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Another Misplaced Sukima P-1

At the Garden of the Sun, after Ail and Reimu's battle, a strange gap opened up and sucked in both Ail and Maribel in an instant, and then after that, another gap, one of Ail's, opens up and drops Yorihime. Another great battle went on and for about an hour or so, then it was over. Yorihime, her eyes spinning, lies on a bed of sunflowers, while Reimu, who looked really messed up and tired asks Genjii to carry Yorihime. In the end, Genjii had to carry both back to the shrine, since Reimu was too exhausted to even fly.

Arriving at the shrine, Genjii is greeted by Renko. "Genjii, you're back! Hey wait... where's Reimu?" Genjii lands with Yorihime and Reimu unconscious on his back. Renko looks around, counts the passengers, looks behind her, then back at Genjii, then with great fear in her eyes she asks him "where's Mary?" Genjii looks at her seriously and says "she and Ail were sucked into one of those barrier gaps." As if not even listening, Renko rushes to the hot spring beside the shrine, grabs a bucket of water and fills it up, then rushes back to Genjii and drops the water on Reimu and Yorihime. Both girls wake up spluttering, Yorihime shouting "we're under attack!!" and at the same time, Reimu shouts "Aye~! Hot, hot,it's HOT!" Both girls realize they were next to each other and start growling and glaring at each other, ready to start another fight, but Renko gets in their way, facing Reimu and looking a little angry and asks "where is Mary!?" Reimu drops her guard and starts to think, then suddenly remembers what happened and freaks out "oh crap! She and Ail went inside a gap, and I have not clue where they are now!" Yorihime gets a bit annoyed and with a loud "ahem!" she gets Reimu and Renko's attention. Reimu looks at Yorihime and says "look, this is not time to be fighting. I have to find my friends!" Yorihime quietly smiles and inhales then shouts at the top of her lungs "WHERE THE HELL AM I!?" The force of that shout was so strong, it sent Reimu and Renko flying a few feet back, Renko falling on top of Reimu. Reimu immediately gets up, pushing Renko away, and presses her forehead against Yorihime's, both staring at each other. Reimu says "YOU are in Gensokyo, on Earth!" Yorihime widens her eyes then backs away, then Reimu adds "so I'm going to have to ask you behave." Renko gets up and almost crying she shouts "Reimu~, what about Mary~!" Both Reimu and Yorihime look at Renko worried, stop fighting and now both are trying to comfort her.

Ail wakes up next to Maribel. At first he was a little dazed, but slowly recovers and quickly realizes he's lost. The floor was dry and dead, only burned rubble and dead plants surrounded him. The floors were full of burn marks, the skies looked a little darkened, no birds flying about, only the sound of the wind eerily greeted him. Ail realizes Maribel was next to him and quickly kneels beside her. "Maribel... Maribel, can you hear me? Wake up!" Maribel happily groans and stretches as she wakes up. Ail lets out a sigh of relief and gets up. Maribel asks "mister Ail? Where's miss Reimu?" Still looking around, trying to find out where they are, he answers "I just woke up. I'm trying to figure out where are we?" Maribel gets up and looks around and says "wow... what a mess. Wherever we are, it's not very pretty." They both decided to walk around and see if someone would help them. Roughly 30 minutes pass and they spot a tall youkai with large black horns, an angry expression on his face, his eyes black. His body was bulky and very muscular and wore only a pair of red pants and thick black army-like boots. Ail thought he was trouble, but he needed to know where they were, so he approached the creature. "Excuse me sir, sorry to bother you, but could you tell us where we are? My friend and I are a little lost." The creature looks at him and smirks, then says "give me the girl, and I'll tell you." Ail backs away, covering Maribel and says "then we'll be on our way, sorry to bo-" but the creature gets on the way, Ail saying "what an unpleasant youkai you are." The creature frowns and says "I'm a DEMON, you moron! Don't compare me to one of those youkai... now give me the girl!" Ail smiles widely and says "if you value your health, I would suggest you GET away, while you can." The demon frowns and launches a punch straight at Ail, however Ail had grabbed Maribel and jumped out of the way, placing her safely behind him again. Ail smirks and waves his index finger at the demon saying "tsk, tsk, tsk. Always the hard way, huh?" He points his finger at the creature and various lasers and focused blasts cover the demon, knocking him down in an instant. Still smiling Ail says "well sir, thanks for your time." then walks all over him, pulling Maribel by her hand, who apologizes after stepping on the creature.

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Yorihime, Renko and Reimu had calmed down and were sitting by the table with some tea for each, however Yorihime wouldn't touch hers and just looked around suspiciously. Reimu calmly says "ok, you were minding your own business at the moon capital, then suddenly were sucked in by a blue colored portal. That's Ail's gap, no doubt. However, both Ail and Maribel are missing, I cannot sense them in Gensokyo, so that indigo gap must have taken them elsewhere... but I haven't the slightest clue as to where." Reimu grabs her teacup by the top, placing her hand on it's opening while placing it on the table as she analyzed the situation. Renko was shaking a bit as she looked at her tea, then takes a sudden big gulp and then shouts "he better take GOOD care of her, or I'll kill him!" Reimu calmly says "wherever they are, as long as she's with Ail, she's safe. Actually, I'm more worried about him..." Renko springs up shouting "what!, Why? Is he a pervert!?" Reimu looks at Renko for a few seconds and then starts laughing loudly. Renko sweats and looks at Reimu in disbelief then asks "did I just make a JOKE!?" Reimu calms down and says "You've been here for a while, you should know he's not like that by now. No, I mean that after our battle, he was pretty weak." Renko sits down as Reimu talked saying "oh, right..." Yorihime then adds "wait a minute... Ail? That boy with the brown hair and dark clothes?" Reimu and Renko nod at her. Yorihime stares at them for a while... From outside the shrine, Suika was helping Mima up the stairs when they see a large explosion that blows up the roof of the shrine, then drops back down. They hurry up the stairs and see the Lunarian, swinging her sword wildly at Reimu and Renko and chasing them, elaborating about Yukari's new plan to invade the moon. Mima and Suika look at each other then say "to the Moriyas" Suika nodding as she said so. Reimu got tired of running, turns around and fires various charms at Yorihime, making her arms and legs feel heavy. "argh! Let me GO! I'm gonna..." but before she's able to summon any god, Reimu jumps on her stomach and looks at her straight in the eys and says "LOOK!!! Calm down! First of all, I can't have you swinging dangerous toys around like that. Second, Ail is NOT like that! He'd NEVER help Yukari do something like that! I mean, the meanest thing he could think of doing it build a giant snowman.!" Yorihime looks back at Reimu looking a bit confused then suddenly... "gk...! Pfftt!! WAHAHAHAA!! WHAT!? A snowman!?" Reimu starts to laugh as well saying "yeah. Can you imagine!? HAHAHAHA!" Renko stares at the girls as they laugh and says "you know, you two look mighty friendly like that." Both girls stop laughing and star daggers at Renko, who backs away, forcing a smile.

Ail and Maribel kept walking around aimlessly, not knowing where they were yet. Ail was looking really tired and Maribel looked lost in though. "Man!" exclaims Ail. "What IS it with these creatures? Are they all perverts, assassins AND annoying!?" Behind them was a trail of ghouls, fairies, demons, and even ghosts, all knocked out, their eyes spinning. Maribel grabs Ail's shoulder and says "calm down mister Ail. I'm sure we'll find someone who's willing to help. Besides, it's gonna get dark soon. We should just rest for now." Ail looks up at the sky but saw no sun or moon then asks "how do you know-?" and just like that, the sky turns dark and full of stars. Ail stares at Maribel who giggles and smiles as she says "wow, and that was just a wild guess from my part!" Ail just kept staring at Maribel awestruck. They found a comfortable spot under a dead tree in order to spend the night. Ail had placed one of his barriers around them, but couldn't sleep. He just hugged his knees, closed his eyes, but couldn't fall asleep, even though he was very tired. First the battle with Reimu, then the gaps, then the many creatures of that land attacking... he was exhausted, but all he could do was look around, unable to fall asleep. Maribel had fallen asleep the moment Ail placed the barrier, but started shivering, so Ail cover her up with his cloak. The hours pass and finally, the light of day reaches them, however there was no sun in the sky. Maribel yawns and stretches looking quite content after her sleep. Ail looked horrible. His eyes were baggy, red and glassy, his hair was more of a mess than usual, and he felt he really needed a bath to boot. After stretching, Maribel said "I could really go for a bath right now." Ail calmly says "I haven't been able to hear or smell water at all." Maribel just smiles and says "well, best thing to do now is keep walking, right?" Ail smiles back and nods as Maribel hands him his cloak back, thanking him.

Night at the Garden of the Sun. Yukari was inspecting the area where Ail disappeared along with Ran, who was looking around the surroundings. Yukari gets closer to the place where Reimu told her Ail had disappeared, and where Yorihime had appeared. She touches the air, then a small red blot shocks her hand, making her shriek and back away. "Lady Yukari!? Are you alright?" asked the concerned Ran. Yukari looks at the area and says "Ho ho~! There's so much energy residue here... it's still quite active." Ran then says "but can you use it to get Ail back? O-or send that woman back?" Yukari opens her fan and says "Ran, we have company." Yuka was standing there in her pink pajamas, just staring at them. Yukari narrows her eyes and says "I'm sorry, but I can't play right now. You'll have to wait until next time. Yuka slowly gets closer to Yukari and whispers something in her ears. Ran was able to hear, but said nothing and just looked down. Yuka heads back to her home, yawning as she did, then Yukari opens a gap and says "Ran, let's go." Ran nods and enters the gap with her master. At the Hakurei shrine, Yorihime kept staring unblinking at Yukari. "I inspected the area as you requested." said Yukari, pausing for a moment. Reimu and Renko at the same time ask "...and!?" Yukari opens her fan again and says "I'm sorry, but we'll have to wait for the next full moon to go back home. That gap that forced you to come here was a freak accident." Yorihime lets out a loud "hmph" and kept staring at Yukari, who flaps her fan and laughs saying "my, what attitude... maybe I SHOULD try and conquer the Moon Capital, just for fun." Yorihime gets up shouting "just TRY it you old hag!" Yukari stares very dangerously at Yorihime, but Reimu glares at both, so they wind down, Yorihime quietly mouthing curses. "Yukari! What about Ail and Maribel?" asked Reimu. Yukari closes her fan and says "I can't get them. That energy disturbance messed with Ail's powers, opening a gap to a place even I can't reach that easily." Yukari looks at Ran who nods at her. Renko despairs and bangs hard on the table and shouts "where is SHE!!?" Yukari looks at Reimu and says... From outside the shrine, Mystia, Rumia and Agava are startled by Reimu's scream "WHAT~~!!?"

Ail and Maribel kept walking around when Maribel's stomach started to growl. She blushes and says "err... sorry about that." but just like that, Ail opens one of his pockets and pulls out an apple, then gives it to Maribel and says "Mima gave me that, but you can have it." He smiles at her who hesitantly picks the apple. Ail urges her "go ahead, it's alright." Maribel finally accepts the apple and just before taking a bite, she asks "hey, mister Ail? Why haven't you tried opening a gap back to that flower field?" Ail opens his eyes widely in shock then face-palms himself saying "Oh~ my goodness, why didn't I think of that before!!?" Maribel starts to giggle, then laughs hard, making Ail laugh lightly then he says "well, let's try it." He opens a red gap to his left. He looks at it rather puzzled and says "wait, red? Let me..." He looks inside and suddenly jumps back as fast as he could, avoiding some black tentacles and closing the gap. "Err... let's try over there." He opens a violet gap to their right. Ail confidently says "wow, looks like one of Yukari's. Maybe this one." When he looks inside, he sees himself spinning around the air and saying "spin, Anilan, spin!" The real Ail pulls his head out and closes the gap, holding his stomach and saying "I think I'm gonna be sick.." Maribel giggles again as she takes another bite from her apple and says "try one more." Ail nods, looking a little worried then opens another gap, this one blue. He peeks inside and sees a green-haired woman baking pies and smiling. Suddenly the pies start flying out of the gap, just as Ail ducks and closes it. The pies hit the ground and melted the floor. "Wow... that looks dangerous" casually said Maribel. Ail pants and says "that was just plain dangerous!" Maribel had finished her apple and hiccups. Ail looks at her asking "are you alri-" Ail's eyes pop from his head, making Maribel look a bit worried and asking "mister Ail? What's the matter?" Maribel had grown a pair of blond cat ears on her head, however Ail didn't know whether to tell her the truth, or keep quiet. "Mister Ail?" asks Maribel in a sweet tone, then Ail sighs and says "you... err.. grew cat ears." Maribel touches her head and gasps. She keeps touching her new cat ears and looked as though she was about to scream, and suddenly "WOW!!! I got cat ears! Do they look good!?" She looks at Ail, wiggling the cat ears, making Ail blush bright red and says "err... they look cute..." Maribel jumps up and down saying "Yay! Wait until Renko sees me!" While Maribel celebrated, Ail hid his face from her, looking both suspicious and angry and thinks "that's why Mima wanted me to eat that apple!"

Onward they continued, not knowing where they were going and unable to reach any familiar places. Ail was tired, sleepy and hungry, but he wouldn't say anything and just continued walking. Finally, they stumble across a large sign with what looked like an empty seat beside it. "Look, mister Ail! A sign! Maybe it says where we are!" Ail nods and softly says "good. Maybe if we knew where we are, I can open a gap back home with ease." Ail read that sign out loud. "Welcome to Makai... Keep Out? Well, sounds like a friendly place." Maribel giggles, but shortly after both gasp and shout at the same time "MAKAI!?" Ail slaps his forehead and says "of course! No wonder the creatures here are so aggressive. But wait... I though Reimu said this placed was sealed off and destroyed..." "It IS sealed off, but not destroyed. It's undergoing remodeling, is all!" said a woman's voice. When they look up they see a tall pink haired and pink eyed woman wearing a read dress with a white scarf and short white sleeves flying above them. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail to the right. She continued talking "I've never seen you around here before... who are you and where did you come from?" Ail gets in front of Maribel and says "I am Ail, and this is Maribel. We come from Gensokyo and just wish to go back, if it's not too much trouble." The woman calmly stares at both as she landed in front of them and asks "You two are... human?" Ail responds "half-human... oh and she's under a spell, apparently." after saying this he thinks "from a little evil spirit that's gonna get it when we get home." The woman keeps staring at them and says "well, my name is Sara, I am the Gate Keeper here, and I'm afraid I can't let you pass." Ail shouts "but why not!?" at the same time Maribel asks "huh? Why's that?" Sara smiles and says "because the entrance is sealed... nobody can go through at the moment." Ail then desperately says "look... we just want to get out of here and go back to Gensokyo... nothing else." Sara looks at him and smiles saying "well, if this gate wasn't sealed off, you'd end up directly in Gensokyo, but I'm afraid it IS sealed, so you can't go through."

Back at the Hakurei Shrine, Remilia, Sakuya and Patchouli had joined Yukari and Reimu in the attempts to open a gap to Makai, but they all failed. It was early morning and Sakuya was carrying her sleeping mistress and says "we'll check the library and see if there's any other way to get to that place." Reimu nods and thanks them. Sakuya nods back and flies off with her mistress in hand, followed by Patchouli who quietly nods at Reimu and Renko as she left. Reimu looks at Renko, who looked like she was about to cry and says "don't worry... As long as Ail is there, she will be fine. There is only one being there that could cause real harm, and she's actually quite peaceful." Renko looks at Reimu and says "I hope you're right." Suddenly they both realize that Yorihime had fallen asleep with her back against a wall, and on her lap was Yukari, sleeping with a smile on her face. Renko and Reimu look at each other looking quite worried, then quietly get close to try and separate them, however Yorihime wakes up with a yawn, so they quickly head back to the table, pretending not to notice anything. When Yorihime opens her eyes, she gets the shock of her life, seeing Yukari contently sleeping on her lap like that. Quietly, she tries to push Yukari away, but Yukari only groans a little an re accommodates herself, placing her face on Yorihime's belly. Yorihime's face turns red. She looks at Reimu who shrugs, and Renko who just stared back, then very suddenly she shouts "GET HER OFF ME THIS INSTA~NT!!!" She got up and angrily tossed Yukari away and started stomping angrily on the ground and shouting "of all the PEOPLE! Gah, what if she attacked me? What if she suddenly sent me to another dimension..." Yorihime kept on elaborating about plans to take over the moon after she was dead, so Renko and Reimu head to the spring, ignoring the mess inside. Both were stopped, however, by Sanae, who was floating next to the small gate to the spring, holding Mima by her cape, Mima looking messy and singed. She smiles at Reimu and says "oy... I think this girl's mad at something."

Back at Makai, Ail was trying to open gaps back to Gensokyo, since he was so close to the exit, however Sara continued to say "it's not gonna work. There is only ONE way to get out of here, and it's sealed." but Maribel says in a sweet tone of voice "but even so, we still managed to get in here through a gap... so maybe another gap might work, right?" Sara ponders and says "good point." Just then, Ail had opened a pink colored gap and stuck his head inside. A lot of kissing noises where heard, along with a woman's giggle and some moaning. When Ail pulls his head out, his face looked purple as he says "don't... it's not pretty." He slowly walks back to where Sara and Maribel were, Maribel asking "mister Ail? What's the matter?" Ail tries to smile, but he was to tired, and even keeping his eyes open was a task. He says "it's alright, I'm just tired..." Just then, a massive spear-like orange energy headed directly to where Maribel was, and Ail quickly gets in the way and reflects it back. He was breathing heavily as the spear lands far away, causing a massive explosion. Sara walks next to Maribel saying "whoa... that looked dangerous. Are you ok?" Ail slowly turns around and flips his thumb up, and after doing so, he collapses. Both Sara and Maribel rush to him, calling out his name. sara inspects him and says "ah... I think he's just sleeping..." She turn him around and he was snoring. Maribel crouches and looks at him saying "wow, he really was exhausted... *hiccup*" Sara looks at her saying "no kidding... hey, where did you ears go?" Maribel pats her head then frowns and says "aww~~! They're gone. And I wanted to show Renko too." Sara stares back at her, smiles and says "heh heh, you sure are strange humans... and so polite too... not like LAST time humans came to visit!" Maribel smiles and says "oh, you mean miss Reimu, miss Marisa, miss Mima, and miss Yuka? Err... miss Sara? Are you alright?" Sara started to cry and says "they beat me up so badly...*sob*" Maribel smiles at her and opens her arms, then Sara jumps and hugs Maribel and started to bawl "waa~h! They were so rude and mean to me!" Maribel pats her back saying "there, there. It's ok."

Back at the hot spring at the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu, Renko, Sanae, Mima, Marisa and Yorihime all sit around enjoying an early morning dip. "So that kid got himself into Makai, along with Mary, ze?" Renko says "yeah... I just hope he's taking good care of her." Reimu giggles and says "I told you to relax. He's not like Yukari... who would probably fall asleep while walking around..." Back at Makai, Sara was poking Ail on the cheek as he slept, while Maribel whimsically looked around saying "wow, at least the trees here are alive. So pretty too." Sara looks back at her nodding and saying *uh-huh*. Back at the spring, Sanae shouts "but Reimu, is there any possible way to bring them back!? He's not gonna stay in there forever... right?" Reimu only shrugs and raises her hand, dropping it back and looking casually back at Sanae, then Yorihime calmly says "I'm sorry... it was rude of me to behave as I have..." All look at Yorihime quite surprised as she continues "*sigh* it's just not that easy to accept these facts. Sometimes they are just... unbearable." Reimu smiles and extends her hand to Yorihime saying "then let me welcome you to Gensokyo... without the blasts." Yorihime giggles and accepts the hand-shake, then Marisa gets closer and says "there's only one way to welcome such a guest to Gensokyo..." Reimu shouts "Marisa, don't you DARE!!!" but Marisa just screams "WELCOMING PARTY~!" Reimu shouts "no, NO! Marisa, no, you never help me clean up!" Sanae then says "I don't want to party, I want to help Ail and Maribel get back!" Renko nods at this statement, then Mima says "you two, relax. Ail is like having a backup Reimu at hand. He and Maribel be back before we know it." Marisa smiles widely and says "I'll go get Suika to spread the word!" Just like that, she jumps out of the spring and runs to the small gate, gets dressed in a second, and still dripping water, she sits on her broom and flies away, just as Reimu was about to grab her. Reimu looks at Marisa fly away and says "not another party~!"

Back at Makai, Sara was reading some book while Maribel knelt beside Ail, playing with his hair, and just smiling. Suddenly she says "I haven't seen many birds here." Sara, while still reading her book, says "don't worry. Once they migrate back here, you'll get birds-a-plenty." Maribel giggles and continues to play with Ail's hair. A few minutes after, a woman comes flying down saying "well what do we have here? Two humans and a gate guard?" Maribel looks up and sees a blond woman with yellow eyes wearing a white hat with a purple bow, and a white short sleeved dress with a purple neckerchief around her shoulders, tied around her chest. Maribel quickly stands up as the woman continues asking "and where did these humans come from? Did the gate open?" Sara calmly replies "they came through one of the male's... err.. Ail's gates. Seems he can open up gates of his own." "So the boy's name is Ail, huh? Who's the girl?" Maribel bows politely and says "I am Maribel Han." The woman waves her hand thinking "so polite" and saying "hi Maribel Han. I am Luize, a demon here in Makai." Maribel feels a bit uneasy, but Luize says "don't worry, I won't eat you." and smiles. She walks to Sara and says "say, you didn't happen to see a flame spear fly by, did you?" "Sara turns away from her book and says "Oh, that was you then? I was headed straight this way, but that boy over there used some sort of shield to deflect it..." Luize sweats and says "err... no, that wasn't me exactly. So he deflected it? Interesting... another human with strange powers. Lady Shinki will want to hear about this." Maribel looks at them a little confused and Luize says "don't worry. Lady Shinki's not that bad. But you two entering here is a matter that should interest her, specially that boy. To be able to deflect a spell of that magnitude like that? Last time powerful humans came, THIS happened." then she points back from where Ail and Maribel had com from. Maribel says "wow... miss Reimu did all that? She never told me she did such mean things!" Luize thinks "is this girl for real?" then says "look, that's not exactly what happened... ah well, I'll let lady Shinki explain. I'll take you there, so come on."

Back at Gensokyo, Sanae, Marisa, Mima, Reimu and Yorihime were happily drinking tea side by side, at the shrine's porch, all just agreeing with each other. Renko was mad, but she knew there was nothing she could do here. She stomps hard as she gets out of the shrine, and passes by the lazy girls drinking tea. She looks back at them and angrily says "I'm going to Keine's! Maybe SHE can help me get Mary back! You just keep enjoying you peaceful day!" and then she storms away, heading to the human village. At the school, Keine, Akyuu and Renko were reading books and books on barriers, Makai and the such, when Akyuu suddenly says "oh my goodness..." The others look at her, Renko shouting "what, WHAT!? did you find something!?" Akyuu then says "oh, sorry, I just thought I'd ask Ail and Maribel about their experience in Makai when they get back!" Renko looks a little annoyed and Keine just sighs as she places the palm of her head on the palm of her hand. Akyuu just hides her face under the book she was looking at and continues to quietly read.

Back at Makai, Luize was carrying a still sleeping Ail and Maribel while she flew them to Shinki's palace. Maribel looks around, enjoying the views then asks "miss Luize? Are you ok carrying both of us like this?" Luize answers "sure, it's no problem for me. I may not look it, but I'm quite strong." Maribel smiles at her then continues to enjoy the view. They fly over a large lake and shortly after the lake, they saw the beautiful palace. It had a few parts missing, but it still looked beautiful. Luize says "welcome to Pandemonium, miss Maribel, mister, err.. still sleeping Ail. This is where lady Shinki lives." Maribel smiles as she they get closer to the palace and says "wow, it's so pretty!" Luize says "it's was a whole lot prettier before... but... well, lady Shinki will explain more." And so they reached the palace's entrance. Luize places Ail against one of the gate's side, then asks Maribel to wait a bit, then heads inside. Maribel sits next to Ail, anxious to see the palace inside, imagining how it might look, and asking herself who was Shinki, and if she was kind, or ruthless. Back at Gensokyo, Renko, Keine, and Akyuu continue to read the books, hoping to find a way in and out of Makai in order to get their friends back.

To be Continued...
Characters and scenario belong to ZUN
Ail was created by Willie G.R.

JUL 17 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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