Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer morning at the Hakurei Shrine. Ail and Rika jump right out of one of Yukari’s gap, and right after landing, from inside the gap, Yukari says “well, now you know, little man. You should be able to take her there on your own.” Ail salutes the gap and says “thanks for everything. I should be able to help out some more, now that I know how to get there.” Rika bows to the gap, and says “Really, thank you for everything, miss Yukari.” Yukari finally pops half of her head out of the gap, and playfully says “you’re welcome. You two have fun now~” As soon as Yukari enters her gaps and closes it off, Budou comes flying form the shrine, exclaims “welcome back, papa! Are we going to the moon now?” Rika giggles and says “yes... er, I mean. Well, my lady Reimu may need my help today, so...” Reimu walks out of the shrine and kneels on the porch with a basket full of seaweed cookies, and a cup of tea on her hand. She looks at Rika, smiles, then says “go ahead. I’ll be just fine, so you two enjoy your honeymoon.” Ail and Rika’s faces turns white, then blue, then Ail nervously says “Re-Reimu, are you trying to get me killed?” In a sad tone, Rika adds “my lady, you are being mean today.” Reimu chuckles while she counts down with her fingers, and right after he hides the last finger, she grabs her snack basket and teacup, and flies away, avoiding a couple of red pentagrams. On the sky, Sanae is surrounded by flames, fire comes out of her eyes and mouth, then she says “Reimu~ You take that back, you lazy maiden!” Reimu giggles and playfully replies “oh, did I say something wrong?” While Ail, Budou and Rika watch them fly around the sky, Sanae shouts “you leave him alone, you hear!” Reimu laughs mockingly, then says “your aim’s a little off.” Sanae shouts “QUIT IT!” Ail asks “so, Rika, I think we can go now, right?” Budou asks “what’s a honeymoon? Is it a moon made of honey?” Both Rika and Ail laugh nervously, then Ail suddenly notices he has the Rabid Karate Night Sparrow on his left shoulder. Ail asks “um, what’s the matter?” The bird flaps its wings and flies right in front of Ail’s face and chirps once. Ail’s face turns blue, then he says “o-of course, sir! You are always welcome!” Rika sighs and says “please, mister Sparrow. Don’t start attacking us, please?” The RKNS flies to Rika’s shoulder, then rubs its little head against her cheek. Ail opens a gap to a large room, then asks “alright, are you guys ready?” Rika giggles as the RKNS’ soft feathers ticker her cheek, then she nods as Budou says “ready, papa!” Right after they enter the gap, Reimu and Sanae fly low to the ground, Reimu drinking her tea and eating her cookies, while Sanae desperately shoots and growls in a rage. Ail’s gap takes them to the same large room in which Rika fought her dark self. The moment they set foot inside, Rika points forward and says “it’s this way. Please, don’t take any other route. These ruins are full of traps to ward off intruders.” Ail and Budou look at Rika, then nod, then she and Ail take the lead to the door Rika pointed to. Just before Ail crosses the doorway, Rika tries to warn him about another trap, but she can’t say it in time, and Ail gets struck on the head with a water-filled washtub. Budou jumps over Ail to enter the room, and notices the many drawing in the room inside, one of the drawing depicting winged people, like Rika, praying to a round machine that connects a beam to the moon. Budou exclaims “whoa. This is pretty cool.” Before entering the room, Rika helps Ail up as he rubs his head and groans, asking “are you alright, mister Ail?” The RKNS flies ahead, on to a large machine with a round glass platform that allows view of the machine’s internal mechanics. He rapidly chirps, edging everyone to Hurry up to the machine. Budou flies up, flapping her wings as fast as she can, while Ail and Rika calmly take the stairs up to the platform. The first thing Ail notices is that on the platform there is a control panel, similar to one that stands outside beside the stairs. Rika then says “alright, this machine will take us anywhere to the moon capital, so please be on your best behavior, alright?” Ail, Budou, Phredia, who jumps right out of Budou’s heart and sits on her head, and the little RKNS, all salute Rika in agreement. Rika starts working the control panels and says “oh, and don’t worry. The Lunarians will be fully aware of our presence, so we don’t have to sneak around.” While Budou, Phredia and the RKNS nod in acknowledgement, Ail trembles nervously and says “uu~ I hope Yorihime isn’t sore about last time.” Rika finishes entering the coordinates, then says “here we go~”, the platform lightens up, and a beam of light surrounds them, shoots straight through the clouds, and goes all the way to the moon.

At the Moon Capital, Ail, Budou, Phredia, and Rika all appear right in front of the gates of a large building with a small palace on top. Rika looks around and says “wow, this is a pretty place.” Budou looks up to the sky and says “wow, I can see the Earth. It looks just like the internet photos.” Ail and Phredia both smile at Budou, then both look around for a moment, then Ail asks “hey... Where’s the Night Sparrow?” At the palace atop the large building, the Watatsuki sisters, Yorihime and Toyohime, walks out of the palace doors to look down the building, then Yorihime says “it’s been a while since we’ve received a visit from the Onkamikami.” Toyohime adds “I wonder if she like peaches too?” Yorihime looks curiously at her sister and asks “how can you be so certain it’s a girl this time?” Toyohime inhales, and from behind them, a guard shouts “oh no, the washing machine broke!” Another guard shouts “coincidentally, the water is headed outside!” Before they can react, the Watatsuki sisters find themselves being washed away by dirty laundry water, falling all the way down the building. Down at the bottom, Ail and Rika perceive the screams from the moon princesses, then Ail says “heads up”, and he, Budou and Rika open up an umbrella each, Phredia hiding under Budou’s, and right after the Watatsukis gently drop to the ground, the dirty laundry waters falls right after them, soaking them up some more. Afterward, the three visitors remove their umbrellas and toss them away, revealing their faces to the princesses. Yorihime scowls and points at Ail, saying “hey, what are you doing here!?” Ail smiles and says “Yorihime, hi! How are you? Oh, you must be miss Toyohime, correct?” Toyohime smiles and happily says “hello, and welcome to the Moon Capital.” Yorihime sighs and rubs the side of her head, then says “sis, why can’t you be more serious? That guy is trouble, and he shouldn’t be allowed in here.” When Yorihime looks to her sister, she’s already shaking hands with Ail, kneeling next to Budou and patting her head, then inspecting Rika curiously, before shaking her hand as well. Budou approaches Yorihime and angrily says “papa isn’t a bad man, you mean lady!” Yorihime kneels down to look at Budou’s scowling face, then blushes and pats her head, whispering to herself “so cute. So pure! It’s unbearable!” Yorihime sighs and apologizes, then realizes Toyohime is happily giving Rika and company a written permit to visit wherever they want, each. Rika smiles and bows, then says “thank you so very much, my lady!” Toyohime giggles and says “please, call me Toyohime.” Budou chuckles, and she and Phredia bow to Toyohime, Budou saying “thanks for everything.” Ail bows to the two sisters, then says “don’t worry. I’ll make sure they behave.” Toyohime waves back at the group, smiling and happily saying “bye~ Have fun”, while Yorihime sighs and thinks “oh well. At least the Onkamikami is with them.”

After saying goodbye to the group, the sisters enter the large building that sits below their palace. A name is written on a golden plaque that’s placed just beside the entrances, and it reads “Leaders of the Lunar Corps Headquarters” Right after entering, Yorihime looks around and notices there isn’t a single moon rabbit working. She scowls and shouts “where are the moon rabbits?” The Lunarians seem to have to have not noticed this, and after looking around with confusion, one of the men says “princess, they were here just a moment ago!” In a commanding tone, Yorihime says “well, don’t just stand there! Find them already!” While some of the workers nervously reply to her sister, Toyohime calmly looks around and says “calm down, sis. We’ll find them. Let’s just... wait, what was that?” One of the worn-out doors at the darkened parts of the building bursts open on its own, then there’s the sound of flapping, then the lights switch off. Yorihime commands “activate emergency backup power source!” A man replies “right away, my princess!” When the lights turn back on, both Yorihime and Toyohime gasp in surprise. A small male moon rabbit with blue eyes, short, unkempt black hair, wearing only a small rag around his waist, looks up at the Watatsukis. One of the Lunarian women softly, but nervously says “don’t move, princesses. We got him... We got him.” The Lunarians slowly move closer to the male moon rabbit, while the Watatsuki sisters stare nervously at him, and just as one of the men jumps to get him, the little moon rabbit rushes away to the higher floors though the stairs. Yorihime unsheathes her sword and commands “seal all the exits! Don’t let a single one escape!” Toyohime softly says “remember what happened when that lone male escaped last time.” All the Lunarians shiver, then Yorihime says “now get moving! We still got moon rabbits in here!” Yorihime looks at her sister and says “we’ll take the elevator. I think I know where they are”, then looks at the employees and says “and the rest of you, take the stairs! We can’t let them escape!” While the Lunarians salute the sisters, Yorihime and Toyohime rush to the elevator and quickly head to the 8th floor. The moment the elevator doors open. Yorihime rushes out, and a silver washtub falls straight on her head, knocking her to the ground. Toyohime exits the elevator, asking “sis! Are you alright?” Another washtub falls from the ceiling, but it somehow veers toward Yorihime, landing on her head and leaving a large bump on her. Toyohime grabs Yorihime by her shoulder and lifts her limp sister up, exclaims “Yori-chan! Say something!” Yorihime moans for a moment, then says “do-don’t call me that!” Toyohime quickly hugs her dazed sisters and exclaims “you’re alright~!” Yorihime recovers from her daze and asks “who uses those old things anymore?” The small Rabid Karate Night Sparrow reveals himself, standing on the floor right in front of the two princesses, holding a large, rusty key on its claws, then chirps loudly. The Watatsuki sisters stare at the little bird, and Toyohime says “aww, what a cute little bird”, while Yorihime exclaims “YOU~ You set the males free? Why?” Toyohime stares at the key on its claw and says “my, how can a tiny bird like you carry that heavy key, and even manage to use it too?” The key lands smacked in between Toyohime’s eyes, then the RKNS chirps angrily and rapidly. Yorihime growls, unsheathes her sword, then says “small or not, you are a threat to the Moon Capital! Take thi-- eh?” Before she can even attack, the RKNS holds one of the washtubs on its claws, then throws it with a spin toward the Lunarian Princess. Yorihime ducks right on time, just as Toyohime gets up from the ground, just to receive the flying washtub on her face, and fall back on to the ground. Yorihime worriedly exclaims “Toyohime! Are you alright?” Toyohime mumbles incoherently, then smiles back at her sister. Yorihime growls and faces toward the RKNS, only to find out he’s gone.

Having recovered, the Watatsukis rush to the next room, a large, expansive room, where the moon rabbits practice with their guns. Yorihime looks at Toyohime behind her and whispers “sis, he could be anywhere, so be on your guard... What’s the matter with you?” Toyohime’s cheeks are bright red as she stares forward, and when her sister asks, all the can do is gulp and point ahead of herself. When Yorihime turns around, they find 3 sets of hearts rising from the floor, close to each other, followed by some giggling and kissing sounds. Yorihime’s face turns green with disgust as she slowly reaches for a small radio on her pocket, then whispers to it “Omega team, we found 3, and they are already engaged. Request backup on the 8th floor.” There’s no response from the other side, but before Yorihime can try again, Toyohime pokes her shoulder and says “sis? Over there.” Toyohime points to their left, and there is the RKNS holding two rifles by their barrels with each claw. Yorihime stares back at him with a confident smile and says “pheh! There’s no way you can use those against us.” Both sisters shriek and jump to the ground with a terrified expression on their faces, just as both guns fire in a rapid manner. When the gunshots stop, Yorihime raises her head and shouts “hey! You could have killed us!!” The RKNS chirps rapidly, then Yorihime angrily replies “well, of course we had them locked up! They’re dangerous!” There’s another gunshot, and a bullet flies right next to Yorihime’s head, making her flinch and raise her hands. The RKNS chirps rapidly again, and while Toyohime peeks from the ground, Yorihime angrily replies “why? What do you mean ‘why’? Moon rabbits are already long-lived to begin with!” Toyohime continues “that’s true. And when the males and females get together...” Three tiny white rabbits hop across the shooting range between the RKNS and the princesses, then they both say at the same time “they multiply!” The RKNS manage to shrug and keep flying with the rifles in its claws, and in an instant, both Yorihime and Toyohime find themselves falling on their backs, back to the floor, with a rifle striking each in their face. Yorihime furiously spring back on her feet to look around for the little sparrow, however he is gone once again. Yorihime face palms with a frown and angrily whispers “this is getting annoying.” A trap door on the ceiling opens up, and out comes gallons of water, washing away the sisters and sending them closer to the moon rabbits. While Yorihime mumbles and moans in pain, Toyohime manages to get up on her feet, then reaches for the first pair of moon rabbits, and places each on separate cages that are conveniently placed next to the rabbits. After she closes the cages, she dusts her hands and says “my, my, my~ They get right into it so quickly.” From the left cage, comes the sound of a grunting girl and a blue sleeved arm, while from the right comes a male’s grunt and a naked arm, both reaching for each other. Toyohime turns around and finds her sisters swiping the sweat off her forehead, standing besides two sets of ten cages, one set has naked arms that are trying to reach for the set with sleeved arms. Yorihime looks annoyed toward Toyohime and says “geez, we already have 12 children!” Toyohime giggles as she rubs the small, white rabbits on her cheeks, and says “they are so soft and cuddly!” Yorihime looks toward her sister with surprise and disappointment, as she has 3 tiny white rabbit babies jumping around her lap and head as well.

Meanwhile, at the city, Ail, Budou, Phredia and Rika enjoy the sights, along with some souvenir shopping. They spot a two story building adorned at the windows with some strange glowing flowers. From the distance, Mystia flies by and sings “chin chin~” Ail raises an eyebrow and turns around, just as Mystia leaves the area. He turns around again and asks “did you guys her Mystia singing around here?” Budou and Phredia shrug and shake their heads, and Rika smiles widely and says “you must be hearing things, mister Ail. How can she be all the way over here on the moon?” Rika turns around and continues to smile, while Ail says “yeah, I guess you’re right. Come on, let’s go check out that sweets store.” Ail looks over his shoulders, thinking he’ll find Mystia, while following Budou and Rika to the sweets store. Back at the Lunar Corps Headquarters, the Watatsuki sisters reach the top floor, exhausted from all the moon rabbit hunting. Toyohime lets herself fall on her knees, then says “geez, how troublesome these rabbits can be.” Yorihime sheathes her sword and swipes the sweat off her forehead, then says “you really need to shape up. Anyway, we need to figure out what to do with those babies.” Toyohime sighs and says “they’re so cute, but so dangerous. Those cages won’t hold them for long.” A large boulder falls from the floor above, and the impact raises the floor beneath the sisters, sending them both on a crash-course to the windows. They smack face-first against the window, which doesn’t break at all, then Yorihime notices the RKNS fling toward the city, following the blue eyed male moon rabbit. Yorihime pushes herself away from the glass and exclaims “AFTER THEM”, while Toyohime moans in pain and rubs her nose. Yorihime grabs her sister’s arm, then drags her to the elevator. Once on the first floor, Yorihime addresses to the Lunarians, speaking in a commanding tone “we’ve got a runner! He’s been watched over by a very dangerous fiend!” One of the women asks “what kind of fiend would unsettle lady Yorihime this way?” Yorihime sternly replies “the little sparrow.” The Lunarians look at each other with surprise, while Yorihime slowly realizes what she just said, and a degree of shame courses through her heart. To fix this, Toyohime seriously says “don’t take him lightly. He managed to use our weapons with ease, set traps for us, and he’s also a master of martial arts.” Before the Lunarians can react to this, a large cabinet falls from the floor above, right in front of the Watatsukis. There are knocks coming from inside the cabinet, making the doors violently rattle, then Yorihime and Toyohime look at each other, and each reaches for a door handle. Without hesitation, the sisters open the doors, then they jump out from inside the cabinet, wearing swimsuits, sunglasses, straw hats, and holding cups filled with sake on their hands. Toyohime sighs and says “who knew a place like that could be so wonderful.” Yorihime sighs and smiles, then says “yeah. I would I have stayed another 3 days...” When she looks around, the other Lunarians stare at them curiously, then a woman says “lady Yorihime, what do you mean? You just jumped out of that thing.” The Watatsuki sisters realize the men around them blush as some stare at them brazenly, while others look away, some even smiling. Somehow, Yorihime reaches to her left and grabs a pair of coats, then angrily says “we are going to change. While we do, you go and search for that rabbit! Remember what happened last time a male escaped to the city!” All the Lunarians in the room salute Yorihime, and after the sisters enter the elevator, and the doors close the people in the room rush to try and enter the cabinet at the same time.

Out in the city, after finishing their sweet treats, Rika sighs and happily says “that was great. Can’t wait to make this for lady Reimu.” Curiously, Ail asks “eh? You think you can copy this recipe?” Rika smiles confidently and says “I don’t think so, I know so. It may not be exact, but I am sure I can do it.” Meanwhile, Budou gets up from her chair and says “I’ll take these to the trash”, then grabs the empty paper plates and plastic cups, then she and Phredia head to the farthest trash bins. She empties her hands from the plates and cups, then walks back to Ail and Rika, but one of the lids from the trash bins pops open, getting Budou and Phredia’s attention, then Suwako sits like a frog on the closed bin next to her, then sings “au, au, auu~”, then jumps back into the open trash bin, just before the lid falls back on it. Surprised, Budou and Phredia rush to the bin and open it up, only to find that Suwako is not in it. As they continue to look curiously into the bin, Ail and Rika approach them, and Ail asks “Budou, what’s wrong? Did you lose something?” Budou turns around with a shocked expression and says “I just saw big sister Suwako!” Phredia flies in front of Ail’s face and nods in agreement. Ail and Rika look at each other, unable to believe what they just heard, then Rika smiles and says “you three are acting really weird. Neither Mystia or Suwako are here.” Budou stutters for a moment, trying to explain herself, then she sighs in defeat and says “you’re right... Maybe I just thought I saw her.” Ail smiles and says “it’s alright. We can make a club now.” Rika stares at Ail for a moment, then says “you guys must be homesick.” Meanwhile, at the Lunar Corps HQ, Yorihime crashes out of the building, lifting the cabinet above her head and roaring furiously, then tosses it toward the street, breaking it apart in the process, and from inside it, a total of 50 Lunarians, male and females, all in swimsuits and some wearing flowers around their necks, scatter all over the city, while Yorihime shouts “GET THAT RABBIT ALREADY!” Toyohime approaches Yorihime cautiously and says “sis, you need to take it easy. Here, have a peach.” Toyohime pulls a peach out of her pocket and offer to her sister, who stares at it for a moment, the smiles and softly says “Toyohime~ You’ll have to exercise double-time after today.” Toyohime immediately hides the peach and stands straight beside her sister, then says “sis, no time for eating peaches! We have to capture that rabbit, before it’s too late!” Yorihime smiles more naturally and says “yes, I agree. Let’s go.” The moment they take the first step forward, the ground underneath them cracks and breaks, sending the princesses into a dark hole. On the ground above, the RKNS peeks his head, chirps contently, then flies away. From inside, Yorihime screams with rage, while Toyohime worriedly says “sis, you have to calm down, please.”

Hours later, Yorihime and Toyohime reach one of the busiest streets in the city, now turned into a fiery battle zone, where the moon rabbits continue to fire their rifles at an unknown threat that, without showing itself, keeps knocking out rabbit after rabbit. Yorihime stands bravely and shouts “Reisen! Take your subordinates and hunt down that bird!” Reisen, the moon rabbit who had visited Gensokyo, and the only one with floppy ears, salutes Yorihime and asks “wh-what bird? What are we fighting here?” Yorihime unsheathes her sword and exclaims “ONWARD my brave soldiers!”, then runs toward the destroyed buildings, jumping over a large fire that makes up a large, round arena in the center. There, the RKNS waits on the ground, wearing his black bandanna, glaring at Yorihime, who brandishes her sword and says “get ready, bird!” She stabs her sword on the ground, but nothing happens. She stares with confusion and surprise at the RKNS, then asks “wait, what..? Where’s my sword?” Flying in front of her, the RKNS holds her sword in its little claws, chirps, then stabs the sword on the ground, making many blades rise from underneath Yorihime’s feet, trapping her on the spot. Yorihime smirks and says “you may have trapped me, but I can still beat you!” Yorihime closes her eyes, then starts to chant. Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, everything is right in place, and nobody even notices the small war being waged on the other half of the city. Rika, Ail, Budou and Phredia continue their sight-seeing through the city, and Rika is awestruck as she stares at the tall buildings, wrapped in colorful lights all over. Ail says “oy, Rika. Be you should watch where you’re going, or you’re going to trip.” Right after he says that, Rika trips on a small ledge, and instinctively activates her Soraogan mode as she falls, and after she lands, she ‘omphs’ loudly, and a light-white beam flies from her and toward the destroyed half of the city. Budou and Ail rush to Rika, calling for her, while the Lunarians stare concernedly toward her, and as he helps her back up, Ail says “I told you to watch where you were going.” Rika giggles and says “whoopsies. I’ll be more careful.”, then thinks “oh, I hope my nullify beam doesn’t cause any trouble.” On the other side of the city, Yorihime finishes her chanting, and says “now witness the intensity of the flames of lord Agato!” Rika’s nullify beam flies through the lunar skies, and lands right on top of Yorihime as she finishes her sentence. When she looks around, nothing happens. She asks “h-hey! Where’s the fire?” When she looks at the RKNS, she sees a glint escaping its tiny eyes as he slowly flies closer to her. Away from the fire arena, Toyohime calls “Yorihime~ Are you in there? Answer me!” Yorihime screams as she flies in the air over the flames and lands next to her sister on the ground. Toyohime exclaims “oh dear! Yorihime, are you alright?” Yorihime groans in pain as she tries to get back up on her feet, only managing to kneel and say “that... bird... is a pain in the-“ A large washtub falls from the sky and misses Toyohime by an inch, but lands right on top of Yorihime, making a loud clanging sound, denting at the middle, and knocking Yorihime on to the ground. Toyohime sighs and says “I really wonder who would be using these at this age.” The RKNS chirps happily as he leaves the area, and the fires all fizzle out just as he disappears from sight.

Later, while Ail and Budou stare at some posters being pasted on the walls by a blue-eyed male moon rabbit, and the RKNS, Rika ventures ahead to a small alley behind some large buildings. Everything looks neat and clean, and quite welcoming, so she ventures in deeper until she comes across a wall, and a trail to the left and right. She sighs and thinks “maybe I should go back.” From the left side, Sakuya runs toward the right side, stops in front of Rika, looks back while raising her fist, and angrily shouts “they are not pads, you bastards! Leave me alone already!” She runs away, and shortly after, a group of men, and a few women rush by, the men shouting “take off those pads!” Sakuya shouts back “I don’t have pads!” Rika blinks and shakes her head, and when she opens her eyes again, Sakuya and the group are gone. Rika walks out of the alley to meet with Ail and Budou, and says “you-you guys. I thought I just saw Sakuya back there. She was running from some people while saying something about pads.” Phredia flies close to Rika’s face and places her hand on Rika’s forehead, while Budou stares concernedly and says “but Sakuya didn’t come with us.” Ail adds “ah, so you’re seeing things too after all. Welcome to the club.” Rika places a hand on her own head and says “geez, to think I almost believed that.” Ail smiles and says “never mind that. Look what the sparrow and a rabbit posted here.” Rika stares at the posters Ail and Budou were looking at before, then covers her mouth and says “oh my. They are not going to like this at all.” On the wall are a few posters with the pictures of Yorihime and Toyohime. Under Toyohime’s picture is a smaller picture of an old woman, wearing Toyohime’s clothes, and words to the right, saying “Watatsuki no Toyohime. Age 1.5K PLUS” Under the picture of Yorihime, is the picture of herself, only wearing a dunce hat while sitting on a school desk, and the words to its left that read “Watatsuki no Yorihime. Age 1.4K MINUS (No wonder she’s such a brat)” Meanwhile, Yorihime, Toyohime and Reisen, beaten, their clothes dirty, burned and in tatters, walk toward the peaceful half of the city, when Yorihime says “after we eat something, you two are helping me get my sword back.” Reisen and Toyohime nod, and from behind them, a giant waves swipes them off their feet and drags them to their destination, magically cleaning and fixing everything that was destroyed juts moments ago, and it even restores the citizens, who act as though nothing ever happened there. After a while, the wave stops, spits the girls away from itself, then continues its way toward the fake moon. Toyohime gets up after her sister, then curiously says “where do you think that wave came from, sis?” Yorihime spits a fish from her mouth and sticks out her tongue in disgust, then says “I don’t know, but this is REALLY making me mad!” Reisen stands next to the many Watatsuki sisters posters and says “hey, look. Your pictures are everywhere.” When Reisen turns around, the Watatsuki sisters’ eyes are cast in shadow, their mouths open wide in a square shape, and a few strands of hair seem to spring forcefully from their heads. Toyohime scowls and shouts “I DON’T LOOK LIKE THAT!” Yorihime shouts “I am NOT a brat!” Reisen nervously smiles, placing her hands in front of herself, while saying “it’s alright, it’s alright. Let’s just take them down.” Yorihime smiles and says “good idea. Get the other moon rabbits, and take these down. Toyohime and I...” Toyohime now wears a white bandanna around her head, and stands heroically while saying “sis and I have a bird to hunt!” Both Reisen and Yorihime hug each other and tremble in fear, as a powerful and dangerous aura emanates from Toyohime’s body.

Meanwhile, the RKNS grabs the blue-eyes male moon rabbit, and pulls him away from a set of pink hearts that come from a pink-haired female moon rabbit, then chirps angrily while staring into the rabbit’s blue eyes. The little male rabbit nods after being reprimanded, then the RKNS stops, places the rabbit on the roof of a tall building, then stands on the floor, pulling out Yorihime’s sword from under its wing. Yorihime and Toyohime stand on the other side of the building’s roof, glaring threateningly at the little bird. Toyohime points at the RKNS and says “you’re going to PAY for calling me old!” Yorihime growls and says “you got lucky before, but THIS time, I’m going to GET you!” The RKNS chirps rapidly, then Toyohime replies “what do you mean?” Yorihime adds “you can’t do that! If you do, it might be trouble!” The RKNS chirps furiously, then flies up, carrying Yorihime’s sword, then flies toward the sisters. They split up just as the RKNS flies past them and drops the sword. Yorihime immediately runs to catch her blade, and after jump-rolling to get it, she stands up and confidently laughs and says “ha-ha-ha~ NOW I got... Oh dear.” Yorihime and Toyohime’s faces fill with all kinds of terror when they realize the RKNS has Toyohime’s fan on its claws. Toyohime places her hands chest-high and softly says “it’s ok. Calm down, little bird.” Yorihime nervously adds “th-th-that’s right! We forgive you!” The RKNS stares at the princesses, then chirps. Toyohime replies “y-yes. It’s alright, then! We’ll go with you. Just give me that fan.” Yorihime adds “we’re cool. We’re cool here. J-just take it easy.” The RKNS makes a sudden move, and the sisters both flinch, then Toyohime feels the fan drop back on her hand. After a small while, the sisters slowly recompose themselves, and after realizing Toyohime has her fan back, Yorihime starts to chant, summoning a god. The RKNS glares at them, so Toyohime exclaims “sis! Sis, stop! He’s getting angry!” Suddenly, the half of the building in which the moon princesses stand completely collapses, sending them both down to the unforgiving ground. After the thud, a new building half falls in place, replacing the crumbled part, and the RKNS and the male moon rabbit walk to the farthest edge to look down to the sisters. From the bottom, Toyohime shouts “we’re ok~!”, then a bolt of lightning crashes down on them. Yorihime dizzily shouts “we’re... ok... That still hurt.” A giant waves courses through the city, then drags the screaming princesses away to an unknown destination. The RKNS and the moon rabbit look at each other, then shrug, and then the little sparrow grabs the moon rabbit by the small cloth around his waist, and safely flies down with him. Later that day, the RKNS, the moon rabbit, and the Watatsuki sisters arrive to a house on the outskirts of the city, standing by itself on a small hill. Toyohime and Yorihime are full of bandages, Yorihime with a cast on her right arm, while Toyohime has a cast on her left leg. Arriving to the door, Yorihime comments “hey, I’ve been here before.” Yorihime looks around the house, then says “I can’t believe it’s still standing.” The door slowly opens, and after it’s fully opened up, a woman from inside asks “yes? How may I help you?” The RKNS pushes the little moon rabbit forward, then he stands in front of the door with a shy expression on his face, while looking at his feet. The woman asks “wait, do I know you?” The moon rabbit looks up, then all of a sudden, he finds himself being embraced by this long-eared mystery woman, who sobs and says “it’s my child. My child! He’s back! Thank you ever so much, princesses of the moon! But... how did you know?” Toyohime is about to answer honestly, but the RKNS pecks the back of her head while keeping out of sight, then she says “err, we, um, had some help.” Yorihime sighs and says “yeah. A bit of a brute, but was still some help- kyah~!” Yorihime gets dragged into the darkness by her belt, and only some smacking sounds can be heard echoing over the small hill, then she suddenly appears again with some more bruises and a weak smile, then says “y-yeah. Some help. Heh-heh.”

Later that day, Rika, Ail, Budou and Phredia walk all the way back to the Lunar Corpse HQ’s front entrance, then Ail comments “I thought we would have found him by now.” Rika sighs and says “well we can’t leave him behind. It wouldn’t be proper.” Budou looks around, then exclaims “look, look! Over there!” From the road to the other side of the city come the Watatsuki sisters, and flying just above their heads is the RKNS. When Rika sees how beat up and hurt they both are, she gasps in horror and exclaims “oh my goodness! Are you alright?” When she rushes to help, Yorihime smiles and raises her hand, then says “it’s ok, we’re fine.” Toyohime smiles wide and asks “so did you and your friends enjoy the visit, miss Onkamikami?” Rika forces a smile and says “yeah, it was great, but what about you? Please, at least let me get you to...” Yorihime places a hand on Rika’s shoulder, weakly smiles, then says “look, it’s nothing, really. We’ll just go home and rest. You should go home too, alright.” By now, the RKNS is hiding behind Ail, while everybody is concerned with the princesses. Budou approaches Toyohime, smiles, then says “I hope next time you visit us home. It’s a lot of fun there!” Toyohime giggles and nods, while Yorihime sighs and says “yeah, yeah. Maybe we can go farther than those bamboos. Oh, that’s right. I should say hi to Mystia too.” Rika and Budou walk back to Ail, and after they are close to each other, Rika pulls a remote control form her pocket, and after they wave at the princesses and say their goodbyes, Rika pushes a button on the remote, and a beam of light picks them up, and takes them back home. Yorihime sighs and says “what a busy day. I just want to curl under my bed sheets and sleep.” Toyohime says “oh, look! It’s that strange cabinet. I though you destroyed it.” She immediately aims to open it up and Yorihime rushes to stop her, shouting “no, don’t do it!”, but it’s too late. Toyohime opens the door up, and Yorihime springs right out from inside and falls face-first to the ground, wearing two dirty, white cloths to cover herself up, looking dirty and exhausted. She raises her exhausted head and asks “why? Why didn’t you open that sooner? Why~?” She falls back on the ground unconscious, while Toyohime trembles and says “bu-bu-bu-but... how? I mean... But she... I wanna sleep!” Various Lunarians run from inside the HQ building, to assist the two over exhausted princesses.

Afternoon at the Hakurei Shrine. When Ail, Phredia, Budou and Rika arrive, they find Reimu sitting lazily by the shrine’s porch in front of the entrance, peacefully drinking tea, while Marisa walks from inside, holding a try of snacks. When Reimu sees them, she smiles mischievously and asks “so~? Did you two finally become one?” Rika’s face turns bright red as she says “m-m-m-my lady! How can you say such things?” Ail angrily adds “oy, Reimu. You’re starting to cross the line.” Budou stares at Ail and Rika, then starts to imagine how would they look, if they become one person. She imagines, Rika’s body, Ail’s face, their wings mixed together, wearing a shrine maiden outfit and speaking with a dual tone of voice, saying “hello Budou. How are you?” Budou shakes her head, then says “I’m so glad that didn’t happen, right Phredia?” Reimu laughs hard, then say “relax, relax~! I was only teasing.” Reimu bends down just as a red pentagram flies by her, allowing it to hit Marisa and knock her out, then Reimu lifts herself back up and says “oh, that’s right. Sanae’s in the spring.” In a seductive voice, Sanae calls “Ail~” When they all look her way, she’s wearing a pink bikini with pink detaches sleeves, tucking in her stomach and expanding her chest, then asks “would you like to join me in the hot springs tonight?” Reimu immediately says “I’ll kill you if you soil my shrine.” Sanae immediately shouts “I’m talking about the one in the mountains, dummy!” When she looks at Ail, she notices he’s not even blinking. She gets closer and asks “Ail, are you ok?” Ail’s face is hot and red, steam comes out of his ears and nose, his eyes stare blankly toward where Sanae was, and his body is as stiff as a board. Budou stares at him, then asks “what’s wrong with papa?” Reimu gets closer and inspects Ail, pokes his forehead and makes him fall on his back, then nods and says “yup. You totally broke him.” Sanae sighs, then smiles and says “I got power after all.” A black hole opens up right beneath Sanae and Ail, and with a quick yelp from Sanae, they disappear into it. Rika looks down with surprise and asks “what just happened?”, and a washtub falls right on top of her head, knocking her inside the black hole just before it closes. Reimu sighs and face palms, then says “come on, Budou. I think I got something for you and Phredia to eat around here.” Budou asks “but what about papa, and mama, and miss Rika?” Reimu sighs again, then says “they’ll drop by later. Trust me.” Budou stares at where the black hole was, then smiles as she runs to the shrine with Reimu, and asks “can I use the hot springs?” Reimu chuckles and replies “sure. I think I’ll join you while we wait for them.” The sky slowly fills with stars as the day slowly becomes night, and from the shrine, Budou’s voice echoes as she cheers with glee.

The end

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia and the RKNS were created by Willie G.R.
Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

MAY 21 2010
Written by
Willie G.R.

Uuu~ that was just mean from me. Then again, I wasn’t TOO mean to those princesses, considering what I can REALLY do. Maybe I can try again, when they visit Gensokyo again. That should prove fun! Hope you enjoyed this, thanks for reading, and see you next story, if the spirits will allow.

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