Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Misplaced Sukima EXTRA

Reimu sits by the Sanzu river, watching the water flow it's course. She continues to stare until everything else around her becomes distant and almost none-existent. She replays Ail's pleading over Budou over and over. She whispers to herself "maybe... I should consider quitting." SikiEiki places her hand on Reimu's shoulder and says "the Hakurei maiden lost her nerve? Suicide is never the right option, you should know that. Or perhaps you want to escape? No matter how far you run, you'll never get away." Reimu jumps up and mumbles incoherently. Siki stares at her with a smile until Reimu realizes where she is. The maiden looks around, seemingly lost and asks "wha- Siki? Where am I? What am I even doing here?" Reimu realizes Komachi is standing next to Siki, smiling and waving her hand. Siki says "I see. Something is bothering you, and you're just looking for answers? Well, you came to the right place, Reimu. Come, let's have a nice chat."

Siki, Reimu and Komachi walk away from the Sanzu River, back to Reimu's shrine. Siki asks Reimu "so, are you sorry for what you did?" Reimu's heart skips as she says "y... yes. I... I did something so horrible. I feel just awful." Siki smiles and says "well you shouldn't." Reimu shouts "how can you say that so calmly like that!? I literally wiped out an innocent, just because I wouldn't listen!" Siki calmly asks "and will you be inclined to listen now?" Reimu stops walking and stares at the yama and her shinigami. Siki says "you have learned much more from this experience, Reimu Hakurei. All of these events happened for many reasons, each one as powerful as the other. Agava is no longer a threat. Ail is free to continue his life as he sees fit." Reimu continues to stare at them for a moment, then continues walking with them as Siki asks "speaking of Agava... Reimu, why did you assign Rumia to be Agava's guardian?" Reimu sighs and says "Rumia has the power of darkness, thus, has the ability to turn Agava's shadows to nothing if she wanted to. Also... I made it so she can remove that charm on her head, but only if there is need." Siki replies "oh? Isn't that dangerous?" Reimu replies "no. The charm will go back to her as soon as her deed is finished." Siki then asks "and what about Agava. Although she has changed... having that much power back, she might try something, don' you think?" Reimu quickly replies "Rumia would never have been able to restore that much power if that shadow hadn't truly changed. But that's something even Rumia doesn't know. See, if Agava's heart changes, so does the charm, and thus, becoming an entity of good, she can have more of her powers. However..." Siki and Komachi look at Reimu with the corner of their eyes as she says "only I have the authority to completely remove that charm, and more importantly, if Agava does revert, so will the charm, locking away her powers once more." Komachi grabs Reimu and squeezes her head between her breasts as she say "HA HA~ That's my Reimu, always thinking ahead!"

Walking close by to the village, where Rumia, Flandre and Agava are playing tricks to the villagers that wander outside, encasing them in darkness, laughing mischievously, and making them run in fear for a good laugh. They all ignore this as Siki asks "speaking of 'change of hearts'; Reimu, did you notice anything after the incident with little Budou?" Reimu's face turns pale and says "please... don't mention that." Siki smiles and says "Reimu, feeling guilt for your mistake proves you have a kind heart. It hurts, but don't think less of it just because of that." They come across Byakuren and Shou. Reimu gulps and backs away, thinking Byakuren or Shou would want payback, however, to her surprise, Byakuren smiles and says "miss Reimu, I am so glad to see you again, and so calm too. Huh?" Byakuren notices Reimu's guilty expression and says "oh, miss Reimu, I'm not mad at you. Although that attack did hurt a lot." Reimu looks to her eyes and say "but..." Byakuren says "I see. It's not only that, huh? Cheer up, Reimu. Soon, Ail and Sanae will come back with the little one. You'll see." Reimu says "but... what if he never forgives me for that? What if I misused my powers and authority... all because I wouldn't listen?" Byakuren smiles and says "Reimu... these things sometimes need to happen. Even if they hurt, you shouldn't let that get you down. I am certain mister Ail knows this as well." Reimu smiles and says "I see. He did mention something like that... the dummy." Byakuren chuckles and says "see? So stop beating yourself like that. Cheer up and be glad to have been part of such important events." Reimu gasps and asks "w-wait, how did you-?" Byakuren says "oh my, I'm sorry miss Reimu. Shou and I have some important business to attend to. See you around" Before Reimu is able ask Byakuren anything, she and Shou hurry away toward the Forest of Magic.

Climbing the stairs to the mansion, Reimu asks "Siki, what was it you wanted to ask me before?" Siki says "you know what I was going to ask, so why not answer right away?" Reimu sighs and says "yes, I sensed something different about him. Even that deadly spell card of his changed." Shiki says "oh yes. He can use it to his heart's content now, and even though he's no longer invincible while using it, it won't kill him." Reimu suddenly asks "was he really going to..?" Siki says "he was willing to give up his very existence for that youkai, Reimu. His love for her was as real as you and I." Reimu lowers her head and says "I... I see." Komachi says "miss maiden, don't go getting all sad now. That little one saved his life after all." Siki adds "I never told him, but if he ever used that spell again he would have lost his life... his soul... in short, it would have been like he never even existed." Reimu says "oh... So that too would have been my fault?" Siki bangs Reimu with her sword and says "Reimu, LISTEN to what we are saying!" Reimu looks at Siki, while rubbing her head. Komachi then says "if none of this ever happened, you would have never learned to listen to others... although you still need to work on that." Siki adds "and Ail would be running around with a very dangerous spell that you and that ice fairy could have used with ease!" Komachi adds "not to mention he would still be split in half!" Siki adds "which would have eventually led to you having to seal him away for good." Reimu asks "why?" Siki sighs and says "even with that blessed bracelet or the little youkai, he would have succumbed to the evil desires in his heart, and you would have had to seal him away for good." Reaching the top of the stairs, Reimu stands under the large red gate, staring at Siki. The yama covers her mouth with her sword and says "it was only a matter of time before those desires would overcome him, and he would have destroyed this, and every world, dimension, and even existence itself. Budou was keeping all those desires at bay, yes, but only after losing her as he did, he realized who he was and what he truly wanted. That's why his heart changed so much. That's why he became whole gain."

The shrine is empty since Mima, Renko and Maribel are visiting the village. Reimu invites the yama and shinigami in for some tea and while they drink they continue their conversation. Reimu sighs and says "I think I'm starting to understand." Komachi asks "and how do you feel now?" Reimu looks at her tea-cup and says "I do feel a little lighter. Siki, tell me, is-?" Siki replies before Reimu is able to finish "she's alive, Reimu. It's a gift for Ail, and Sanae." Reimu looks at her curiously, so she adds "you see Reimu, after... that incident, he wanted nothing more than to see you suffer. I don't know exactly how, but something made him forgive you. A memory? A promise? Perhaps he feels he owes you, or maybe his love for you and his friends? Maybe a combination of all of that...? Er, Reimu, is something wrong?" Reimu blushes and asks "err... love?" Siki strikes Reimu on the head with her sword, shouting "REPENT!" then says "you know by now he loves you like a sister. Don't go confusing things now." Reimu rubs her head and says "that thing hurts a lot!" Komachi says "you'll get used to it!" Siki rapidly strikes Komachi, saying "don't encourage her!" Reimu starts to laugh, causing the yama and shinigami to stare at her curiously, then after a while, they also join in the laugh.

It's noon and Siki and Komachi are about to leave, but before they do, Reimu asks "Siki, wait! Are the events finally over? Will we have a good future?" Siki says "never rest on thoughts of the future, Reimu... and no, there is still one more event that needs to be overcome." Reimu asks "is it a secret?" Siki smiles and says "that wind priestess, Sanae, has to make sure Ail's heart stays in the right track." Reimu asks "but I though you said he changed for the better." Siki says "yes, he has. That dark future the four of them visited has become a mere memory, however there is much doubt in him now, and only that girl can help him; and in doing so, help keep a bright future." Reimu stares at Siki with curiosity, so Siki adds "don't worry... there are many paths, but all are leading to that bright future, Reimu." Reimu smiles then asks "Siki, you said something about me and Cirno being able to use that spell card of Ail's. Can you tell me why?" Siki says "it's a holy spell, Reimu. You should be able to use most of his spells because of this." Reimu continues to look at Siki, then asks "and Cirno? She's an ice fairy, not a god or a holy deity." Siki smiles and says "of everyone around here, she has the biggest heart, Reimu. In fact, it's she who will... No, I better not say any more." Reimu says "oh, come on! Tel me~!" Siki smiles and says "just continue to guide her. She is the strongest fairy after all." With that, Komachi smiles and waves at her as she says "see you later Reimu!" then flies away along with Siki.

At night, Maribel, Renko and Mima return from town, along with Kyo and Luna. Kyo and Mima have a drinking contest, which they lose the second Suika joins in, already drunk and shouting her head off. Renko continues to read many books she borrowed from Marisa, who arrives just as Suika yells "I WI~N!" Marisa walks to Reimu and asks "so, are you feeling better, daze?" She sits down between Maribel and Luna while Reimu replies "yeah... Had a chat with the ya... with SikiEiki. A very enlightening conversation." Luna says "I'm glad. Miss Reimu, I never thanked you properly, or miss Aya, for all you did for me." Reimu smiles and says "no need. I'm just glad you calmed down so much. Now, you realize you have to talk to Sakuya, right?" She replies "yes... I understand. I want you to understand we will have to fight again, however..." Maribel says "this time it won't end so bloody!" Luna smiles as she lightly chuckles and says "yeah. That is what I am hoping." From above the shrine, Suwako shouts "hello everyone down there~!" As soon as they land, Reimu gets a little nervous, but manages to smile at them and say "well... hello. Welcome Kanako and Suwako." Kanako and Suwako smile at her, then join in the little circle of friends and Suwako says "someone wants to say 'hi' to you guys." Suwako places a strange orb with a peculiar frog design in it's center, then from inside it, Sanae's voice echoes, saying "lady Moriya, are you at the Hakurei Shrine yet?" Reimu asks "Sanae, is that you?" Sanae responds "ah, Reimu, how are you?" Reimu replies "much better... how about you... and Ail?" Ail replies "I am well, Reimu. I am glad to hear you're feeling better. I was a bit worried about you." Reimu says "me? You worry about yourself and Sanae... and getting Budou back as well!" Sanae laughs and says "you won't believe what his mother is making him wear right now!" From behind Sanae, Ayalina is heard saying "but you look so handsome!" Ail shouts "no way I'm wearing that, mom!" Sanae sighs and says "he does look good in jeans." Reimu asks "jeans? What are those?" Suwako says "a really tick pair of long pants. Usually blue." Sanae says "Oh, I'm feeling a little dizzy, so I better go now. Glad to hear from all of you!" Kanako then shouts "Ail, you better behave with my Sanae, or I'll hunt you down!" Ayalina shouts "who is this? How dare you call my boy a pervert. Oh, if I ever get my hands on you-!" The frog inside the orb vanishes, signaling the communication has been cut off. Suwako looks to Reimu and says "they were so worried about you. They said you looked so sad when they left." Reimu looks at everyone present with a smile on her face. Marisa says "there's my Reimu, ze." Reimu chuckles and says "careful Marisa. Someone could take that the wrong way." Suwako and Kanako both smile, then Suwako says "well, seems everything is coming back to normal." Amidst the conversations, Maribel's voice stands out when she says "look, look!!! I can shoot bigger hearts now!" Outside, Rumia watches as massive explosions quiet everyone inside the shrine. She smiles, turns to face behind her and asks "is that so~!?" as she surrounds herself in darkness while her eyes glow crimson while still smiling innocently.

Another Misplaced Sukima - The End-
Characters and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Kyo, Agava, Luna and Budou were created by Wilie G.R.

SEP 21 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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