Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paradise Sukima 25 EXTRA

It’s a bright and beautiful summer morning, and the Misty Lake is more peaceful than usual. Most of the fairies around the area are either sleeping, or hiding from the hot sun rays, and that includes two well known little ice fairies. On the eastern shores of the lake, Kimi has Kali tied up to a rope, hanging upside-down from a branch and using her as a punching bag, saying “so, you wanna try that again? Well, do ya?” Kali cries “I give, I GIVE! Just let me go already!” Kimi smirks and cracks her knuckles, then says “nope. I don’t really believe you learned your lesson.” Kimi winds up a punch, pouring as much energy as she can into it, then an explosion from the SDM rattles the whole island, causing waves to unsettle the peaceful lake. Kimi looks up, wondering what is all the racket, then a beam of light flies at great speeds from the mansion, followed promptly by another beam of light. In the air, Ail flies as fast as his body can take, screaming “I already told you! No way I’m letting you. You’ll turn me into a vampire!” Right behind him is Remilia, flying as fast as Ail and trying to reach for him, regardless of their distance, drooling and shouting “it’s ok, it’s ok! I can’t turn you into a vampire, just PLEASE, I need your blood. So rich, so tasty, so REVITALIZING!” Ail scowls and shouts back “look, I gave you the invitation to the shrine’s party, isn’t that enough?” Remilia shouts back “come on~ Just a slurp! I promise it won’t hurt!” Ail shouts back “hey, what the HELL are you doing out in the sun? Aren’t you supposed to be getting fired by now!?” Remilia sayss “I thought we vampires became immune to the sun.” Ail shouts “no! I told you, we solved that incident.” Remilia smiles contently, her cheeks turning light pink, then she says “ah, then I must thank Rika when I see her.” Ail’s eyes expand as he forces a very nervous smile and asks “what do you mean?” Remilia happily replies “she made my clothes sun-proof, so I can chase you wherever you go now.” Tears hang from both Ail’s eyes as he screams “DAMMIT RIKA! That is so unfair!” The beams that are Ail and Remilia continue their way through the sky, until a gap opens up, then both disappear inside of it. From below, Kimi face palms, then says “so loud, so early.” She turns around to face Kali, then asks “and where were we?” Kali tries to save herself from further punishment and says “erm, I learned my lesson, so you wanted to untie me. Yeah.” Kimi smirks, bearing a set of jagged teeth for Kali to see, as an ominous shadow casts itself over Kimi, who says “no, I believe we were right... HERE!” Kimi winds up her punch again, and the impact from the punch can be heard all the way to the other side of the shore, where Cirno asks “what was that? Did a tree just fall?” Daiyousei sighs, then says “let’s not think too much into it.” Cirno rubs her chin while she thinks, then says “never mind that! I just thought of the perfect plan! Those red and white and black and white will fall today, and bow to my genius!” Daiyousei sighs and thinks “I don’t think it’ll work today either,” but smiles and says “that’s great, Cirno-chan. You show ‘em.”

At the Hakurei Shrine, for once, it is a very peaceful morning, even with Aya, Mima and Suika drinking sake on the roof. On the porch, Marisa, Reimu and Rika enjoy the peaceful morning with tea and snacks. Reimu takes a sip from her tea, then comments “it’s unusually peaceful, isn’t it?” Rika and Marisa nod, then Marisa takes a sip of her tea. After gulping, she smiles and says “I really missed this. Sponging tea off Reimu, having a quiet drink with my friends in the peace of this empty shrine.” A vein pulsates on Reimu’s head as she calmly says “keep it down, or I’ll kick you out of here.” Marisa smiles and says “I missed the threats too, ze.” Reimu ignores Marisa and is about to take another sip of tea, but stops and looks at Marisa for a while. Feeling uncomfortable, Marisa asks “what? What is it? Is there something on my face?” Reimu asks “Marisa, I want to know something. I read your books, Patchouli’s books, I had Patchouli’s help, I even went through old shrine records, and still, I never found a safe way to close that gate. Tell me, how did you know how to close that thing?” Marisa takes another sip or tea, smiles, then looks to the sky and says “I didn’t. Not at first, at least.” Reimu and Rika stare back at Marisa with confused, curious eyes, so Marisa turns her face to them, then smiles again and says “when I left my house, I didn’t really have a clue how to safely close that gate. Just a hypothesis. But in the end, after I visited that cave, it became clear to me. What’s odd, though, is how you, Rika, and Ail, knew exactly what to do without me having to tell you anything. What’s up with that?” Rika chokes on her tea, and after recovering, she stares at Marisa and unsheathes her family sword. She presents the sword to Marisa, and speaks softly, almost whispering, saying “the spirit within my sword spoke to us. It told us of your plan beforehand, that’s how we knew. It also told us to bring friends over to help you.” Marisa’s eyes glint as she stares at Rika’s sword, so Rika pulls it away and says “no way, miss Marisa. I won’t let you have it. Besides, only miss Reimu, Ail and I can hear it.” Rika sheathes her sword again, then looks at the sky with confused eyes, then says “come to think of it, I still wonder how is he able to hear it? I mean... I understand how being amongst dragons helped him learn their language, but...” Reimu takes a sip of her tea and says “don’t think about it too much. Remember, you are yin, and he is yang. It’s only natural for you two to share some similarities.” Rika looks down to the ground and says “I guess you’re right.” Reimu suddenly remembers something, then asks “hey, why did your sword wanted Nitori to build that grid thing? It was rather useless.” Rika smiles and says “well, it was a precaution. You see, it was your charm that was keeping the vacuum of the vortex in check, and with you and miss Kimi there, the vortex should have diminished in power as well, but there was still a possibility that someone, or something could have easily ended up inside that void before we closed it.” Reimu closes her eyes as she takes another sip of tea, then nods in acknowledgement, then asks “speaking of Nitori, where did she go? After you two were done, she sort of vanished.” Rika sweats and smiles nervously, while Marisa laughs mischievously. Rika looks at Reimu, then says “well, you see... After everything settled down, I found miss Nitori messing with Flandre’s aircraft. She was so nervous, because after she completely dismantled it to look at what I had done to it, she couldn’t reassemble it again.” Marisa smiles and says “man, if Flandre ever saw that, Nitori would have ceased to exist.” Rika says “hey, that’s not funny. Anyway, I helped her reassemble the aircraft before Flandre got there, so it’s alright.” Reimu giggles, then says “that little kappa can be a real menace.” Marisa laughs and says “you got that right.” The three girls continue to enjoy their tea on that morning, while Aya and Suika ignore the fact that they are slowly getting sunburned.

At the Myouren Temple, Byakuren, Shou and Ichirin enjoy a quiet after-breakfast tea-time on a small table set in the front yard. Minamitsu joins in, bringing an extra tray of cookies, and just after she sits, a gap opens up behind them, then Ail and Remilia zip form inside, flying low to the ground around the girls, looking like beams of light. As they fly around, almost causing a small tornado, Ail manage to shout “you are all... invited to... attend to... a small party... at the Hakurei Shrine!” Shou is on high alert, readying herself for a possible attack, while Ichirin struggles against the draft caused by Ail and Remilia, trying her best to keep her skirt from rising. Minamitsu smiles as she calmly drinks her tea, and Byakuren smiles with glee as she softly claps her hands together and says “oh, that sounds so lovely! We’ll be there!” Ail manages to toss a few invitations and shouts “great. Now could you... help me already!” Remilia shouts “stop running and let me FEED!” Byakuren tilts her head left and giggles, then says “oh my, mister Ail. That looks like a fun game. What’s it called?” Ail shouts “somebody, HELP!” Ail opens up another gap, and he and Remilia immediately rush inside. After they leave, Shou rushes to Byakuren and asks “are you alright, lady Hijiri?” Byakuren stares back at Shou with a childish smile on her face, then Shou’s face turns blue and asks “you want to try that out, don’t you?” Byakuren nods, now smiling whimsically, but Shou shakes her head and says “nah-ah, no way. That is too dangerous for you and...” Byakuren prepares a small orb of energy on her hand, then Shou sweats and says “no, no! Wait, Hijiri, don’t!” Before she knows it, Shou finds herself flying away from Byakuren, who giggles as she shoots at her, while she cries out “someone help me!” Byakuren whimsically says “no, no, it’s ‘somebody, HELP!” Shou cries “just stop already!” Meanwhile, at the Moriya Shrine, Budou walks up to Sanae, who is happily humming while dusting the living room cupboard, and suddenly lifts up her skirt and just stares. Sanae yelps and pulls down her skirt, then turns around with her cheeks turning red and angrily asks “hey, what do you think you are doing young lady?” Budou blinks a couple of times before finally looking up at Sanae’s face, then says “eh? Mama, what’s wrong?” Sanae angrily says “don’t try to trick me, young lady, this... wait... KOISHI!” Hiding by the entrance, Koishi gasps and tries to run away, but Sanae summons a powerful gust that sends her flying against a tree, keeping her in a daze while Sanae catches up. She grabs Koishi by her ear, pulls her up, then says “stop messing with Budou, you little twerp!” Dizzily, Koishi replies “I’m not ‘twerp’. I’m Koishi!” Before Sanae replies, Ail’s gap opens up, and he and Remilia fly out at ridiculous speeds, Ail shouting “Moriya Shrine can come to Hakurei Shrine for the party! WAAH~!” Remilia shouts “stop already! It’s just a few drops!” Ail shouts back “stop being such a brat!” Remilia shouts “oh, for that one, I’m taking EXTRA!” Ail shouts back “you’ll have to catch me first!” Ail manages to toss a few more invitations and flies away, Budou quickly chasing after them, shouting “hey you! Leave papa alone, you mean vampire!” Remilia shouts “stay away from me, you little monster!” Ail shouts “don’t you DARE talk to her that way!” Budou shouts “just give me a second and I’ll BLAST her out of the sky!” Remilia shouts “let’s see you TRY!” Budou’s eyes turn aquamarine as she sends a paralyzing sound wave at Remilia, but Ail opens up another gap, and he and Remilia enter it long before Budou’s attack reaches the vampire. The gap closes up just before Budou can enter, then she looks around and shouts “dammit, I lost her!” Sanae picks up the invitations and calls “Budou, come on down, young lady. And stop cursing. Girls shouldn’t...” Before she can finish her sentence, Suwako jumps out from under the ground, asking “hey, Sanae, what’s all the ruckus?”, and tossing a few large rocks in the air, and one of them falls right on Sanae’s left foot. Sanae gasps and stares awestruck for a while, then all of a sudden she starts screaming out loud, cursing her mouth off and making both Koishi and Suwako blush. Budou slowly flies down to Sanae, and with a smug smirk she asks “you were saying?”

At the Hakurei Shrine, Marisa sweeps the shrine grounds with a displeased look on her face, while Rika cleans the floors inside the shrine, and Reimu sits by the donation box, observing Marisa sweep. Marisa sighs with a low growl, then says “you know, you could help out any time.” Reimu smiles widely and says “but you’re doing such a great job. I don’t want to get in your way.” Marisa face palms and says “alright, that’s it”, and pulls her Hakkero out of her hat. Reimu’s eyes widen and her pupils shrink as she shouts “what, what the hell are you doing?” Marisa smirks and lets out a quick chuckle, and right before she fires her beam, a gap opens right beside her, and like beams of light, Ail and Remilia fly out of it, knocking Marisa away. Ail shouts “see what you made me do?” Remilia shouts back “if you’d just let me drink your blood already, this wouldn’t happen!” Ail shouts back “just leave me ALONE already!” Remilia shouts back “let me drink your blood already!” Just like that, Ail opens another gap, and off they go. Rika runs outside and stops right next to the surprised Reimu and asks “my lady, what was all that just now?” Marisa’s body trembles as she gets up from the ground, having landed all the way by the shrine’s storage house. She manages to raise her head and painfully stutter “s-somebody... he-help me~.” Ail’s gap opens up at Entei, and he and Remilia immediately fly out, both looking like beams of light coursing through the air. Ail shouts “Remilia, I swear, if you keep this up, I’m going to have to fight back!” Remilia shouts back “well it would be better if you do already, you coward!” Ail and Remilia stop right above the mansion, then Ail pulls a spell card from his left pocket and says “alright, you asked for it! Brightness, Overwhelming Heart!” At the same time, Remilia pulls out her own spell card and shouts “Spear of the Gungnir!” Both spell cards activate, then a pair of arrows from below strike Ail and Remilia hard, knocking them both down to the ground and cancelling their spells. Eirin walks to Ail and Remilia as they get up, and Ail pulls out the arrow from his arm and shouts “dammit, what’s the deal? That really hurt!” Remilia pulls her arrow from her back, then shouts “this wouldn’t have happened if you just let me drink your blood already, like a real man would!” Ail shouts back “a real man would hit you with garlic and stake your heart!” Remilia and Ail spring up and press their faces against each other as they try to push each other around, then Eirin grabs them by the back of their shirts and says “well, well. It seems you two are at it again. You will follow me now, or face the consequences.” Ail angrily asks “Eirin, what the hell was the deal with the arrows?” Remilia angrily adds “you have to be a FOOL to challenge a vampire with such primitive weapons! I’m gonna-“ Eirin stares at both with murderous eyes and says “you threatened to destroy the princess’ mansion with your spells, and you dare talk back? I say, you two have a serious lack of respect to others.” Ail’s and Remilia’s faces turn blue at the sight of Eirin, then both bow at the same time and say “I’m sorry!”

At the clinic, Eirin has Ail tied to a metal chair that has many needles and transparent tubes around it. Eirin looks playfully at Ail, then says “now I get to try my latest advancement in medical evolution. This chair will comfortably take your blood and safely place it inside these bags over here.” Eirin presents Ail with 8 large transparent bags, each capable of containing 8 pounds of blood. Ail trembles and asks “er... is this even humane?” Eirin smiles and says “relax. A half youkai like you should be fine. The chair will injects you with the necessary nutrients so you won’t turn to dust.” Ail’s face turns blue again as he says “wait, wait, wait! Eirin, I don’t think-“ Eirin ignores Ail’s pleas and pushes a red button on a control connected to the chair, and one needle comfortably sets itself on Ail’s left arm, and starts pumping nutrients in him, while another sets itself on his, right arm, then starts taking his blood. Remilia watches and drools as the blood quickly travels through a transparent tube and into the bags, slowly filling them up. Ail seems to be in a trance as he smiles while staring at the ceiling and saying “oh, what lovely colors the butterfly ceiling has.” 3 hours later, Remilia pays Eirin a pack of money, and with a content look on her face, she and Sakuya take to the sky, Remilia saying “tonight, we’ll have a feast!” Sakuya replies “I’ll have the fairy maids clean the special dining room, my lady.” After they leave, Eirin smiles while pocketing the money, then says “Udonge, let’s go check on Ail.” Reisen sweats and asks “you forgot about him?” Eirin heads to the back room, where she has Ail tied to the special chair, however upon entering the room, she and Reisen’s face turn dark blue as they watch in shock and surprise. Instead of Ail on the chair, there is a black dust that blows away along with unknown winds. Reisen asks “ma... he... Master, what are we going to do?” Eirin’s panic prevents her from saying a word, but after she takes a deep breath, she says “he wasn’t here. He never came this way. Yes, nobody knows where he is... OUCH!” Eirin jumps on her right foot while holding on to her left, asking “ouch! Who the hell kicked me?” Reisen looks to the floor beside Eirin and spots Ail in his miniature dog form, then says “oh no. Not again!” Ail blows a puff of air and says “relax. I had to take this form to escape that blasted machine. It almost vaporized me. Anyway, while I recover all that lost blood I’ll have to stay like this.” Eirin bends down and asks “so, you don’t want a boost to speed that process up?” Ail looks up at Eirin with annoyance and says “I think I’ll go the ‘manly way’ and wait patiently.” Reisen smiles while sweating, then says “well, good luck with that, mister Ail.” Ail nods, then looks at Eirin and says “you did help me with Remilia there, so I won’t tell Sanae or the goddesses. Well, here you go.” Ail hands them some white envelopes and says “the invitations to the shrine’s party. Be there, alright?” Eirin smiles and nods, while Reisen bows and says “thanks. We will be there, right Master?” Eirin sighs and nods, and after a few seconds, dog Ail is flying toward the human village at speeds.

During the course of the day, Ail delivers all the invitations, from Alice and Rinnosuke, Kyo and Keine, all the way to the Tengu Mountain, and the subterranean world. Two nights later, at the Hakurei Shrine, lights, music, drinks, games kiosks spread all over the shrine, each with different attractions. Ail, who is back to his old self, is accompanied by Budou and Sanae, as they walk all the way to the very back of the shrine grounds, where the last kiosk is being run by Kanako and Suwako, where the goddesses try to keep Satori, Okuu, Petal and Koishi, as well as a few human villagers, entertained with a ridiculous display of pie-tossing, danmaku juggling, and the occasional blunder from either goddess, which ends up with a fight. Petal giggles, while sitting on Okuu’s lap, then exclaims “clowns, clowns. They are not shcary, they are funny, Momkuu!” Ail, Budou and Sanae laugh hard at the sight, and decide to walk away before they are spotted. On their way back, Budou notices Alice’s puppet show and exclaims “wait, I want to see this!” Ail and Sanae look at each other with a smile, then look back at Budou and nod. When they arrive, already watching the show are three humans, Flandre, Meiling, Rumia, Ran and Chen. Alice’s puppet show includes a song from Hourai and Shanghai, while Alice herself manages the lifeless dolls on the background to dance at the rhythm of the song. Unlike the rest of the spectators, Chen is staring at something on the side of the kiosk, raising her back-side while swaying her tails, all her attention on the unseen object. Right after they finish, Alice, the dolls and the two tiny girls bow to the small crowd as they applaud their performance. Alice says “thank you, thank you very much. Please, give another round for Shanghai and Hourai, for their beautiful performance.” While everyone else applauds, Chen pounces from her seat, makes Alice yelp out, then pulls on a lose piece of string that is attached to Alice’s dolls and the tiny stage’s curtain. Alice shouts “wait, no! You’ll break it.” Ran shouts “Chen, stop! I’m terribly sorry, miss Alice! Chen~! Stop that already! CHEN~~” Ail, Budou and Sanae look at each other, then sweat and walk away, leaving Alice, Shanghai, Hourai and Ran, to deal with the out of control Chen. Finally, they reach the shrine itself, and find Reimu and Marisa sitting side-by-side at the porch. Ail says “well, if it isn’t the two hosts.” Sanae worriedly asks “aren’t you two supposed to be hosting?” Marisa replies “yeah, we’re letting Suika and Mima handle that.” Ail asks “but wait, with all the humans here, won’t that be a problem?” Reimu casually says “relax. We got Byakuren, Keine, Kyo, Luna, Rika, you guys. If anything goes wrong, we can do something about it”, then her eyes glint as she says “and I’m getting lots and lots of donations!” Ail bluntly asks “what? How is that even possible?” A yin-yang orb falls from the sky and lands straight on to Ail’s head, then Marisa says “heh, it turns out the people thinks Rika is an angel of the shrine. And since she’s the one handling the greetings...” Reimu happily continues “she’s really bringing in the money!” Ail, Budou and Sanae stare at Reimu in disbelief, then Ail sweats and fakes a smile as he asks “shouldn’t you also be happy about the faith for your god?” Ail covers his head, waiting for the next yin-yang orb to hit, but nothing happens. Reimu sits there with a smile, then says “but don’t you see. With each donation, not only are they sharing their wealth, they are also sharing their faith.” The shrine bell rings and Phredia excitedly exits Budou’s heart and flies around, then lands on Budou’s shoulder. Reimu softly says “you hear that? Another prayer has been made. With that, the faith also increases. Thanks to Rika, it’s only a matter of time before this shrine’s god presents itself to us. I am... very grateful for that.” Ail and Sanae smile at Reimu, then Sanae suddenly gasps and exclaims “wait! That means my shrine will get less faith!” Marisa quickly says “maybe. Maybe not. I don’t really believe faith is so linear. Maybe it can be shared.” Sanae sweats and says “I don’t think that’s prudent thinking.” At the front of the shrine, Rika greets a human couple, gently flapping her wings as she bows and says “welcome to the Hakurei Shrine. Please, enjoy yourselves while you are here.” The woman exclaims “oh, what a cute little angel!” The man adds “wow, you’re right! Hey, if this shrine has angels, then perhaps we should offer a prayer!” The woman smiles and nods, then says “good idea, honey! We might get a good fortune.” Rika sweats and smiles nervously, then says “well, miss Reimu. It seems we are finally getting some donations.” Back at the shrine’s entrance, Sanae watches with horror as the bell rings again, and donations are made. She sighs, calms down, then thinks “lady Yasaka, lady Moriya, we’re going to need to do something.” Reimu sighs, then asks “hey, Ail... are you really going through with your plan?” Ail nods and says “Shinki and Shikieiki have agreed, and I got the higher-ups permission. There’s no way I’m stopping now.” Reimu asks “but what if you end up stuck?” Ail smiles and says “I won’t. Everything will be just fine.”

The next morning, Ail, Budou and Phredia step out of the house, then Ail opens up a black gap, grabs hold of Budou, then says “Phredia, hold on to me, and protect Budou while we’re out there.” Phredia nods, then they go inside the gap. Immediately, they find themselves in the front gates of Pandemonium, where Yumeko and Shinki stand in wait. Ail calmly says “sorry we’re so late. Are you ready for this?” Shinki smiles and nods, then says “oh yes. I agree he’s been in there far too long. Let’s get him out.” Ail smiles and nods, then opens another black gap. Before the small party enters, Yumeko says “lady Shinki, you be very careful.” Shinki smiles and nods, then says “I’ll be back soon, so don’t you worry.” They enter the gap and immediately find themselves in a familiar, bleak world. The sky is dark violet, the floors and mountains look intense red, like they could burn the skin to the touch. The trees look dead, some dripping a black substance from their bark, some having few black leaves on their dry-looking branches, and the air itself feels so cold, it could freeze anyone in seconds. Ail holds on tightly to Budou as she looks around, almost ready to cry, then looks at Shinki and says “call him.” While Shinki closes her eyes to concentrate, Ail asks Budou “remember this place? This is where we found you and Phredia after...” Budou buries her face in Ail’s chest and cries “I know.” Phredia pats Budou’s head, trying to comfort her, then Ail says “it’s alright, Budou. You’re not staying here.” Shinki opens her eyes and says “he’s here.” On the skies, a gigantic black dragon, with skin that looks smooth and tough, like a plate of armor, intense red eyes 3 times the size of a human, and wings large enough to cover an entire continent from the sun, flies to a nearby mountain and says “well this is a nice surprise. Lady Shinki, little Ail. It’s been a long... time.” Ail, who continues to hold Budou, and Shinki, fly up to the sky, then Ail shouts “we’re here to give you the chance that was taken from you so unfairly, all those years ago.” The dragon hums, then asks “pardon me, but... what are you speaking of?” Shinki smiles and says “you get another chance, my ancient friend.” A gigantic creature reveals itself standing beside Dai-Drecon, so big, they can only see his legs, as the rest of his body hides behind some dark clouds, and in a thunderous, demanding voice, he says “you are not taking anyone from here!” Ail’s voice seems to echo all over that bleak world as he says “you are no longer keeping him in here against his will.” Shinki’s voice echoes all over the world as well, as she says “we have permission from the five yamas, as well as direct permissions from the higher spirits.” Ail adds “you wouldn’t want to go against their wishes now, would you?” For a moment, the creature emanates a powerful aura, making his anger known to all, making Budou and Phredia tremble as they bury their faces in Ail’s chest, then calms down. He growls softly, then says “go, and don’t let me catch any of you in here again.” After saying that, the monstrous creature slowly vanishes from sight. Dai-Drecon looks confused toward Shinki and Ail, then asks “what’s going on?” Ail grabs Budou and says “hold on to lady Shinki.” Shinki grabs Budou and Phredia, then Ail smile at the large dragon, then says “be free.” Ail screams as he summons great power to himself, then slowly opens up a gigantic white gap large enough for Dai-Drecon to go through. When the dragon looks inside the gap, he gasps and asks “is this... Is this the world of the dragons?” Ail grunts as he struggles to keep his concentration, then says “everyone... get inside already!” Shinki, who now holds Budou and Phredia, rushes inside and says “come, my friend! Come, and leave this unsuitable world behind.” Dai-Drecon hesitates for a moment, then suddenly lunges inside the gap, followed closely by Ail, who as soon as he stops concentrating, causes the gap to close off violently. For Dai-Drecon, the moment he sets foot on the Dragon’s Paradise, he is overwhelmed by many excited and happy emotions, making him cry as he says “this is... home. After so many years, I’m finally...” From behind, a black and white dragon silently flies close, then says “welcome home, master.” When Dai-Drecon turns around, he narrows his eyes to focus on the guardian dragon, then gasps and says “it’s you.” The guardian dragon nods, extends his arm, then says “come. There is much we need to talk about.” Dai-Drecon turns around again, saying “wait, I haven’t thanked Shinki, or Ail prop...” When he realizes it, Shinki, Ail, Budou and Phredia are already gone. He turns around to look at the guardian dragon, who still offers his hand, then says “my child... I missed you so much.” The guardian dragon smiles and repeats “welcome home... master”, and finally, he and Dai-Drecon hold each other’s hands.

The next day, at noon, Ail and Budou arrive to the Hakurei Shrine, and immediately meet with Reimu, Marisa, Rika, Alice and Sanae. While Shanghai and Hourai cling to Rika, Alice and Sanae take a soak at the hot springs, and Marisa, Reimu, Budou and Ail sit on the shrine porch, waiting for Rika to bring them their tea. Ail suddenly says “I had forgotten how beautiful Gensokyo can really be. You know, it really feels good to be back home.” Reimu smiles, then chuckles and says “it’s strange to finally see you settling down. You’re not going somewhere to find someone, or something. Budou is right here... *sigh* It must be nice.” Marisa smiles and says “I bet it is”, then looks at Ail and smirks mischievously and says “say, Ail. There’s this experiment I want to try out and I was wondering...” Before she finishes, Ail bluntly says “no”, and continues to smile while looking at the trees around the shrine. Budou jumps on Ail’s lap and says “you’re not taking papa away again!” Marisa smiles, then says “I was just teasing, ze.” Rika finally arrives with a tray of tea and snacks for everyone at the porch, and Budou immediately grabs a few cookies and munches down while still sitting on Ail’s lap. Hourai and Shanghai cling around Rika’s neck as she kneels down, flaps her wings, then says “you know, now that mister Ail is here, perhaps miss Reimu can take it easy?” Ail takes a sip of his tea, then says “I may be able to help a lot, but I’m not Reimu.” From the left side, Kyo says “exactly. He’s just some blundering fool with plenty of luck and an equal amount of friends to back him up.” Luna, Medicine and Su-San stand to Kyo’s right, then Luna giggles and says “and from what I’ve been told, there is a certain shrine maiden with those very same qualities.” Medicine adds “I’ve also heard of the maid of this shrine that seems to be making quite a few friends as well.” For a moment, the group at the porch stare at the group in front of them, then they all start laughing heartily, while unknown to them, Rika’s sword takes its colorful shape, and the diamond on the hilt starts glowing bright blue. Suddenly, a large washtub falls on Medicine, knocking her down and covering her tiny frame underneath. Up in the sky, Aya and Hatate argue as to who will take the picture of the event, then a pair of silver washtubs fall right on top of their heads, sending them crashing to the ground below. From the Tengu Mountain, Momiji giggles and while she takes notes, she says “they make this all too easy.” At the Moriya Shrine, Kanako, Suwako, and Satori chase after Koishi, who runs ahead of them while laughing and saying “you don’t really want to catch me!” Down at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, inside Patchouli’s library, Flandre is riding on Koakuma’s back, shouting “faster, horsey!”, while Koakuma cries for Patchouli’s help, even though Patchouli ignores them and continues to read her books. On the main hall, Remilia sits with a prideful smile, watching as Sakuya approaches her with her tea, saying “my lady, you special tea is ready.” Remilia rubs her hands together and ominously says “excellent. That blood of his will keep me nourished for days!” Sakuya giggles and says “my lady is in such high spirits today.” Outside on the gates, Meiling sneezes, then looks around and says “it’s getting a little cold. Hope I don’t come down with something.” Down by the lake, Cirno, Daiyousei and Rumia stand around the shore, then Cirno boastfully says “I’ll show you how strong I am. Watch this!” She jumps to the air and rapidly flaps her wings as she violently places her forearms together, then manages to freeze the water, all the way to half of the lake. She turns around, expanding her chest and smiling with pride, then says “see? I am definitely the strongest ever!” Amazed, Daiyousei and Rumia gasp as they stare at Cirno’s accomplishment, then notices a strange formation on it. Daiyousei asks “Cirno-chan, what is that?” Cirno looks at the strange round formation in the ice for a while, then smiles and says “it’s nothing,” while thinking “I almost got it. Just a little more, and I’ll be able to shape Letty’s face with my power.” And so, Gensokyo finally returns to its normal, peaceful, yet chaotic way, Ail has finally returned to the home he thought he didn’t have, and Marisa has gained a little more wisdom after her experience. However, even though everything is peaceful now, this chaotic world will always have its comings and goings... At the Youkai Forest, there is a powerful explosion that rattles all the way up to the Hakurei Shrine, and Nitori’s voice echoes as she says “oops. Sorry~!”

Paradise Sukima The End

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenarios belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia, Kyo, Luna, Kimi, Kali and Dai-Drecon were created by Willie G.R.
Ail’s “Brightness, Overwhelming Heart” spell card was created by Willie G.R.
Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

May 16 2010
Written by
Willie G.R.

And here it is. The REAL final chapter. Quite a peaceful chapter, but I guess they all deserve a break after all they’ve been through. I mean to add something about Rika and Ail here, however, I believe it would be prudent to save it for later.
Anyway, I want to thank everyone for your reviews and comments. Really, it makes me very, very happy to know you liked my work. Really, it makes me happy. Now, before I start working on my next Sukima, know that I’ll be working on some mishaps, maybe a few spin-offs, and after those, then I’ll start on the Sukima. Oh well. Thank you all very much for reading, and again, I am glad you liked Paradise Sukima so much. Well, see you next time, if the spirits will allow, and take care.

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