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Meiling's Vacation - DAY 1

Meiling, the Scarlet Devil Mansion's (or SDM) gate keeper recently recovered from a terrible possession that almost claimed her life. Although she was saved and has recovered well, she still hasn't fully recovered and hasn't been able to stop a single intruder. Even some daring young humans from the village challenged her, and won. On this night, Meiling has been summoned by Sakuya to the main hall, where Remilia, and Sakuya herself wait for her. Meiling fears she's no longer useful to the SDM, and that the reason for the summoning it to fire her, or worse. She nervously walks toward the doors to the large room, hesitates, takes a deep breath after gulping loudly, then slowly pushes the doors open. Upon entering she sees Remilia sitting on a large red chair, drinking some red tea, and standing to her left is Sakuya, elegantly awaiting any order from her mistress. Meiling sweats and trembles as she walks closer to the pair, then stops halfway through, nervously bows, and awaits for either one of them to speak.

Remilia smiles and says "Sakuya, please give it to her." Sakuya replies "right away, my lady." then walks toward Meiling. The gatekeeper trembles, holding back her tears of fear. She thinks that Sakuya is going to really kill her for her uselessness. She shuts her eyes tightly and waits for her death. A few seconds pass, but nothing happens. She slowly opens her eyes and notices Sakuya holding a yellow envelope in front of her. She slowly lifts her head and looks at Sakuya's smile, then smiles back as she quietly takes the envelope. "Um... Lady Sakuya, lady Remilia? What-!?" Remilia smiles and says "Meiling. It has come to my attention that lately, you have been failing as gate guard, and you were even defeated by humans." Meiling whimpers "I'm so sorry, mistress! I'll work harder next-" Remilia stops smiling as she signals Meiling to stop talking. She looks at Sakuya, then clears her throat. Sakuya reacts a little surprised, saying "oh... oh, right, sorry my lady. Meiling, we understand this has been happening since that nasty incident during the first days of spring, when you were possessed by that spell." Meiling looks at them with wonder and thinks "what's this all about, I wonder?" Sakuya smiles, then says "since it seems you haven't fully recovered from that, our kind mistress, lady Remilia, and myself have decided to give you a three day payed vacation, starting tomorrow morning. Well, what do you think about that?" At first, Meiling stands there, just staring at Remilia and Sakuya, then smiles and squeals with glee, then asks "really, a vacation!?" Remilia and Sakuya smile and nod, then Meiling jumps in place and dances as she softly lands back on the floor. Sakuya says "in that envelope you will find your pay, a massage voucher from the kappa that expires in 3 days, and a permit that allows you a visit to Makai. The Hakurei maiden says you'll be sightseeing with a woman called Luize once in there." Meiling bows and says "thank you so very much! Oh, but... who's going to-?" Sakuya quickly says "we have hired the necessary hands for this task while you enjoy your time off. You may come back to the mansion to sleep and eat, but please, don't disturb the fairy maids too much." Remilia adds "oh, and Meiling..." Meiling looks at her mistress and waits for what she has to say. Remilia smiles and says "try to enjoy these days, but also, try and recover yourself." Meiling bows and says "o-of course, my lady." Sakuya says "you are dismissed" Meiling salutes them, then happily skips back to the door, then heads straight to her room.

DAY 1:

Meiling walks out of the mansion, taking a deep breath as she walks out the door, wearing a white t-shirt with rolled up sleeves, a pair of brown shorts, white socks and brown shoes; no hat. She looks up to the sky and says "a beautiful day to start my vacation." The takes out the massage voucher and says "I think I'll head straight to the kappa." she smirks and adds "this will be GREAT! Hoo hoo~!" She walks past the gate and notices Cirno and Daiyousei. She scratches her head and asks "so... you two are my replacements?" Cirno proudly expands her chest and bags hard on it with her little fist and says "who better than the strongest in all Gensokyo to take care of this gate!" Daiyousei smiles at Cirno and says "Cirno-chan is so brave. She already took care of an intruder, just as we arrived." Cirno proudly says "it was just too easy. He didn't even put up a fight!" Behind some bushes, Rinnosuke lies frozen inside a large ice-cube with a letter addressed to Meiling from Makai. Meiling smiles at the two fairies and says "well, you two have fun. I'm going to start my vacation." She flies away while shouting "see you later~!" Daiyousei stares as Meiling goes away, then turns her attention to Cirno, who sighs deeply. Daiyousei asks "Cirno-chan? What's the matter?" Cirno stretches and says "I wish I could go on vacation too." Daiyousei gets shocked, then shouts "but we only just started working!" Cirno places her finger on her bottom lip as she stares blankly at the sky, then says "oh yea... what are we supposed to do?" Daiyousei sighs and asks "are you still asleep, Cirno-chan?"

Before heading to the Youkai Mountain, Meiling goes to the Human Village and visit the school there. She lands next to the building and looks inside through the window. she thinks "oh, it's miss Keine... seems she's giving lessons now." Inside she looks on as Keine speaks of many past happening to the students, who all seem bored and about to fall asleep. Meiling continues to look inside and starts to yawn as she thinks "wow... they say I stopped here, but I don't even remember getting here." Mailing's eyes feel heavy, then she whispers to herself "wow... I wonder if this is a.. *yawn~* sleeping spell... I feel so... slee-" Meiling falls asleep while still standing and looking through the window, but Keine takes notice and launches a piece of chalk straight at her forehead, shouting "DO MY CLASSES BORE YOU SO MUCH!!?" Meiling rubs her head after being so rudely awakened and says "I'm sorry~!" Keine gets a better look and says "oh, it's you... Class, please excuse me for a minute." Keine walks outside and heads toward Meiling, saying "I'm sorry, miss, but I feel a bit offended when people fall asleep during my lessons... you know, maybe if you pay attention, you could learn a thing or two." Meiling smiles and says "it's alright. I'm sorry to have disturbed your class... it's just..." Meiling looks back inside and says "I was told I came to your school, but I can't remember what exactly happened that day... so I though-" Keine smiles and says "I see. You're trying to put the pieces back together, huh?" Meiling rubs the back of her head and chuckles nervously as she says "no, heh heh, not exactly... but close. I am barely ever away from the gates at the mansion, so, being away and not remembering it was driving me a little crazy." Keine replies "ahh, I see... hmm~" Keine's eyes fill sigh shiny stars as she says "oh well! care to join one of my lectures!? It's a good one!" Meiling sweats and says "er, no thanks. I have somewhere else to go right now... um, see you later miss teacher!" With those words, Meiling flies away, leaving Keine feeling a little disappointed and saying to herself "oh well. It's a shame really. She would have loved to hear about past martial artists."

Meiling walks by the river, and just before arriving to the waterfall she exhales and says "oh, I can't find the kappa anywhere. *sigh* Might as well do something else. Too bad about this voucher, though." "Voucher!?" asks a girl from behind a tree. Like magic, the girl materializes right in front of the tree and asks "you wouldn't happen to be miss Meiling Hong, right?" Meiling is awestruck, nervously pointing at the little blue haired girl, but manages to say "y-yes... how did you do that?" the little girl bows and says "I am Nitori Kawashiro, and I'll be your host today... the original host is tied up at the moment." Meiling asks "Nitori... ohh, you're that inventor! And what happened to the 'original' host?" Nitori looks away with a naughty smile and says "oh... best not worry about that." In a dark room, a beautiful kappa woman sits in front of a large monitor that has Nitori's name on it, and is playing various movies while the kappa has her wrists tied to the chair she is on. Back with Nitori and Meiling, the little kappa hands Meiling a peculiar silver belt and says "please put that on before we can continue." Meiling puts on the belt and asks "is this some sort of code, or some-" As soon as Meiling clips the belt on, Nitori grabs her and pulls her down the river. The second Meiling touches the water, a black bubble surrounds her as Nitori drags her deeper and deeper into the water. Inside the bubble, Meiling feels soothed and relaxed as some music plays for her while the picture of a flower field is displayed for her.

Upon arriving to their destination, Nitori places the black bubble beside her and says "destination achieved" and the bubble pops, then the silver belt un-clips itself from Meiling and flies straight back to Nitori's backpack. Meiling looks around as she gets up from the ground and says "whoa~! This place is amazing!" The floor is made of metal and the walls are covered by tubes, buttons and lights trailing along everywhere. Nitori stands proud and says "welcome to the kappa's domain. Please, come with me." Meiling nods, but continues to look around as she follows Nitori around. Nitori stops and stands in front of a solid white wall, then it opens like magic. She didn't even use a doorknob. Meiling asks "what sort of magic is this?" Nitori smiles and says "this is technology, my red-haired friend. In this room you will receive the finest massage, so please have your voucher ready." Meiling takes the voucher out of her pocket, then Nitori guides her to a smaller room inside the one they are in and says "please change into either those two really small towels or that conveniently placed green two-piece swimwear." Meiling blushes and asks "w-what for?" Nitori waves her finger at her and says "well you wouldn't want kappa oils and medicines all over you clothes, do you? Oh... one more thing. Err, when you're done, would you mind if I test a new invention with you?" Meiling smiles and asks "is it dangerous?" Nitori replies "not at all." Meiling nods and says "ok." Nitori bows as Meiling enters the changing room. A few minutes later, Meiling come out wearing the conveniently placed bikini and then Nitori pulls her to a hard-looking bed and says "please get on. The massagist will be here momentarily." Meiling lies on her stomach on the surprisingly comfortable bed, then turns her smiling face to Nitori and asks "so how does this work..? ACK!" Meiling's face can't hide her shocking surprise when she sees the large and bulky blue-haired lady massagist standing next Nitori. Nitori then says "I'll be outside if you need anything." Right before Nitori leaves Meiling shouts "wait, you can't leave me here with her... please~!" Nitori lets the door close behind her, sits on a chair that pops up from the floor, pulls a magazine from her backpack, then quietly reads while Meiling is getting her massage.

One hour later, Meiling comes out of the room looking amazingly well. Her skin shines with radiance, she looks so relaxed and happy and feels as though she's walking on air. Nitori smiles as she gets up and puts her magazine away, then says "well, looks like someone is feeling like a new youkai!" Meiling smiles and in a dreamy state, she says "the massagist inside told me to keep this while I help you with your new invention." Nitori smiles and nods, then signals Meiling to follow. Meiling follows her, looking as though she is floating in the air as she did. They arrive at a very large room with a small booth, a round pool in the center, and a painted wooden board in the water. Meiling, who is still in that dreamy state, asks "and what's all of this? It looks so wonderful~!" Nitori replies "glad you approve! This is my new invention. Please, get on that board over there by the water." Without wasting another second, Meiling gets inside the pool and paddles to the board then gets on top, lying on her stomach. She signals Nitori, who is inside the booth, by flipping her right-hand thumb, then through a microphone Nitori says "you are testing my newest in vacationing fun and entertainment. I call it 'Water Board Ride'. I will generate some waves in the water, and all you have to do is tell me if it's fun, or not. Simple, right?" Meiling, who is still in a dreamy state, flips her thumb up again, then Nitori, who smiles widely presses a button while saying "let the test... begin!"

Gentle waves rocks the board in which Meiling is on, startling her to the point that she clings tight on to the board. Meiling calms down after a bit and says "ah, this... this is kinda nice." Nitori says "ok, I'll turn it up a bit." The waves get a little bigger, then bigger still. Meiling shouts with excitement as she stands on the board and says "wow, this is amazing! Look, look! I can stand while doing this!" Nitori smiles and proudly says "this invention of mine is pure genius. Well I'm going to turn it off now." Meiling says "aww~", but then Nitori realizes she can't turn it off. Meiling wonders "huh... I though she said she was going to turn it off now..." From the booth, Nitori waves her hands while shouting "I can't turn it off!" Meiling shouts back "WHAT!?" The waves get bigger, and bigger still, then the room floods and a whirlpool forms in the very center of the room. The water forcefully gets Nitori out of the booth, so Meiling, who is still on the wooden board, paddles to her and gets her on to the board. Nitori gasps and says "thanks... now how do we get out if here~!?" Meiling sighs and says "there has to be a... what's happening?" The whirlpool starts sucking the water in, dragging the girls along for the ride. Nitori shouts "oh no, it's going to eat u~~s!!!". In an instant, the water drains completely, dragging the two girls with it.

Outside, Momiji sits next to the river, takes off her sandals and dunks her feet inside the water and says "ahh~ this feels great, after a long day's work... huh?" Momiji's ear twitches as she hears a rumbling sound coming from under the water. She's about to stand up when a blast of water, along with two screaming girls on a board head toward the Human Village. She spits out some water and shakes off as much as she can from her head, then says "so much for relaxing." Meiling stands on the board, doing her best to keep her balance, while Nitori rides sitting on her shoulders. Nitori panics and waves her arms around, shouting "look out, no, to the left, no, the right. WATCH OUT!" Meiling screams at the top of her lungs "how do we stop thi~~~S!!!" At the Human Village, Kyo and some young male villagers sit just outside the village's entrance when they spot the large wave, Meiling and Nitori headed their way. One of the young men says "whoa, look at that hot red-head." Another says "AWESOME! She's got a kappa on her shoulders!" Kyo says "wait, that's Meiling and Nitori! What the heck are they doing!?" Meiling shouts "somebody help u~s!" Kyo walk to where the wave is going to come through, stands there and waits. Just as the wave gets close enough to him, he activates his amplifier, his shield, and expands the shield, generating a powerful gust that disperses the water. He extends his arms and catches Nitori first, then sets her down on the floor. Nitori shakes a little, then says "catch the gate guard!" Kyo extends his arms again and catches Meiling just before she hits the ground. She trembles a little while clinging on to his neck, shutting her eyes tight as well. When she opens them, she realizes she's on Kyo's hands, safe from harm. Kyo sets her gently down on the ground and asks "what was that all about?" Behind him, Luna stares at him, her eyes red with rage and spitting fire from her mouth. Meiling and Nitori hug each other and try to warn Kyo, but are unable to speak. Kyo asks them "what? What is it now?" Luna shouts "what the HELL are you doing holding on to hot women like that, you PERVERT!!! You only do that with ME!, got it!?" Kyo tries to run away, but Luna already has him by the ear and is dragging him back home while shouting "how DARE you, you PIG! And she's barely wearing any clothes, UGH, when we get back home, you're gonna GET IT!" Luna turns around, smiles and says "please, don't take it too hard, miss. It just that we have to keep these men in line... you know, right?" Meiling blushes and nods. Nitori pulls out Meiling's clothes from her backpack and says "well, it was a pleasure being your host, but now it's time to go back and work on another invention... See ya!" then runs away before Meiling can say anything.

Meiling, who somehow managed to change back to her casual clothes without being peeped on, walks back to the mansion late in the afternoon. She stops at the gate to greet Cirno and Daiyousei and asks "everything ok here?" Cirno boasts "HAH! This is a piece of cake! I froze two witches, a demon, a vampire, another man with glasses, and some fairies." Meiling looks at the various blocks of ice and notices Patchouli, Koakuma and Sakuya, all side-by-side, and Alice and Rinnosuke at another side. The others were random fairies and other youkai. Meiling smiles and asks "and what about Marisa?" Cirno says "she had a permit, so I let her in." Meiling thinks "oh, she pulled that one on me so many times..." She looks at Cirno, smiles, then says I'll be taking these three with me, ok?" Cirno nods and says "if they are with you, I see no problem!" Meiling flips her thumb up, lifts up all three frozen friends as if they were nothing, then carries them inside with her.

Later that night, after Cirno got dismissed by an enraged head-maid, Meiling enjoys a meal with Remilia, Patchouli, and Sakuya, who joins soon after dealing with Cirno. Remilia asks "so how was your first day of vacation?" Meiling smiles and says "it was so much fun. A little messy, but what's fun without a little mess, right?" Sakuya smiles, then asks "and your training?" Meiling sweats and chuckles nervously then says "I promise, when I come back, I'll be a whole new gate guard. I won't let you down!" Remilia calmly says "it's alright, Meiling. Just recover your strength." Patchouli shivers and says "S-S-S-Sakuy-ya... p-p-please pass... the h-h-hot tea!" Meiling then asks "Oh yeah... is the little ice fairy coming back tomorrow?" Sakuya tries to hide her anger with a smile and says "no... we have another replacement in mind. hopefully she'll work better than the fairy." Meiling smiles, then continues to enjoy the rest of her meal. Later, after taking a nice bath, Meiling lies on her bed and thinks of the day. How relaxing it was to just go on by herself. No rules, curfews, just do whatever she wants. She smiles as she closes her eyes and says "tomorrow will be great."

Day 1 END

Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Kyo and Luna were created by Willie G.R.

SEP 30 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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