Friday, January 20, 2012

A preview of four segments of Undying Gensokyo, chapter 15 - Unwanted & Unexpected

...The mind-reader grunts as she rearranges her arms to hold on to her friend's waist and not get blown off, and after making sure she's safe, she shouts back "GREAT! BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU ENTER! WE DON'T KNOW WHAT'S INSIDE!"
The reporter girl nods, speeds up along the wall, ignoring the thunderous noise from the skies, and when she enters the structure, she stops right in front of the wooden doors separating them from the next room.
They take some time to breathe, stare at those clouds, then Aya desperately says "there's something MOVING out there!"
The round and vast room has a magically made background that's made to look like it is the Moriya Shrine at the top of the Youkai Mountain, and the ground itself looks like a crude mimic of the front yard of said shrine...
...That familiar voice from the right side of the room takes Aya's smile and destroys it in a second, turning it into a disfiguring sad frown as she frightfully asks "is that... Reimu, is that you?"
The zombie shrine maiden stands up at the farthest right edge of the room, which is surprisingly far away, and reveals herself to the girls.
"Aya and Satori, the Master is very displeased with you. She never intended for you to reach this place. I guess the Master is a sore loser."
The girls gasp, but before they can accuse Reimu, the zombie girl says "she took on Sanae on her own to help ease your path, but that girl, insane as she was, proved to be more than a match. I had to come in and give her a boost so that she could finally defeat that bitch."
The zombie girl continues her slow walk toward the girls, and continues "but now, I am here, and I'm in your way. Though I have control of myself, it's only as long as the Master feels I'm doing my job. As such, Aya and Satori, you have to fight me while I have this control, and defeat me."
The tengu girl flaps her wings hard and kicks off the ground after the maiden, and as she flies up, she shouts "dammit Reimu, you're really pissing me off! Just let us through!"
The Hakurei Maiden grips her head and screams as though in pain, and not buying into that, Aya punches her under the chin, and quickly shots a flash.
The zombie girl manages to stay in the air after having spun so much, then darkly says "the Master wants me to infect you. You two, GET YOUR ASSES IN GEAR AND KILL ME ALREADY!"
...Aya regroups with her friend in the air and angrily says "I understand, but she's not making it easy! I mean, look at her! That's Reimu! How are we supposed to beat her?...
...In the fraction of a second, Aya calls for her friend right when her eyes glow red once again, kicks off the ground and flies straight at the girls, getting covered in a red beam, grabs Zombie Reimu by the neck, forcing her to release the purple-haired girl, then places the flash bulb of her camera directly on the broken eyeball...
...then Reimu manages to say "thank you. I owe you one,"
Even with the sudden rage swelling in her, the tengu knows she can't shout at the Yama, so she just remains silent along her friend, allowing Eiki to continue.
"It has been a warzone here, ever since that celestial decided she wanted to invade the Earth, and thanks to that, and her army of tainted angels, many of our own have been infected with that virus, and have spread it to hell. Miss Shameimaru, Miss Komeiji, I am asking far more than I should ever ask, but please, hurry and stop this, before we have an actual Armageddon on our hands."...
..."That girl, who thinks has lived long enough in hell to be able to control it, is thinking of expanding her influence as far as she can, and I will tell you, her reach would become endless if this continues."
The Yama nods and says "that's right. I'm starting to lose control. Though I can hold on for a little longer, I too will soon be one of her many minions..."
...Shikieiki smiles sweetly and stares, and slowly, that sweet smile becomes more and more sinister...
...Her lips seem to break on the sides to stretch that sinister smile, and her skin seems to become paler and paler, until it starts taking a light shade of purple... As small jagged teeth start growing under those purple lips...
The girls burst through the door of the next arena-like dome, and quickly find themselves kicking the door close again to save themselves from the legion of flying monsters behind them...
...She smiles at the girls, causing her lips to crack as they stretch, and says "surprised? Master has allowed me to be restored, so that I may have my revenge on you, you fucking bitch!"
"Why can't you stay DEAD?", screams the black-haired tengu.
"WHY DID YOU KILL ME?", loudly screams the zombie Hatate as a reply.
The black-haired reporter stands firm, with glowing, determined eyes aimed at the monstrous tengu in front of her, and just before the mind-reader makes the first move, she blocks her friend and whispers "no, this is tengu business. You stay back."
Satori is going to complain, but Aya turns a smile to her and says "she said no trick or gimmicks, and yet she's already broken that rule, so that means anything goes. So, when I give you the signal, you come in. Just please, let me have this one."
The satori girl can see how important this is for her friend, but she fails to understand why must she risk herself out of pride, and yet finds herself unable to find a way to debate, so she just nods, and softly says "if I see you're in danger, I'm going to save you."
Shameimaru turns to face her rival, stretches her wings as she sighs, then says to her friend "thank you. I'll be counting on you."
Shameimaru spins like a ball in the air to avoid that claw, dives and veers right to make a very sharp turn, and just as the monster girl starts to fall, she dives after her, swings her fan to trap her in a tornado, then declares "Illusionary Dominance!"
A red beam envelops her body and she flies faster than the speed of sound around Zombie Hatate, kicking her hard with every passing and flashing her eyes whenever she gets a chance.
...The monster crashes on her face on the ground, then roars "YOUUU BIIIIIIIIIIIITCH!"
Without even looking, she manages to wrap a tentacle around Aya's waist, then smashes her to the ground with all her might, causing the girl to cough out blood, then threatens to split her in half by tightening her grip...
...The bulky monster falls on her back, helpless as the black-haired girl flashes her face repeatedly, then cries out loud "YOU CANNOT WIIIIN! NOT THIS TIME!"
...Hatate stands up with a vicious victory smile aimed at the limp girl still recovering on her hand, walks closer to the wall, then smashes her hated rival against it, and sweeps her all over it, trying to tear the flesh off her face...
...Satori wants to jump in and save her, but the reporter quickly thinks "DON'T! NOT YET," and she stops her advance, though does so reluctantly...
...The girl's bloody scream forces Satori to break her calm stand, ***** ****** rushes toward the monster, and furiously declares "MEMORY SIGN, BRAIN FINGERPRINT! SUFFER, YOU BITCH!"

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