Thursday, January 10, 2013

To whomever is interested, I've just posted the re-edit for the third chapter of Reset Sukima. I have edited the first chapter also, and rewrote a few things of the second one. I think they look better now. I'll be continuing these edits/rewrites BEFORE moving on to the next chapter (the 11th). Anyways, in case anyone gives a fork, here are the chapters' links

Alright, the rewrites/re-edits for Reset Sukima chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7 are up. Seeing as I'm getting some requests to continue, I guess I'll try to take less time on the rest of the rewrites/re-edits/re-whatevers. Here are the links in case anyone's interested:

And FINALLY, after such a long time (2 months), I have finished the re-edits/re-writes for reset Sukima, all the way to chapter 10. Now I can begin with the next chapter. By the way... why the **** didn't anyone tell me chapter 10 was such a horrible MESS!? I swear, I hadn't realized I made so many mistakes that just stopped the flow of the story repeatedly. Oh well, whatever. They are fixed now. By the way, these are chapters 8 through 10.

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