Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Paradise Sukima 6

So much has happened in the course of a few hours. Worlds forcefully joint; fate destroyed; lives shattered; bonds broken. Amongst all of this, there is still some hope... One little glimmer left inside a single person...

At the Scarlet Devil Mansion, concerned after missing Flandre during breakfast, and still missing her when it’s so close to lunch time, Sakuya Izayoi decides to investigate and heads down to young Flandre’s room in the basement, and while she investigates Remilia sleeps ever so peacefully in her own room. Sakuya passes by Patchouli’s library, just as Patchouli walks out and says “it appears Koakuma will be out for a bit.” Sakuya stops and bows, then replies “whatever that was, it knocked out almost all of the fairy maids, and left Meiling on edge.” Patchouli stares at Sakuya, then asks “what about Remilia?” Sakuya smiles sheepishly and sweats as she says “well, I found her flying in her sleep.” Patchouli narrow her eyes and asks “and what about you, miss chief maid?” Sakuya blushes in embarrassment, then says “I... I’m too ashamed to say!” As she says this, she thinks of the bathroom door with an “Occupied” sign on it as a fog-horn plays its loud “toot”. Patchouli stares into Sakuya’s eyes, then blinks once and says “that shockwave affected everyone differently, it seems.” Sakuya quickly says “that’s why I’m headed to Flandre’s room. She hasn’t come out all day.” Patchouli hums, then says “I’m coming with you.” Sakuya lightly bows and says “much appreciated, lady Patchouli.” Now the two girls head toward Flandre’s room at the end of the basement while Remilia starts to moan and clench her eyes while in the comfort of her own bed, as if experiencing a nightmare. Sakuya and Patchouli arrive to Flandre’s room, and right after placing her hand on the doorknob, Sakuya says “something’s not right.” Sakuya slowly turns the knob and prepares herself for anything, but immediately after opening the door she finds out the room is empty, all of Flandre’s things destroyed. Sakuya gasps and says “oh no, she reverted!” When she turns around, she gasps in horror upon finding Patchouli on the ground with Flandre sitting on top of her, talking in a twisted tone of voice as she strangles the magician, saying “you are not onee-sama! Where is onee-sama!?” Sakuya instinctively shouts “Patchouli! Flan! Flandre, let her go!” Flandre releases Patchouli’s neck, leaving her unconscious on the floor, and turns around to face Sakuya, revealing a pair of black eyes with red pupils staring back at her with hatred. Sakuya gasps as Flandre asks “how do you know my name!? You killed her, didn’t you! You’re the vampire hunter... you killed ONEE-SAMA!” Flandre hisses as she launches straight at Sakuya and then... At Remilia’s room, Remilia suddenly wakes up and looks at her hand, noticing the symbol of a watch glowing. She gasps and rushes out the door, reaching the mansion’s foyer and finding Sakuya running up the stairs in a hurry. When Sakuya sees Remilia, she shouts “it’s Flandre!” Right in front of Sakuya, breaking the stairs from underneath while looking like a big blur, Flandre flies up and stops for a second and uses a wall to impulse herself toward Sakuya, readying her claws for a swift kill, but Remilia easily intercepts her, blocking her attack with ease with her own claws and calmly says “Flandre, you are out of control. I want you to go back to your room!” Turning back to normal, Flandre says “AWW! I wanted to kill the intruder!” Strictly, Remilia says “Flandre... go now!” Flandre slumps as she sadly flies away to her room while saying “I never get to have any fun!” Sakuya gasps and exclaims “lady Patchouli!” Remilia calmly says “relax... Flandre used to be a little more obedient... a very long time ago, so she’ll just head back to her room. She’s behaving the way she did when we first entered Gensokyo though... This is bad.” Sakuya looks completely confused at Remilia, who turns to face Sakuya with a very serious expression, then says “do not let ANYONE near that room. Only I can approach her now! Did I make myself clear!?” Sakuya nods, and sounding almost scared she says “a...understood... my lady.”

At the Hakurei shrine, Reimu arrives carrying various books and rolled up papers with her, and just as Rika closes the door of the greenhouse she heads to greet her mistress. Before Rika reaches her, however, she notices a very gloomy expression in Reimu’s face. Before she can greet her, Reimu tries her best to sound calm, but only manages to sound as though she’s suppressing herself as she says “Rika... I will be in my room. I want complete silence. Understood?” Concernedly, Rika asks “my lady, what-?“ Reimu raises her tone of voice, sounding aggravated when she says “NOT... a sound... understood!?” Rika winces, then nervously bows and says “u-understood.” Mima and Aya approach Reimu, Mima saying “come on, Reimu, at least-“ Before Mima can finish, Reimu shouts at the top of her lungs “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANOTHER SOUND!!!” She takes a deep breath and calms down a little, noticing the girls around her staring back at her nervously and quite surprised. Sounding a little more calm, she says “I need to study these. I need complete concentration. Not... a sound.” As she says this, she emanates a powerful aura that frightens everyone around her, even Suika, who hides herself on the roof. Reimu quietly walks to her room, and after various thuds on the floor, she slams the door to her room so hard, the wooden frame cracks. Rika, Aya, Mima, and Suika, who jumps from the roof and lands next to Rika, all stare frightened and concerned at Reimu’s room. Meanwhile, at Marisa’s house, the witch finally wakes up and instinctively rubs her head. The first thing is notices is the blood and sharp pain from Reimu’s kick, saying “uh... It hurts. *sigh* It wasn’t a dream after all...” The second thing she notices is her hat is missing. She desperately taps her head repeatedly and sounding even more desperate she exclaims “my hat! Where’s my...” She gasps and thinks “NO! I left it back there!!!” She remembers when Shikieiki asked her to remove her hat, and how she obediently took it off and placed it on the desk in front of her. Marisa clenches her teeth and determinedly she says “oh no! I’m not leaving my hat there!” Ignoring the throbbing pain on her head, she lifts her arm and tries to summon her broom, however, it doesn’t come to her. With a quick and confused “huh?” she tries again, and again, until she remembers about the yama’s punishment. She opens her eyes wide and falls on her knees, using her arms as support to prevent her body to fall to the ground as the realization slowly sinks into her mind. Outside her house, her scream of despair echoes far, getting the attention of a few youkai and fairies, all recovering from the shockwave caused by the opening of that gate in her basement.

At Entei, Sanae, Budou, Lily, and Byakuren enjoy some tea and snacks in the mansion while Eirin treats Ail in her clinic. Although Budou and Lily look happy, Sanae is still unable to smile, so Byakuren approaches her and asks “you’re still worried?” Sanae sighs and whispers “you saw all those cuts, those wounds... the bullet wounds.” Byakuren rubs Sanae’s head, and with a cheerful smile she says “cheer up! The lunarian is taking good care of him!” Sanae sighs again as she looks at her teacup, then says “but he didn’t say a word... he still hasn’t said a single word.” Byakuren sighs and drops next to Sanae, then says “maybe he’s in shock. I’m sure... oh.” Before she finishes, Eirin walks out of the clinic and shouts “miss Sanae, miss Byakuren, could you please come over?” Sanae and Byakuren stand up, placing their teacups by the table, Sanae saying “Budou, miss Lily, please behave.” With glints in their eyes, Budou says “alright mama!”, and Lily nods. When they arrive at the clinic, Reisen exits and says “I’ll keep an eye on things over here.”, then continues to the mansion. Immediately after entering, and Eirin closes the door, Sanae rapidly asks “what happened!?” Eirin quietly walks past them, then picks up a tray that holds 3 bullets from her desk, then says “I found these, literally lodged on his bones, one on his shoulder, one on the left calf, and the last one just above his abdomen, plus 7 more bullet wounds, however it appears he took care of those himself.” Sanae looks a bit surprised, but before she asks, Eirin continues “also, it appears he hasn’t been eating properly! He’s lacking many proteins and necessary elements for proper bodily functions... AND...” Eirin raises her hand in front of Sanae’s face to stop her from talking, then says “as for the reason he’s not speaking...” From one of the beds, a girl’s voice happily says “ because he’s acting on subconscious.” Eirin growls and says “I wanted to say that, dammit!” From under the bed, Koishi pops her smiling face and says “you were too slow.”, then jumps out and sits on the bed, and with that happy smile, she continues “but even though he’s acting on subconscious, he should at least be able to speak... I wonder why he won’t even peep.” While Sanae and Byakuren stare at Koishi, Eirin face palms and softly says “ugh, what an annoying girl.”, then walks to Ail’s bed, revealing him sitting like a frog on the bed and staring into a small mirror in his underwear after pulling the curtains, then says “his basic functions are here. He’ll feed, sleep, breathe, he can even learn a few things... other than that... he’ll be acting like a child.” Koishi giggles and says “the only way to live.” Sanae looks aggravated at Koishi, then at Eirin, then desperately asks “what does this all mean? Eirin, what happened to him?” Koishi sighs before Eirin, annoying her a little, then says “who knows what could have happened to him, but...” Eirin continues “it’s like his consciousness is not there. I tried many methods of psychology, Reisen tried her own methods, but nothing made him react. What we have here...” Koishi continues “ the starving shell of his former self.” Before Byakuren or Sanae can speak, Eirin adds “another interesting thing is... though he does react to ‘Ail’, there is absolutely no reaction to his full name.” Immediately after hearing that, Byakuren calls “Anilan!” Ail continues to stare at the mirror, completely ignoring her. After that, Sanae calls “Ail” in a motherly tone, then Ail turns his face away from the mirror, and the second he looks at Sanae he smiles, waves, then continues to stare into the mirror. Concerned, Eirin says “I’m worried about those two, though... What if he rejects them while in this state?” Sanae smiles and says “I don’t think that will be a problem.” Then stares at Ail and says “he loves Budou too much, and I’m sure he’ll remember Lily White.” Eirin suddenly gasps, then says “that’s right, about his clothes...” She pulls Ail’s destroyed and bloodstained clothes from a trash bin and says “they are completely useless. He’s going to need new clothes.” Ran opens the door from behind them, and with a smile on her face she says “that shouldn’t be a problem at all.” She carries a fresh set of clothes she brought from Ail’s house, and while she smiles and offers them to Sanae, through the door, outside the clinic, Budou, Lily, Koishi and Chen have Tewi, Reisen and Kaguya trapped on top of a tree, all three giggling and shooting danmaku at anyone that tries to come down. Koishi suddenly shouts “raid their drawers!”, to which all the girls cheer and run inside, ignoring the angry shouts from the tree trapped girls.

Back at Marisa’s house, Marisa sits by the entrance to her house on the open archway, swaying back and forth while holding on to her knees, trying to think of something other than her lost magic, or her lost hat. While staring blankly at the path in front of her house, she thinks “it’s going to be ok... I’ll be fine. No magic? No problem... No hat... No... magic... Mom...” A tear escapes the right eye of Marisa as she continues to stare at the path to her house, but she looks up and suddenly narrows her eyes and shouts “YOU~~!” Shikieiki and Komachi stand by each other’s side, staring concernedly at Marisa. Marisa springs to her feet and while staring angrily at the yama she shouts “what now!? What the HELL do you want now!? My soul!? Well go ahead, dammit! TAKE IT ALREADY!” Shikieiki calmly walks to Marisa and looks into her eyes, then looks back to Komachi and in a disappointed tone of voice she says “we’re too late. She’s already been sealed!” Marisa narrows her left eye and raises her right eyebrow, and sounding annoyed, she asks “what the HELL are you two talking about!?” Shikieiki turns to Marisa, then says “Kirisame, you need to calm down!” Marisa feels her insides burn with a sudden surge of rage and shouts “calm down!? You want me to calm DOWN!? What the HELL are you saying!? Thanks to you, Reimu HATES ME! My magic is sealed, I lost mom’s hat in your STUPID courtroom, and now you’re telling me to CALM DOWN!!?” Shikieiki raises her voice over Marisa’s and says “you opened a gate that links two paradises by FORCE not even knowing where it leads, you tricked your FRIEND into opening that gate for you almost costing him his LIFE, and now you DARE question my methods!?” Marisa stares back at Shikieiki in shock, but calms down and drops on the floor, right back under the door’s archway. After she calms down, Komachi approaches her and kneels down, then with a soft voice she says “you are lucky Eiki-sama was there. She saved your life!” Shikieiki immediately says “for what you did, the punishment was un-birth... Your entire life would have become non-existent, and furthermore, if that yama of the dragons had his way, you would have had to suffer that fate while being left alive.” Marisa raises her face as Shikieiki says “could you imagine such a horrible fate? To wander the world, nameless, without friends there to support you, nobody to care about you... That was to be your punishment, Marisa.” Marisa looks up and sounding tired she says “you... you need me for something. That’s why I’m still here, isn’t it?” Shikieiki steps away and lifts her sword to cover her mouth, revealing her burned hand to Marisa, then says “yes... and no. What I want from you... Marisa Kirisame, is for you to learn from this mistake. Repent for what you have done, and help us restore everything back to its former balance.” Marisa gasps at the sight of Shikieiki’s hand, then Komachi softly says “for helping you, Eiki-sama was punished. Yamas aren’t supposed to let emotions take over, but Shikieiki is different.” Marisa sighs, then asks “but... what can I do now? I don’t have any magic. How am I supposed to do anything at all!?” With her good hand, Shikieiki pulls a key made of orange flames from her pocket, then smiles as she kneels in front of Marisa, then inserts the key into her chest and says “I can’t remove the seal yet, or it will destroy your soul. What I can do is weaken it, to at least allow you to use your magic when in danger.” Marisa stares back curiously as Shikieiki slowly turns the key, then slowly turns it back and pulls it away with a smile, then says “well, lucky you. You should be able to use your broom for defense at least.” Marisa looks confused toward Komachi and Shikieiki, then asks “why? Why are you helping me like this?” Shikieiki backs away and places the key back in her pocket and almost drops her sword, but she tightens her grip and winces from the pain on her burned hand. Marisa stares at it and asks “how bad is it?” Shikieiki sighs and smiles, then says “don’t concern yourself with me. Right now you have to concern yourself with how to close that gate. Like it, or not, you are the only one that can save Ail’s consciousness, seal the void, and close that gate.” Marisa immediately asks “then why did you involve Reimu!?” Shikieiki winces in pain again and drops her sword on reflex, however Komachi is by her side and catches the sword before it hits the ground, smiling as she offers the sword back. Shikieiki takes the sword and says “she is the guardian of this paradise. Regardless of what I would have said, this task also belongs to her. Now, I want you to remember, you may not have your magic at all times, but you have a brilliant mind...” Shikieiki lets out half a smile as she says “and even without magic... you can still use magical items, science... and...” Shikieiki approaches Marisa and bends down to her ear and says “with a little bit of faith, even you can cause a miracle to happen... all you have to do...” Shikieiki suddenly materializes Marisa’s hat on her right hand and continues “ believe. Have faith in yourself, Marisa. Have faith in your friends, the spirits, the gods... As long as you have faith, everything is possible.” Unable to fully grasp Shikieiki’s words, Marisa sighs after accepting her hat back, then says “look, I’ll do what I can. I don’t know what that is, but I’ll do it... just, please... give me some time to think.” Shikieiki smiles as she backs away from Marisa and stands next to Komachi, then says “try to think fast, miss Kirisame. Time is not on our side, so every second you waste while ‘thinking about it’ is a wasted chance to do the right thing.” Marisa closes her eyes and places her hat on her chest while holding it with both hands. There is a sudden wind and Marisa is about to speak, but when she opens her eyes, the yama and her shinigami are long gone. She looks to the golden afternoon sky, then sighs loudly and says “mom... I wonder what I should do now. Where do I go from here...”

Meanwhile, inside the dark void between the two worlds, the voice of Ail echoes as he calls “MARISA~!? Marisa, where are you!?” Though his voice echoes everywhere, his location is unknown, even to himself. All he can see is darkness all around, and slowly, but surely, the darkness gets to him. Sobbing, Ail says “why in hell’s blazes does this keep happening to me!? That girl said she was my friend.... I should have known. I don’t have any friends!” He pauses for a moment, then suddenly screams as hard and loud as he can “you damned gods and your stupid fate make me sick!!! LET ME DIE ALREADY, YOU BASTARDS!!!” After that, an unsettling silence takes over for a few seconds, then suddenly the deep and gentle voice of a dragon says “little human. You speak as though you have earned the comfort of eternal sleep.” Without thinking, Ail shouts back “with all the shit I’ve been through, and who knows WHAT ELSE I’ve been through, I think I’ve earned that... But these damned gods and this fate... Anyway, who the hell are you? And where are you!?” The voice calmly says “calm down, little human. First of all, I am the guardian of the land you and that female tried to invade.” Ail angrily replies “she tricked me!” The guardian dragon says “it’s alright little human. Neither one of you meant harm, however... that’s another story. Now, I am here because I was asked to help you.” Ail calms down a little, but still sounding a little aggravated he asks “help me? I can’t see, I don’t know where the hell I am, I can’t even see YOU... I can’t see myself! How can you help me!?” The dragon calmly says “well, we are in front of the entrance to my world, but if you won’t take my word for it, you’ll need to open your eyes.” Ail asks “my eyes..?” Slowly, Ail opens his eyes and finds himself next to a large white light that looks like a doorway, inside a room with black floors and walls and a roof with waving purple energy. In front of him is a large black and white fireball that looks like a slow-spinning yin-yang orb with a steady dragon head while the symbol itself spins all the time. The dragon spirit smiles and says “welcome to the void, little human.” Ail finally takes a good look at himself and realizes he’s a ball of fire that constantly changes colors. Ail is surprised, his rage subsided and replaced by confusion and surprise. While looking at himself he asks “wha? What happened to me?” The dragon takes a deep breath, making it seem like he’s growling, then says “when your friend and you opened the gate to our world, your body was to be sacrificed in order to make a perfect union, however, the female magician refused to let you die, and when she tried to save you, this void was created, and you and your body were separated.” Ail sighs and turns blue for a moment, then says “why save me? She should have let me die. Freedom from the gods and fates.” The dragon smiles and says “for the same reason you sealed away all your former memories.” Ail looks confused, then asks “what do you mean?” Still smiling, the dragon says “while you were in a world outside of your paradise, you were hunted down, and you feared they might catch you one day and get to Gensokyo, and to Budou and Sanae, and all your friends there.” Ail gasps and says “Budou. That name makes me feel at ease... and Sanae... I have a strong feeling about that name... Argh! But I can’t remember!” The dragon quickly says “it’s alright. That is why I am here. I was asked to help you regain your memories and return you to the path you were force out of.” Ail looks even more confused, then asks “my path?” The dragon smiles again, then says “relax. We have plenty of time. For now, I want you to rest and calm yourself... after that, I will do what I can to help you regain your memories, and set you on the right path again.” Ail sighs, then suddenly feels exhausted. He slowly floats to the black ground, then turns white, thus falling asleep. The dragon smiles and says “you will rest now. When morning light comes, you and I will begin with your self-recovery. You can’t die, little human... You are too important a soul to just wander around without aim.” With those words, the dragon turns into a black and white flame, then flies out the white light, back into his world.

That night, at the Moriya Shine. Sanae walks out the room corridors, then approaches the goddesses and sits by the table with them, then sighs and sounding disappointed she says “he knows how to take a bath after all.” Both Kanako and Suwako open their eyes wide as their faces turn blue, then Suwako looks a bit annoyed as she whispers to herself “so she’s a pervert after all.” From under the table, Koishi pops her head and crawls right in front of Sanae, then angrily says “oy~ We are subconscious! Not incapable!” Sanae sweats and says “you should go home now.” Koishi smiles again, then says “oh there’s no way I’m leaving now! Things are getting too interesting, and perhaps there are a few things I can teach Ail, now that he’s subconscious and all that.” While saying this, a glint escapes Koishi’s eyes, then Sanae angrily shouts “now WAIT a minute! Don’t go teaching him perverted things!” Koishi asks “aww, why not? It’s fun being a little naughty.” While Sanae argues with Koishi, the goddesses just watch them while Budou sits by the shrine’s porch with Phredia sitting on her shoulder, both staring at the whistle on her hand. Budou asks “Phredia, why didn’t this work right? Why did it send papa to the temple?” Phredia shrugs and shakes her head left and right, then Koishi, who now sits right beside them, says “the witch at the forest should know.” Budou gasps and exclaims “that’s right! I can ask miss Marisa!” Koishi smiles, then says “we should go in the morning. I’ll come with you. I’ve always wanted to visit that witch’s house.” From the path to the shrine, Chen’s voice says “I’m coming too. It sounds like it could be fun!” Chen and Ran get closer, revealing themselves in the light coming from the shrine, then Ran says “as long as you keep safe, you may go.” Budou flaps her wings as she happily looks at them, then says “Chen... miss Koishi! Thank you... eh?” When Budou looks beside her, Koishi is already gone. Inside the shrine, Sanae is running around, shouting “that is not PROPPER!” Lily smiles and shouts “fun, fun, FUN~!” Koishi laughs hard and says “Sanae’s underwear is a great mask! Ail, you should try it!” Sanae shouts “DON’T TURN HIM INTO A PERVERT!” Watching from the table, Suwako and Kanako quietly stare, both looking slightly annoyed. When everything calms down, Ran is inside, holding Koishi around one arm and Lily on the other, then looks at Ail, who is wearing a pink shirt over the many bandages on his body while sitting next to his futon, then says “I see someone’s having fun here.” Sanae sweats and sounding agitated she says “i-it’s just a shirt!” Ran smirks and whispers “right~!”, then says “well, we left everything in the house as it should be... except, um...” Sanae quickly asks “you blew up the kitchen, didn’t you!?” Ran rapidly shouts “I’m not a menace!”, then quickly composes herself and says “no, it’s Yukari-sama. She liked Ail’s bed too much and took it with her... I couldn’t convince her to leave it.” Sanae sighs and lightly face-palms, then says “well, it’s not like he’ll be using it much.” Ran stares neutrally at Sanae, then says “Well, the important thing is the house is ready, except for the bed” then she looks at Koishi, then Lily and says “and you two better behave, or I’ll be coming by more often.” Koishi and Lily smile sheepishly wile a small sweat drop rolls down the left side of their heads, then say at the same time “hai~!” On their seats, Ran’s hand marks brightly shine as pain throb though and keeps the two mischief makers calmed. Still sitting by the small table and looking both bored and annoyed, Kanako asks herself “when the hell did this shrine become so popular?”

The next morning, before Sanae wakes up, Budou, Koishi and Chen fly away to the Forest of Magic. On the roof of the shrine, sitting next to Suwako and mimicking her by sitting like a frog, Ail silently waves to Budou, revealing one of the bandages on his shoulder, making Budou wave back, but looking a bit sad after seeing the injury. Phredia lightly pats her back and hugs the back of her neck, then Koishi approaches Budou and says “don’t be sad. His injuries will be healed soon. Who knows, he might even start speaking again.” Budou smiles back, then continues on her way to the forest. At Marisa’s house, inside the basement, Marisa stares silently and expressionless at the swirling vortex as it continues to blow a cold but gentle wind. She approaches one of the white stones that hold the gate in place and thinks of removing it, however, a lose piece of paper comes from within the vortex and gets caught on Marisa’s leg. When she looks at it, for a second, her eyes sparkle, but she sighs and thinks of dropping it, but something in her heart prevents her from doing so and ends up folding it and placing it in her pocket. Shortly after, there is a knock on the door to her house, and at first she wants to ignore it, but her hope of that being Reimu wanting to make up again pulls her straight to that door. When she reaches the last step back to the living room there is another knock, and sounding annoyed Marisa says “just a minute... Geez, how impatient.” When she opens the door, Chen, Koishi and Budou stand there, all looking up to her, saying “hi~!” at the same time. Marisa focuses on Budou, then whispers “she told you.” Marisa ignores Koishi, who walks right in as she drops to her knees and places both hands on Budou’s shoulders, staring terrorized back at Budou, then softly says “Budou, I’m so sorry.” Budou stares back at Marisa with great confusion, then Marisa suddenly continues “I didn’t mean to do it, I swear! It was supposed to be something special, but it turned out so wrong! I’m so sorry!” Budou stares into Marisa’s eyes, then Phredia comes from under Budou’s hair and stares, then Suddenly Budou’s eyes hide under shadow, then asks “so you called papa back? And you caused him to keep quiet!? WHY!?” Marisa releases Budou and tries to push herself as far away from the little youkai as possible, and sounding very nervous she says “I-I swear, I only wanted him to open the gate for me with one of his gaps. I swear, I never meant to lose his body and his conscious mind, I swear!” Phredia stares at Marisa, then looks at Budou, who says “Phredia says you are telling the truth... and she also says you are responsible for getting his mind back.” Marisa nods as Budou stares seriously and says “you’ll be glad to know we found his body, and that he is ok... But you do know I have to tell mama about this.” Marisa whispers “wa... you didn’t know? Then how-?” Budou immediately says “Phredia read your eyes and told me everything. I am not mad, miss Marisa. You brought my papa back, but please, find his mind for me. I miss him!” Budou almost sobs when saying this, but she steels herself, preventing herself from doing so, then pulls her own whistle from her pocket and says “this is what I came here for.” Marisa grabs the whistle, then stares confused at Budou, who notices and says “I tried over and over to call papa with that, but it never worked. I was hoping you could tell me what happened to it.” Marisa sighs and wants to tell Budou about her punishment for what she did, however she stares at the whistle and notices the magic around it, surprising herself with this. A bit excited, Marisa says “I... I can see it. Budou, this whistle heard you making a promise to it. That’s why it didn’t work... You promised something and put a powerful emotion in that promise. The magic in this whistle picked up on that, and that is why it didn’t work.” Marisa hands the whistle back, and while Budou picks it, she whispers “my... my promise... I forgot about that.” Suddenly, Marisa realizes Koishi is picking up everything in her house, saying “ooh” and “aah” and making a bigger mess than there was before, while Budou realizes Chen is chasing Tokiko, trying to eat her while the youkai screams and tries to run for her life. Marisa quickly turns around and shouts “you little subconscious monster, what are you doing in there!?” At the same time, Budou turns around and shouts “no! Chen, don’t eat my friend! Chen~!” Shortly after the girls leave, Tokiko reveals herself hiding behind the chimney on Marisa’s house, while Marisa stands outside her house, watching as the girls leave, and with a confident smile on her face, she says “I saw the magic. I can really do this!”

While flying high above the Human Village, Chen and Koishi fly next to Budou as she finishes saying “...and when I promised I would call papa after I became stronger, the magic in this whistle absorbed that emotion. At least that is what miss Marisa said to me.” Chen smiles and says “well, at least you now know why it didn’t work.” Koishi smiles dreamily and says “you better be more careful with what you say from now on.” Immediately after saying that, Sanae says “so that’s where you were! Honestly, you had me worried for nothing after all!” Budou, Chen and Koishi look to the right, then Budou exclaims “MAMA!” She looks back at Sanae with a serious expression, then Sanae asks “what happened?” Budou says “we need to go to the Hakurei Shrine. I have to tell you and Hakurei sis something very important.” Sanae is a little surprised by Budou, acting all grown up and serious, but she decides to just nod and follow them all to the shrine, thinking “whatever this is... it has to be very important. She’d never put up a face like that if it wasn’t.” Meanwhile, at the SDM, Remilia is walking alongside Sakuya down to the basement, then Remilia suddenly says “remember, stay out of sight! If she sees you, she will attack you!” Seemingly calm, but showing her nervousness through her eyes, Sakuya bows and says “as you wish, my la-“ Remilia covers Sakuya’s mouth with her hand in a flash, and looking into the maid’s eyes she says “I am serious. Do NOT let her see you. Use your Luna Dial without hesitation if I give the signal. Now... let’s go.” Like a sudden thunder strike, Flandre’s voice echoes all the way outside the mansion when she shouts “MAMA~~!! Mama, where are you~!!” She starts to cry out louder “MAMA~~! I cut my finger! Mama!” The entire basement shakes after there is an explosion coming from Flandre’s room, and before they know what is going on, Flandre stands in front of Remilia and Sakuya, crying and holding out her finger, showing them a small cut and crying out “onee-chan, onee-chan! Where’s mama. I hurt my finger.” Remilia notices Flandre’s eyes and signals Sakuya to relax, then says “Flandre, our mother are father aren’t here. They are-“ Flandre immediately exclaims “they are outside!? *sob* Mama~! Papa~! My finger~! It hurts~!” Unable to stop her, Flandre flies past Remilia and Sakuya, holding out her finger and crying out for her mother and father. Sakuya asks “my lady, what just happen?” Remilia narrows her eyes and says “she’s acting like she’s a hundred again. She should be easier to handle... Sakuya, after her!” Sakuya bows, then says “right away, my lady!” After breaking her way through the front wall, Flandre flies above the mansion and shouts “mama? Papa? Where are you!?” She starts to sob as she looks around and fails to find her parents, but to the distance, she notices a woman with long hair flying above the lake, and thinking it’s her mother she smiles and exclaims with glee “MAMA~~!”, but when she gets closer, she realizes it’s someone else. Kimi Hong turns around with an angry expression in her face and asks “what? You want another beating, blondie?” Flandre stares back with rage, then says “YOU! What did you do to my mom, dragon!?” Kimi stares back confused, then shakes her head left and right and says “look, I have NO time for you. I need to find...” Before she finishes, Flandre fires a large energy orb, which Kimi deflects with one hand. Glaring back at Flandre, in an ominous tone, Kimi says “it appears you didn’t learn your lesson from last time, little whelp!” From below, Rumia stares up and with a smile on her face she says “Uu~, those two are going to fight again.” Agava reveals herself from behind the tree Rumia is on and sounding confused she says “odd... She never told me she was fighting the dragon again.” From the mansion’s entrance, Remilia and Sakuya watch as Kimi and Flandre fling overpowered spells at each other, so Sakuya immediately says “we need Reimu, my lady.” Remilia looks on with a very serious and annoyed face and says “shit.. there’s no helping it. Sakuya, try to keep up!” Remilia lifts to the sky in a big hurry, followed closely by Sakuya, who is using her Luna Dial to help expedite the journey.

At the Hakurei Shrine, to Budou and Sanae’s luck, Reimu was having breakfast by the table and has listened to the story Phredia and Budou had to tell. Budou is almost to tears, but she wills herself to finish the story, saying “...Phredia also saw how confused papa was. He didn’t even recognized her, but Ma... miss Marisa kept pestering him.” Budou starts to sob when she says “and when miss Marisa use mine and mama’s name, he recognized us, and after that...” Reimu lightly bangs on the table while glaring away to the exit of the shrine, then says “that is enough. You’ve been brave enough to tell us all of this, now rest.” Budou kneels beside Sanae, who extends her arm to her, and as soon as her hand touches the little youkai, Budou begins to cry and asks “why does this has to happen, mama?” Sanae suppresses her rage as she brushes Budou’s hair with her fingers, then says “that... witch. If I get my hands on her-“ Sounding aggravated, Reimu quickly says “don’t concern yourself with her, I already dealt with that.” She narrows her eyes and reaches into her pocket, quickly tossing a glass rose at Sanae and says “at least we know Ail’s body is safe. Call Ayalina through that if you want. Tell her Ail is here, but he’s acting subconsciously. However, if you don’t think you can, then don’t bother. Just, please, do NOT call her here.” Sanae stares a little confused at Reimu while Rika and Koishi finish fixing the sliding doors to Reimu’s room, then Rika says “my lady, please calm down. All this stress is not healthy for you!” Reimu raises her voice a little as she says “well I WISH I could, but there are too many question that need answering, and not enough time to answer them all! That stupid witch did something VERY DANGEROUS, and I have to fix all of it.” Rika approaches the table and worriedly says “but my lady, if you would just calm down a little. Maybe meditate a few hours, that-“ Reimu bangs on the table with both hands as she springs to her feet, scaring Chen right from underneath the table itself and on to Sanae, then narrows her eyes as she tries to look at Rika’s and as calmly as possible she says “I... am going back to my room. Remember, not a sound.” Rika continues to stare determined at Reimu, trying to look into her eyes, however Reimu skillfully avoids making eye contact so Rika says “my lady, please allow me to help you!” Reimu ignores Rika and walks to her room, walking past Rika and Koishi as she heads inside, then calmly says “you shouldn’t worry about me. Besides, you have two more guests to tend to, so please, do so. Oh, and try to keep the noise to a minimum... I need all my concentration here.” She slowly closes the sliding doors, leaving both Rika and Sanae staring back both concerned and confused. Rika turns around, asking “two guests?” From outside the back of the shrine, Lily’s voice comes inside clearly as she happily shouts “it’s SRPING!”, followed by various explosions. Rika panics and whispers “too much noise!” Rika, Budou and Sanae rush outside to find Lily flying around Ail and dancing in the air, while Ail jumps around like a frog, and trying out single-handed handstands, only to fall on his head and roll on the ground, then try again. Budou gasps and involuntarily flaps her wings as she excitedly shouts “PAPA~!” She flies so fast to Ail, Phredia falls right out of her hair and on to Sanae’s hands. Ail silently smiles at Budou and opens his arms widely, catching Budou in a hug-tackle that sends them both sliding next to Rika’s greenhouse while Lily continues to dance around the air and excitedly shouting “it’s spring~!” Sanae sighs along with Rika, who also flaps her small wings slowly, then look at each other and at the same time they say “kids.”

An hour later, Chen is summoning cats to the back of the shrine, while Budou, Ail and Lily enjoy tea and snack, both girls sitting as close as possible beside Ail, while Sanae and Rika enjoy a quiet chat and Koishi sits on the roof next to the drunken Suika and Aya. While Koishi continues to smile, she pokes Aya’s shoulders, and although Aya gets mad, all she does is whisper “quit it!”, in fear that Reimu might really hurt her if she causes too much noise. From the sky, a faint voice calls for Reimu. Aya looks up, and suddenly Remilia and Sakuya appear in the sky just above the shrine, and while descending to the shrine grounds Remilia shouts “REIMU~! It’s an emergency~!” The second they land, Rika approaches them and nervously bows down and whispers “please, keep it down. Miss Reimu is studying in her room.” Remilia glares at Rika and swings her arm offensively toward Rika and says “you keep away from me! I’m not here to speak to you! I came here looking for Reimu! Besides, you are NOT to be trusted!” Rika gasps, her heart thumps hard twice, then she backs away as a dark depressive aura surrounds her. Remilia continues to head inside while Sanae approaches Rika, angrily saying “hey, she was just greeting you, you spoiled brat!”, then kneels beside the shrine’s maid, patting her back and whispering “it’s alright. There, there, let it all out.” The moment Sanae comes to comfort her, Rika sniffles and lets a few large tear drops fall from her wiggling white eyes. Sakuya stares sadly toward Rika, then bows, but says nothing. Aya rushes down to Remilia and gets in her way, whispering “you stupid brat, are you trying to get us all killed!? Leave Reimu alone!” Remilia bluntly shouts “get the hell out of my way, crow! This is important!” Remilia pushes Aya away and walks up to Reimu’s room, then starts to knock on Reimu’s door without stop and shouts “REIMU~! I know you are there, so just wake up already, you lazy shrine maiden! This is an emergency!” Rika, Chen, Sanae, Suika, Aya and even Koishi all stare from outside the shrine with terrorized faces, Aya whispering “nice knowing you, you little brat.” Remilia notices this and loudly says “geez, you’re all acting as if Reimu has a plague or something.” She knocks hard on the wooden frame of the door and shouts “REIMU~! Wake up already~!” Reimu’s doors suddenly burst open and Reimu’s head pops out 10 times its own size, and while breathing fire and glaring through glowing white eyes Reimu shouts “IF YOU DON’T STOP THAT NOW I’M RIPPING YOUR DAMNED WINGS OFF~~~!” Remilia shrinks to the size of one of Alice’s dolls and while crying she runs straight to Sakuya, whose nose is bleeding twin streams. Reimu walks out of her room, shouting “you BETTER have a good reason to be pissing me off!” Sakuya winces as she tries to cover her mistress and herself from Reimu’s fiery breath, then says “miss Reimu, we are terribly sorry, but Flandre-“ Reimu stomps hard on the floor as she walks up to Sakuya and shouts “I don’t give a damn! I have MUCH more important things to deal with, and if SHE thinks...” Rika rushes to Reimu and immediately pushes her away, saying “my lady, please, calm down, please!!” Reimu shouts “Rika, don’t get in my way!” Rika says “please, miss Reimu, you’ll wake them up!” As Reimu looks to the table, where Rika is pointing to she shouts “what the hell are you talking about..?” Reimu suddenly stops struggling against Rika as she stares at the subconscious body of Ail as he sleeps while holding the sleeping Budou on his right, and the sleeping Lily on his left. Reimu stops in place and looks around, then notices a mirror on the wall behind her, getting a good look at herself. She thinks “wa-what’s this? I’ve become a monster.” She looks at Rika’s worried face and thinks “Rika. What have I done?” Reimu sighs and falls on her knees, feeling as though the weight of the world has just been lifted off her shoulders, then says “Rika... I’m sorry. I... I lost my control there.” Rika continues to hold on to Reimu and kneels down along with her mistress, then smiles and says “it’s alright, miss Reimu. The important thing is you finally calmed down.” Reimu places her left hand on her forehead, taking many deep breaths, then says “th-thank you, Rika. And sorry... to all of you. I don’t know what came over me.” Rika says “then perhaps if you tell us about it, you might feel better.” Sakuya interrupts while still holding on the her normal-sized, but still trembling mistress on her chest and says “I’m sorry to have to ruin the moment, but this is really important. Miss Reimu, Flandre has completely lost control, and she and that wild dragon are fighting again. We need your help to stop them.” Reimu suddenly composes herself and stands up with a determined look on her face, then says “a-alright. Rika, please take care of the shrine. Sanae, you are coming with me... and bring Ail with us.” Sanae gasps and enters the shrine and looking terrorized toward Reimu she says “Reimu! You can’t take him there! He can’t fight!” Reimu smiles and says “oh, he’s not going to fight, He’s helping us bring Flandre down a couple of notches, is all.” Sanae stares confused toward Reimu, then hesitantly nods. Outside the shrine, Aya, Chen and Suika stare at Koishi as she smiles while sticking out her tongue, then Aya asks “so how did you put that mirror there so fast? I couldn’t even see you do it.” Koishi winks and calmly says “oh, you know. I just did it without thinking much.”

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia, Ayalina, Kimi and Agava were created by Willie G.R.
Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot2010

MAR 16 2010
Written by
Willie G.R.

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