she killed Mr. Kirochi, the baker, and miss Mirida!" Ail gasps and asks "Mi-Mirida? that crazy girl that made that weird swimsuit contest?" Maribel bawls "she was preparing antohe~r!!!" Reimu sighs and says "this is terrible, and at the worst possible time!" Reimu notices Remilia looking down to the ground and clenching her own skirt through Patchouli's robe, then says "Remilia, relax. You may be powerful, but you too have limits. You did all you could, I have no doubts about that." Remilia raises her sight to meet Reimu's, even though if it's just a foot from the ground, then says "I will not allow this to happen again, Reimu. I promise." Reimu looks up to Remilia and says "you better go home and rest now. Rika, Suika, come with me. I need to teach you two something." Suika takes a drink from her gourd and says "right away." Rika nods and says "as you wish, my lady!" Quickly, Reimu retreats to her room, promptly followed by Rika and Suika, then closes the door. Remilia stares at the door for a moment, gets up from the floor and says "Patchouli... let's go home." Patchouli sits next to the sleeping Budou and Maribel, and constantly pats Ail on the ear, then turns to her mistress and says "alright, my lady." She pats Ail's ear one last time and says "you should make the change permanent." then flies away after Remilia. Kyo swings a bone in front of Ail, smiling widely as he does, making Ail's eyes spin as if in a trance and follow the bone with his sight. Medicine says "leave the dog-man alone." Kyo jokingly says "Patchouli is right, you SHOULD make the change permanent. You look a whole lot move cuddly and wuvable, you wittle puppy!" Without realizing it, Kyo no longer has the bone in his hands. He looks around for a bit until Luna pokes him on the shoulder, then points outside. Ail grabbed the bone and is now running on all four legs to the back of the shrine, quickly digs a hole, places the bone in it, covers it up, then curls himself on top of the mound of dirt, yawns and falls asleep. Luna says "that's so cute!" Medicine adds "we should take him home!" Kyo can't hold on and starts laughing again as hard as he can, but Luna punches him in the gut, then points at Maribel and Renko. Both have fallen asleep, sitting next to Budou. Kyo whispers "oh... heh, better get dog-boy in here, then head back home ourselves." Luna kisses Kyo on the cheek and says "you can have good ideas from time to time."

Morning at the Misty Lake. Cirno and Daiyousei fly around the lake, Cirno boasting about being such a genius and about begin the strongest, as always, and Daiyousei agreeing, but also helping Cirno see a few flaws in the day's plan. From the bushes, S-Ail watches, thinking "I am so damned hungry! I can't even concentrate on avenging you, my love! Those two... they look tasty, darling. I'll feast on them, and when I'm finally satisfied, I'll go and avenge you without fail!" He stands up, revealing himself from behind the bushes, then shouts "I will have my revenge on that blasted maiden and her stupid-looking boyfriend!" From behind him a thunderous woman voice says "maiden, huh?" It happens so fast, S-Ail doesn't even see what happens. Kimi, in her dragon from, rushes to him with her mouth wide open, then rapidly chomps down on him and chews on him quite contently. She smacks her lips and some black clouds seep from inside her mouth. She gulps and says "a shadow..." She turns back into her human form and says "not just any shadow. This guy had merged with another." She pats her abdomen and says "well, thanks to him, I got even more power. Not a bad taste either." She notices the two fairies shaking as they stare at her, down by the lake. She smirks and asks "what? You want to be dessert or something?" Both fairies shake their heads rapidly, then fly away as fast as they can, Cirno saying "sh-she's lucky I'm not in the mood to fight!" From behind, Meiling shouts "YOU!! What are you doing back here!? You should be dead!" Kimi stares back at Meiling, then looks at herself and says "we look too much alike!" She grabs the front of her dress and rips half of it off, leaving the back-side as long as it was before, and the front covering down to half her thighs. She grabs the empty star from her beret and places it to the left, then opens up her vest. She looks at Meiling a little bit and says "wait..." She grabs her undergarments and rips them off to thigh-length and sighs as she says "yeah, much better." Meiling stares at her as she says "now I feel much better." Meiling asks "you don't want to kill me anymore?" Kimi answers "I promised I wouldn't... besides, who would want a boring life like yours. I rather be free!" Meiling sweats but says nothing. Kimi waves at her and says "see you later red-head!" Meiling shouts "hey! You have red hair too!" Kimi answers "oy~ My hair is light orange... not flaming scarlet like yours. Plus, I'm much better than you in many ways, little red-head." Kimi widens her eyes, letting Meiling see into her eyes. Her right eye looks the same as last time. Red with a black lizard-like pupil. Her left eye, however, now looks black with a red round pupil that looks like it's surrounded by white flames, yet still keeping the lizard-like properties in the center. Meiling gasps and Kimi smiles and says "word of advice. Keep away from me, and I won't harm you. Got that?" Meiling stands staring back at Kimi, her shadow, as she walks away farther into the lake, getting inside the water and sinking under at as she does.

Meanwhile, at Entei, Eirin quietly arrives and is immediately greeted by Tewi, who shouts "you're finally back! Did you find the Udonge!?" Eirin stares back at Tewi, but doesn't reply or acknowledge anything. From inside, Kaguya smiles and says "Eirin, finally. I was getting worried. I though you forgot your way back." Again, Eirin doesn't respond. She just smiles and waves at Kaguya, then heads inside, walking straight to her room. Kaguya and Tewi look at each other, then Tewi asks "maybe she's depressed?" Kaguya stares to Eirin's room for a moment, then says "well, maybe old age finally caught up to her. She might be needing rest." Inside her Room, Eirin stares into the mirror, steady and unblinking. She grabs her long hair and unties the ribbon at the bottom, then stares into the mirror again. She grabs a pair of scissors from one of the drawers on the desk and immediately she cuts off a massive chunk of her hair, leaving it shoulder-length. She smiles as she looks back at the mirror, then, after kicking away the long chunk of hair, she goes to her bed and immediately falls asleep. At the Hakurei Shrine, many villagers have gathered carrying three caskets with them. Some cry, while others curse the vampires. Other complain the moment Rika and Suika, both wearing Reimu's clothes, come out the shrine instead of Reimu. Rika signals the villagers to calm down and says "I'm sorry, but due to some circumstances, miss Reimu won't be able to perform the ceremony. Please, understand." One of the male villagers asks "is she ill?" Suika says "you could say that." An elderly woman says "don't worry. Suika will do a splendid job, as always." Rika and Suika look at each other, then Suika says "what? An oni can be a shrine maiden too." From the skies, a silver washtub with star designs on it falls right on top of Suika's head, but gets caught in her horns, saving her from a full impact. Rika and the villagers all stare with awe and surprise, then Suika says "ah, it seems it's going to rain today..."

To be continued...

Characters, scenario and spell cards belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia, Kyo, Luna, Agava and Kimi were created by Willie G.R
Rika was created by Snapshot 2010
Some assistance by Snapshot 2010

NOV 30 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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