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Another Misplaced Sukima P-2

After realizing they were in Makai and meeting Sara, Ail tries to open a gap back to Gensokyo, but he is unable to. He had used so much energy too, and had been unable to rest, and after saving Maribel one last time, he collapses out of exhaustion. Now they are at the gates of Pandemonium, Shinki's palace, Ail still asleep and Maribel anxiously waiting for Luize to return and take them inside, so she could see the palace inside with her own eyes. At Gensokyo, everyone except for Renko and a few others were overly confident Ail would find a way back from Makai at any moment. Surprisingly, yet unknown to the others, it is Patchouli Knowledge who's worried about Ail the most.

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion's library, Patchouli looks into mountains of books, looking for information on Makai, and ways to get inside. She hadn't slept at all, and neither had Koakuma, but both continued to look into the books. "Don't worry lady Patchouli... I am sure we'll find something. You'll see." said Koakuma trying to sound optimistic. Patchouli just sighs and continues reading. Suddenly, she remembers when Ail went to look for Koakuma inside that shadow world, and other events that followed. Ail spends a lot of time in the SDM, and so... has become like part of the family there. "You remember...?" suddenly says Patchouli "...when he came by on night with Marisa?" Koakuma looks at her mistress a little confused then flaps her wings on her head saying "oh yes, that night Marisa used him to steal some books, right?" "Yeah... I remember it like it was yesterday..." *FLASHBACK*

Marisa and Ail appear from the Misty Lake during darkness of the night. Marisa was holding Ail close to her, placing her arms around his waist, under his shirt. "Oh, my mister... Ail?" What is she doing here?" asks Meiling. Ail nervously waves at her while Marisa says "oy~! Just came to visit, ze?" Meiling stares at them and places her right hand index finger on her bottom lip and asks "and... uhh... why are you-?" "We're just really close friends, zei~!" abruptly said Marisa as they walked inside. She squeezes Ail and whispers "act a little more natural!" Ail then smiles normally and waves at Meiling saying "we won't be long..." and go inside the mansion. Almost immediately, a small gap opens next to Meiling and whispered on Ail's tone of voice "ple~ase help me~!" The gap closes off quickly as Meiling looks around confused and thinking "I'm starting to hear things..." Still tightly close, Marisa and Ail head directly to the underground basement and to Patchouli's library. Upon entering they are greeted by Koakuma... "err... good evening. Lady Patchouli will be most pleased by your visit... err... any particular reason why you two are so... close?" Ail waves at her, wiggling his fingers in a certain pattern, then Marisa squeezes him again and says "we're just such good friends, right?" Ail nervously says "r-right. Of course we are!" "Right this way, then." says Koakuma with a smile then says "ah, excuse me, I have to go talk to miss Sakuya. Please, tell lady Patchouli I won't be long." Soon they reach Patchouli, reading some books at her desk saying "my, you two suddenly became a couple?" Ail relaxes and says "we're just such good friends, we're just having a fun day, right!?" he says while holding his right hand pinkie up, pointing it at Patchouli and looking at Marisa, who looks back at him suspiciously, but then smiles and laughs.

Patchouli raises her eyebrows, but buries her face back into her book, saying "and why have you come here in such a splendid night? To my understanding, there are no romantic spots here." Marisa smirks and says "enough with this! I have Ail at point-blank of my Hakkero, and if you don't get me what I want, I'm going to blast him to smithereens right here!" Ail's face turns white, then blue, then purple and starts shaking as Marisa activates the Hakkero, it's warm glowing light singing his skin. Patchouli calmly raises her head and says "I'll make a deal. You let him go right now, and I will let you take all the books you want. I won't even call Sakuya... deal?" Marisa smirks and says "deal... you can have him anyway. I'm done for today, daze!" and so Marisa lets Ail go and heads to get the books. Ail trembles as he softly sits on the ground saying "th-thanks miss Patchouli." Patchouli almost smiles, saying "no problem... please you may call me Patchy if you like." Ail nods, still trembling. After a few minutes, Marisa comes by with an enormous bag full of books and smiling as she says "say, thanks for the nice haul there, Patchouli. Ail, you're not so useless after all, ze!" but then she realizes Koakuma and Sakuya are flying above her. Marisa gets mad and says "Hey~! I though we had a deal!" Patchouli calmly says "yes, we do. I'm not bothering you, and it wasn't me who called Sakuya... so I haven't broken the deal, right?" Marisa sighs and says "FINE, who's first?!"

A battle broke out above Ail and Patchouli. Sakuya and Koakuma did their best, but Marisa blasted them with her Final Spark, opening a large hole on the wall large enough for her to escape. Just as she was heading out she says "well, you did you best, but it just wasn't enough. And just so you don't think if chasing me, here..." Marisa turns around and fires her Hakkero, shouting "FINAL SPARK" without even looking where she was aiming at. The beam of light headed straight for Koakuma, but she realized too late. "Oh, CRAP, I though she was down there!" Just before the large beam hits Koakuma, Ail jumps and rushes a quick barrier, protecting Koakuma in the process, however the barrier was too thin and broke after a while, only singing him a little, thankfully. "Err..." Marisa hides her Hakkero and after seeing Koakuma was fine, she rushes out of the hole she had made, however she didn't measure the the width of the hole, breaking the large sack of books, all dropping down. "CRAP" shouted Marisa as she swoops down and manages to catch three books then leaves shouting angrily. Koakuma hugs Ail, thanking him for saving her, Patchouli smiles at him and Sakuya gracefully bows, then smiles as she pats him on the head... *FLASHBACK OVER*

As if still lost in thought, Patchouli continued to read, then Koakuma says "don't worry lady Patchouli. If someone can survive in there is him." Patchouli looks at Koakuma and says "you're right. He's almost like Reimu, in a way." Both giggle and continue reading, still hoping to find some means to help their friends.

Back at Makai, at the palace of Pandemonium, Ail was still asleep, sitting right where Luize had left him, and sitting next to him was Maribel, who was anxiously waiting to get inside. Ail starts so mumble in his sleep and moves a little, falling off the pillar he was sitting against and landing his head on Maribel's lap. She shrieks and blushes, but quickly calms down, however she couldn't stop blushing. She started to pat his head when suddenly Luize comes from inside and shouts "HEY~! Good news, Shinki will see you right away!" Maribel sprinted up and doing so, sent Ail flying down the stairs. She covers her mouth saying "oops!" and Luize saying "oh dear, that's not gonna end well for him." Just as Ail's unconscious body was about to start bouncing on the stairs, he starts to sleep-fly. Luize immediately flies after him, but just as she reached him, he activated one of his barriers, preventing her from catching him. Maribel quietly, but desperately thinks, looking around, then suddenly she gasps and shouts "FREE CANDY AND APPLES!!!" and just like that, the still unconscious Ail smiles and turns around. Luize looks at him puzzled, but just followed him. He gently lands on the floor, right next to Maribel, who sighs as Luize lands shortly after saying "wow... a male that likes sweets this much? Is he your boyfriend?" Maribel panics, shaking her head violently and shouting "n-n-no! He's just a f-f-friend!" Luize looks at her and smiles, then says "ahh, then you won't mind if I give him a little nibble? He should taste quite sweet!" Maribel repressive says "miss Luize, no! He wouldn't like that!" Luize looks at Maribel a bit disappointed and carries Ail on her shoulder saying "aww~! But it's just a nibble!" then Maribel replies "no! That's not a nice thing to do." and so they finally entered the palace, discussing the reasons why NOT to nibble on Ail.

Back at Gensokyo, at the Moriya Shrine, Sanae paces back and forth with her broom at hand, sweeping random leaves without picking them or piling them, or doing any actual sweeping at all. Suwako sat on the ground like a frog, just staring at her, then finally breaks the silence "hey, Sanae... what are you doing?" Sanae mumbles something, then Suwako says "I know you're worried about Ail, but pacing back and forth is not gonna help him." Sanae stops for a second and stares blankly at Suwako, mumbling some more, and Suwako answering "nah~! He's a good kid. A bit weird, though." Sanae continues pacing back and forth and mumbles some more. Just then, Kanako walks behind Suwako and just listens quietly. "I'm sure it's just your imagination. He's strong, he'll survive and be back before you know it." Sanae stares back at Suwako and sighs, then Suwako answers "yeah, you're right. But worrying too much will get you sick." Suwako jumps like a frog towards Sanae, takes the broom, pats Sanae's left shoulder and says "look, you go and rest, and let us handle the cooking and cleaning today, ok?" Sanae continues to stare blankly at Suwako, sighing and nodding, then slowly walks inside the shrine as Suwako replies to her "of course we can handle things here. You just go and rest." As Suwako started sweeping the leaves, Kanako approaches her and asks "you could understand all that?" Suwako smiles and says "no. I was just guessing." Kanako narrows her eyes, looking at Suwako in disbelief, then punches her on the head. "You old hag! What was that for!" shouted Suwako. "OLD HAG!? Alright, you ancient toad! You're gonna get it!" and thus a battle breaks out, danmaku flying everywhere, the leaves accompanying the shots, and Suwako shouting "at least I am younger than you!" and Kanako shouting back "don't delude yourself, you ancient fossil!"

Back at Pandemonium, an awestruck Maribel looked around the palace they continued on, ooo-ing and aaa-ing at anything, her eyes shinning with excitement, then suddenly she looks back and notices Luize licking Ail's hand as if it were a lollipop and contently saying "mmm~ so sweet, yummy!" She realizes she's being watched, so she immediately stops and tries to hide Ail's hand behind her, and then Maribel asks her "hey, miss Luize? how is it that there's daytime here, and yet there is no sun?" Nervously, Luize answers "umm, err, ah, the sun? Well think about it. This is a land for demons. The sun would purify us to extinction, so our lady Shinki blocks it so only it's light can come through." Maribel let out an "ooh~!" and turns around again, ooo-ing and aaa-ing at the palace's floors and ornaments. Luize takes the chance and grabs Ail's hand once more and starts licking it again. she stops for a moment, her lips trembling as she thought "this is too tasty... ohh... just a nibble... a small one!" and so she opens her mouth slightly, ready to take a bite and then, from beside her she hears Ail saying "now that wouldn't be a nice thing to do, would it?" Luize shrieks and throws him off her shoulders down to the floor hard. Maribel turns around to see what the fuzz was all about and shouts "oh, mister Ail, you're awake *giggle*" Ail slowly gets off the ground saying "that HURT!" Luize bows apologizing and Ail replying "it's fine, it's fine." and then he looks at his drool-covered hand and asks "err... why is my hand covered in drool?" Luize giggles nervously as Maribel jumps on Ail and hugs him saying "you're awa~ke!"

Early evening at the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu was besides herself, as Marisa and Suika invited almost everyone to Yorihime's welcoming party. Yukari has just woken up and gotten out of the broom closet, and immediately started serving drinks all around. Remilia arrived shortly after, along with Patchouli, Sakuya, and Meiling. Patchouli quietly gets closer to Reimu looking disappointed and sad, then lowers her head saying "I couldn't find anything. I'm sorry." Reimu smiles and pats her on the shoulder and says "it's ok. The important thing is you tried." When Patchouli lifts her sights, she looked as though she was about to cry. Surprised, Reimu asks "wait... Patchouli, are you... crying!?" Patchouli turns her head away and hides her eyes. Just then Marisa grabs her by the shoulder shouting "hey, this is party, daze! No frowning!" and then pulls her into the rowdy crowd. Yorihime was politely and respectfully greeting everyone, having a few small drinks and just enjoying the company. Reimu sighs and says to herself "great... now she's getting into it too. Oh crap, might as well join in." and so she goes outside and joins the crowd, Suika immediately pouring her something to drink in a small cup. At the school, Akyuu had fallen asleep, while Renko and Keine kept looking through books and scrolls. The effort seemed futile until... "this--this is it!" exclaimed Renko, then shouted loudly "LOOK!!! I found it! A way into Makai!" Keine rushes to her then reads the scroll and says "yes... you're right. You found it! We better get this to Reimu right away!" Just then, they both realize Akyuu was still asleep. They couldn't just leave her there, so Keine carries her on her back while Renko carried her scrolls and books back to her mansion.

In Makai, at Pandemonium, Luize presents herself to Ail after apologizing countless times for trying to eat him. "It's alright. The important thing is you didn't eat me." said Ail. Luize turns around, walking backwards, then smiles and giggles saying "you sure you are human?" Ail sweats a little and awkwardly nods, then Luize turns around again and Maribel saying "you know, mister Ail, that you started to fly in your sleep?" Ail looks at her a little surprised then Luize adds "yeah, that's right. You even shielded yourself." Luize grins and asks "what were you dreaming?" Maribel puts all her attention on Ail as he thinks for a bit and says "well... I remember dreaming that I was flying above some delicious ice cream mountains. I was heading to one particular mountain that had... yumm~, chocolate ice cream, drizzled with chocolate syrup, colorful yummy sprinkles, and cherry on top, and on that cherry, with spoons in her hands was Sa~~omeone waving.... yeah... someone with spoons just waving... he he he." When he stopped talking he realized Maribel was drooling while looking away and mumbling "yu~mmy~ ice cream~!" and Luize was also drooling and gazing away saying dreamily "sweet tasting huma~n..." Ail sighs with relief, thinking that nobody had noticed what he was about to say earlier, but then Maribel snaps out of it and says "so what was that about Sanae?" "Sanae? I didn't say anything about Sanae." nervously answered Ail. Maribel looks at him with a half-smile and says "you like her, don't you?" Ail blushes so much, his face looked as though it was about to burst. He looks down and nervously says "well... yeah. She a great friend." Maribel keeps looking at him with accusing eyes, grinning at him, but keeps quiet. At the Moriya Shrine, Sanae sneezes, unwillingly generating a powerful gale that sends all the leaves around the shrine, flying away. Kanako and Suwako were on the floor quite messed up. Suwako raises her head with difficulty and says "nice work Sanae... auuu~" then drops her head back down, her eyes spinning, while Kanako was lying on the floor as well, her feet against Suwako's, her eyes spinning as well and mumbles "drinks, with cake~." Sanae looks at the scene, frowns, puffs her cheeks and heads back inside the shrine.

Upon reaching a room that looked as though was made entirely of glass, Luize stops and signals Ail and Maribel to stop. They could hear footsteps getting closer, but saw nobody in the looming darkness ahead. Luize was bowing down and signals them to do the same, however Ail and Maribel were too curious about the footsteps. It suddenly got dark outside, making it harder to see further ahead and then they hear a woman's voice saying "welcome, visitors, to Pandemonium, the Palace of Makai, my world." From the darkness, smiling a most angelic smile, comes a short woman with light-blue eyes, long white hair with a small portion tied into pony tail at the top-left side of her head by a red ornament, and was wearing a long red robe which is pink around the neck. After coming to full view, Ail widens his eyes and immediately kneels respectfully, Maribel bowing politely with a smile on her face. The woman continues "well it's been some time since we've had visitors from the outside, specially since the gate to this place is sealed. You must have some power in you, young half-human." Ail gets surprised and looks directly at the woman, who was now looking at him directly into his eyes saying "*giggle* you think I wouldn't notice? Umm... could you all please get up? It's a little embarrassing talking to you like this." Ail slowly gets up, Maribel was just smiling while looking at the woman, and Luize, after getting up, gets besides the woman and says "allow my to present to you, our mother and goddess, Lady Shinki!" Ail keeps staring at Shinki as he says "so... you're the one who created this whole place?" Shinki nods her head and says "that is correct. I am the goddess that created this world and it's inhabitants. Strange that a mere half-human such as yourself could figure that out already." Ail smiles and says "let's just say a little red and white bird told me some vague details about Makai." At the Hakurei shrine, Reimu sneezes, momentarily stopping the party, then Marisa grabs her shoulder and says "you need more drinks!" then pours her more sake, which she drinks and says "gah... this is such a pain." and all around her just cheer after she drinks her cup.

Back at Makai, Ail was still looking directly into Shinki's eyes and asks "lady Shinki, can you help us get back home?" Shinki lowers her head and slowly shakes it saying "I'm sorry. It's amazing enough you entered here just like that. I don't know how you managed that, but getting out...?" Shinki starts to ponder as Maribel says "wow, Reimu never mentioned how nice you really are, my lady" and smiles, but then suddenly Ail gets right in front of Maribel, startling her, then a large dagger comes flying from the darkness, straight to her. Ail grabs it and uses it to block three more. Shinki, sounding quite surprised, says "Yumeko!? No, wait!" From the darkness comes a woman wearing a long red maid outfit, yellow wavy hair, and yellow eyes, looking at the visitors menacingly. "Lady Shinki!" shouts Yumeko. "These must be assassins sent by that evil shrine maiden to finish you off." Shinki sweats and scratches the left side of her face saying "umm... I don't think..." but Yumeko shouts "Luize, how COULD you bring these monsters here!" Luize looks awkwardly around and tries to explain, but Yumeko shouts "don't worry, Lady Shinki, I'll protect you!" Ail readies himself and says "what is it with you maids and sharp toys..? Fine, I'll be your opponent!" Yumeko grins and says "I'll take you BOTH on!" then Ail, in a menacing tone of voice says "you will leave her alone. I'm the one with the powers here, remember?" Yumeko tosses various large daggers at Maribel, who ducks and covers herself, but the daggers all stopped before reaching her. She slowly gets up and says "wow... how did I do that?" then Ail replies "Reimu taught me how to make some charms... so you'll be safe. Now, miss Yumeko. Are you sure you want to go against your lady's wishes and fight me?" As Maribel inspected herself, she noticed she had a charm on her poofy hat. Yumeko was looking at her lady and says "Lady Shinki, these monsters and in league with that shrine maiden. I am sure they-" "-if they were assassins, they would have tried to kill me already." said Shinki abruptly. Ail was still on guard when he realizes he's inside another rectangular box and says "whoa... just like when I fought Reimu... except I'm the good guy this time... ALRIGHT...!" He looks at the score board, then sees the bombs, there were 4, and then his lives... "huh..? hey WAIT A MINUTE!? Why is it that I have only 2 lives left!?" Luize giggles and says "umm... sorry, that was me... I took a small nibble from your elbow." Ail looks at his right elbow and notices the bite marks. He looks at Luize in disbelief, and so does Shinki and Maribel. She drops to the ground apologizing and saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! He was just so sweet and tasty~!" All, even Yumeko, start to sweat. Shinki then says "well, Yumeko?" Yumeko drops her guard, Ail lowering his as well. She then says "fine, but DON'T you dare think I won't be watching! One false step and you'll both be dead in a heartbeat, got it!?"

Shinki sighs and says "Yumeko, why do you question my own judgment so much? Don't you trust me?" Shinki looks at Yumeko, looking saddened. Yumeko's nose starts bleeding in jet-sprays, then she grabs her lady and gives her a big hug saying "I'm so sorry my lady! I'm just thinking about your safety is all!" Shinki's face turns red and says "uuh... that's fine... but you're... suffocating me." Yumeko lets Shinki go with an oops and an apology, then Ail says "this is all very sweet and stuff, but about us? We really want to go back home." Shinki smiles and lightly laughs and says "you are forgetting something, mister half-human?" Ail gasps, places his hand on his chest, bowing, and says "my apologies, my lady. I am Ail, short For Anilan Inmodo Leuch." Shinki smiles and says "you don't mind me calling you Ail, then?" Ail replies "it would be an honor... and this is-" Maribel was politely bowing, lifting her skirt a little and saying "I am Maribel Han, and it's a pleasure to meet you, lady Shinki." Shinki, Yumeko and Luize were huddling. Luize says "are these guys for real?" Yumeko adding "their so damned polite, it's almost sick!" then Luize says "I know. Much more polite than the last visitors. All four were so rude." Shinki then says "I know, and they are so cute too. Maybe we should help them." then Yumeko says "but my lady, what if it's all a ruse? Remember, they knocked out so many of your children before even arriving here." then Luize says "but I really think they were just defending themselves... I mean, they spent some time with Sara, and didn't do anything to her." Shinki thinks for a bit and says "let's keep a close eye on them for a few days... if they behave, we help them, alright?" All nod and disperse. They noticed Ail and Maribel were staring at them looking rather confused. Shinki awkwardly says "err.. sorry about that, heh heh heh. I am sorry, but it looks like we can't help you get out for the time being, but if you wish, you can stay here in the palace for a while." Maribel's eyes start to shine and sparkle while saying "rea~~lly~!?" Both Yumeko and Luize hold their bleeding noses, saying "that was so cute!" Ail looks at Shinki a little suspiciously and says "my lady, we don't want to be any trouble..."

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, the party had winded down and the sun was almost up. All the girls there were asleep. Tewi had fallen asleep beside Suika at the top of the large red gate in front of the shrine, while Mima was sleeping next to the hot springs beside Yukari, placing her left leg on Yukari's belly. Yorihime and Reimu were the only ones sleeping in a futon, while the rest were sleeping anywhere all around the shrine. Just as the sun was risin, Renko and Keine, both looking so tired and sleepy that they were about to fall down, reach the top of the stairs, Renko holding the scroll with the instructions on how to get to Makai. They look around and think "what a mess..." then Renko says "geez! We work our butts off for our friends and they are having a party. Should we even bother showing them this?" Keine, looking incredibly sleepy says "yeah... if we don't Reimu'll just get mad at us." Renko looks back at Keine and says "I'd be more worried about Sanae getting angry..." Keine looks at Renko puzzled and confused. Renko gets a bit annoyed and says "never mind." They head inside the shrine and reach Reimu, and when Renko was about to call her, she closes her eyes and falls straight asleep, dropping down tot he floor, next to Reimu, followed by Keine, who kneels down to get the scroll and wake up Reimu, but also falls down and immediately falls asleep just beside Renko. Reimu wakes up and looks around saying "what a pain... they all stayed here... and nobody cleaned... gah, I better start clea-" Reimu notices Renko and Keine sleeping right next to her, Renko holding on the a scroll. Reimu grabs the scroll and reads a bit then shouts "I can't believe it! This is it! A way to get Ail and Maribel back!" Just then, Patchouli wakes up, and Sanae pops from behind a tree shouting "you found a way!!?" Remilia immediately wakes up and shouts "look! Reimu found a way into Makai! Everyone, look! She did it!" Soon, everyone except Renko and Keine wake up as rowdy as they were in the evening. Reimu was trying to tell them it was Renko and Keine who had found the scroll, but they were too rowdy to listen, so she just sighs. Yorihime wakes up and asks Reimu "is every day like this over here?" Reimu casually says "more or less."

Back at Makai, Yumeko and Shinki were accompanying Ail and Maribel and take them to separate empty guest rooms. "You'll be staying here, mister Anilan." said Yumeko in a most unpleasant tone. Ail felt a bit awkward and says "look, I really don't want to be any trouble." Yumeko ignores Ail and takes Maribel to the room next to his while Shinki says "give her some time. Last time we had visitors..." Ail looks at Shinki and asks "what happened? Reimu's name is like a time-bomb here, the lands are dead, the sky always looks so sad..." Shinki lowers her sight and then lowers her head and says "after you have had some rest, I'll tell you. For now, I want you two to rest and feel at home here." Shinki placed her hand on Ail's shoulder while she said this, then suddenly Ail's green gem starts to shine, startling both Shinki and himself. Yumeko comes rushing in to assist her lady immediately. Shinki gets away from Ail, who was shouting "what's going on!?" Shinki shouts back "Ail!? Mister Ail, are you alright!?" Yumeko had her daggers ready, when suddenly Ail stops shining. Shinki and Yumeko look at him quite surprised, Yumeko still pointing her daggers at Ail. Ail's cloak had turned sky blue, and the crystal around his neck was constantly changing from blue, to violet, to green and again repeating the cycle. Ail looks at himself and then looks surprised at Shinki asking "lady Shinki? Did you do this?" His cloak turned sky blue in color, the gem around his neck kept cycling it's colors. Shinki and Yumeko keep staring at him, then from behind Maribel says "wow, that was awesome~! But why doesn't the magical stuff ever happen to me!" Yumeko and Shinki stare at each other, then Yumeko stares at Maribel while Shinki stares at Ail and both say at the same time "you humans are unbelievable!" then suddenly Maribel hiccups again, and her cat ears pop out. Yumeko couldn't stop staring. Maribel touches her head and smiles saying "YA~Y, this is GREAT! My cute cat ears are back." She spins in place and winks at them,then asks "do I look cute, anya~?" Ail's face turns bright red, Shinki's cheeks turn pink and Yumeko fires off twin nosebleed jets, all giving Maribel the thumbs up.

Back at Gensokyo, after Reimu was able to explain who got the scrolls and calming everyone down, they all sit in a circle and discuss the matter. "Well, the process looks simple enough, however I am concerned." says Reimu. Patchouli ponders and says "this amount of power... it's impossible, even for a youkai like Yukari or Yuka to maintain this level of power for so long." then Remilia adds "not to mention that the one that opens the gate has to stay here in order to open the gate again." Nitori looks at the scroll and says "look, it only asks for this much power, but doesn't specify a source. What if I can build a machine that can generate that much power, so it channels it to the one that does open the gate, filtering it and making it safe as well." Reimu thinks for a bit and says "that's a wonderful idea... but say... how do you plan to get that much power?" Nitori ponders for a bit once more and says "we would need lightning in order to power up the machine. After that, the machine I'm planning to build should be able to work non-stop for days." Reimu thinks for a bit and says "lightning, huh?"

Reimu goes and visits the heavens and finds Iku. Immediately Iku says "I know why you're here. My powers are not toys, you know that, right?" Reimu smiles and says "so you won't do it?" Iku says "give me one good reason." Reimu smirks with a glint in her eyes and says "you owe those two... remember what they did for you...?" Iku bites her bottom lip and says "that was a low blow." then Reimu says "so I can count on your cooperation?" Iku perks up and smiling, she says "just tell me what to do, then." Reimu sighs with a smile and says "alright. I'll come get you when it's ready." and then she leaves saying "don't worry, she didn't see me." and then flies away. Iku looks at the horizon and thinks "those two did a lot more than just help me... if it wasn't for them..." then she starts remembering an image of Tenshi holding the Sword of Hisou and looking down on her, lifting her sword and ready to strike. Iku smiles and says "for those two, I guess I can make exceptions." From above her, Tenshi quietly flies away, then follows Reimu back down.

To be continued...
Characters and scenario belong to ZUN - Team Shanghai Alice
Ail was created by Willie G.R.

JUL 20 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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