Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Undying Gensokyo

(This advertisement is meant for those who have not read about this story and might be interested in reading it) This is Undying Gensokyo, a finished horror story filled with gore, death and blood and lots of cursing. In this story, the selfish Marisa tricks her friends into making an immortality potion she claims will create rains that will make Gensokyo's flora (crops included) and all foods to be more than what they already are. Her potion works only TOO WELL, and thanks to her the entirety of Gensokyo becomes an undead-infested world, filled with zombie-like creatures that can never truly die, who are controlled by one Master. Aya and Satori must overcome greater hardships while being unable to fly in order to solve this unfair incident and get their home back to the way it was. This story has 17 VEEEERY long chapters, and like I said, it's a horror story filled with gore, blood, death, and lots of cursing. Read at your own risk XD https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7109325/1/Undying-Gensokyo

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