Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'll just be posting this here for your enjoyment, but any comments on how it's looking so far are welcome.
We've been through so much. She's been there from the start. ...So why? Why at the very damned end? Why did she leave me? Why did she turn? It's not fair! We should have been together for this!
Satori is gone now, leaving me I'm on my own. It all falls on me now, now when I feel my own mind failing me. We might as well accept the fact that we're doomed.

The mention Lunarian now stands next to the tengu, places her hand on the girl's shoulder, and says "look, there is one component needed for this antidote to take its full effect. One I cannot make with any science of magic advancement available."
She points out the nearest window with her left hand, and says "it needs the sun to turn all the people back to the way they were. So while those clouds remain..."
She, then, points down at Satori's body to the right of the room, and says "...she will wake up looking like one of them. You don't want that for her, do you?"
"please, take care of Satori for me. If she wakes up before I come back, tell her I'll be back soon."
"Can I really do this?", she asks herself as she takes the next step up, Knowing who is up there, and wondering what is it that she can do to defeat this master person.
"She's strong. She's very strong. And that power of hers. Wi...without Satori, what hope do I have? But... Satori..."
... Tenma's red, fierce, long-nosed mask is the only visible part of him to the girl as he points to the other direction, and shouts "where the hell do you think you are going? The battle is that way!"
Aya's legs begin to tremble as she hesitantly turns around, then cries "bu... but I'm SCARED! I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!"...
..."WHAT THE HELL AM I HEARING HERE? Aya, are you supposed to be a proud crow tengu, or just some pathetic human with wings attached?"
To the right she sees the real cauldron used for Marisa's immortality potion, pouring so many clouds to the sky, it's just like watching a waterfall in all its natural glory, except this one spews mutating rust-colored clouds to a seal of death in the sky.
In the center is a throne, and on it she can see a short pair of legs hiding behind that insane crowd of monsters, then gasps when five of them explode one after the other, revealing...
Aya remains where she is, glaring furiously with her glowing eyes at the ************ on the throne, grinning so casually, and raising her camera to her chest as she prepares to pounce *************.
************ lips shape a perfect circle as she mockingly covers her mouth as though in shock, and says "my, you don't look so surprised of seeing me here, all the way up in the high chair, commanding my many minions to hurl you into hell."
... "It was so much fun watching you two go through all that hell."...
... "The clues were all over the villages. In my room, I saw your name smudged off the wall where my bed once was, but I didn't think on it too much, I only just suspected this much."...
************** giggles playfully as she turns her hips around, as though being tickled all over, then stops and says "that girl was my best minion. So loyal, for a cat. She would have killed that eyeball girl sooner if I had told her to."
************ giggles at the tengu's furious outburst, and mockingly coos "oh, that's right. She had a name." ...Aya twitches in place as her glowing eyes hide under an ominous shadow, then suddenly roars "JUST DIE YOU FUCKING BIIIIIIITCH,"
The tengu girl pockets the digital camera and starts hitting herself on the temples, while thinking "she's going to kill me if this keeps up! There's got to be something I can do, but what!"
And that's when her memory jolts, and she remembers being in Nitori's home, where the kappa hands over her old camera and says "I can't work on this. The spirits inside would eat me, so save them for an enemy, OTHER than Cold Death, that cannot die with flashes."
...the winged girl rapidly presses the button on the cube to activate it, tosses the new camera inside, sticks her hand inside, then pulls her trusty old camera instead.
She only has a few seconds before that *************** connects a very vicious claw to her face, so with the cube still on her hand, she lifts her camera, aims it at the Master, then clicks the shutter.
One of the two hooded, translucent, green wailing male spirits with bloodied swords flies right out of the camera's lens, takes ************* by surprise and captures her, then starts to wail louder and louder.

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