Friday, August 13, 2010

The Story of a Past Scarlet 10

This chapter doesn’t contain much blood, so do enjoy. Also note that although I am trying my best to follow ZUN’s story for the SDM, he is vague with details, and thus, I’m filling the vague gaps with what I believe happened. Also note that as stated on the first chapter, this fiction’s only link to my Sukima series are at the very beginning and very end. They link to Chapter 8 Paradise Sukima, but that’s about it. Reviews and comments are appreciated and thank you for reading. Do enjoy.

Night at the Hakurei Shrine, where Remilia and Sakuya patiently wait for Reimu’s return. Though Sakuya lies on her back while looking up at the ceiling and calmly saying “such a peaceful place”, Remilia paces around the shrine and looks to the sky whenever she can, eager to see Reimu return with good news. Sakuya suddenly feels the uneasiness her mistress is feeling, so she springs up and sits up straight, regaining her elegance in an instant. Remilia continues staring to the sky and says “she’s taking too long.” Sakuya calmly replies “my lady, give her some time. It’s the young mistress after all. Still, for miss Flandre to ignore my orders, even though she’s so afraid of me.” Remilia quickly turns her head to look at Sakuya with worry behind her stern eyes, feeling her stomach churn with worry for her sister, then says “she’s going to get herself sealed.” Sakuya stares back at Remilia with confusion, then Remilia continues her pacing, looking at the floor as she says “that girl changed MY fate, Sakuya. It’s supposed to be the other way around. Who is to say she won’t change Flandre’s fate too! She’s going to seal my sister, and it’s all because I’m-“ Sakuya grabs Remilia when she passes by and sits her on her lap, and although she expected her mistress to struggle, she is surprised when Remilia calms down and relaxes instead. Sakuya takes the chance to embrace Remilia, then says “my lady, though I hate to admit it, I think we should trust miss Reimu. I believe everything will be alright, and when she comes back, she’ll kick us out and send us back to miss Flandre.” Remilia slightly flaps her wings and bends her head back to look at Sakuya with confusion in her eyes, then says “Sakuya, if you’re wrong, you owe me a four-layer cake, and I don’t CARE if it’s late!” Sakuya chuckles and smiles, then says “alright. When miss Reimu returns, I’ll bake a large cake for you and miss Flandre.” Remilia narrows her right eye and asks “are you making fun of me?” Sakuya’s face turns a little pink as she chuckles again and continues to smile, then says “never, my lady.”

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, inside the great hallway, Meiling and the fairy maids work hard and as fast as they can to cover the hole Flandre’s bullets made on the wall, so they can prevent her possible escape. Patchouli and Koakuma keep them safe, using all their concentration on creating a protective barrier that protects them all from Flandre’s insane barrage. Further ahead of them, Marisa and Reimu move with speed and precision as they avoid the insane barrage of blue shards being sent by Flandre, who continues to laugh and cry and repeat “play more! Let’s play some more until you break.” She’s moving so fast and so unevenly, Reimu’s talismans and needles constantly crash with Marisa’s sparks and laser beams, though the recoil caused by the explosion slows Flandre down a bit. Reimu seems very focused, and remains eerily quiet as she attacks, while Marisa seems a little more lose and relaxed, even smiling after she is grazed on the face by the burning shards. Flandre finally slows down enough for Reimu to surround and strike her with amulets and talismans that fly from her yin-yang orbs, paralyzing her momentarily. Taking a well-earned moment of respite, Marisa smiles and says “oi, Reimu. This girl knows how to play, ze.” Reimu cracks as smile and chuckles, then says “yeah. She does. Best be ready, ‘cuz here she comes again.” The talismans and Amulets slowly fall off Flandre’s torso, who starts to giggle again as she slowly regains her mobility, and after the last amulet falls off, she flies high to the ceiling and wipes the dried tears from her cheeks. She looks down to Marisa and Reimu with an innocent smile, then says “I’ve never met anyone that could play with me for so long without breaking apart. Let’s play some more! Please, don’t break too soon! I really want to play more!” Reimu sweats as she sheepishly smiles and nervously says “don’t worry little girl. Just go ahead and tire yourself out already.” Flandre gasps with a wide smile on her face and nods while saying “ok then!” She pulls a spell card from under her hat and eagerly says “here, here, look at this one! Forbidden Barrage, Catadioptric!” Flandre shoots powerful dense blue orbs followed by a massive barrage of smaller, yet still powerful blue orbs against the ceiling of the hall. The orbs bounce off, breaking a bit of the roof after bouncing off, then head toward Marisa and Reimu. Marisa is all the way to the right, and only needs to dodge the scattered orbs that head her way, while Reimu is on the left and has to dodge the main attack, the trailing orbs, and the scattered orbs left behind, though she’s so focused, she makes dodging all that look easy. Flandre laughs as she prepares the next wave and shoots six bullet barrages that bounce against the right wall and head toward Reimu to the left, leaving Marisa to deal with the scattered orbs again while Reimu deals with the main attack. Flandre giggles as she says “red and white sis is good at this!”, then shoots three more barrages straight at Reimu, making her dodge the attack twice after they bounce off the floor. Marisa stares at Flandre for a moment, and noticing she’s placed all her attention on Reimu, she thinks it’s her chance, so she quietly pulls a spell card and softly says “Magic Sign, Stardust Reverie”, then aims her right hand at Flandre, surrounds it in blue magic, then releases large multi-colored stars at the vampire. Just before the stars hit, Flandre turns to a bat and avoids the attack while firing three set of orbs to the ceiling and two more to the walls to the left and right. Marisa gasps, thinking she missed a good chance, and when Flandre turns her attention to the witch, Reimu shouts “Spirit Sign, Fantasy Orb!” Flandre smiles wickedly at Marisa, and just before Reimu’s colorful elemental orbs connect, she turns to a bat and manages to avoid Reimu’s attack, which make the orbs follow after Marisa, who takes quick evasive action and flies all over the room, running away from Reimu’s orbs and dodging Flandre’s next wave of attack, which seems faster and more destructive after they break down an whole wall. As she unleashes another wave of attack immediately after another, she smiles wickedly and says “nice try, but I’m not going to fall for-“ Flandre and her attacks stop, and when the little vampire looks behind herself, she finds she has four amulets stuck to her back, burning through her vest again, though slipping away before getting to her skin. Flandre turns her surprised face back to Marisa and Reimu as the maiden regroups with her friend and calls off her spell, then smiles and says “that was sneaky... but I liked it! Come, we play more!” Reimu and Marisa look at each other, then Marisa asks “how much longer do we go on?” Reimu stares seriously at Flandre for a moment before replying “not long now. Just hold on a little longer.”

Flandre starts to fly fast and erratically, making her an impossible target, then starts firing thin blue beams all around herself, except on front of herself. She aims one hand at Marisa and the other at Reimu, then fires a thin blue beam straight at each of them, while the other beams turn to shards and rain down on the girls. Reimu and Marisa fly forward with haste, trying to reach Flandre, but the little vampire continues to fly erratically, shooting her beams and shards, and flies backward to avoid getting too close to the girls. She giggles and says “nah-ah~ You can’t tag me this time~!” Reimu grunts after getting grazed on the left shoulder, but ignores the pain and the blood, and continues chasing after Flandre. Marisa shouts “how long is this darned hallway?” Reimu keeps quiet and concentrated on chasing Flandre while avoiding her attack, then suddenly stops, so Marisa follows her example and stops too. Flandre continues to fly backward, unaware of the wall behind her, then crashes through it as though she’s just gone through paper. Marisa and Reimu wince at the sight, but then gasp when Flandre peeks her head through the hall, asking “aww, why did you stop?” Marisa shakes her head to shake off her shock, then smiles and says “you’re pretty strong, little girl.” Flandre flies back to the grand hallway, frowns and sniffles, then giggles for a moment, then says “th-that’s why... That’s why everything breaks when I play.” Reimu smiles and says “well, we haven’t broken, have we?” Flandre looks at Reimu, then at Marisa, rubs her eyes, then smiles and says “y-yeah. You’re right. You’re still here! Th-that means we can play some more!” Flandre notices Marisa is holding a hand watch by its chain and swings it left and right while raisin her hand toward Flandre. The little blonde vampire stares at Marisa and the watch, then asks “what are you doing?” Marisa asks “aren’t you getting tired?” Flandre giggles and says “no. Those tricks don’t work on me anyway. But now you reminded me of my next spell! Here you go~” Reimu glares at Marisa and grunts as she says “way to go.” Marisa sweats and shrugs, then says “it was an accident!” Flandre pulls a spell card from under her hat again, then asks “c-can I ask you something?” Reimu and Marisa look up at Flandre’s worried and innocent face as she looks away, as though in shame, then Marisa says “go ahead.” Flandre twists her arms around her twisted black rod and asks “after you’ve broken, will you come play with me again?” Reimu and Marisa sweat while smiling sheepishly, then Marisa whispers “gee, she didn’t get it before.” Reimu simply smiles back at Flandre and says “w-well, we’ll decide after we finish playing, ok?” Flandre smirks and says “deal! Now, Forbidden Barrage, Counter Clock!” Marisa and Reimu yelp when they are suddenly forced to move along two large beams made into crosses; one moves clockwise and the other counterclockwise, and while they move along with the clockwise beam, Marisa says “well, this isn’t so bad.” Flandre giggles, flies to the ceiling, then says “that’s because I haven’t done THIS!” Flandre joins her arms and cups her hands and fingers, then fires a rain of red bullets on Marisa and Reimu, and although they fall in straight lines, Flandre wills the orbs to sway a bit. Reimu and Marisa are overwhelmed, but they continue to fly through the small gaps while taking care the moving beams don’t touch them. The beams disappears and reappear again in a different position, then move around the area while spinning slowly and Flandre continues her bullet shower, stopping only for very brief moments. At first, Marisa has some trouble, but after the third reappearance of the beams, she dodges nimbly through the bullets while almost dancing with the beams in the air. Reimu dances around the air since the spell starts, even allowing the beams to get close to her while she sways around the bullets. Marisa is suddenly grazed by a bullet on the neck and loses her concentration after flinching, then screams out loud when the moving beam cuts through her shoe and burns her bare skin. Reimu gasps and shouts “Marisa, stay focu- ARGH!” After getting distracted, Reimu is struck by the new beam on the back, burning her vest and shirt away and touching her skin, but manages to move away before it cuts her in half, though gets struck on her right elbow by one of the orbs. Flandre begins to giggle again, her face twisting as she watches the girls get hit by her attack, then thinks “they’ll break soon, just like the rest, Flandre. I can see it. They are afraid of me, just like onee-chan. No matter, no matter. Let’s just continue the game and look inside of them when they break... just like... N-no... I didn’t mean to!” Flandre suddenly starts to laugh as tears fall from her eyes to the floor below, though because the beams and bullets, what’s left of the floor and walls are just pieces of lumber, broken parts of what used to be columns, and the ground beneath the mansion exposed. Reimu notice’s Flandre’s state and takes advantage of her distraction, then pulls a spell card from her pocket and shouts “Divine Spirit, Fantasy Seal!” Ten elemental orbs of fire, water, wind, lightning and earth surround Reimu, cutting through Flandre’s bullets and cleaning a good chunk of air space for her and Marisa to be safe in, then the orbs fly straight to the distracted vampire. When Flandre notices Reimu’s attack, it’s already too late, and the elemental orbs striker her hard, making her scream out in pain as they burn her skin, though don’t kill her. Flandre’s spell is cancelled, but Reimu’s attack continues for a bit longer, making Flandre scream out “I’m breaking~!”, then stops, allowing Flandre to fall to the ground and recover from the pain. Marisa approaches Reimu and asks “you ok? You took a beating there.” Reimu rubs her back and says “I’m fine, but that hurt though. What about you?” Marisa looks at her foot, then says “it’ll heal.”

While Reimu and Marisa check up on each other, Flandre shivers on the ground as she struggles to get back up, pushing herself up with her arms, crying as her skin feels as though it’s been burned by acid. Her hat has a hole on it that’s letting her hair escape through, her vest is singed and the right half of it is missing, the strap of her pink undershirt is broken, and her little skirt is in complete tatters. She then remembers Remilia’s straight face and her sister’s voice telling her “Flan, you are a Scarlet. Be strong, but remember that you are also a lady, so you need to be more delicate. Now stand up... and stop crying!” Flandre gulps and nods, then says “onee-chan is right. I must not cry... It’s all part of the game, right?” At present, Flandre rises to the air with a playful smile, so silent, Reimu and Marisa don’t notice her until after she giggles and shoots blue beams and shards at them as fast as she can, while moving erratically around. Marisa and Reimu shriek when they notice the beams and shards and immediately split up to dodge through the relentless attack. Reimu fires her needles, amulets and talismans, but misses every single shot, yet continues to attack. Flandre laughs and says in sing-song “you can’t hit me~” Marisa focuses her magical orbs in front of herself, but doesn’t shoot and simply continues to dodge as best as she can. Reimu looks calm and collected as she sways through the bullets and shoots her talismans, saying “you’re enjoying yourself too much, little girl.” Flandre giggles and replies “just like onee-chan used to say to me!”, then proceeds to attack Reimu a little more aggressively than Marisa. The black and white witch takes advantage of Flandre’s distraction and fires a focused laser beam that turns thicker the closer the pushes her orbs together, and strikes Flandre’s abdomen with it, tearing off the lower part of her vest and singing a bit of her pink undershirt. Flandre screams and scrunches, getting hit on her thigh, just as the beam stops, then Reimu looks at Marisa and flips her thumb up, quietly acknowledging the help. Flandre opens her left eye to make sure the attack stopped, then flies higher to the ceiling and pulls a spell card from her pocket, then looks seriously at the two humans. Marisa asks “what? Are you done?” Flandre takes the spell card with her right hand and stares at it as she says “well, this is it. You will break when I use this spell. Please, come back and play when you get fixed, alright?” Before Reimu or Marisa can reply, Flandre shouts “Secret Barrage, And Then There Will Be None?”

Reimu and Marisa watch as Flandre get surrounded by a blue orb, then disappears into the orb and moves around while releasing two slow sets of blue orb strings all over. Though it’s slow, it’s very powerful, it’s power demonstrated when one of the orbs touches the ceiling, explodes loudly, and leaves a large hole. Reimu and Marisa gasp as they look at each other, then Reimu sits on Marisa’s broom, then they begin to dodge the bullets. Just as another blue orb appears and starts shooting bullets, Flandre thinks “this is that same spell. I really liked her, and she liked me a lot too. She loved playing with me... but...” Marisa and Reimu get cornered and fear they are about to die, but a small gap appears right between the string of bullets, so they take their chance and fly through it, letting the orbs explode on the wall instead, the wall turning to dust in an instant. Two more blue orbs appear and start shooting more blue orbs strings, and following after Reimu and Marisa. While this happens, Flandre thinks “she was strong... though not as strong as Meiling. Still, while she was there, guarding the whole mansion by herself, I always felt so safe. And every time she came to play with me after her shift, it always made me so happy.” Reimu and Marisa manage to fly under three of the tracking orbs and let them strike the wall to the clock tower, completely eliminating the wall separating it from the grand hallway. The blue orbs all vanish, and after Marisa asks “is it over?”, all around them, red orbs form and threaten to constrict them. Reimu and Marisa shriek and split up, then Reimu shouts “keep focused and watch your back!” Marisa shouts back “I got it, I got it! Concentrate on yourself!” The red orbs constrict in the center of the attack and spread about, destroying the remaining walls and leaving that entire area exposed to the outside, so Reimu takes the moment of respite, grabs a purple charm with green letters from one of her pockets, quickly prays in an ancient tongue, then releases the charm to the air. From it, large blue beams forms a rectangle that expands and covers all around the battle area, creating a powerful holy barrier that prevents escape and further damage to the mansion. Marisa growls and asks “why didn’t you use that before?” Reimu replies “later! Just dodge those!” Blue orbs form up and threaten to trap the girls as they move in a straight line and seem to turn to a net as they get closer to the center, but Reimu and Marisa manage to dodge these with ease and soon find themselves dodging a set of yellow orbs that, like the red ones, threaten to constrict them. As they dodge these, the blue orbs explode on Reimu’s barrier, but it holds, and as this happens, Flandre thinks “she knew so much and taught me and onee-chan so many things. Ah, but Meiling looks better in that outfit... heh-heh.” Green orbs form up next and they move like the blue ones, though faster, forming a dangerous net as they close up in the center, and before these orbs are gone, more red orbs form up. Marisa shouts “it’s getting faster!” Reimu shouts back “I know, just move!” Just as the green orbs impact Reimu’s barrier and the red orbs constrict in the center, the blue orbs appear again, making Reimu and Marisa shriek again. As they continue to dodge, Flandre thinks “she came to my room in the basement... and made it so lively. I’ve always been down there, though... thanks to her, I was able to come out whenever I wanted to. Too bad mom and dad didn’t get the chance to see.” By now, Reimu and Marisa are overwhelmed as each barrage starts long before the other is halfway through, and added to the explosions on the divine walls, the girls find themselves dodging in a very tiny space. As they dodge this barrage, Flandre thinks “and then it happened. One day I used this very same spell by accident... and she broke... She called for me, she called of onee-chan... and then she broke. I called out for her, but she didn’t respond! Onee-chan came. She was scare of me now, I could see it in her eyes. I cried... I am sorry for what I did, but after she broke she never came back. But Sakuya fixed all my broken dolls, so I don’t get it. Why didn’t they fix her? What happened?” By now, Reimu and Marisa, though focused on carefully dodging through the immense barrage of colorful bullets, feel tired and worried they might get hit, then the attack stops, the spell card times out and Flandre reappears right in front of them with a longing face. She looks at the girls and says “you... you didn’t break.” Reimu and Marisa land on the ground and hold themselves with her hands on their knees, then Reimu replies excited and out of breath “I... told you! We won’t break!” Flandre smiles at them, this time looking more natural and tender, then says “but... every time I used this spell, they all broke. Why didn’t you break? This... is... incredible.” Flandre starts to laugh, and although exhausted, a spell card materializes right in front of her face, glowing light blue. Reimu glares at Flandre and says “Marisa, we got her on the ropes. We just need to survive this and it’s over!” Marisa tips her hat and stares bravely at Flandre, then nods and says “aye. After this, I’m going home and taking a nice long bath.” Reimu chuckles and says “I think I’ll have tea and cookies while I take mine.” Marisa smiles at Reimu and says “showoff.”

Flandre grabs hold of her newly created spell card and continues to smile naturally as she looks at Marisa and Reimu, then says “thanks for playing with me. Now I just have to win and it’ll be a perfect day. I win, and you’ll stay with me forever.” Reimu smirks and says “you have to beat us first if you want to win.” Marisa chuckles and adds “not that we’ll make it easy, ze.” Flandre smirks with excitement in her eyes, then excitedly shouts “Q.E.D. Ripples of 495 Years!” The area turns darker as Flandre summons great power to her, then circular bands of energy form around Flandre, turning to shards after spreading around. Marisa and Reimu dodge this first barrage with ease, but the next barrage comes from five bands. As this happens, Flandre thinks “all those years stuck in that room... it’s NOT fair! I mean... I-it’s not like it’s onee-chan’s fault, but I wanna play sometimes!” The bands intensify in power, size and numbers, and the gaps between shards become thinner, giving Reimu and Marisa a harder time as they squeeze through. Flandre laughs as she thinks “so dark, so quiet... it’s terrible! I should lock onee-chan in a dark room like that too! But... it’s not her fault. I mean, I do tend to break things and people.” The bands become more numerous and spread around faster, and the gaps between the bullets is so narrow, Reimu and Marisa can’t help but get grazed. Both girls are amazed that the bullets, though intense in power, only vanish when they touch Reimu’s barrier. Reimu shouts “Marisa, get ready! Use everything you have and more if you can!” Marisa pulls her Hakkero from under her hat and smirks, then says “after you, miss maiden.” While the girls plot, Flandre thinks “I’ve done so many terrible things, I deserve to be in that room, but... They were all accidents, I swear!” Flandre remembers Remilia looking at her with a stern face, yet she can see the fear in her sister’s eyes as she says “Flan, you need to learn control! If you can’t learn how to control those powers of yours I can’t let you out of your room. I’m not doing this because I like it Flan, I’m doing this to protect our servants. You don’t want to break them, do you?” The present Flandre shakes her head and shouts “no! I don’t wanna break them!”, and the bands become more intense. Reimu shouts “Marisa, now or never!” Marisa flies straight to Flandre and aims her Hakkero, saying “I’m just building up some lovely drama, my dear friend.” The Hakkero starts to shake after Marisa speaks, but Flandre can’t notice this. The little vampire is caught inside her own mind as she thinks “I was let outside more and more, and the more I learned to control myself, the more I could go out. I even got a pet for being such a good girl... but... then they came. They came and broke everything! I... I had to break them too! I broke them, and I broke my pet, and...” Flandre starts to cry, causing Marisa to hesitate, but Reimu edges Marisa on, shouting “DO IT, YOU IDIOT!” Marisa snaps out the shock, then shouts “Magicannon, Final Spark!” Though Flandre turns to a bat and avoids the attack, Marisa’s beam breaks Flandre’s attack with ease. As she flies to avoid the powerful beam, she thinks “but then, after all that, these two came. They won’t break, and they have been playing with me for so long! Are they really human?” Reimu takes advantage and hides under Marisa’s beam, then, after it stops, she flies behind Flandre as she turns back to human. Marisa stares at Flandre with fright, knowing it’s all over as more bands appear next to her, above and below her, plus Flandre so close to her. As the little vampire reaches for Marisa, she thinks “I almost got this one. Will she break? Do I really want her to break? No... I want her to stay with me, so we can play all the time! I want them both to stay with me! I have to win!” The bands stop moving and disappear, Flandre opens her eyes wide with surprise, then floats slowly back to the ground, revealing Reimu behind her with her gohei on her right hand and smiling at Marisa. The witch takes a very deep breath of air and sighs, then says “I swear, I thought I was done for!” Reimu giggles and says “and we won.”

Marisa and Reimu float down to meet with Flandre, and as they do so, Marisa asks “so~, are we done?” Flandre manages to spring on to her knees and cries “no way, I can’t believe it! I lost!” Reimu winks and waves her finger at Flandre, then says with a smile “see, this is the power of those who believe in gods.” Flandre growls and says “don’t think we’re done. Take THIS!” Flandre lifts her left arm and points it at the girl, but nothing happens. Flandre sobs and says “aww, I’m so exhausted I can’t even shoot smoke!” Reimu smiles and asks “so, are you satisfied?” Flandre smiles, though showing a bit of disappointment in her eyes, then says “yes, I’m satisfied, but I’m pretty much alone again.” Marisa smirks and says “oh, so are you going to hang yourself?” Flandre looks at Marisa with curiosity and asks “what? Why?” Marisa closes her eyes and sings “He went out and hanged himself... and then there were none.” Flandre stares at Marisa with curiosity and asks “you know it? Where did you hear that song?” Marisa smiles and says “it’s a famous rhyme.” Flandre scowls and says “I thought you were the last Indian.” Marisa blinks twice and says “that last spell card made you invisible.” Flandre suddenly sings “she died by the bullet, and then there were none.” Marisa smiles and says “mmm, sorry, but I’m really good at dodging.” Flandre shrugs and says “well that’s fine. I can’t die if I hang myself anyway.” Marisa replies “A hanged corpse is not a pleasant sight. Why don’t you do like in the real song?” Flandre stares at Marisa with curiosity as the witch sings “she got married, and then there were none.” Flandre asks “with who?” Marisa replies “I’ll introduce you to a certain shrine maiden.” Reimu smacks Marisa on the head and angrily says “don’t teach her to be a pervert like you.” Flandre giggles, then looks at Reimu and asks “can I come visit you?” Reimu smiles nervously as a drop of sweat falls down the back of her messed hair and says “please, don’t come to the shrine. I’ll come visit you instead, so you won’t be so lonely, ok?” Flandre nods and says “and I wanted to go visit and take some cake and tea as thanks.” Reimu continues to smile nervously as she says “don’t bring your kind of food to a human’s place. Now be a good girl, go home quietly and go to sleep.” Flandre giggles and says “but I am home.” Reimu pats Flandre’s head and says “so you don’t need to go home. Fitting for a bad girl... Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s another bad girl I left in the shrine and need to take care of.” Flandre smiles and asks “who do you mean?” Reimu smirks and says “you and your sister.” Flandre looks away, as though understanding what Reimu just said. Reimu raises her hand and the holy barrier she created disappears, allowing Meiling, Patchouli, Koakuma, and the fairy maids to rush in. Meiling grabs the exhausted Flandre and bows at Reimu, saying “thanks for your help”, then prepares to leave immediately, but before she does, Flandre says “wait.” Meiling and Reimu stare at her, then Flandre manages to drop her head to look at both Reimu and Marisa from Meiling’s arms, then says “do you really promise to come see me?” Reimu smiles naturally and nods, saying “whenever I come visit, I’ll come and see you. That’s a promise.” Marisa nervously looks around, trying to keep her eyes away from Flandre’s, then says “er, maybe... if I remember. I mean, I’m such a busy girl and all.” Flandre sighs and smiles, then says “fine, I get it.” Meiling nods to Reimu, glances at Marisa, then makes her way back to the basement with Flandre, while the fairy maids and Patchouli begin the reconstruction of the destroyed hallway, and Reimu and Marisa fly away back to their homes. After the long walk to the basement, Flandre falls asleep on Meiling’s hand, so the gate guard quietly makes her way to Flandre’s room and gently places Flandre on the bed, covering her with her blanket and brushing her forehead with her fingers. Meiling smiles, then thinks “maybe I should come and visit her too”, then takes off Flandre’s broken hat and walks out of the room.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Remilia paces in and out of the shrine with her hands behind her back and flapping her wings occasionally. Sakuya sits peacefully next to the table, nibbling down on the last cookie form the tray, then stops and says “my lady, here she comes.” Remilia expands her wings and smile wide as sparkles shine through her expectant eyes as she looks outside to the night sky toward the direction of her mansion. Shortly after, she sees Reimu flying just above the trees and landing softly in front of the shrine’s entrance, so she rushes to the maiden and excitedly asks “what happened?” Reimu pats Remilia’s head and in a kind, yet strict tone, she says “you should really pay more attention to your sister!” Remilia gasps and starts to cry “no~ You had to seal her, didn’t you?” Reimu sighs and face palms, then says “relax, she’s fine. She should be in her room again... though your mansion is a complete mess.” Remilia twitches, and her wings stand stiff after hearing that, but Reimu places her hands on the vampire’s shoulder and looks at her with understanding helping her relax. Remilia stares back at the maiden for a moment, then Reimu suddenly says “you have the right to be afraid of her, but she really needs you. We managed to open up a door for her, but she needs you now, Remilia. You need to get her back yourself. Nobody else can do that for you.” Remilia blushes with embarrassment after knowing Reimu figured out about her fear of her own sister. She looks to the ground to her right, then nods and softly says “I’ll give it another try.” Reimu shakes Remilia violently and bends down to look straight into her eyes, then says “listen to me, the door is open, but only you can get her out of there! Do you understand... Remilia?” Sakuya stands next to Remilia, who stares straight into Reimu’s eyes as though in a trance, but doesn’t respond. Reimu lets Remilia go, then says “well, you better get going now. The mess is incredible after all.” Sakuya places a hand on Remilia’s right shoulder, then says “we appreciate everything you have done for us, miss Reimu.” Reimu just looks lazily at the two as they bow, then sighs and says “just make sure not to cause any more trouble.”

Five days later, after the mansion is fully restored once again, Reimu comes and visits, wanting to read something in Patchouli’s library as well, and keeping her promise, she goes and visits Flandre, who smiles innocently at the sight of the maiden, glad to receive a simple “hello, how are you?” That same day, Meiling secretly visits Flandre, though this time, unlike the times before, she’s visiting out of concern, rather than just curiosity. On later days, during one of Marisa’s visits, Flandre exits her room without Remilia’s permission and hunts down the witch to simply scare her to death and give her a hug, then go back to her room with a satisfied smile. Though grateful she’s survived various encounters like that with Flandre, she’s already admitted she rather not meet with the little sister. Remilia has hesitantly and secretly been visiting her sister again, though as time passes, she been doing so more openly, even staging a dangerous incident with a meteor, so that Flandre could save the mansion. After Reimu’s interference, life at the mansion has gotten better and better as the years go by, and Reimu herself has kept her promise to Flandre, always visiting her whenever she visits the mansion, regardless of what she’s doing, opening that door from the madness little by little, allowing Remilia to see more of her real sister with each visit.

Remilia and Flandre sit side by side on the little sister’s bed, the room a little more illuminated thanks to the extra set of recently lit lamps installed by Sakuya and Meiling. Remilia smiles and says “yeah, so many things happened. At first, I thought living here in Gensokyo was a curse. But after so many things happened I came to realize the blessing of coming to this place.” Flandre giggles and says “to think you were scared of me, onee-sama... but I don’t blame you. I did try to kill you back then.” Remilia sweats and says “er, just don’t go crazy on me again, ok.” Flandre giggles and nods as she says “ok.” Remilia’s smile suddenly turns to a frown as she looks to the floor and says “I don’t want to lose you again, Flan. When you left me when you did, I thought I was going to destroy myself. Flandre, please, don’t scare me like that again. Losing you for a second time might have brought me to madness.” Flandre’s eyes hide under shadow as she nods, and after she looks down to the floor she asks “do you remember them? Mom and dad?” Remilia sighs and honestly says “no... not anymore. But don’t worry about that, Flan. Now it’s our time. We don’t need to worry about the past anymore. What happened, happened, and what’s important is I got you back, and you have learned to control your powers.” Flandre extends her arms and gives her sister a powerful hug, cracking her bones as she squeezes her, then Remilia grunts “well, at least to some degree...” Flandre lets Remilia go and says “oops. Sorry onee-sama.” Remilia rubs her back as she straightens herself again while still sitting on the bed, then the two sister stay quiet and stare at their feet handing form the bed. Remilia breaks the silence when she suddenly looks at Flandre and says “hey, Flan, I’m curious.” Flandre looks at Remilia with curiosity, then Remilia asks “I’ve only seen you chase after Marisa and give her those powerful hugs and you’re always so happy when you see her. Tell me, why did you call Reimu ‘mom’, and not chase after Marisa, as I thought you would?” Flandre blushes and says “well... Red and white sis kept her promise, onee-sama. She came to visit me every time she came by, and even to this day, when she comes here, she stops by for a moment to check on me.” Remilia stares at Flandre with surprise and says to herself “so that’s what she was doing.” Flandre continues “I like Marisa, but she doesn’t like me that much. But I have to admit, I love hunting her down and messing with her.” Remilia and Flandre stare at each other for a moment, then start to laugh heartily, remembering how often Marisa ended up with a sore back after her encounters with Flandre, or the terrorized face she makes whenever Flandre jumps at her to give her a good hug-tackle. Remilia suddenly sighs, then says “you know, things changed a bit when Patchy came along, but it was after Sakuya came that things really changed around here.” Flandre smiles and chuckles, then asks “but why must she be so strict? Really, she scares me to this day!” Remilia responds in a matter-of-factly tone, raising her hand and saying “she wants to make you a lady, Flan.” Flandre’s lips wriggle after she hears that, then Remilia suddenly looks surprised and stares at the back of her right hand. A dim glow from under her skin reveals the symbol of a hand watch. Remilia gasps and jumps out of the bead, heading straight to the silver door as she says “Sakuya’s in danger, Flan!” Flandre stays on her bed and watches as her sister leaves the door open after running out. Remilia comes back to the room and lifts her hand to Flandre, saying “come on Flan! When Sakuya’s in danger, it must be something big! Will you help me? Flan?” Flandre Stares at Remilia’s hand without showing any expression at all, frightening Remilia a bit, then suddenly giggles, jumps from her bed and grabs Remilia’s hand. As the two vampire sisters rush to the foyer, Flandre says “I’ll be with onee-sama from now on, so you don’t have to worry!” Remilia smiles and says “I am very glad to hear that Flan. I may not seem to care, but I really do. It makes me very happy to be with my entire family once more.”

The End

Characters, Spell Cards and Scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Game dialogue by ZUN (credit to the translators as well)
AUG 14 2010
Written by
Willie G.R.

Note that this story has been and will be used as base for anything concerning the SDM's cast history on my stories, unless noted otherwise.
And here, finally, the end of the back story. Although I did try to go as canonically accurate as possible, I did add a few things from what I think may have happened. Yes, I know that to some of you, these look like what some doujin depict as the SDM’s back story too, and yes, I used some mental images from those to create a few of the scenes, however I did this by myself, and honestly, I only remember brief parts of said doujins. For example, Remilia’s pledge to Reimu sounds the same as the one used in Fli-Flop’s manga, but that’s because she really did use those words when asking Reimu for that full-powered battle. To this date, Remilia keeps her word to Reimu, and being the vampire she is, she’s going to keep to her word. As for Flandre, it was after Reimu dealt with her that the little destructive vampire opened up a bit more. Sadly, Flandre is still not fully recovered in canon, and that’s a real shame, seeing as she has so many fans, and so much potential for future games (IMO). Then again, it’s not as bad as the PC-98 characters people love so much, like Mima, Yuki and Shinki (three of my favorites). Anyway, thank you very much for reading and leaving so many reviews/comments, and I am very glad to know you enjoyed reading these. Of course, comments/reviews are still welcome. Oh yes, do have fun playing Fairy Wars. Hope is not TOO hair-splitting frustrating. Anyway, thanks again for reading, take care, and see you on my next project.
Confession time:
I know I said the ONLY thing connecting this to my Sukima series was the very beginning and very end, right? Well there are two things I used, and will use, from the series and spin-offs. First, the black book titled “Ancient Arcane Spells”, is the same book Marisa finds at the end of the fourth chapter of the “Flashback of the Ages” spin-off, though in there, it’s changed its name to “Ancient Arcane Spells of the Sirians”. There is also the nekomata called “Azzhara” (which is pronounced “Atz-hara”). I’ll be using this character in a future project. Guess that’s it. You all take care.

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