Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Misplaced Sukima P-3

And so, at Gensokyo there is a plan to get Ail and Maribel back from Makai is in motion. After enlisting the aid of Iku Nagae, Reimu returns to the shrine, followed quietly by Tenshi Hinanai. Meanwhile at Makai, Ail and Maribel are being treated as guest, however Yumeko is treating them, particularly Ail, with hostility. It's only a matter of time before a fight breaks out.

Ail wakes up to a beautiful morning at Makai. There was only one window in his room, and he had to fly up to see through it. The sky was beautiful, fluffy white clouds all over, a beautiful light shining down to the dead land, however there was no sun. "Two days in here and I still can't get used to the sunless sky. Ah well... it's still beautiful." Ail said to himself while he continued to look outside. He comes down and heads to the door, and immediately upon opening it, he is greeted by Maribel. "Good morning, mister Ail. Had a good sleep?" Ail gets a little startled. He wasn't expecting her to be up so early, but he smiles at her and says "yes, thanks for asking. How about you?" She sighs and says "it was the most wonderful sleep I've ever had... Did you know with these cat ears, I can hear things from very far away?" Ail smiles and nods saying "is that so? You seem to like those ears huh?" then he thinks "dang, that Mima. Why did she want me to turn to a cat? I've already been half-dog... why half cat too?" and while he thinks this, Maribel says "are you kidding? I hope I can keep them! It's the most magical thing that has happened to me *giggle*. Plus, they make me look REALLY cute, don't you think?" She wiggle those ears and Ails turns around to hide his face which was bright red again, but after he does, her realizes Yumeko was right behind him, her nose dripping some blood. She uses a handkerchief and cleans herself up and says "breakfast is served. My lady Shinki will be waiting for you." She casually walks toward Maribel, Ail looking at her suspiciously, as if waiting for a sudden attack. Yumeko turns to Maribel and politely says "please, follow me." then she turns to Ail with a murderous look in her face and says "you can follow if you want." Ail bows his head saying "thank you." and as they went to dinning room Ail thinks "I better find a way out of here soon or there's going to be trouble."

At Gensokyo, at the mountains way behind the Hakurei Shrine, Nitori works diligently on her machine. Reimu was just watching Nitori work, while Renko would help her as much as she could, and Keine and Mima would bring food and drinks. Sounding quite casual, Reimu asks "how long will it take you to finish that machine?" Nitori, naturally, gets a bit annoyed and says "well, miss maiden, even with some HELP, it might take me at least two days to finish this, IF all goes at planned." Reimu lazily looks back at Nitori and says "nothing ever goes according to plan, so I guess It'll take a couple of days, huh?" Nitori turns back around and resumes working on her machine, without answering Reimu. Reimu yawns, then starts flying back to the shrine saying "fine, I'll leave you alone then. Geez, what a pain." Upon arriving at the shrine, Reimu immediately notices something was missing, so after landing she rushes inside the shrine, but it was empty. "Crap, where is she!?" Reimu looks all around the shrine, then gasps and says "wait... she DIDN'T! I must stop her!" and just as Reimu rushes to the gate, Tenshi gets in her way saying "Reimu! You have to fight me!" Reimu glares at her and says "not now, not NOW! Yorihime's gone and-" "Excuses will not save you! You MUST fight with me!" interrupted Tenshi. Reimu slaps her forehead hard and asks "and WHY must I fight with you!?" Tenshi smiles and says "I caused an incident. I closed off all the exits at the village!" Reimu lazily looks at Tenshi saying "and...?" Tenshi sweats a little and then adds "a-a-and, err...and I... planted a peach, right under your shrine!" Reimu keeps looking quite uninterested and says "it won't grow without water or sunlight." Tenshi opens her eyes wide and says "FINE, you smart-ass!!! Take THIS!" She snaps her fingers, and a large keystone falls on the shrine, breaking a large chunk off the roof and the floor. Tenshi grins as Reimu looks at her shrine and shouts "what the he~ll! What the hell was that for, you annoying celestial!? Ooh, you're gonna GET IT!" Immediately, Reimu takes her gohei and starts pummeling Tenshi to the ground, then she kicks her hard, sending her spinning in the air, then she sends various homing charms at her, then teleports and shoots various needles and just before Tenshi falls to the ground, Reimu grabs a spell card and shouts "DIVINE ARTS! OMNIDIRECTIONAL DEMON BINDING CIRCLE!" An expansive barrier forms around Reimu, who was just under Tenshi, hitting her hard with the spell.

At the Human village, Yorihime kept sneaking around and asking people about Eirin and the Moon Princess Kaguya. Everyone just looked at her funny and she was just about to give up, but then... "excuse me, young child." says Yorihime, as a child walks by with a book on history on his hands. The boy turns around and just stares at her as she asks "pardon me for bothering you, but I am looking for a woman named Eirin. She wears red and blue clothes with symbols of constellations on them, and her hat has a red cross on it." The child looks at her funny, and just before Yorihime gives up, the child says "can't say that I know her, but I do know there are some strange aliens living in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. One of them wears clothes like that. Maybe it's her." Yorihime smiles and says "yes, it HAS to be her. Thank you so much. Err.. where's the-" the child points behind her and smiles. Yorihime rubs the child's head saying "thank you very much!" and heads to exit the village, but suddenly she notices something strange and decides to hide behind one of the houses. It was Reisen. Yorihime could not believe her eyes... her old pet, Reisen, was right there. She wanted to get closer, but she though that Reisen might just run away if she did. She noticed Reisen carrying a lot of medicine with her. Yorihime thinks "no doubt about it. Reisen and Eirin are together. Those are Eirin's medicines alright. What luck, to find little Reisen here, and now she's going to lead me straight to Eirin, I'm sure. Most certainly, Princess Kaguya is with them as well. Ooh, this is gonna be great!" Yorihime waited for Reisen to finish what she was doing and started to follow her back to Entei. Reisen was no fool and knew someone was following her, so she uses her powers and try and confuse her pursuer, however Yorihime remained unaffected. Reisen thinks "what's this? Whoever is following me is either immune to my powers... or quite determined. I better make my stand now, before it's too late." Reisen turns around quickly and shouts "who's there!? Show yourself! What is it that you want from me!?" but nobody answered. Reisen kept looking around, pointing her finger all around. From behind her, Yorihime says "it's been a while, hasn't it, Reisen?" Reisen turns around and points her finger at Yorihime, not realizing who she was. Yorihime just kept smiling at her, and slowly, her memories about Yorihime and Toyohime came back. Reisen opens her eyes as wide as she could, then drops her guard, the backpack and quickly backs away, whimpering. Yorihime looks at her a bit surprised and says "Reisen? Are you alright? You look as though you've just seen a ghost or something." Reisen kept backing away until she reached a wall of bamboo and couldn't back away anymore. She started to tremble so violently, she dropped to the ground saying "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry."

At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu was besides herself with anger and yelling "and you BETTER make it look like NEW, you HEAR!" Tenshi, full of bruises, bumps and yet still smiling, was fixing the damaged she caused to the shrine all by herself. Mima arrives at the shrine with empty plates and cups and says "whoa..! Hey Reimu, what happened to the shrine?" Reimu glares at Mima and smiles that blood-thirsty smile and says "nothing some mighty and annoying celestial can fix!" Mima's face turns blue as she shakes and says "alright, alright. I'm sorry!" and then she rushes inside the shrine whimpering "I was JUST asking what happened. It's not like I did anything..." and then, as if nothing had happened, Mima says "hey Reimu. Where's the Lunarian?" Reimu snaps out of it, panics and shouts "CRAP!!! I forgot all about that!" Reimu hurriedly hands Mima a thick black whip, three charms and says "I'll go look for Yorihime. You stay here and make sure SHE finishes fixing the roof and floors and make sure she POLISHES the floor when she's done." Mima looks at Reimu a bit confused, but nods. Reimu then flies to the village in a hurry. Mima looks at Tenshi, who had just finished fixing and painting the roof. She smiles at the celestial, and then starts whipping her saying "work faster! Fix that floor, paint those wall, WORK, WORK, WORK!!!" Tenshi smiles as she hurriedly worked and said "ow! Yes, sir! Just don't stop working that whip!" Mima stops whipping Tenshi and looks at her in total disbelief and asks "huh? You actually WANT me to beat you up?" Tenshi nods with a painful, yet happy expression in her face. Mima sits down then says "fine... but first you finish fixing and polishing that floor and then-" *Bang bang bang bang! Swish swish. Mop mop mop* "DONE!" shouted Tenshi. The floors looked as if nothing had ever happened to them. Mima looked at Tenshi quite impressed but kept quiet. Tenshi keeps staring at her and says "I said I was done... hit me!" Mima was quite surprised as Tenshi said "It's ok, I'm a celestial. It won't hurt one bit!" Mima springs up and says "are you saying you WANT me to beat you up with this!?" Tenshi nods and Mima panics and tries to run away, however the charms Reimu gave her were now stuck to her hand and wouldn't allow her to leave the shrine. Tenshi smirks and says "listen, you spineless hag, if you satisfy me, I'll be glad to take those off you..." Mima gets really pissed off and shouts "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME~!!?" From outside, Keine comes with one more empty plate and two cups and heard the crack of a whip and someone inside saying "more, more master! Give me more!" Keine's face turns red and she rushes to the shrine shouting "what the HELL is going on-- *gulp* EH!?" Inside was Tenshi, crouching and holding on to her head as Mima kept beating her with the whip. When they realize Keine was there, Mima, looking shocked, and Tenshi, looking as if though in pain, but happy about it, both look back at Keine, who slowly backs away and says "err... never mind... I'll just... Yeah..." Keine walks back from where she came, her face as white as a sheet, then inside the shrine, Tenshi takes one of the charms off Mima's hand and says "two more to go, you decrepit spirit!*grin*" Mima blows fire from her mouth shouting "WHAT DID YO CALL ME!?" and so the whipping continues.

At the Bamboo Forest, Reisen was holding her ears, repeating "I'm sorry" to Yorihime, who looked quite puzzled. She gets closer to Reisen and softly says "it's alright. I understand if you don't want to go back, b--" just a Yorihime was about to touch Reisen, an arrow flies right in front of her face. She immediately flips backward and unsheathes her sword, but upon seeing who it was, she lowers her blade and lets it drop to the ground saying "i... is that you? Eirin?" Holding her bow and aiming at Yorihime, who shivers a little and says "it- it's me... Yorihime..." Eirin keeps aiming at her for a moment, then lowers her bow and says "Yorihime... how long have you been here?" Eirin smiles as Yorihime gets closer. She smiles back at Eirin and gives her a hug just as soon as they were in range of each other. Reisen gets up and picks up her backpack as quietly as she could, but stayed away from them and only looked. "I'm sorry" said Eirin, "but we can't let you go in any further." Yorihime gets back and smiles saying "I understand." Eirin looks at Reisen and says "Udonge, come say hello!" "Udonge?" asks Yorihime, "a flower?" Reisen gets closer, but wouldn't smile and kept looking down and wouldn't talk. Yorihime pats her on the head and says "you changed her name?" Eirin says "well, she needed a new name for her new life. So how are you planning to return to the moon?" Yorihime boastfully says "well, when the next full moon comes I'll... err..." Eirin smiles and says "you don't have any means to return, do you?" Yorihime looks a bit ashamed and says "err... that is..." Eirin pats her on the shoulder and says "just wait until those two kids return. They'll send you home right away." Yorihime looks at Eirin in the eyes and was about to say something, but Eirin says "I can't let you find out where we live. You must understand." and just then, a loud explosion and many curses get their attention. Kaguya and Mokou were having another one of their fights right above them. Eirin covers half of her face with her right hand and says to herself "of all the possible moments..." Yorihime looks at the two immortals go at each other, cursing each other, firing heavy energies at each other. "What's the meaning of this?" asked Yorihime. Eirin tells her "look, it's nothing. Just go back to the shrine and-" but Yorihime wasn't listening and rushed to face Mokou along side Kaguya.

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, Remilia summons Sakuya. Patchouli was beside Remilia, listening to their conversation. "Sakuya" said Remilia, "I want you to join the search party that will go inside Makai to look for Ail and Maribel." Sakuya bows, saying "as you wish, my lady... but why the sudden interest?" Remilia smiles a most wicked smile and says "I want you to scout around Makai, and bring me as much information as you can." Sakuya looks at Remilia a bit confused and Remilia continues "I want to make Makai my own. I am sure I'll impress Reimu with this, and it would also serve to show the world the power I possess!" Remilia clenches her fist while grinning as she said that. Sakuya smiles as she start to bleed through her nose, saying "you are just wonderful, my lady!" Remilia winds down and sits on her chair saying "yes, I know." Sakuya bows and says "then I shall leave at once, my lady." After Sakuya leaves, Patchouli says "my lady, are you sure about this? We don't know how powerful the beings there are." Remilia grins, bearing her fangs, saying "he~, Patchy? Do you doubt my powers?" Patchouli calmly says "of course not. It's just that I haven't really found that much information about that place. I'm worried." Remilia continues to smirk, while some shadow looms behind her, moving quietly from left to right and back. Remilia says "don't worry, Patchy. With the information we get from Sakuya, we'll be able to accomplish my goal with ease. Just wait an- KYAAH~!" Flandre quietly sneaks behind her sister and grabs her hip and starts to tickle her, startling Remilia to the point of shivering. "Onee-chan? What's the matter?" Flandre looks at her sister quite puzzled as Remilia shivers on the ground. She gets up, coughs and tries to hide her shame saying "nothing... I was just acting. Fooled you, didn't I?" Flandre giggles and says "sis, you're the best. I love you~!" Remilia looks away to hide her face and her nosebleed and very quietly says "I love you too sis..." Patchouli had buried her face in her book and was trying hard not to laugh, but she let out a bit of a chuckle. Remilia immediately gets besides Patchouli, who knew she was in trouble now and says "Flan~, it seems Patchy loves you so~ much, she wants to play with you~." Patchouli was now shaking and tried to debate that particular fact with Remilia, however Flandre had already jumped to the chair in front of her and with an angelic smile, she says "read me a story~" Remilia smiles as she leaves the room. Patchouli's face got red as she looked at Flandre's smile and feeling defeated, she asks "*sigh* what story shall I read for you, young mistress?"

Sakuya arrives at the Hakurei shrine at late noon and finds Yukari there, looking for Reimu. Immediately after landing Yukari says "if you're looking for Reimu, you'll have to get in line. Seems there's been some trouble at the alien's residence." When Sakuya looks at the direction of the Bamboo Forest, she sees large explosions. She sighs and says "how long do you think we'll have to wait?" Yukari smiles and says "Mima says they've been at it for hours." Sakuya looks around and Yukari smiles again and says "I wouldn't if I were you..." Sakuya looks inside the shrine and sees Mima and Tenshi drinking heavily and holding each other by the shoulder and singing, then Mima stops for a second and says "if only the hunk were here..." When Sakuya looks further inside, there was Suika pouring more sake in Mima's cup and says "stop complaining so much and just drink!" Tenshi then adds "hey, hey! You just pour the sake and drink with us... and then err..." Suika looks at her with a childish smile and says "we drink?" Tenshi nods saying "yeah, yeah... drink." Sakuya looks at them in shock and disbelief, then Yukari gets next to her and says with a smile "I warned you."

At the Bamboo forest, Eirin was worried, and was trying to figure a way to stop the battle. Reimu looks at Eirin and says "I already tried stopping them... it's no use. We have to wait for them to stop on their own." Eirin looks around and says "there's got to be a way. They'll destroy the forest if they-" "it's almost over" causally said Reimu, interrupting Eirin. Above the bamboo were Mokou, Kaguya and Yorihime. "Why-*pant* why are you helping her" asks Mokou who's completely out of breath. Yorihime, who was quite messed up, yet remains as fresh as when the battle began says "you are attacking princess Kaguya. You MUST be punished!" Kaguya smirks. She was a little dirty and singed, but since Yorihime was doing all of the fighting, she was just there as a backup. Mokou slowly comes back down to the ground and kneels on the floor, gasping for air. Kaguya and Yorihime both land as well, then Kaguya says "what's the matter, Mokou? Tired already? Let's say I'm the winner today and you can go home and rest, or you could get a beating and still declare myself the winner." Mokou glares at Kaguya and pulls out a spell card, shouting "Possessed by Phoenix!" Mokou's body vanishes and is replaced by a fiery Phoenix that heads straight to Kaguya, but Yorihime knocks her out of the way as the Phoenix reached her, then it started to release countless bullets all around, so many, in fact, that Yorihime had to summon Ishikoridome no Mikoto shouting "...and show us the miracles of the Mirror of Yata!" Many of the shots bounced back as if nothing, while Yorihime deflected those that were directly heading toward her with her sword. The spell card times out and Mokou reappears, falling immediately on the ground. Yorihime sheathes her sword and turns to face Eirin shouting "Eirin, why didn't you help the princess!?" Eirin smiles a very soothing and peaceful smile and says "I was trying to finish the fight quickly, but you got in the way." Yorihime shivers and quickly bows down saying "sorry, sorry, I didn't mean..." Reisen goes to Yorihime and asks "did she punish you too?" Yorihime was about to cry when she nods and shivers. Reisen hugs her bawling "they're horrible, aren't they~!" Yorihime hugs back crying "I still have nightma~res! Waaah~!" Reisen and Yorihime were crying so much that Reisen forgot to continue covering Entei with her powers, and suddenly, just like that, behind Eirin, Entei appears. Yorihime opens her eyes wide and says "so~, you were hiding this from me?" Reisen panics and suddenly notices Eirin had that evil smile, only this time it felt more ominous as she says "Udonge~~. PUNISHME~NT..."

Inside the mansion of Entei, Yorihime was treated to some tea along with Reimu. After many explosions, bangs, claps, smacks and some bloody screams, Eirin comes out of Reisen's room looking quite satisfied. She joins Reimu and Yorihime, shortly joined by Kaguya, who quickly shouts "I want tea..." and form the kitchen comes Tewi with the tea, smiling deviously and gives it to Kaguya. As soon as Kaguya takes a sip she spits it out and shouts "what is IN THIS thing!?" Tewi pulls out a bottle of hot sauce and says "some LIFE. As for me, I prefer my OWN brand of tea" and she pulls out, from under her skirt, a big glass of ale and quickly drinks it. She starts to run, Kaguya angrily shouting and chasing Tewi, trying to catch her. Yorihime looks at the scene in disbelief, but stays quiet. "This is troublesome" said Eirin, looking very upset. Reimu casually says "this was bound to happen sooner or later." Eirin stares daggers at Reimu, who simply continues to act casually. Eirin then says "I'm sorry, Yorihime, but I cannot allow you to return to the moon now. You know about the princess and our location and that would be dangerous for Udonge and Kaguya if you-" Yorihime was looking down, looking as though she was about to cry and says "Toyohime and I really miss you, and we would love it if you returned home." Eirin looks at Yorihime, who continues to talk as she looked into her teacup, but drinks none. "I won't force you to return. You must have your reasons to stay here, and honestly I don't want to know them." Eirin opens her eyes saying "but I can't let you return. You saw where we live and-" "I had a rough battle. I got hit in the head and woke up inside an abandoned mansion in a confusing bamboo forest next to Reimu, who found me unconscious on the floor." Eirin was left awestruck. Yorihime got up saying "miss Reimu? Let's go back to the shrine, please." Reimu quietly gets up and follows Yorihime out the door. Yorihime looks back one more time and says "I am so glad I was able to see you all. Please, come visit the shrine before I leave." and so, Reimu and Yorihime walk away. Eirin looks at Yorihime's teacup. "She never even touched her tea." though Eirin, who sat alone in that table, just thinking to herself. After some time, she heads to Reisen's room, kneels directly beside Reisen, and starts passing her fingers through Reisen's hair. Because of the punishment she just received, she couldn't move, however she managed to weakly say "master... no... crying..." Eirin was a bit shocked at first, but then smiles at the unconscious Reisen, then leaves.

It was getting dark by the time Reimu and Yorihime arrive at the shrine. Immediately upon landing, Yukari heads toward Reimu saying "Reimu, I have some news for you." Reimu looks at Yukari looking quite annoyed while Yorihime, who looked a bit angry, simply storms her way inside the shrine. Once inside, she screams and the sound of many bottles crashing together and breaking were accompanied by Yorihime's "what in blazes is going on here!?" and Mima and Suika answering "join the party~!" Reimu lightly shakes her head while Yukari says "well I will be able to open the gate to Makai with the help of that contraption, however you'll have to enter and come out the same way." Reimu looks at Yukari quite casually, saying "Yeah, I know. We'll have to time the operation on both sides in order to be able to get in and out safely." Yukari smiles, covers her mouth with her fan and says "oh, then there was no reason for me to tell you after all." Reimu turns to Sakuya and asks "and why are you here?" Sakuya politely bows and says "my lady requested that I joined the infiltration party." Reimu looks at her suspiciously and asks "why the sudden interest?" Sakuya smiles and says "my lady wants to play another of her games." Reimu sighs and says "even if I say no, you'll just force yourself in, so I won't stop you." Sakuya politely bows again saying "thank you." and just like that Yukari says "well, I have somewhere to be right now, so I'll be leaving." and in a matter of seconds, she opens a gap and pushes Sakuya inside, and follows immediately after. Reimu looked at the events quite annoyed and puzzled, but decides to ignore this and goes inside the shrine. Once inside she shouts "what IS all this!?" Mima says "come on Reimu, join the party!" Angrily, Reimu shouts at the top of her lungs "CLEAN UP THIS MESS!!!" then Yorihime causally says "what a strange land this is."

At morning, in the dinning room at Pandemonium, Ail, Maribel, Luize, Shinki, and two other girls were quietly eating breakfast. One of them is a blond with yellow eyes and was wearing a long black and white dress with short sleeves and a large white ribbon on the back, and also a black hat with a white ribbon on it. At first, Ail and Maribel though they were looking at Marisa, however this girl was a bit more plump, had more chest, her hat wasn't pointy, and her dress covered down to her shoes. The other girl has light-blue eyes and hair adorned with a white bow, and wears a long white dress and has small white angel wings. "So, miss Mai, miss Yuki, you are witches that control fire and ice?" asked Maribel with a smile. The blond witch boastfully says "yup! I'm a master of fire magic!" Maribel looks at her confused and says "oh wow... since your name is Yuki, I though you were the ice magician." Yuki smiles and says "Ironic, isn't it!" Mai rubs her forehead and says "could you please keep it down?" and as if not even listening, Yuki points to her left and says with a smile "she's the one that's cold as ice." Maribel wiggles her cat ears and Yuki shouts "Oh my goodness, that's so CUTE!!! Do it again!" and Maribel did just as Yumeko enters the room, getting a nosebleed almost immediately. She wipes herself clean and sits down to eat just beside Shinki. Ail was right in front of Shinki and both had finished their breakfast when Ail asks "my lady Shinki, isn't it about time you told me what happened here. Why did Reimu do all this? Why destroy Makai like that?" Yumeko springs up angrily shouting "how DARE you speak to my lady like that!? Apologize this instant!" Shinki lightly pats Yumeko on her forearm, signaling her to sit. She looks directly at Ail and says "listen carefully. If anyone is at fault of all this, it's me." Yumeko springs up again, grabs Shinki and starts hugging her tightly saying "my lady should not say things like that!" Ail gets worried and says "hey, wait! You're suffocating her!" Yumeko snaps out of it and pulls Shinki away from her. Shinki's eyes were spinning, her face was a bit red, and was mumbling incoherently. Luize takes a sip of her tea and says "my, it's been a while since we had such a rowdy morning." then Maribel asks "hey, why won't miss Sara join us?" Luize smiles and says "that stubborn girl refuses to leave her post. She says 'what if the gate opens up and I'm gone? THEN who's guarding the gate, huh?' and so, she never comes here." As Luize explains all this, Yuki stretches herself as far as she can to grab some bread, but Yumeko catches on to her, smacks her hand and says "please ASK someone to pass the bread for you, POLITELY!" then Yuki grins and says "Ail, could you pass me the bread, politely!?" Yumeko face palms herself hard as she sighs.

Right after Shinki recovered from the hug, and Yumeko cleaned the table, Shinki begins to explain about the incident with Reimu. "It was some time ago. Reimu, a mean youkai, a rude human goddess and a thief by the name of Marisa came here because a travel agency was doing some tourist expeditions to the human world. It was just tourism and they came in here blasting everyone and everything, demanding us to stop going into the human world... we weren't even doing anything wrong. It was just sightseeing!!!" Ail panics a bit and says "calm down, please. Look, if you won't want to-" but Shinki raises her hand, signaling Ail to stop. She sighs and says "sorry about that. Anyway, after blasting their way to me, they started demanding that we stopped visiting the human world. I told them it was the traveling agency at first, but they made me so mad. They were very rude, specially that thieving witch, and that human goddess!" Ail says "please, excuse me... human goddess?" Shinki looked at Ail a bit confused and says "yes. She had long green hair and wore blue clothes, and had a silly pointy hat as well... I can't believe human gods can be that rude." Ail looks away and thinks "Mima... what a LIAR!" then turns to Shinki and says "umm, that human goddess...? She's an evil spirit... not a goddess." Shinki gets up from her chair and sprouted 6 white wings, which shot various aimless white energy balls at Ail. Ail gets behind the chair and says "Ahh, I'm sorry! Didn't mean to offend you!" Suddenly, Shinki calms down and says "oh my... sorry about that." Yumeko was holding her nose high on to the air, trying to hold back the blood with a white cloth while Luize, Mai and Yuki all huddled in a corner, shivering in fear, while Maribel just stared with curiosity, still sitting on her chair.

Shinki calms down once more, and they all sit down again to continue to listen to Shinki's story. "now where was I? Oh... yeah..." Shinki lowers her eyes, getting really sad. Ail looks at her and though "you don't have to force yourself." but Shinki stares back and nods. She takes a deep breath and says "well, the thing is that after all they had done to my children and their rudeness... I started to fight with them. I couldn't stop them with normal means, so I gradually got angry and augmented my powers. They were just toying with me. I could see them laughing as I tried my best, which made me so mad! In the end, I had used so much power when I tried to stop them... I destroyed Makai in the process." Shinki closes her eyes and some tears fall to the ground. Still crying she continued "they beat me, insulted me, they hurt my children, but in the end I destroyed Makai on my own *sob*" Yumeko places her hand on Shinki's shoulder, trying to comfort her. Ail sat there quietly, resting his head on the back of his hands then says "well I am inclined to believe all that, but I can't really believe Makai was destroyed." Shinki looks at Ail confused and Ail continues saying "the land is hurt, but it's recovering... haven't you noticed?" Maribel adds "yeah, around that signpost, there were some trees coming back to life. And Sara told me birds will come back soon." Shinki keeps staring at them then Ail continues "not to mention that your children don't resent anything at all. They continue to live... and by the looks of things, as rowdy as ever" he looks at Yuki, Mai and Luize when he says this. Maribel then says "to me it sounds that all that happened was just a big accident. These things happen, you know." She wiggles her ears and smiles at Shinki. Shinki smiles back as Ail says "and thanks to that, Reimu did this..." and shows Shinki a spell card saying "...with these, Reimu managed to make us all regulate our powers so something like this never happens again. I don't know why these things happen, but they do, and for a reason, so please..." Maribel gets in front of Ail and holds Shinki's hands and says "please lady Shinki, don't be sad. If you get sad, how do you expect to rebuild Makai." Shinki looks into Maribel's eyes and beings to smile. After a while she started to cry again, however she was laughing as she did, and Maribel laughed with her, still holding her hands. Ail smiles as well, while Yumeko glares at him, so he turns his face away. Suddenly, a ball of white light comes from Shinki to Maribel, filling her up with some sort of spell, then suddenly Maribel was flying and as she did she shouts "Oh my... look, look!!!" She starts to fly around, spinning in the air, twirling and laughing and then softly lands and says "YAY!!! I can fly, I can fly~!" Shinki smiles and laughs as Ail looks at her surprised, then he too smiles and laughs as Maribel flies up once more, twirling and spinning around... until she crashed against a lamp and says "I'm ok!"

To be continued...
Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail was created by Willie G.R.

JUL 23 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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