Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flashback of the Ages 4

It’s early morning at the Bamboo Forest. The bamboo shoots are being unsettled by a grown up, shy kappa girl, who is searching everywhere for the little mischievous curse goddess. Nitori pulls out a container and starts drinking from it, and after she’s done, she swipes the excess water from her lips with her forearm, sighs contently, then says to herself “boy, I sure am lost here. Oh, I hope I can find her soon. I don’t like being so far from home for so long.” She places the water container back into her backpack, and immediately afterward, she is startled by a rapid beeping sound. She removes the backpack from her back and places it on the ground, then searches frantically within it. She gasps and smiles with excitement after finding the beeping item, pulling it out and revealing a small rectangular box we know as a 2-way radio. She presses a big red button on the right side of the item and says “this is Nitori. I’m still searching for her, over.” At first, there only static, which makes Nitori a bit nervous and call “he-hey, can you hear me over there? Is everything alright? Over.” The static clears up, and the voice of a boy says “yes, I can hear you already. So, you’re still searching for her? Er, over...” Nitori smiles and excitedly says “oh, it’s you! Is everything alright? Do you need anything? Over.” The boy replies “umm, I’m sorry for being a nuisance, but I can’t reach my glasses... over.” Nitori thinks for a moment, looking up at the sky as she hums, then looks back at the radio and asks “then why don’t you ask the robots to help? Over.” The boy replies “they’re on strike again. This time they’re asking for a cucumber boat, and cucumber soda. O-over.” Before pressing the button, Nitori giggles and says “they can be so efficient”, then presses the button on the radio and says “alright, go to them and find their leader. I think it’s Julia this week. Tell her I said that she is to assist you on ANYTHING you may need, then give her the code ‘KEROMINA 69’. There should be no problem after that, over.” There is silence for a moment, worrying Nitori a bit, but the boy suddenly speaks in a strange tone of voice, saying “thank you so very much, Nitori. You are a real friend... Over.” The radio shuts itself off as soon as the contact is broken, and Nitori stands with a bright, wide smile on her face as she stares at nowhere. She breathes in deeply, then says “I am his friend! I am so happy!” She places the radio back inside her backpack, places it on her back once again, and before setting off again, her eyes glint as she smiles widely and says “this proves that kappa and humans really ARE friends! HA! Take THAT, Mima and Marisa!” As she continues her search, she happily speaks to herself, about how she’s going to unite the kappa and the humans even more, and become a model for future kappa generations. Meanwhile, hiding between the bamboo shoots right behind her, a pair of mischievous green eyes stare straight at the kappa, shortly accompanied by a wide, jagged toothed, crescent smile.

At the Garden of the Sun, from a small house surrounded by sunflowers, a window is smashed from within, and out comes a blonde vampire. Kurumi, who has grown a few inches taller, falls face-down on the ground, just a few inches away from the safety of the house’s shadow. She gets up and notices the sunlight inches away from touching her skin, so she panics as she bounces up, revealing her shapely body and large chest, then rushes to the door and starts banging her fists against it with despair, shouting “I’m SORRY~ Yuka-sama, forgive me! I’ll never speak of my breasts again!” Inside, a tiny Yuka, whose only change is her stature and body shape, looking like a petite girl, stares casually at the door and casually says “boy, she can get noisy, can’t she.” Walking to Yuka’s side, being taller than Yuka herself, Elly looks down and says “well, she is afraid of the sun, miss Yuka. Elly’s hair is now more loose, making Yuka question the curls she had before, but when Yuka takes a better look, a vein pops on her forehead as the grinds her teeth in rage, then asks “why the hell are you taller than me?” Elly panics and stutters, unable to find a suitable excuse, then tries to run away, but Yuka manages to grab hold of her hair and tosses Elly against the door, bursting it open and sending both Elly and Kurumi flying toward the sunlight. Kurumi starts to cry loudly as the sunrays burn away her skin, clenching her eyes and awaiting her inevitable death, but the burning stops when a large shadow casts itself over her. Kurumi slowly opens her eyes and sees Elly’s dress covering her lower half, while Elly herself is standing next to her with her white undergarments exposed. The other half of the shade is caused by Yuka herself, who stands to the left with a smile on her face as she holds her umbrella over her servant. Kurumi smiles and her cheeks turn pink as tears of joy escapes her eyes, then she says “Yukarin, you do care!” Yuka’s natural smile turns to a wicked grin as she bends down and says “I know, it’s just my nature. But it is also my nature to collect debts.” Kurumi shivers and almost instantly kneels up, bows down until her forehead touches the ground, then says “I offer my meager services as payment for Yuka’s blooming kindness!” Yuka smiles more naturally as she says “good girl. Now let’s go back to the house so you can cook me something to eat.” Kurumi grabs Yuka, and rushes back to the house with her, while Elly properly dresses up again. By the time she’s done, she realizes she’s been shut out, so she rushes to the door and tries to open it with all her might, screaming “Yukarin, let me in! Come on, I’m a good servant too! Look, I’ll even cut my legs if you want!” From inside, Yuka’s girly voice calmly replies “nah, you’re good. Just... stay out there for a while and guard that door. After dinner, I’ll be punishing Kurumi, so no peeking!” Elly shudders as she positions herself next to the door, then her face turns blue as she imagines little Yuka ‘punishing’ Kurumi with a face so full of joy. Elly cannot take anymore and turns around, immediately banging on the door, shouting “please, punish me too! Please, miss Yuka!” The door bursts open again, sending Elly flying, and the moment Yuka peeks outside, Elly somehow appears clinging on her leg. Yuka stares with grimace at Elly and says “you are even more disgusting as a chi—“ A mysterious red ball comes bouncing out of nowhere and heading toward the sunflower field, making Yuka’s eyes sparkle with excitement, then she runs after the ball, saying “ball, ball, yay! Bouncy, bouncy red ball!”

At the Myouren Temple, a dark figure with a curvy body and a giant head watches, as two little girls and a woman pass their time in the temple’s front yard. The woman is Nazrin, whom aside from her now well shaped body, her chest is still small, and her hair, though bushy, is still short. She lies on the ground, surrounded by many mice, with her back against a wall and her eyes shut. She opens her left eye and yells “oi~ You two be careful! If either of you falls, I’m going to laugh long before I help you back up!” The two little girls reply “ok~”, then continue to laugh and giggle. The first girl is Shou, who is only wearing her red dress and tiger-print apron. Her hair remains short, and her face somewhat resembles that of a cat. She runs around, giggling and saying “try and catch me~” The second girl is Byakuren, whose hair is only a little shorter thank before, and is still gradient, with purple and light brown. She wears her regular dress, which has shrunk with her, though her skirt seems to stay widely open on the bottom, making her look like a little black and white bell with booted legs. She runs after Shou with her eyes clenched as she giggles, then stops, looks around, then yells “I’m gonna get you~”, then closes her little eyes again and starts running around with her arms in the air. From the temple, another woman comes outside, followed by two children and a cloud. The woman is Nue, and her hair has grown down to her shoulders, and she still wears her same dress, though she constantly tries to pull down on the excessively short skirt, but stops as soon as she notices her chest is about to burst out. She sighs and says “why the hell do I keep wearing this embarrassingly short dress?” The girl next to her is Minamitsu, who looks just about the same, with her little sailor uniform, her tiny captain’s hat, and little blue toy anchor on her left hand. She’s followed by little Ichirin, who wears her long, purple wavy hair lose without a hood, revealing a pair of large and pointy ears, and wears her white dress lose, making it look like a robe instead. She looks up and softly says “hu-hurry up, Unzan.” Behind her comes Unzan, who is now a happy, fully haired little nyuudou, though by the looks of him, rubbing his face with his hand, it seems he’s missing his beard. While the next group joins with the first group, the hiding woman giggles and says to herself “perfect. More targets!”, then makes a lot of noise as she moves closer to the temple. Nue gets closer to Nazrin, who looks up with annoyance as how Nue has a chest to brag about while she doesn’t, then says “if you keep wearing that dress, they’re gonna pop.” Nue sighs and kneels down next to Nazrin, then says “I know, I know! Might a swell borrow one of Shou’s or lady Hijiri’s clothes in the meantime.” Nazrin smirks while looking toward the girls and away from Nue, then says “yes. Yes you should do that.”, then whispers “the more you cover, the better.” Nue asks “what was that?” Nazrin smiles at Nue and says “nothing at all.” Meanwhile, Byakuren, Shou, Ichirin, Unzan and the quiet Minamitsu all run farther away from the adults, playing a messy game of tag, when they all stop very suddenly, almost skidding. Flying in front of them is the curvy figure with the giant head, that yells “BOO~ Uahahaha~ I’ll eat you SOULS!” The woman lands right in front of the children, revealing herself to be Kogasa, with a perfectly shaped body, long hair that reaches her lower back, her karakasa umbrella looks bigger and more decayed, and her face, at the moment, looks contorted and quite disgusting to look at. All the children start to suddenly scream and cry at the same time, and all but Byakuren run straight toward Nue and Nazrin. Kogasa laughs out loud, her contorted face returning to its beautiful, and bright state after she stops to look at the screaming kids while saying “heh, that was so refreshing! Who knew being bigger would work so well for scaring! Huh?” She looks at Byakuren, who sits on the ground, rubbing her eyes while crying, then says “aww, now I feel bad.” She kneels next to Byakuren and pats her head while saying “I’m sorry. But you have to admit, that was a good scare.” Little Byakuren’s bell-like dress sways as she kicks the ground and cries louder, and while Kogasa tries to cheer her up, she doesn’t realize both Nazrin and Nue are standing just behind her, crossing their arms and tapping their feet on the ground. By the time Kogasa notices she’s got company, she already has one hand on each shoulder, and all she has time to say is “uh-oh.”

At Eintei’s front yard, Nitori snoops around, using some beeping machines with a small green screen, saying to herself “she was around here, but I can’t seem to find her anywhere now.” Watching Nitori snoop around while drinking her tea on the porch, Reisen continues to stare for a bit longer, then asks “excuse me, miss, is there something I can help you with?” Nitori jumps with a yelp and tries to disappear, but her optical camouflage suit malfunctions, leaving her exposed as she backs away against the walls of the gates. Reisen slowly steps down, smiling peacefully toward Nitori, and softly saying “calm down, it’s alright. I’m not mad. I’m just curious.” Nitori holds her forearms around her head for cover, but after hearing Reisen’s voice, she slowly loosens her arms and looks up, then says “I-I... so-sorry to intrude, but I’m, uh, looking for Hina, a girl in a red dress and green hair. Um, have you seen her?” Reisen gasps and says “oh my, I’m sorry. We left her sleeping with the other kids, but she disappeared this morning.” Nitori stands up, having gotten used to Reisen already, and says “aww, cucumbers! I’m far behind after all.” Reisen smiles and says “I could help you find her. I mean, I’m a little worried about her.” Before Nitori can answer to that, a woman to Nitori’s left says “well, miss Udonge. Nice to see you worry about someone else like that, especially a non-lunarian.” When the second the woman starts speaking, Nitori jumps high in the air after yelping, then lands on her feet while trembling. Reisen casually asks “ah, Mystia, how are you?” Nitori looks at Mystia while trembling, nods, then says “p-p-p-please don’t sneak up on me.” Mystia has grown up, and is now tall, her hair reaches her shoulders, her wings and tail feathers have grown beautifully, sports a shapely figure, and has a decent chest. She looks back at Nitori, bows, then says “sorry about that, miss. I just came to visit-“ Before Mystia can finish her sentence, a girl from the mansion exclaims “MYSTIA~ You’re here!” It’s little Yorihime, and after calling for Mystia she runs out to meet with her. Mystia kneels down to greet Yorihime with a light hug and a rub on the head, then says “we’re going to the village today, so be on your best behavior.” Yorihime’s smile disappears almost immediately, then she starts to stutter with doubt. Mystia lightly pats the back of the child’s head and says “come on, don’t let shyness get the best of you. Besides, I’ll be right there with you.” Reisen smiles and says “please take good care of her.” Mystia looks up and waves at Reisen, then says “sure thing. You can count on me.” Mystia puts on a curious face as she stands up, then looks to the gate and sees Wriggle. She has also grown up, and although she has a noticeable womanly shape, her flat chest and long pants still makes them all question whether she’s a woman or not. Wriggle looks back at Mystia and notices the stare, so she angrily says “dammit all, I told you, I’m REALLY a girl!” Mystia nervously laughs and says “alright, alright, I get it.” Nitori walks closer to Reisen and sounding polite, yet a bit impatient, she asks “hey, miss? What about Hina?” Right after asking that, Reisen, Nitori, Mystia and Wriggle all trip and are suddenly being dragged on the ground, and before they know what’s what, they all hand upside down, trapped by a rope on their ankles, Mystia and Reisen trying their best to hold their skirts up. Nitori spots Hina and the little RKNS standing in the center of the yard, laughing while holding their cheeks, and shouts “ah, Hina! Please, let’s go home already! I BEG YOU, come with me!” Hina winks and sticks out her tongue, then says “ah, I told you, not until you catch me.” Nitori moans and just lets herself hang, letting everyone look at her dark blue shorts. Yorihime runs toward Hina and says “please, Hina, let miss Mystia go! P-pretty please?” Hina’s smile turns to an annoyed expression, then she snaps her fingers, and in an instant, Yorihime finds herself hanging upside down with a rope around her ankle as well. Hina casually says “oi~ Don’t be such a cry-baby.” Yorihime starts to cry loudly, which Hina ignores, causing Reisen and Mystia’s eyes to glint with rage. The two women manage to fly up and cut their ropes, Mystia with her sharp nails and Reisen with one of her bullets. Hina gasps and backs away with a frightful face, then says “whoa. I think it’s time I left!” Meanwhile, at one of the roads of the Bamboo Forest, Mokou, little Keine and little Yuki take a casual stroll to collect flowers, even though Yuki doesn’t look too amused. They all stop on their tracks when they hear a rumble, then Mokou grabs both girls and jumps to the side. Immediately after, Hina and the RKNS run past them, kicking up a large cloud of dust behind them. Mokou looks at the scene and asks “what the heck?” Little Keine looks down the road again and says “ah, look.” Following Hina’s tracks are Reisen and Mystia, who look enraged with large, yellow stars for eyes, followed shortly by Nitori, who is giving a piggy-back ride to Yorihime, shouting “WAIT! Please, don’t kill her!” Yorihime shouts “Mystia, I’m alright! Waaah~!” Back at Eintei’s front yard, Wriggle is still trapped, asking herself “why do I keep coming here?”

Back at the Myouren Temple, Kogasa has been put to sweep the entire front yard for scaring the girls. Although she’s smiling, her face is covered in bruises, her head has a large bump, and her arms and legs are full of bandages. She sighs and says to herself “well, it was a successful scare, but I was to slow on the getaway, wasn’t I, Karakasa.” The umbrella simply stares at her with its eye and just blinks once. Kogasa continues her sweeping, then is suddenly surprised by Byakuren, who stands right behind her and suddenly says “serves you right!” After yelping, Kogasa places a hand on her chest and turns around. When she looks at little Byakuren, pouting while looking up with her big, sparkly eyes, that cute bell-like dress, and her little boots, she can’t help but feel a certain degree of excitement, then calmly says “y-you know, you are really cute, little girl.” Byakuren crosses her tiny arms around her chest and says “you really are stupid, aren’t you. If it had been me, I would have run. But I guess adults aren’t that bright.” Kogasa’s surprise is evident in her expanded eyes and wriggling mouth as she points at Byakuren with her trembling hand, then says “he-hey! That’s not very nice, little girl!” Byakuren jumps on a conveniently placed table next to them, where Kogasa’s own umbrella is also conveniently placed for perfect shading, then crosses her arms and legs as she says “well it’s the truth. Heh, I don’t know why, but I’m loving being a little girl! I can get away with anything, I get to eat sweets, play all day, and best of all...” Kogasa stares at little Byakuren as she speaks and whispers “hey, where did that table come from? And why is Karakasa there?” Byakuren continues “best of all, I get to stay young for even longer! It’s great, I tell you!” Kogasa sweats and smiles sheepishly, then asks “wow, you’re a little monster, aren’t you?” Byakuren simply smiles and casually says “well, you better get to sweeping, or I might get you into trouble again.” Kogasa stares with fear at little Hijiri, asking in a soft tone of voice “eh, but how... and why?” Byakuren stops and stares back with a wicked smile, then Kogasa yelps and starts sweeping again, hurriedly saying “hai, hai! I’ll sweep faster, madam!”, and starts sweeping as fast as she can, while Byakuren smiles angelically and moves her legs back and forth while keeping them hanging from the table. She suddenly stops and says “shit, the nue!” She jumps off the gable and dusts her skirt, just as Nue, who is now wearing one of Byakuren’s dresses, walks out of the temple and says “there you are, Hijiri. Lunch is ready.” Byakuren looks up with her eyes closed and smiling wide, then says “yay, yummy food. Thank you very much!”, then runs inside the temple while giggling. Nue smiles and says “such a little angel. As expected from lady Hijiri.” From the yard, Kogasa keeps looking forward wile sweeping, a gloomy shadow covering half of her eyes as she says to herself “yeah... little angel. So angelic...”

At the SDM, inside Remilia’s room, groans and grunts can be heard from a tiny crack on the slightly-opened door. Slowly, a person gets closer, and closer to the door, until this person has a perfect view from that tiny crack. The grunting and groaning is Remilia herself, who stands in front of a mirror while fighting to put on her bra. She fails to secure the pins on the back and it springs back off, making her grunt “dammit, stupid thing! So damned ANNOYING! I swear, if Patchy doesn’t fix this soon, I’m gonna... huh? Who’s there?” The figure takes one step away from the crack on the door the moment Remilia turns around. Still holding on to her unstrapped bra, she walks to the door, then everything suddenly stops. Sakuya, the figure on the outside, smirks mischievously as she enters the room, making sure everything stands the same way as when she came in, and stands behind her mistress, then restores time and waits. Remilia notices the door is slightly open, and quickly closes it, mumbling “I swear, I thought I saw...” When she turns around, she finds Sakuya with a smile on her face, blood on her nose, and holding her hands and fingers in a groping manner. Remilia opens her eyes widely in fright and asks “S-Sakuya, what’s the matter with-?” Sakuya walks closer to her mistress with a ominous aura around her, and with a frightening smile on her face, she says “my lady, I will help you with your dilemma. COME HERE!” Remilia starts to tremble as she takes one step back from the crazed maid, then starts to scream out loud. There are sounds of struggling, while Sakuya says “come on! Let me help you!” Remilia shouts “I can do it MYSELF! Let me GO!” On the top of a cupboard in the room, Reimu looks down on the maid and her mistress with an unamused and disgusted look in her eyes, then says to Meiling, who sits just beside her, “so disgusting. Really, we just had lunch a moment ago too. Eh, whatever, I’ll just take the pictures for Aya.” Meiling closes her eyes and smiles as she nods, then just watches.

Moments later, Reimu casually enters the library, where Shinki and Ayalina still hold on to the annoyed Ail and Alice, forcing them to wear a suit and a dress, and where they are all gathered to for up another plan to try and convince Koakuma to let go of Patchouli. Reimu approaches little Rika and asks “anything yet?” Rika smiles and says “well, lady Ayalina and lady Shinki refuse to help, Marisa keeps making fun of Ail and Alice, Sanae continues to admire mister Ail’s little suit, Shanghai and Hourai keep patting miss Alice’s head, miss Cirno and miss Budou are still searching for Koakuma, little Letty wants to play, little miss Kimi doesn’t like being in here, and miss Daiyousei says she feels very uncomfortable.” Reimu stares in shock and surprise at Rika and asks “geez, girl, do you even breathe?” Rika stares back curiously, then Reimu shrugs and says “well, whatever. Remilia and Sakuya are still arguing over the bra, I’ll keep my sarashi, thank you, and I can’t find Flandre anywhere.” Rika giggles and smiles nervously, then says “er, that... would be my fault, mi... Reimu.” Little Reimu stares back curiously at Rika, who continues “she asked me to make it so she had some clothes like Remilia’s, so I synthesized a few of her dresses so they become sun-proof too.” Reimu sigs and raises her hand, making it look like she’s going to strike Rika, but instead pats her on her head and says “it’s alright. She’s no help here anyway. Well, I hope Suika’s having better luck at the shrine.” At the Hakurei Shrine, little Mima phases from wall to wall while clenching her eyes shut and giggling, while Suika sits next to the living room’s table with Rumia. She looks toward Mima’s current location and calmly says “Mima, take it easy. You might crash.” Mima phases her head from the wall and angrily says “aww, stop spoiling my fun.” She tries to phase to the next wall, but smashes her face against a black plate and falls to the floor. Suika sighs as she gets up and hurries toward Mima, then places her hands on her waist after stopping in front of the girl and says “see, I told you to be careful.” Mima manages to sit on the ground before she starts to sniffle, then looks up at Suika with teary eyes, then starts to cry while holding her arms up so Suika would pick her up. Suika gladly picks her up and places the little girl’s head on her shoulder, then says “shh, shh, it’s alright, calm down. It’s just a little bump.” Little Agava snickers while hiding in the shadows of the corridor, unaware that Rumia is standing behind her with glowing red eyes and a serious face. When she looks back, she gasps, then says “um... It wasn’t me.” Rumia bends down to grab Agava and asks “is that so?”

Back at the SDM’s library, Reimu stands on one of Patchouli’s desks, saying “...and that’s why we CAN’T let this stay as it is, understand!” Shinki and Ayalina stare at little Reimu, then Ayalina giggles and rubs Reimu on the head, saying “my, you are so darn cute, acting like a grownup like that.” Reimu’s cheeks turn pink as she enjoys Ayalina’s hand on her head, and when she realizes what she’s doing, she gasps and jumps away, then says “dammit, I’m starting to lose it! Look, I REALLY liked this; becoming a child again, being able to play and do the things I wanted to do... But Gensokyo needs me, and this, it’s just not natural! We need to return to our normal selves!” Ail and Alice jump on the desk and stand beside Reimu, then nod, and with a serious expression on his face, Ail says “mom, this is serious. I’m really starting to think like a child again, and it’s conflicting with me. I want to go back to normal!” Shinki looks at Alice and asks “Alice, you too?” Alice nods and says “I... WE all want our lives to go back to normal, mom.” Before another word is said, a large shadow swoops down and goes back up. It’s Koakuma, who still hold on to Patchouli on her hands, while running away from Budou and Cirno, saying “ha! You two combined can NEVER defeat me!” Budou and Cirno reach the area, looking tired and winded, then Cirno says “stop moving so much and we’ll see about that.” Budou adds “just let go of miss Lady Patchouli-Bookworm already!” Koakuma laughs and loudly says “NEVER! Ha-ha-ha~” Letty and Kimi jump on the desk, followed shortly by Rika and Sanae, and after Sanae grabs hold of Ail’s arm, Rika asks “what’s going on, miss Reimu?” Little Reimu glares at Rika, but sighs and says “it seems the little grown up devil’s being a pain.” Koakuma continues to laugh while skillfully dodging Cirno’s and Budou’s combined attacks, but after looking down, she stops moving and gets struck hard. Both Cirno and Budou gasp, thinking they hit Patchouli as well, but their worries subside the moment Koakuma flies down from the smoke with little Patchouli safely in her arms. Cirno looks at Budou and asks “what do you think she’s doing?” Budou shrugs, then she and Cirno follow Koakuma down. After landing, Koakuma stares at the kids on the desk, then, as her cheeks start turning redder and redder, she starts to shiver and smile. She points at Alice and says “s-s-so... cute.” She gets closer and stares at the kids, then squeals with glee and exclaims “oh my GOSH, so CUTE!” She points at Ail and says “look at HIM with his little suit. He looks like a tiny man! Oh, and he has such a cute little girlfriend!” Ail blushes, while Sanae tightens her grip around his arm and says “all mine!” Koakuma stares at Reimu, Rika and Letty, then says “those cute little eyes, those adorable WINGS, and that HAIR!” She looks at Kimi and says “I... I can’t take it. I-I-I’m going to explode!” There is a faint scream from a little girl from the ceiling, and when they look up, it’s little Meiling, who falls right on top of Ail and bounces afterward. Ail trips Alice after falling down with Sanae, Alice stumbles to Letty and knocks Rika and Reimu as soon as they all fall, then Meiling quietly bounces on Alice’s back, then Kimi catches her, just to fall down, leaving Meiling sitting on her belly, giggling with glee while clenching her eyes. Koakuma starts to hyperventilate, drops little Patchouli on to the desk, tilts her head back very violently as a spray of blood gushes right out of her nose, pushing her back and making her fall down. Now Koakuma lies on the ground on her back with a smile on her face, moaning incoherently. Reimu angrily sits up and asks “who the hell did that?” Flandre floats above the desks, and waves at Reimu as soon as the little girl looks up. Reimu sighs and says “well, at least she let go of Patchouli.” Coming out of nowhere, Remilia now stands on the left side of the desk, holding on to little Meiling and little Reimu, while Shinki and Ayalina stand on the right side, Shinki holding on to Alice while Shanghai and Hourai sit on her shoulder, and Ayalina holding on to Ail and Sanae, growling in order to keep anyone away from her and the kids. Letty starts to sniffle, so Daiyousei quickly grabs hold of her and says “it’s alright, I got you.” Now Rika, Kimi and Patchouli are the only ones left standing on the desk. Rika and Kimi look up with a longing faces, but all hands are already full, so they both look down, Rika whispering “just like before...” To her surprise, she feels two pair of hands grabbing hold of her, and when she looks up, she’s already being held by Sakuya and Budou. She smiles and blushes, then Sakuya says “every child needs a warm embrace, right.” Budou adds “nobody gets left out while we’re here.” Rika smiles warmly at the two women, then looks to the desk, concerned for Kimi, but she finds she’s being held by Cirno with her face turning bright red while saying “you-you didn’t have to do that.” Cirno simply giggles, then offers her left arm to Patchouli. The little magician keeps an expressionless face as she backs away, then says “please, don’t. I’ve had enough of that already.” After saying that, Marisa jumps from the ceiling, exclaiming excitedly “YAY! Cirno can hold ME, then!” She looks around, and after spotting Koakuma, she asks “so, what did I miss?” After that, everyone stares at Koakuma, who lies unconscious on the floor, mumbling with a blank smile “so... many... so... cute!”

At night, at the filled up dinner table, after enjoying a delicious dinner, Patchouli spreads books and more of her notes for Reimu and the others to see. She looks at Reimu and says “I see. You understand what I did here after all.” Reimu holds her forehead with her fingers and says “it’s hard, but I can see you tried breaking the borders of time.” Patchouli nods and says “the experiment was a failure.” Alice has replaced her dress with her normal clothes, and with an angry expression, she sips on her teacup and says “obviously! Look what you did to us!” Before Patchouli replies, Reimu jumps on her chair and suppers herself on the table with her arms, then exclaims “hold on just a moment! There’s no way you could have done this on your own, Patchouli Knowledge!” Patchouli sighs and says “darn, even as a child... I’m sorry, Reimu, but I made a pledge of silence... but, since you figured it out, I guess my word is still good.” Reimu closes her eyes as she takes a deep breath, then says out loud “get over here this instant, Yukari Yakumo!” Reimu tosses a strange purple talisman that stops I mid-air, away from the dinner table, then starts glowing aquamarine. One of Yukari’s gaps is forcefully opened, then a woman says “for crying out loud! And so early in the evening too!” The first to pop out of the portal, falling on her seat on the dining table, is Ran, whose difference, other than her small stature, is that she now has but a single tail. Before she can speak, a second girl flies right out of the gap. It’s Yukari, who lands on the ground on her feet, smiling at the others. She’s about the same size as Ran, though a bit taller, and her hair is still long, but instead of four ribbons, she’s only wearing two, and she’s not wearing her hat either. She looks at Reimu, smiles, then says “Reimu, what a nice surprise!” From the gap, a woman says “you’ve REALLY got some nerve to be picking on us like this!” The woman jumps out of the portal, wearing a long sleeved, red Chinese outfit with long white sleeves and black slip-on shoes, hiding her hands inside the sleeves, like Ran. It’s Chen, and her hair now reaches her lower back, her chest is the same size as Ran’s, her ears look a little larger, and her tails longer. Reimu, Ail and Alice can also see a strong aura emanating from within her. Ail looks at the nekomata and asks “Chen, is that you?” Chen hisses angrily and says “if you make fun of me”, she frees her hands from under her sleeves to point at Ail, then says “I’ll blast you, right here and now!” Remilia jumps in front of Chen, letting her magical aura be felt by all in the room, allowing Chen, and even Flandre, to see and feel their difference in power, then calmly says “I will kindly ask you to keep your voice down, and to NOT threaten the children here.” Chen backs away, her hair standing on ends on both her head and tails, then she calms down, bows to Remilia, then says “I’m sorry. I’m just so on edge lately.” Reimu, in a matter-of-factly tone, says “aren’t we all.” Patchouli looks around, then asks “hey, has anybody seen Marisa?”

At the Human Village, there are a few lights, as there is a small festival being held. Since it’s been the children in adult bodies who have been preparing everything, the tables and lights look a bit disorganized, but the celebrations are still being held, regardless. Mystia, who is wearing a kimono, has Yorihime riding on her shoulders, while Toyohime, stands beside Kaguya and Eirin, who are being closely watched by Tewi and Reisen 2, all wearing kimonos. Kyo and Luna enjoy some sweets, while Shizuha gleefully plays around with any human that’s willing to spend some time with her. Meanwhile, Medicine and Mokou enjoy a few drinks and eat contently while watching over them, and Minoriko and Su-San simply sit in a quiet corner, simply looking around, with little Keine tries to keep a low profile by staying with them. Meanwhile, outside the village, Nitori cries “and I almost had her too. How did she run away that time?” Reisen places a hand on Nitori’s shoulder, and with a sheepish smile on her face, she says “c-come on, I already apologized for scaring her away the 3rd time.” Nitori sighs and says “it’s not that, miss Reisen. I am so tired, and my friend needs me too. I need to go home.” Reisen sighs and looks to the night sky, then says I’ll tell you what... if we can’t find her tonight, why don’t you leave her to me so you can rest and go home for a while?” Nitori gasps and excitedly asks “you’d really do that for me?” Reisen smiles and nods, then Nitori suddenly jumps on her and gives her a hug, making the moon rabbit blush, repeating “thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for all your help!” Reisen smiles, pushes Nitori away, then says “now, now, we have a child to find.” Nitori panics and smiles sheepishly, then says “s-sorry. I was just overcome!” A large grey washtub falls out of a tree and clangs hard on Nitori’s head, knocking her out with a silly smile, followed by an echoing giggle and Reisen’s sigh. Back at the SDM’s library, ignoring Koakuma, who is still on the floor next to the desks, Marisa flies around on her broom, looking for books on magic, saying “it’s not often I get to roam around the mansion so freely. Now, let’s see what I can find.” She lands on the top floor and looks up the walls of books. After looking for a while, she spots a thick book, almost as wide as her, with a thick black cover and letters in gold that read “Ancient Arcane Spells of the Sirians”. Marisa’s eyes glow as she opens them wide after reading the title. She trembles as she reaches for the book, but then she notices a colorful book beside it, called “1010 Stories for the Well Behaved”. Obviously a children’s book, and Marisa has no interest in that kind of thing, so she reaches for the black book, and suddenly finds herself thinking of the children’s book beside it. Her hand trembles as she whimpers, so the takes a deep breath, clenches her eyes shut, then reaches for the book. Moments later, Marisa finds herself next to Meiling, sitting on Flandre’s lap as Flandre reads the book to them. Slowly, the little magician feels herself drifting to a deep slumber, and unable to fight it, she falls asleep on Flandre’s lap. The next morning, Marisa stands on the desk with tears in her eyes, then looks out the tiny window on the top and says “I forgot where it is!”

To be continued...

Characters, Scenarios and Spell cards belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Ayalina, Budou, Kyo, Luna, the RKNS and Kimi were created by Willie G.R.
Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

JUN 26 2010
Written by
Willie G.R.

Wow, maybe I was too mean. Nah, I think it’s just right... yeah. So, the second culprit has been revealed. Was it a surprise? Maybe. You know, I was thinking, but then the thought escaped me. Still, it’s have been fun if I could have added something more for Remilia and Sakuya there... but then, maybe I’d have to raise the rating. Maybe not, since it’s all for the sake of laughter. Laughter is good, and I love laughing. Well, now I’m just rambling. Take care and see you next chapter, if the spirits will allow. And they are good, so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

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