Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Random Sukima 13

It's just past mid-day, and Reimu and Aya just arrive to the shrine, carrying Momiji on a wooden stretcher. Upon the sight, Rika quickly puts her wooden sword away in her Saboten Stock, and immediately rushes Aya and her lady Reimu as they land as gently as they can, as to not disturb Momiji. Rika bows and while taking many deep breaths of air, she says "welcome *pant* back *pant* lady *pant* Reimu." Reimu smiles and places her index finger on her lips, signaling Rika to quiet down. Rika looks at Momiji. Her torso is completely wrapped in bandages, along with her right elbow, the left ankle, both knees, and her forehead and right eye. Rika gasps and whispers "what happened to her?" As Reimu and Aya enter the shrine and gently set Momiji on the floor, Reimu whispers "don't worry. Eirin came just in time to help. She'll be fine by tomorrow." Rika salutes and says "I'll prepare her a comfortable spot." Reimu adds "in my room, next to the protective charms." Rika nods and rushes inside Reimu's room. Reimu turns to Aya, who smiles and she brushes Momiji's hair with her fingers and whispers "too bad we couldn't find her sword and shield." Reimu smiles back and casually says "she'll find them when she's better." Rika comes back from the room and quietly bows to Reimu, then Reimu says come on, let's get her inside." Aya whispers "Momiji, are you awake?" Momiji manages to narrowly open her left eye and smiles as she weakly wags her tail. Aya smiles back and says "we're gonna move you now." Momiji nods, then quickly falls back asleep. After setting Momiji comfortably inside Reimu's room, Rika closes the door then heads to the kitchen to prepare some tea, as Reimu and Aya sit on the shrine's porch. Aya stretches and says "ayayaya, so glad everything turns out just fine." Reimu smiles and says "glad to see you back to your old self!" They both smile to each other as Rika comes and hands them their cup of tea, then, as they drink, Reimu notices Aya looking around, and that's when Reimu realizes the back of her shrine looks like a battle zone. Patches of the ground entirely gone, dirt set into large mountains, cut marks all over. Reimu spits out her tea, drops her cup and runs toward the mess, shouting "Rika~! What the hell happened here? Who did all this?!" Blushing, Rika comes out of the shrine, and as if trying to hide herself entirely, she hesitantly says "tha-- it was me... I'm sorry lady Reimu." Reimu opens her eyes wide as she looks at Rika, then asks "eh!? You did this?" Rika adds "I was going to clean it up before you got here, but I learned those earth spells and..." Reimu sighs and says "it's ok, just... help me clean this up." Sitting on the roof of the shrine, Maribel, who has her magical cat ears and tail exposed, and Mystia, sway left and right as they sing, Mystia playing chorus for the song Maribel is singing. "I know something you don't know" "Chin chin" "and I won't tell" "chin chin" "but you should know" "chin chin". "It's really messy down the well" "chin chin" "sweet shrine of Reimu's~" "chiiiiin"! Reimu sweats and shouts "what in the world are you two doing, you perverts!?" Maribel and Mystia smile, then Maribel replies "miss Reimu, we're just singing. KYAAAH!" Before they can react, both find themselves falling down the roof to the ground accompanied by 3 yin-yang orbs. Reimu smiles dangerously as the two girls sit on the ground. She hands them a broom each, then says "now clean this place up, you dirty-mouthed perverts!" Lowering her ears, Maribel looks to Mystia and says "that's the last time we try to cheer her up!" Mystia nods at Maribel, then Reimu grabs them both by their ears and lifts them to their feet, making them sweep and clean the shrine on their own.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Garden of the Sun. Marisa looks on, trying to see above the tall sunflowers, but she is barely able to tell what's going on, if anything at all. Yuki yawns and says "this is boring. Come on, let's barge in, take the bird, and go home." Marisa covers Yuki's mouth after hearing some loud rustling coming from the sunflowers. After the rustling stops, Marisa whispers "there's something in those sunflowers. It could be our shadow, so keep quiet." Yuki nods, then Marisa lets go of her mouth, then whispers "keep hidden between the sunflowers, and if it looks like you've been spotted, fly away as fast as you can." Again, Yuki nods quietly, then follows Marisa inside the towering sunflowers, both followed by a violet yin-yang orb each. Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Yukari plugs a strange black box that comes connected with two pads with 4 directional arrows on a cross on one side, two tabs on the top, and oddly placed buttons with letters on them at the other side. Reimu looks at it rather suspiciously and asks "this isn't some trap, right?" Yukari replies "fu fu fu, Reimu, I wouldn't do that to you, sweetie." Yukari plugs in one last cable to the violet yin-yang, then the screen turns on on it's own, showing a drawing with the word "R-PINK" as big as the screen, and small blinking letters the read "press start" Yukari says "go on, press that red button on your controller. You too, Aya. Come and play!" Aya curiously gets closer and stares at everything, saying "ayayayaya~ This all looks so amazing. What is this?" Yukari says "it's like those things you play at Kourindou's, only this one I modified to play on my orbs. Now go ahead, Reimu. Since you are player 1, you get to pick a character." On the screen there are only two characters, both dressed in black and holding guns on their hands, and one of them with a witch's hat key-chain hanging from her pocket. Reimu picks the more self-confident looking one, while saying "hmm, I think this one's better." Aya says "figures you'd pick that one. Ah well, let's just play." When the game starts, Reimu and Aya control their characters through split screens, both their characters looking over towering sunflowers. Reimu says "eh, let's just start this." Yukari says "oh, hold the A button to run." Reimu asks "All the time?"

At the Garden of the Sun, the eerie silence is disturbed only by the whooshing of the winds, which cause the sunflowers to rustle, making Yuki looks around, feeling a little scared. She realizes Marisa is no longer with her. She feels her heart beating faster and uncontrollably, her arms feeling cold and her legs seems to fail her. She shouts "Marisa?!" From a little farther away, Marisa responds "I'm over here, ze." Yuki holds her chest, feeling great relief as she says "phew. For a moment I thought-" Marisa screams at the top of her lungs "YUKI~!! She can kill the sunflowers! RUN~!" As if unable to control herself, Yuki starts running aimlessly around the sunflower field, hyperventilating and shouting "wh-what the hell is this~! I can't control myself!" At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu's screaming "why is she just running!? Geez, do something else!" Yukari says "press the right shoulder button to aim your weapon, deary." Aya says "hah, mine's working JUST fine! Look at that, I managed to run away from the bad guy, haha!" Back at the Sunflower Field, Yuki stops running, then points her hand around, shaping a gun and constantly switching directions. Now there is only silence and towering sunflowers everywhere. Yuki feels disoriented and lost, and for some reason, she can't seem to be able to control any of her actions. Yuki shouts "Marisa!? Are you there?" There is no answer. Yuki start feeling very cold, and then, the sunflowers start dying all around her. Yuki shouts "who-who are you!? Show yourself. I'm not afraid of you!" From her left, just as the sunflowers die out, the figure of Shadow Yuka glares angrily toward Yuki, walking slowly toward the fire magician. At the Hakurei shrine, Aya shouts "shoot it. Shoot it already!" Reimu shouts back "I don't know how, dammit!!!" Yukari calmly says "while holding the shoulder button, press the A button to fire your bullets. Simple, isn't it?" Reimu glares at Yukari, but is too concerned about the game and starts making her character shoot. Back at the Sunflower Field, Yuki starts firing small balls of fire wildly toward S-Yuka, who uses her bare hands to deflect each and every shot. Yuki slowly walks back and shouts "I can't fly away! Why can't I fly away!?" S-Yuka reaches Yuki, who closes her eyes and hopes it all ends quickly, then S-Yuka, in a sweet and perky voice, says "why are you shooting at me? I just want to be your friend." Yuki opens her eyes and asks "huh? Y-you don't wanna kill me?" S-Yuka, now in a soothing, motherly voice, says "now why would I do that to someone so preciously cute as you, you sweet, sweet thing" S-Yuka pinches Yuki's cheeks and pulls on them while smiling and saying "what a cute wittle girl. Who's a cutie? Who~'s a cutie? You are! Oh yes you are!" The moment S-Yuka lets go of Yuki's cheeks, Yuki raises her arms above her head, her eyes fill with tears of fear, her face turns almost purple, then she starts running as fast as she can, away from S-Yuka, crying "I'm not cute, I'm not CUUUUTE!" At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu says "hey, why is she moving on her own?" Yukari replies "that's a cut-scene. You have to wait until it's over"

At the Sunflower Field, Yuki finds herself right in front of Yuka's house, and as if unable to controls her movement, she opens the door, and as she does, she whines "but I don't WANNA go in there! Waaah! Why can't I control myself!?" Immediately inside, she spots Okuu inside a large bird-cage, wearing a pink ribbon and pink skirt, swinging herself contently on the cage's pink-rose-covered swing. She looks at Yuki and says "Unyu~? A visitor? How unusual!" From a large pot beside the cage, Yuka's voice, sounding very annoyed, says "let me guess, more pink paint and more sunflower seeds for you, right?" Okuu replies "no, it's a blond girl that looks really scared." Yuki looks around and her eyes get cast in shadow, and as she looks around, she gets more and more pale, until her entire skin is completely white. Trembling, Yuki says "the roof, the walls, the furniture, even the pajamas are pink! No~!" From the pot, sounding even more annoyed, Yuka shouts "hey, HEY stop making fun of my pajamas, you chicken!" Breathing heavily, Yuki says "I-I... I gotta get outta here~!" Yuki tries with all her might to turn around and leave, but instead she finds herself heading straight inside Yuka's room, where she finds papers written in pink. One reads "over the cute pink rainbow, you will find pink coins to buy MORE pink skirts for good little girls!" Yuki feels her stomach churn. Again she wants to leave, but she grabs another paper and reads "pink is the color of love. One day, love will be seen everywhere, and butterflies will spread their wings and paint the world with pink love." Yuki covers her mouth, her eyes cast in a dark shadow. For a moment, she thinks she has control of herself and tries to leave, but feels a pull toward a closet where she finds a pink colored diary. At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu asks "what with those disgusting notes!? What kind of game is this?" Yukari smiles and says "a horror game" Aya shouts "HA! Found another healing item... ooh, and there were some extra bullets in there as well! Ohh, look at that, I found some bonus items too!" Reimu face-palms, but says "fine, let's read this diary!" Back at Yuka's house, Yuki opens the diary, and to her dismay, this is also written in pink. She reads "Dear diary. Today the cutest child and her pet cat came to visit. I grabbed them both and hugged them tightly, then took them home with me. I added a few more ribbons to the cat. She looked so ADORABLE rolling around on the ground as soon as I let her go. To the child... well, I couldn't contain myself. I had to hug her and kiss her, pat her head, play with her hair. Oh she looked so CUTE with that pig-tail! *sigh* But they ran away. Well, at least I still have my cute little birdie, who LOVES to play with me. I hope we can be together forever and EVER!" After reading the diary, Yuki's eyes look dark, an expression for murder evident on her look. She looks to the door and feels relief as she walks toward it, but S-Yuka enters just as she reaches for the exit. Okuu flaps her wings, swinging faster in the cage, and happily says "nice lady~! You're back!" S-Yuka looks at Yuki and says "oh my, so here's where you have been. If you wanted a makeover... you should have asked for it." S-Yuka closes the door behind her, then Yuki screams a bloody death-scream that echoes all over the silent field. At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu's screen read "You are now PINK!" Reimu tosses the control and says "this game is stupid! What the hell? I am now pink!? And what about all those STUPID NOTES?!" Yukari calmly says "you are lucky Aya found a save point, or you'd have to start from the beginning." Reimu asks "oh, I can try again?" She smiles as she picks up the controller again, and just before picking the "Retry" option, she says "whoa. So glad this is just a game... geez, so much pink, it's disgusting."

Back at the Garden of the Sun, Marisa takes a nap on the house-sized petal of the blue flower Ail first revived for Yuka. She wakes up after hearing some faint crying. Groggy, she scans toward the source of the crying and asks "Yu.... Yuki?" Yuki cries as she runs to Marisa, shouting "MARISA~~! Help me~~~!" Yuki wears a frilly pink dress with a puffy skirt that stays puffed, revealing Yuki's bloomers. Her shoes are now light-pink sandals with white socks that have red and pink heart designs on them. Her lips are painted with rose lipstick, her cheeks painted pink, her hair combed and puffed, and her hat replaced by a light-pink bow that has a red heart on the border. Marisa's eyes expand, her pupil disappears, and she tries to hide under the large petal, but Yuki sees her and cries "Marisa, you have to help me~! Look what that monster did to me~!" At the Hakurei Shrine, Aya comments "wow, Reimu, your character looks disgusting." Reimu shouts "it's not my fault, she caught me off-guard!" Yukari chuckles quietly, and on the screen, small red letters at one of the edges read "REC". Back at the Field of the Sun, Yuki places her head on Marisa's apron, using it for both, cleaning off the makeup and to cry on, sobbing "and then I found these stupid notes in pink that made no sense at all! And then she came and did all these horrible THINGS to me~!" Marisa sighs, keeping her eyes narrow as she says "calm down, calm down." Yuki shouts "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CALM DOWN! I'm PINK! PINK!!!" Marisa sighs, then says "if it makes you feel any better, I've been finding many useless things myself, look. A red box, a pack of lies, papers with pink letters, and a map the the underground facility." Yuki, after cleaning off the makeup, screams and grabs the sandals and socks, rips them off while shouting "I am not...!" She grabs the bow on her head and tears it off "...going to...!" She grabs the skirt and breaks the wires that keep it puffy "...stand for this ANY LONGER!" She grabs the dress, but Marisa grabs her arms and shouts "hey, hey, don't go streaking now!" Yuki cries some more and says "but it's so pink!" Marisa says "for some reason, the shadow can't seem to get close to this flower. Let's stay here and think of a plan, alright?" Yuki sighs, keeping her eyes narrow as streams of tears run down her cheeks, then says "alright, alright!" Marisa says "I'll be over at this side, alright? You keep watch over there in case that shadow comes by." Yuki nods, then Marisa walks to the next petal. She stares at the useless items she gathered, then, from amongst all the useless things, she grabs the red box and peeks inside, only to be struck by a large pink powder puff that makes her face look pink in color. At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu laughs hard, as this cost Aya 98% of her life bar.

At the Garden of the Sun, Yuki starts trembling as S-Yuka's figure slowly heads closer toward their location. She whimpers and tires to call Marisa, but her voice comes out so soft, Marisa can't hear her. S-Yuka is now even closer, glaring angrily toward the flower. Finally, Yuki manages to take a deep breath and shouts "Ma-Marisa, she's here~!" Marisa comes running to Yuki, and when S-Yuka sees them she shouts "oh my, my, my~! Another cute child! Please, come down here. I want to hug you, kiss you and dress you up like an adorable little DOLL!" Marisa shivers and says "uuu~, now I understand why you're all crying." Marisa stands on the petal, then shouts back "now listen you! You better scram before I have to hurt you!" S-Yuka shouts back "just get away from that icky flower, deary. I'll make you some nice iced tea with peaches on the side." At the Hakurei Shrine, Aya says "alright, this is it. The final battle! I'll distract this... thing, and you go get the secret weapon parts like I told you!" Reimu replies "heheheh, this is gonna be great!" From outside, a villager rushes to the shrine and shouts "Please, miss maiden! That evil spirit is back. You have to do something!" Reimu sighs and says "Rika, could you come here for a second?" Rika bows to Reimu, who continues to stare a the screen along with Aya as she says "tell Maribel to handle Mima, and give her this. Tell her NOT to read it until she's close to Mima. Understood?" Rika smiles, bows, then grabs a piece of paper Reimu hands over while still looking at the screen, then she says "right away, my lady." At the garden, Yuki and Marisa huddle together, whispering to each other. S-Yuka tries to listen to what they are talking about, but when she gets closer to that flower, she feels weaker, so she has no choice but to back away. After they are done, Marisa and Yuki shout "Blazing Black & White, BREAK!" Yuki flies away as Marisa jumps from the petal down to the ground, holding her Hakkero in her hands, and defiantly says "if you want to dress me up like a doll, first you'll have to defeat me in battle." S-Yuka narrows her eyes and smiles, revealing a forked lizard-like tongue, her eyes turn red, and an ominous wind spins around her as she opens her umbrella and in a hissing voice says "then, let's play little girl!" Marisa smiles and says "well, you look much better now." S-Yuka replies "oh, you think so? Thanks, I always though it scares others away, but-" A blue beam strikes S-Yuka on the face as she speaks. After the beam stops, it reveals S-Yuka's face is burned up. She coughs a black cloud from her mouth and says "I think that after your makeover, I'm teaching you some manners." Marisa smirks and replies "remember, you have to beat me first, ze."

Marisa raises her Hakkero and says "why didn't I think of this before? I'll just blast you right where you stand. No need for our secret weapon." S-Yuka's monstrous smile twists into a wicked smirk and a quiet snicker. Marisa points her Hakkero and shouts "Love Colored - Master SPAAAAAAARK!" In the blink of an eye, the large multi-colored beam reaches S-Yuka, who opens her umbrella in that instant and reflects the beam of light back to Marisa, who gets blown away back the the towering blue flower. Marisa struggles to get back up, then says "whoa... what was that all about?" S-Yuka continues to smile and says "give it up, sweet wittle princess, and come get your new makeover. I promise you will WUV it!" Marisa's face turns green as she says "oh, for the love of the fairies. It's like talking to one of Alice's puppets!" S-Yuka's face and voice return to normal, then she says "I'm tired of waiting. If you won't come down on your own, I guess I'll have to do... this!" S-Yuka sticks the closed umbrella on the ground then lifts both arms to the air. Immediately, all the sunflowers and plants around herself and Marisa start to die out; all but the large blue flower Marisa is safely on. After all the flowers are dead on the ground, they start sprouting legs and arms, then start to walk slowly toward Marisa, some even limping as they do. Marisa's face turns blue as she looks around at the countless undead sunflower walking to her. Some even climbing on the blue flower. Marisa shouts "w-w-w-wait a minute! You can't do that!" Marisa tires to fly away, but she feels forced to stay where she is. S-Yuka shouts "just come down from there already!" Marisa replies "nooo~ way, ze!" Meanwhile, just outside Ail's house, Budou and Phredia play tag, flying as fast as they can away from each other. They stop for a second, and are quickly swept by a light-colored blur. At Patchouli's library, Koakuma finds some books out of place and immediately starts organizing them. She shrieks when she gets swept away by the light-colored blur, then Patchouli asks "Koa, is that you?" At the Misty Lake, Cirno stands on a frozen spot on the lake and just as Daiyousei gets close to her, she says "now, if I can freeze this lake all the way back to the trees, then I'll prove I'm the strongest ever!" Just as Daiyousei nods, both get swept away by the light-colored blur. At the Human Village, Chen, Ran, Maribel and Mystia are casually greeting each other, then Maribel says "I was wondering, have you seen miss-" In the blink of an eye, Chen, Mystia and Maribel get swept away by the light-colored blur. Ran looks around, then desperately shouts "Chen? Where are you!? Chen? CHEEEEEE~N!" then runs after the blur.

Back at the Garden of the Sun, the undead flowers manage to wrap their dried-up leaves around Marisa's limbs. Marisa smirks and says "pheh, you think dried up leaves can hold me!?" Marisa tries to break free, but quickly realizes the can't break free as easily as she hoped. Desperately she asks "what the heck?" She tries once more to break free, then start to struggle desperately. The undead flowers jump off the blue flower with Marisa on their hands, then S-Yuka holds a pink dress that looks as though it belongs to a fairy-tale princess, then says "you'll look so adorable in these!" Marisa trembles as she tries to break free again, then desperately shouts "YUKIII~! Reimu~~! ANYONE~! HEEEEELP!!!" From the air, Yuki shouts "Fire Sign - Roasty Toasty Burgers" Yuki fires several red petal-shaped bullets in horizontal lines, in groups of 5 each, and along with them, medium-sized fireballs that arc along the red petals as they surround the undead flowers, burning them all to ashes, giving Marisa the chance to escape. S-Yuka looks as though she's about to cry when Yuki stands in front of her and says "alright, you evil, disgusting spawn from the Nether-regions! It's time to send you back to where you came!" S-Yuka glares angrily and says "that's no way for a young lady to speak." Yuki smirks and says "take THIS!" From her pockets, she pulls out Budou and Phredia. Budou starts trembling and almost cries when she asks "where are we?" S-Yuka glares at her and says "oh my goodness... what a cute little creature!" Yuki shouts "that's not all, lady!" From her pocket she pulls out Cirno and Daiyousei. S-Yuka's starts bleeding a little black blood from her nose, just as Cirno clenches her teeth and threateningly asks "who are you!?" Yuki pulls out Koakuma and Chen. Chen immediately goes to Budou and both hug and tremble, and Koakuma just trembles and blushes, as S-Yuka gets closer, her nose bleeding even more and her entire body shaking violently as she says "this... th-this is too much... So adorable!" Hearts start floating from her head as she continues to shake and bleed. Yuki says "not enough, eh? Take THIS!" She pulls out Mystia, who trembles at the sight of S-Yuka's mean glare and as if singing, she asks "wha-what am I doing here~!?" S-Yuka holds her chest and says "hng! No... stop... this is just too much!" Marisa walks next to Yuki and asks "how the heck did you get all of them inside your pockets?" Yuki shrugs and smiles as she says "I really don't know." Marisa looks to S-Yuka and says "should we blast her now?" Yuki says "actually, this note I found at the lake says danmaku doesn't affect her. But don't worry, I got one last item here." Yuki raises her voice and says "I am impressed. You survived all of this overwhelming cuteness, just like that." S-Yuka glares at Yuki, clenching her teeth and bleeding black blood through her nose and mouth. Yuki smirks back and says "but this is it. Prepare to die!" Yuki pulls out Maribel, who still has her magical cat ears and tail exposed. She lands on her butt on the floor and looks around, then looks at Yuki and asks "Yuki!? What just happened?" Yuki smirks, pulls out a red ball of yarn and tosses it at Maribel, who stares at it for a moment, then says "nyaa~! It's the ball!" She starts to purr as she uses her hands to make the ball roll some more. S-Yuka start trembling more violently. She grabs her chest and clenches it tight. She tries to speak, but all she can say is "hnng!" Chen joins Maribel, both playing with the red ball of yarn at the same time. S-Yuka falls on her knees, trembles a little more, then she looks at Koakuma and Budou, who cover themselves up with their wings while shaking and looking over their wings. S-Yuka can't take any more, and suddenly explodes, shouting "WONDERFUL DEATH~!"

S-Yuka's clothes lie on the ground, and just above them, a thick black cloud. Yuki takes a deep breath and says "FINALLY!" Marisa smiles and says "wow, well done... but how did you know that would work, ze?" Yuki says "I went to the bathroom at Yuka's house and found the instructions on how to finish her off in there." At the Hakurei Shrine, Aya smacks the laughing Reimu on her shoulder and says "you cheated! I was supposed to win!" Yukari chuckles and says "ladies, it's not over yet." At the Garden of the Sun, all but Chen, Budou and Phredia head back to their respective places, then Yuki says "you two wait here. I want to get my clothes back before I take you back, alright?" Chen and Budou nod, but when Yuki turns around to Marisa, she notices her pointing a trembling arm behind Yuki. Yuki smiles and says "what's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" Marisa continues to point, so Yuki shrugs, turns around and says "whatever, look let's go get my clothe back. These pink things are...-" Yuki looks toward the thick black cloud as it takes the shape of a large orb as big as a two story house. Budou and Chen run behind Marisa, who places her arms around them and guides them to the large blue flower. Yuki stands frozen right in front of the orb as it sprouts three sticks on each side, then a mound of flesh that turns into S-Yuka's body, still wearing her shirt and vest. She hisses after her new towering spider-like body is complete, and in a thundering voice, she says "you're not getting your clothes back! I burned them after you left crying like a baby!" Yuki gasps and shouts "YOU MONSTER!!!" At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu and Aya look awestruck as they watch the monster materialize in their screen. Yukari giggles and says "you thought it would be that easy?" Back at the garden, Yuki glares angrily toward the monster that is S-Yuka, pulls out a spell card, and shouts "you are going to PAY FOR THAT!!!" Standing bravely between the monster and the two girls, Marisa and Yuki face the creature, Marisa smiling at Yuki and saying "let's hit her together." Yuki nods, then Marisa points her Hakkero to the shadow. At the same time as Marisa shouts "Perverse Love - Easy-Harvest Master Spark" Yuki shouts "Cooking Under the Moon" Yuki summons four large fireballs that hover to her left and right. The fireballs expel waves of smaller fireballs that spread randomly as Yuki fires extra-large red fire orbs that explode when close to the target, releasing 5 red crystal-shaped bullets. Marisa's beam penetrates the creatures defenses and allows Yuki's spell to make direct contact. Smoke rises as S-Yuka hisses and screams in pain, and then, after the spells are finished, silence. Marisa and Yuki high-five, shouting "we ROCK!" but a pair of thin and hairy spider legs grab them both. S-Yuka cackles, then says "I WAS going to give just only a makeover, make you miserable and gain more power from it, but... I guess eating you should be enough!" Budou shouts "NO~! Please, don't!" S-Yuka's eyes glow blood-red as she hisses and glares toward Budou and Chen, who are still on the blue flower. Budou twitches, then back-steps to Chen, then both girls start to sob, then progress to uncontrollable crying. S-Yuka shouts "no-no-no-no, wait, I'm s-sorry!" She tries to get closer, but she shrinks as she gets closer to the flower. She drops the two witches to the ground and says "please, calm those precious things down!" Marisa asks "but I though that gave you strength?" S-Yuka replies "but those two are just too cute. Please, calm them down and I won't eat you... or give you makeovers." Marisa and Yuki both stare suspiciously, but the cries of the two girls convince them to go to them. From the distance, loud thuds and rumblings shake the ground, each time getting closer and more violent. Even Marisa and Yuki look around and desperately ask at the same time as S-Yuka "what's going on!" From the distance, a voice shouts "CheeeeeEEEEEEEE~~N!!" The voice gets closer and closer, and as Yuki asks "what's THAT now?" Marisa shouts "TAKE COVEEEER!" then drops to the ground, Yuki quickly following. S-Yuka gets engulfed by flames, explosions and insane amounts of danmaku, and from the still living sunflowers, running at maddening speeds is Ran, who uses her claws that deliver the final blow to S-Yuka, cutting her human-like torso from the spider-like body, making her scream as her spider body turns into dust. Her massive spider body is gone. S-Yuka's torso lies on the ground, agonizing and bleeding that black blob from her the abdomen, and just beside her is Sanae, holding the washtub that struck Kanako before, staring angrily at the shadow. She lifts the large Washtub above her head, then squashes the shadow under it, finally ending S-Yuka's life.

At the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu shouts "WHAAAAT!? All that and it's THOSE TWO who finish it off? What a rip-off!" Aya adds "eh, it was good." Yukari chuckles, then says "well, glad to see you still had your fun. I'll be taking this and bring another game sometime." Reimu grabs Yukari's sleeve, and with a smirk on her face, she asks "those were Yuki and Marisa, right? I mean the REAL Yuki and Marisa, am I right?" Yukari stares back at Reimu for some time, then says "I can't fool you, not even once, can I?" Reimu's lips wiggle for a moment while Aya looks dumb-struck, asking "wait, what? Were we really playing?" Yukari nods and says "well of course you were. You helped those girls accomplish their mission quite well." Aya turns to Reimu, who can't control herself and start laughing loud and banging her fist on the floor, while placing her face on her forearm, and while laughing, she shouts "so that's Yuki? Yuki wearing pink!? ....Pffft HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA~" Aya stares at Reimu for a moment as she continues to laugh, trying to hold herself from laughing as well, but can't hold her laughter and joins Reimu for a good laugh. Yukari smiles, then turns to unplug the cables, then says to herself "glad to see her so happy at others misfortunes." Above the shrine, spinning and humming to herself, Hina flies by, and as if singing, she says "such colorful misfortune~!" At the Garden of the Sun, Sanae carries Budou, who giggles and says "thanks mama. The mean spider is gone now thanks to you!" then hugs her neck. Sanae smiles back and says "come on, I'll take you home now" revealing her bandaged left cheek. Budou gasps and ask "Mama, what's that on your cheek! You're hurt!" Sanae replies "it's nothing. Your papa and gramma healed it quickly." Budou asks "but why do you have the bandage?" Sanae smiles and replies "to make sure it's nice and healed properly." Sanae flies away with Budou in hand toward the Moriya Shrine. Yuki and Marisa sit on the ground, taking a well-earned rest, when Ran approaches Yuki and angrily shouts "you've got some nerve, bringing my Chen to such DANGEROUS place!" Chen peeks her head from behind Ran, watching as Yuki just sits on her pink butt, looking straight to the ground. Ran continues "just consider yourself lucky nothing happened to her, or I'd have to punish you as well, missy!" Ran walks away, saying "come on, Chen. We still have some things to do." Chen happily springs toward Ran, saying "right away, Ran-sama~!" Yuki, with narrow eyes and a tired-looking expression, asks "hey, Marisa... did you say something?" Marisa, looking equally tired, replies "something about the bird." Both witches stay on the ground, letting the late noon wind strike their face, when they both wake up and shout "OKUU!!" Both run to Yuka's house, and upon entering, Okuu Asks "Unyu~? You're back? What happened to the nice lady? I'm hungry~!" From the pot, Yuka, in a very annoyed tone of voice, says "I REALLY need to use the bathroom." While Yuki opens Okuu's cage, Marisa smashes the pot where Yuka is in with her broom. Immediately, Yuka runs to her bathroom and shouts "get out! This could get UGLY~!"

Outside Yuka's house, Okuu squeals with joy when Satori comes by to pick her up. Satori hugs Okuu tightly, crying and saying "Okuu! My Okuu, you're ok!" Okuu replies "there was this nice lady here before, but she's gone and she never gave me my lunch." Orin says "ahh, I'll hunt a nice birdie just for you." Okuu screams, and with tears in her eyes she asks "Orin, how can you be so mean!?" Satori calmly says "let's just go home." but before leaving, she heads to Marisa and Yuki, and says "thank you both so much for everything. Marisa, tell Reimu that me and Orin will continue our search for Okuu's shadow. Miss Yuki, I'm so sorry for what happened to you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work." Yuki and Marisa smile as Satori runs back to her pets, all smiling happily, reunited once more. Yuki sighs and says "I better go home... I miss Mai, Yumeko, Shinki..." Marisa places her hand on Yuki's shoulder, then says "hey, when you're done with all that, could you come back to my place? I need to ask you a favor." Yuki smiles, nods and says "sure thing." From the skies, Yuki hear Mai calling for her. She raises her sight, waves at her, then Mai lands right next to her and asks "pink? Wow, Yuki, you're turning into a lady!" Yuki spits fire from her mouth as she angrily replies "I'm ripping these off right now!!!" Marisa manages to stop her while Mai says "well, never mind that. Yuki, we need you back home. Your... shadow... well, that's what lady Shinki called it. Anyway, your shadow and lady Shinki's shadow are threatening to take over Makai and destroy it. We need your help to deal with them." Yuki looks back at Marisa, then Marisa asks "Blazing Black & White?" Yuki and Marisa high-five and at the same time shout "BLAZING BLACK & WHITE!" Mai sweats and places her hand on her forehead and says "look, let's just go back. I'm worried for lady Shinki. She went on her own to deal with those two." Yuki stares back seriously, and without saying another word she flies straight to the gate to Makai. Mai asks "did I say something?" Marisa replies "go with her. We've been here all day, so I'm gonna go pick a few things back home and meet you at Makai. Is that ok?" Mai smiles, placing her hands on her hips and says "right. Thank you for your assistance." She lifts off and shouts "Yuki, wait for me!" Marisa stares at the darkening skies and says to herself "oy, this day's gonna get longer than I thought, ze."

Back at the Human Village, Mima continues to scare the villagers by entering their houses looking half invisible, and whaling at the top of her lungs, making some villagers run outside the safety of their houses, then throwing her head at those, screaming either "I'm ahead of your plans" or "look out, I'm headed your way! WAHAHAHAHA~" Maribel and Mystia stand close to Mima's current location, then Maribel says "ok, miss Reimu said to open this paper close to miss Mima. Now, let's see here." She opens the yin-yang orb seal, then reads "Dear Maribel, thank you for your help. All you have to do now is ask Mima to stop bothering people. Remember, she can be tough, but you can do it. Oh, and also, you have 3 seconds before this paper seals your powers and self-destructs. Have a nice day" The piece of paper starts glowing blue and Maribel panics and lets it go just in time as it explodes. Maribel sighs and asks Mystia "but how do I stop her?" Mystia shrugs, then Maribel's cat-ears wiggle as she smiles and says "I got a plan! You still got that ball of yarn?" Mystia pulls her hat off, revealing the red ball of yarn on her head. Mima enters another house by going through it's door, whaling loudly and saying "give me your sou~ls." The female villager inside shouts "get away you FREAKY GHOST!!!" Mima feels offended and says "hey, I'm an evil spirit! Don't compare me to those ghosts!" The girl clenches her teeth and says "whatever, just GET THE HELL OUT!" Mima looks back seriously, then says "alright then... But before I do..." Mima increases her size as her face turns black, her eyes glow red, and her tongue slithers like a snake's tongue, then says "I'm still taking you soul~!" Mima stops when she hears a "nyan" from outside. She peeks through the door, asking "cute kitty?" In front of the house, purring contently while playing with the ball of yarn is Maribel, lying on her back and bouncing the ball on her hands, then turning around and chasing it after it falls down. Mima's nose starts bleeding, then she smiles and slowly floats toward her cute kitty, and just as she's away from the roof, a silver washtub falls on her head, knocking her out immediately. As soon as Mima falls to the ground, every single villager open their doors, cheering contently, calling Maribel and Mystia their heroes. Maribel smiles then looks at Mystia, who's sitting on the roof of the house where Mima was before, hanging her legs on the edge of it and smiling, then both flip their thumbs up toward each other.

To be continued...

Characters, spell cards and scenario belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-
Ail, Budou, Phredia & Yuki's spell cards were created by Willie G.R.
Rika was created by Snapshot2010
Some assistance by Snapshot 2010

NOV 17 2009
written by
Willie G.R.

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